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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 2


Hubby buzzed me on YM informing that he just arrived at his apartment. He felt so sleepy due to 27 hours on flight. (Sian…………TAPI SONOK KANNNNN?!)

He told that the custom wasn’t that bad. In fact, locals were the most quarantined people due to metal detector yang tak abis-abis bunyi pasal their piercing. Hahaha!

He didn’t experience the jetlag yet but his colleague who arrived a week before still experiencing it. They were given a car but they haven’t got a chance to drive yet. Someone will always drive them around.

It just few minutes chatting, hubby needed some rest before he reports to HQ.

Nite-nite ayang…(while I’m killing those spam in emails!!!)

I went back to Casa Natura for few hours...I fed Kiki, let him play around for a while, and watched a silly but fun Malay drama while having a beef burger. Then I packed a full bag of clothes for next week with some toiletteries. I watered the plants...but...I later decided to move those 3 critical plants a bit outward, so that bleh kena air hujan skit...tak la kering-kontang sangat. But then, I felt back-ache sebab angkat 3 pasu yg berat tuh! Cis! Nyesal!

Mama (mom in law) called me right after I sms-ed her on hubby’s arrival. We chatted about where I'm staying, how I go to work, this and that. Then we both laughed when I told her that hubby had shaved his moustache and beard to avoid any issue at LA Airport (owh god, serious kelakar!). Mama told me all his three sons never had a clean face, so it must be funny to visualize that. Unlike Abah (dad in law), masa muda-muda dulu suka je simpan misai janggut, dah tua-tua ni baru clean face. Rimas kot. My dad pun clean face gak.

So tonite, I’ll be at Skin’s house again. But sayangnye, Sammy boy dah tido

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dibitz said...

i can't image the clean face!! :O

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