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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 12

Looked at my watch…it showed 3pm!

Ya Allah…I went back at 3am last nite and I woke up at 3pm today! Sangat lah bagus…

I went out from the room and saw 2 cleaners cleaning Skin’s house. While waiting for them, we watch Georgia Rules acted by Lindsay Lohan (arghhhh she’s so darn sexy!) Then I ate before I left for Casa Natura, to do my routine houseworks.

I swept the floor, watered the plant, potong daun-daun kering, kasi makan Kiki, panaskan keta hubby, patu mandi shampoo rambut semua lah. Lepak sekejap and my dear friend (ex-collegue) called me tapi tak sempat nak angkat. Then I smsed him back…and he replied me with ‘bad news’.

So we arranged for a meeting (ayang, I mintak izin dalam hati ye, tapi tak leh nak sms you…ampun…) around Sri Petaling since he wanted to watch the match between Chelsea and Liverpool. While watching, he slowly untied his sad story…

He just divorced yesterday. He had to let his wife go…as that’s the best for both of them. Yeah, standard reason, there was another person…wife dia leh sangkut ngan student sendri patu dah tak leh go on dah ngan dia…they stayed for few months before tu pun sebab anak. He caught his wife cheated for so many times tapi dia pun stay jugak sebab anak. They have 2 ½ years kid and currently they still don’t know what to do. Both parents still don’t know about it and both of them haven’t move out from the house. Tak tau la apa plan diorang.

Takut kan pikir semua ni? We thought that we love someone and hidup lama dengan dia tapi tetiba it turned out to be the other way around…and from what I know, case diorang ni macam ‘what comes around goes around’ la…bila dengar dia cerita tadi, bini dia buat sebijik macam apa yang dia pernah buat dulu (tapi bini dia tak tau la apa yang dia buat dulu tu…tapi kitorang tau la)…macam tak sangka kan? Tak tau salah siapa bila jadi camni…he told me he took care of everything but his wife claimed differently. Hmm…not for us to find out!

I pray for his happiness…and untuk ikhtibar kita bersama, let us pray for our own happiness as well…amin…

Ayang, I luv u! I hope you luv me too! Jangan cari minah saleh kat sana tau...INGAT, ONCE YOU GO BLACK (I KAN HITAM MANEH) U WILL NEVER TURN BACK! HAHAHA!

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