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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Compact MPV for NZ Trip

We FINALLY booked one!
It's a 1st gen 7-seater Mazda Premacy. The reason why we chose this minivan, coz it is on auto transmission (easy to take photo while driving kan kan kan), plus, the second and third row seats can be folded (super cheap-mobile-bedroom). Well…adhoc/changes of plan sometimes can’t be predicted huh?

We got it for NZD42 a day and pick-up point and return-point shall be at the airport car park. No meeting, no chatting, we give money, they give the car. That’s it. As easy as that.

I have yet to know what are the things that come together with the car like GPRS or wheel-chain, coz I have a very limited info on it (hubby was the one who did the booking). But I guess, those are excluded.

We are now in the stage of reviewing the campsite/holiday park. The cheaper the better. Or else, back to basic :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm A Busy Bee!


I am stuck with my new job role. On top of being an Email Administrator who does technical support, I have to be the one and only Malaysia Deskside Support QA who sleeps with charts and reports, for the new global wave in the country that my company is currently implementing.

Totally opposite attraction!


Crazy la..."madam" has chosen only 4-5 peps to be in the interview, and that includes me! WHY MEEEEEEE??? Nak suh aku menjawab sambil putar alam keeeeeeeee???

Wish me luck, folks!

P/S : Azatiesayang, I have yet to post your gift :(

And I don't even have a time to book the car, the campsite, for my NZ trip! Waaaaaaaaaa!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Know More and More Travelholics Now!

I bumped into these 4 new travelholics via Chawana's blog. And I started to tag them in my blogroll. I slowly hooked on them when all 4 of them were blogging bout NZ, which will be my next coming trip adventure.

Go read their blog :)
Fatt, an unrecognized-face-solo-traveler who does her travel abnormally. I admire for her passion, enthusiasm and courage, for her daring way of doing things. Awesome!
Bdk2, who gang-up with his friends to travel around. I admire for his super nice photos, detailed plan and adventurous trip.
Zilla, another one happy-go-lucky travel addict who always please us with her stories. I don't know whether she travels with Fatt or not since I can't relate her to Fatt (well, she is face-less kan? Hehehe!)
kemang, a student who is bless with ‘easy money’ to travel around while he still studying. Hahaha! (Just kidding ye kemang :D) Though that he still a newbie, I know that he’s becoming another travel junkie! I got to know him simultaneously with Bdk2, which later led me to Fatt.

See how this chain works? I started with Ako and Byya while looking for Korea trip details. Then M-knight via Innit while I was looking for Beijing details. And the most shocking finding was these two travel DIVAs, Lily and Wanderlust. No word can describe them...oh yeah, got...CRAZY! (Hate them for traveling around the world macam petik duit dari langit jer!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hair Care : Shampoo and Conditioner

I’m very particular when it comes to hair care. I used to be freaking loyal to Vidal Sassoon for 5 years during my college time. The reason why I chose it, coz I always had my hair colored.
Then I cheated on it. I fall in love with Pantene and since then, for freaking 8 years, I never look back. The reason why I chose it, was to eliminate the dandruff and control the hair fall.
Only God knows why I cheated for the second time. Sunsilk came into my hair-life. The conditioner was truly an addiction and it’s already been 3 years since I was under its possession. The reason why I chose it, coz I want a silky, smooth and manageable hair.
Until yesterday! And I didn’t expect to cheat again, for the third time! *slapped forehead* How did I let myself betray the current product? I proudly put the blame on RedMummy, Proudduck, and Hanis Zalikha for “the influence”. *cried*

Few days back, during lunch time, I saw a trial set for intensive repair by Dove at Watson and minutes later, I found myself at the counter, paying for it! *jaw dropped*
Squeezing the bottle and looking it drops onto my palm, gave me the new sensation. Hundreds of tiny sparkling crystals that form whitey foam, felt super silky and smelt so good. Adding to the excitement was the conditioner that led to the smoothness. Aha! Aha! *nodded*

I chose to wind-dry my hair (those who don't know me, my middle name is blow-dry). The flowery scent, the way my hair flow, I mean, the softness, sustain longer than I expected. And it didn’t frizz! Great! *exaggerated*

Let’s hope for the extensive devotion towards Dove…as long as it serves me well, I promise not to cheat…again…maybe…we’ll see :D

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Result For Biqque's June Lucky Follower Is Postponed!

Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

Need to postpone the result as I'm in the middle of adhoc training for my new role! Mannn...semalam balik keje kena naik LRT, lepas Isyak terus bummmmmm tido!

Don't worry :) Will announce it A.S.A.P okeh???


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Biqque's June Lucky Follower

What else???

It's time for Monthly Lucky Follower!

Sorry...a bit late for June coz my house kena rompak last week :(

Ok! The same monthly routine...

1. Create an entry "Biqque's June Lucky Follower" as your entry title.
2. Find your profile picture in my follower list and circle it.
(Those who have submitted for previous months, you know what to do by now.)
Kita guna muka si kemang :D
3. Leave your entry link in the comment section.

Lucky follower will get ONE mystery gift.
Moga kita semua dilimpahi rezeki lagi...

Stay tune on 12th July 2011 at 9.00am,
to know who got lucky!

Cik Tiefa, sian you, hadiah hilang ek? InsyaAllah, nanti I tengok la apa yang bleh kasi :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Doa 'Pagar'kan Rumah, Elak Dimasuki Penjahat

Rumah baru kena rompak.

TV, camera DSLR, passport, jam, KETA CIVIC, sume hilang.

It's a wake up call for us, that Allah itu Maha Kuasa. Kami redha...

So, untuk peringatan bersama, I nak share skit info apa yang boleh kita buat utk selamatkan diri kita dan harta benda kita, so that orang yang nak buat jahat tu tak akan terdetik hati or nampak rumah kita...pendek kata macam 'pagar' kan rumah kita la...InsyaAllah...

Sebelum keluar rumah :

1) Baca "Bismillahi tawakal allahu, la khaulawala quwatailla billa hi'ul azim" sebanyak 3 kali di depan pintu masuk rumah.

2) Baca ayat Qursi dari satu penjuru, pusing satu rumah (bayangkan je) dan bertemu kembali di penjuru yang pertama tadi (kira end to end la) sebanyak 3 kali (satu pusingan, satu ayat Qursi).

Setiap kali selesai solat fardhu/sunat :

1) Baca ayat Qursi sebanyak 7 kali

2) Baca Al-Ikhlas sebanyak 7 kali

3) Baca Al-Falaq sebanyak 7 kali

4) Baca An-Nas sebanyak 7 kali

5) Baca Surah Yassin ayat ke-9 sebanyak 7 kali

Setiap kali selesai solat hajat :

1) Selepas rakaat ke-12, diikuti dengan salam, sujud kembali dan baca "La ila hailla anta subha nakainni kuntum minazzalimin"

2) Mintak doa moga Allah s.w.t melindungi diri dan harta benda kita dari kejahatan yang datang dari muka dan belakang, kanan dan kiri, atas dan bawah

Ini petua dari mak/pak mentua I...InsyaAllah...sama-samalah kita amalkan...

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