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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oui! VS Hait!

“Ayang, bangun…siap cepat…” hubby commanded while he walked in the guest bathroom to take his bath.
We had several plans the night before, to kill our weekend at Perak Tengah, PD, Melaka, Bukit Tinggi or Genting. And hubby ended up asking his good friends to join us for Bukit Tinggi mini trip.
Bubur nasi was heated, and we had it just before we started our journey. We need to meet hubby’s friends at Genting Sempah around 10am. On the way on Hulu Kelang air space, we saw few jet fighters rehearsing for tomorrow’s event, our Independent Day.
When we arrived at Genting Sempah, hubby’s friends weren’t there yet. So we had our second breakfast, just to ensure that we were full enough to go through the day (we didn’t plan to have lunch and dinner at Bukit Tinggi coz I bet, no mixed rice will be served up there. Oui!).
There was hubby’s friend with his associate, who brought a Nikon DSLR (ok, its going to be a fun trip!). Two Honda Civics drove up the hill and unexpectedly, we can actually counted how many cars were on the road…IT WAS JUST…US? Takde orang ke nak naik Bukit Tinggi ni?
There were 2 ways after we approached the guard house, but the one led to Colmar Tropicale was closed due to landslide. So we had no choice, to go with another way which led to Berjaya Hills Golf Club.
It was quite enjoyable, for there were no other cars except us. We reached the entrance and paid RM16 each, and I started to snap few pictures. With signboard showing to the right, we headed to Colmar Tropicale but we misled to park inside one big French-typed building which has not been completed yet! We drove out and headed to the correct French-typed building, Colmar Tropicale. Hehe!
Our visit was greeted by 2 pairs of white swans and black swans. They were so beautiful, swimming gracefully by a man-made lake. Hubby and his friend’s associate, started to point and shoot from every angle, to have nice pictures. I, as usual, became the subject of every scene, without questions.
“Apa kata korang amik gambar berdua, like loving couple.”
Ala ko duduk la sebelah awek dia jap.”
“Ko diri sebelah awek ko, aku amik gambar korang.”
These were some words from Karim (bukan nama sebenar) as he thought, me and hubby was a couple, not husband and wife. Meaning, we still look muda la eh? Hehe!
“Aku suka amik gambar…kalo ada subject, memang ok ar.” he said.
“Aku memang suka di amik gambar, elok ar tu.” I replied, happily. Haha!
He really liked to take pictures, till hubby told me he even took my pictures at any places that I went, including entering and going out from a souvenir shop, talking to hubby, pointing to anything that I seen, he will definitely snapped it. Apa lagi, pose je lah kan! But it turned out to be far more better when he snapped in paparazzi ways…cun gile gambar dia! Thank god, for once, me and hubby, had good pictures together (selalu dalam gambar mesti sorang, sebab sorang lagi kena tangkap gambar tu…hehe).
I bought fridge magnets of Colmar Tropicale for me and Skin. Colmar Tropicale was purposely built in French themed resort, complete with wishing well, fountain, beautiful flowers by the windows, restaurants, and horse cart (dang, didn’t manage to hop on, as it stated ‘Do Not Sit’ on it…for display only la tu). Added with several Caucasians, we did feel like we lost in France. We didn’t? Oui!
Off we went to Japanese Village, by truck (lucky we didn’t drive to Japanese Village, dah la tinggi, free rupanya if naik truck). There was a souvenir shop selling things that has to do with Japan. I didn’t buy fridge magnet this time as it didn’t state any Japanese Village on it (stupid kan?). We walked down the Botanical Garden and hubby started to snap pictures of rare and beautiful flowers. There was also a Japanese restaurant, where I and hubby play acting in front of the entrance. Next to it, there was a Japanese spa, but seemed not open to visitors.
Then we walked up to the Japanese Tea House, hubby played Ju-On, climbing the stairs. Haha!
I attracted to try a pink Kimono (ok, pink was the last one to pick, and I had no choice unless I wait for another half an hour for another color, that was still wore by another girl!).
“Are you Japanese?” I asked one of the old ladies, who helped me to wear that pink Kimono.
“No, we are Chinese.” Haha! Lawak seh!
I paid RM20 for less than half and hour, and started to walk around in that pink Kimono (complete with selipar Jepun...kawaii ne) to the mini waterfall (sambil koi besar-besar lalu di celah-celah batu tu) and mini Japanese house for more and more and more and more pose. Best gile! Rasa macam kat Hokaido!
And it started to rain…we waited for the truck and guess what? We missed it, not one, not two, but three times! Argh! Sampai skit nyer awal, tunggu skit nyer lama, orang lain yang dapat naik dulu! Dah la lapar ni!
Ok, back to Colmar Tropicale, we took our last shot at the entrance and wrapped up. On the way back, we stopped at Rabbit Park for a while to play around with cute but not-so-friendly rabbits. Some of them looked sick (maybe sebab ramai sangat kot, so jangkit). There were also donkeys yang sangat manja and family of deers too. Later, we stopped at Genting Sempah for nasi campur and planned for more trips in future, with Karim (bukan nama sebenar) included. (Oh, better to have him in, battery Nikon dia tahan 3 hari tuh! Plus, dia suka amik gambar orang…hehe! I loike!)
Enjoy our photos at sekupang album! Don't forget to install SilverLight first before viewing!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Standard 4 Niece Now Own A Mobile!

Ok, I know that kids nowadays do have mobile phone as early as 5 years old (mainly in KL) for their own safety. They can call their parents, and vice versa. But my niece live in Taiping, particularly schooling at Sek. Ren. Simpang, so why she needs one?

And today, I got one sms that said,

“Tgh buat apa? Ni thirah. Keje ke?”

Thirah mana plak ni? Yeah, I got a niece called Thirah, and hubby got a cousin sister called Thirah as well. But hell no this hubby’s cousin sister has any thought of sms-ing me! So, it must be my 10 years old niece…but…I didn’t expect her to use short form, plus, using KL slang!

I assumed it was my niece and I replied,

“Thirah? Dapat henpon ke? Kat mana ni?”

I purposely spell it right instead of using short form. Waiting for another sms to come in.

“Dpt hp abah. Thirah kt umah.”

Whoa! She was using short form! I replied,

“So acu simpan no. ni la k. Wah dah ada henpon dah,senang la. Kena pandai guna perkataan pendek2. Baru save.”

I still can’t help myself to completely spell it.

“Ye lh. Bye!!”

Haha…so cute! Then we stop sms-ing.

“Tengah buat pa? Kat sini boring lah.”

She started sms-ing me again! In just less than an hour. Excited with her new hp maybe. And now her sms sounded like typical utara kid…haha!

“Kt umah tgk tv cite mami jarum. Ajak la mak dtg umah acu. Sok thirah besar leh dtg sendri.”

Coincidently it was Mami Jarum on Ria! So typical utara people kan?

And she replied,

“Mak kata nanti.”

Yeah I thought so…and now I miss my nieces and nephews…4, I have seen yesterday, another 4, I shall meet this coming raya…owh duit raya…

Come to think of it, why she can't have one...she's a prefect, scored above 90% in all subjects...maybe my sis had promised her 'something'...

A Day At MAHA 2008

If it was not for the reason that my oldest sister and her family wanted to visit MAHA 2008, I won’t be there, even if I want too.

My sis and I constantly hooked on phone when she started to hit Jalan Duta. They reached my house at 12 midnight and ever since, I can’t help myself to shut my eyes off! (Hubby was already in his wonderland).

Early in the morning, hubby was ready for work, while me, accompanied my sis and her hubby with their 4 daughters to MAHA 2008. We had breakfast at Ekuin Park and reached at MAHA as early as 9am. Believe me we were among the early birds (MAHA 2008 starts at 10am).

Oh, no! The sky was gloomy and it started to…rain heavily! Luckily we brought 4 umbrellas to at least, cover our heads (yeah, we were wet from waist to bottom). It was heavy rain and we just reached the livestock site (the place where they exhibited different type of cows and goats! Owh, you just couldn’t stand these animals odor!). And you can’t imagine how to control 4 girls under the rain at a gigantic-open-space-event, with one of the girl having diarrhea and thrown up! Any sites that we visited MUST have ladies, to ease her to do that ‘thing’. Looking at my sis on how she handled this tedious situation, I can say that she such a superb mom!

The poor girl, at this point, too whitish, and we need to stop. Btw, MAHA 2008 did provide a good hop-in-hop-off, for there were plenty of trams and busses at each stop. We stopped at food bazaar for lunch and we had appetizing bee-hoon sup and char kuey teow. Yummy!

We continued our visit at deco-veges-land and there were loads of huge fruits hanging on top of our head. Some were lined up from top to bottom in small plastic pot, looking green and healthy. Capsicum, ladyfinger, eggplant, cauliflower, okra, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, chilly, oh god, you name it! I felt like taking all of these fresh veges home!

Then we off to fisheries site but nothing fancied us. It was all the same catfishes combating over the running water.

I started to make dull face when I heard my sis wanted to stay till evening. They wanted to stay for Redeo Malaysia. It was getting hot now and to kill the time, we headed to main halls that exhibited different products from different line of agro. Thank god it fully equipped with air-conditioned! I bought nothing than Ramli beef nuggets for hubby. But when I off to the next hall, I was stunned in front of thousand of colorful orchids! Thinking of how to bring all these striking orchids back with good condition, I had to pass. (My sis and I even soothed ourselves when we saw one makcik broke her violet orchid on the tram…tak sampai rumah mesti dah mati pokok tu…).

Ok, it was the time for Redeo Malaysia! We were happily on foot, waited for tram…and purposely waited for open-air-tractor-typed of tram (takut my niece throw up lagi). It seemed like ages to reach the Rodeo site, as we can’t wait to watch Malaysian cowboys! We were late for 10 minutes and didn’t manage to get closer view of the arena. We had to balance ourselves to stand on the flag pole side and 'shooh' the flag away from our view. Hehe!

What? There were Aussies! (Ok, nevertheless, I did expect that, but I was hoping there were truly Malaysian doing this horseback riding or bullback riding when they put Rodeo MALAYSIA in word!). These Aussies even flagged Malaysian flag during opening, not Malaysian.

Fine, yeeeeha! Fully equipped with cowboy hats and boots (with spurs), jeans, bandanna and chaps, carrying lariat, they were truly jackaroos and stockmen. They knew how to ride horse, doing roundups, and even wrestle with bull. Above all, one of the jackaroo did injure his left hand when the bull snagged him to the gateway while he still tied to the rope. Advantageously, they had these 2 clowns who their job was to distract the bull away from the rider. Anyway, no serious injuries as seen on tv. Besides, there was also a competition of tackling cattle as well as trick roping (it produced pop sound whenever they smacked it on the ground, or even in the air).

Enough with Rodeo, we queued for tram to go to the main exit, where at the end of the day, we found out that it was just a walk away from Rodeo site! Dang! A one-round-leisure-time-on-tram day for all of us.

And so we reached Ekuin Park at 6.30pm and I had no intention to cook for dinner in my 9-hours-sweaty-cloth. So we bought dinner and had it back at home. There goes my day with my sis and her family! Enjoy all pictures at sekupang album (sorry for the image quality, they were taken using my cameraphone...forgot to bring hubby's canon!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flu Vaccination

Do you know that you have to get a flu shot EVERY YEAR? (I never bother to get any vaccination...)

IBM has paid SJMC to jab all its employees, on yearly basis. Since this vaccine costs you RM100++ outside there, why not you get it for free?

Short history.

I’m not a needle person (but i like to sew, hik!). I’m afraid of getting injected on any of my body parts. Hehe.

Now enjoy my video!

Monday, August 11, 2008

デスノート (Desu Nōto)

Let me tell you guys...

I've been watching these sequels since Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name, and the latest, Death Note: L Change The World. I amazed with this live-action manga since it introduced the secret and function of the book (can you imagine how powerful you can be when someone's life is in your hand? Just by writing that person’s name?) Plus, how tremendous to have such high-quality-eye-catching 3D Shinigami, Ryuk and Rem, both male and female god of deaths, in their own styles and characters.

I like L very much! Ken'ichi Matsuyama has amazed me like what Johny Depp did in his bizarre-looking films. L in Death Note was the world's top-rated detective, has many quirks, such as sitting in an odd manner, snacking on sweets constantly, and holding objects in a peculiar manner (I mean, he holds everything with his thumb and forefinger). He even made me laugh when he started to type on keyboard using only his two left and right forefingers up high, with funny mask on his face!

Death Note, and Death Note: The Last Name, really impressed me with unbroken scenes of Light and L mind-battling each other. But with Death Note: L Change The World, I was bored to death! Yes, I have an issue when Death Note started to plot on saving the world when a team of extreme ecologists are trying to unleash a deadly influenza-ebola virus across the earth! What the f**k was writing the Death Note related to virus spreading? Where was Ryuk? Was there a need to burn the books? Ok, I see how sequels need to be ended…

Nonetheless, L did spare few scenes and save my day…especially when he tried to walk straight…hahahaha!

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