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Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teaser | SeSUCInya Cintamu

SeSUCInya cintaaaaaaamuuuuuuuu...

Watch this space on Friday at 8pm.
Travelholic gang did it again! (Well, half of us...)

P/S: Tak pernah-pernah aku nak buat sume Lily Globetrotter punya pasal!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kata DR-465i Digital Rucksack

DR-465i for DSLR w/mounted lens + 2-3 lenses + flash.

The DR-465i Digital Rucksack is the perfect daypack for a DSLR with mounted lens, 2-3 additional lenses and flash, OR a compact camcorder with accessories, as well as a tripod and your personal belongings. The main bottom compartment holds your Camera/Camcorder while the modular dividers will custom fit, organize and protect your additional gear. The large top compartment will hold personal gear or additional equipment, and the internal pockets and mp3 player pouch allow you to organize your personal effects as efficiently as your photographic gear. By removing the padded bottom insert and unzipping the mid section you can easily convert this rucksack from a camera bag to a daypack when not shooting. Ample external pockets allow quick zippered access to supplies and a water bottle/ tripod support pocket pulls out from a side pocket. A loop on both shoulder straps allows you to connect external pouches to carry a cell phone or mp3 player or to attach your camera using the KATA camera strap.

Unique Features

Insertrolley Compatible

This bag is compatible with the Kata Insertrolley (KT VG-DTS, sold separately) - a simple yet ingenious system that allows you to carry the case, or even several cases at once, on a trolley. Simply slide the trolley through the integrated sleeve on any of KATA's compatible cases for secure and easy mobility. Even for larger cases - Kata's extendable wheel system helps to better stabilization. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it, or for maintenance.

Modi-Vers Compatible

This bag is customizable through the use of the modi-vers divider system (KT VG-MDK, sold separately). This allows you to fully customize your bag to protect and fit your gear. You can cut custom dividers to fit whatever size you need to keep your equipment snug. The yellow material makes it easy to find even the smallest components and accessories.

EPH System Compatible

This bag is compatible with the Kata Ergonomic PHoto system which will allow you to connect additional bags for extra carrying possibilities. You can add backpacks, torso packs or waist packs to any of your Kata EPH system compatible bags.

Rain cover

The provided rain cover will protect your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions.


TST (Thermo Shield Technology) is a discreet solution that provides the perfect shock protection for your gear while creating an extremely lightweight product. It is featured on the most important areas of the bag that are subject to shock.

On Board

These bags were designed to comply with on board luggage regulations. Do note that different air lines might have more restricting rules. We recommend checking with your air lines for current luggage restriction before purchase

Hubby got himself one...and we just got to know that it is Made in Israel (terpaksa tulis kecik sebab takut kena tembak!) Peace ya'll...(terpaksa beli sebab brand bagus tapi murah...lifetime warranty, sape tanak!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Canon 550D VS Canon 1100D

There was an Orchid and Bonzai Exhibition at Taman Tasik Perdana today, and hubby and I took this opportunity to master the two DSLR. And yet, we are still learning. 

Here are some shots from Travelista. He's using Canon 550D with 55-250mm zoom lens. Aperture is between 4-9 in landscape mode.

And here are some shots from me. I'm using Canon 1100D with 18-55mm standard lens. Aperture is between 4.5-5.6 in landscape mode.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Japan Rail Pass

"Preparing itinerary for Japan is the LONGEST time I’ve ever taken in my life! Almost 3 weeks and still, 90% complete!”

What a statement from hubby, when he forced me to get involve in preparing the details. (Well, I jumped in when it was 60% ready.) While he’s cracking his head for the route, hotel, and transportation, my job is to comment/feedback and compile all the shits. No, a-ah, it wasn’t easy ok…I have to adjust the column, the margin, the font, the map size, OK, FINE, call me indexer or administrator or whatever you want, but I do play part in producing the masterpiece (A Tour Cookbook @ Buku Hikmat).

*Cough* Let’s change topic.

What is Japan Rail Pass?
Obviously, it’s…….a…….rail…..pass! Pfft! A ticket for you to ride trains from end to end a.k.a, “THE” key to convenient sightseeing in Japan.

Who is eligible for this pass?
Me, hubby, you, your family, your neighbor, your Malaysian friends, your African friends, as long as he/she is a foreign tourist who visits Japan, under the status of “TEMPORARY VISITOR”. Japanese? CANNOT! *Read my lips* CANNNNNOOOOT!

Why bother buying this pass?
It is INCREDIBLY economical way to travel throughout Japan VIA rail, with TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply. It covers every corner of the four major islands, so, for those who wish to touch-and-go, GO FOR IT! (I know, train supposed to be the cheapest transportation in other countries, but speaking of Shinkansen, it isn’t cheap.)

What option do you have?
There are two types of Japan Rail Pass, Green or Ordinary. A.k.a, the rich or the poor. Both available in 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day. The longer duration you choose, the more tears coming out from your eyes. Green means superior class (told you it's for the richer, confirm got seat oneeeeee) while ordinary means ordinary la, no reserved seating (but can try, I'll confirm it later ya?)
37,800 YEN
18,900 YEN
28,300 YEN
14,150 YEN
61,200 YEN
30,600 YEN
45,100 YEN
22,550 YEN
79,600 YEN
39,800 YEN
28,850 YEN

How to obtain this pass?
China, Mexico, New Zealand, pick a country, as long as it is OUTSIDE Japan. For Malaysian, there are two ways of buying this pass, either from JTB or certified agents like Wendy Tours and J-Horizons. Visiting Matta Fair would be another option but it’s all depends on the currency exchange. The price is fixed, JPY28,300. It’s the matter of how low you can convert it into Malaysian Ringgit. For a cheapskate like me, calling the authorized sales office EVERYDAY, comparing the prices with Matta Fair, and waiting Ringgit became stronger, is soooooo worth it! Wendy Tour offered the lowest, which equivalent to RM1,035, thrashing JTB with RM1,075 and J-Horizon with RM1,160.

What do you need and get before the pass turns into a ticket?
Let’s take Wendy Tour as a sample. Go to their office, bring your passport and show them the moneyyyyy. An “exchange order” will be issued by a very helpful-but-limited English-speaking Japanese, alongwith one Japan Rail Pass pamphlet! F**king piece of pamphlet after you paid one thousand Ringgit??? (And I thought USS A4 printout was the most expensive paper that I ever had.) But don’t be too excited to get it one year before your travel date ya, for it is valid within THREE MONTHS of your purchase date.
Suite 1306-B, 13th Floor Central Plaza,
34 Jln Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
TEL 03-21454518 FAX 03-21454517     
How to turn it into a ticket?
Daijoubu…I’ll confirm it once I do this in Japan, neh? Yatta! *Doing peace sign* For now, let’s stick to the common info. You have to present this so-called “exchange order” WITH your passport, to any reservation office, Midori-no-madoguchi (pic below) in Japan. This office can be found at any major stations, such as Tokyo Station, Shibuya Station, Kyoto Station, depending on your location.

When the travel date starts?
Try your best to speak with the Japanese at the reservation office on when you want it to be activated. You can also reserve a seat, but I am yet to check whether it is free or chargeable. *Doing peace sign* If you are traveling in 7 days, you can start using it immediately. If you are traveling in 9 days, prepare to rip off your pocket for the balance of 2 days. Regardless it is 2 days earlier, or 2 days later, the pass starts CONSECUTIVELY. So please plan your itinerary VERY well.

What type of train can you enjoy?
ANY train with JR logo, including few limited express, express, rapid and local trains, with some EXCEPTIONS. But NEVER EVER, EVER, try your luck to ride the fastest bullet trains called “Nozomi” and “Mizuho”, coz they aren’t covered in the Shinkansen lines. Cannnnnnnn…you can tryyyyyyy…but pay la. Even the seat in local train you have to pay, you think they will give you easy-easy take bullet train mehhhh? Not to worry, the duration isn’t much different…30-45 minutes jer.

And I SWEAR, I’m going to use this pass to the max! Gile ko! Kalau tak naik turun, naik turun lebih 30 kali, memang aku marah. Hahaha!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project Runaway : Sakura Season

"What should I wear in Japan?"

"I can't wear the same outfit that I wore during Autumn in South Korea!"

Those were what lingered in my mind. I am forced to get myself new outfits, for the sake of having different printouts for my Wall of Frame.
What's inside? Let's take a peek!

Project Runaway One.
I've been longing for a trench coat since I knew how to fly. (Thanks Na for bakar-ing me.) But I don't know why, I can say that I am constantly having issue with sizes. Like today, I found one reasonably priced trench coat, which I had to force, not one, not two, but four salesgirl in MNG Pavi to look for the size that I wanted. They almost turned me down when the available sizes were only XS, S, and XL.

Only God knows how desperate much I want this cheap trench coat, till I requested them to call other outlets in KLCC and MV, hoping that they have size M. I didn’t bother to browse the rack for other options and stood still, waiting for the girl to walkie-talkie the warehouse people.

And she came out with one piece of M-size!

“Ah…these warehouse people…they could simply say takde, takde.”

“Ya…pity you girls…you might lose your commissions…hmm…they don’t really care kan?”

Project Runaway Two.
You would never see bright colors in my wardrobe. The reason being? Coz I like black, black, black. I got to know colors when I met Skin. She used to be ridiculously colorful whenever we hang out.

And so she turned me into her…more or less. I was bold enough to get myself red and blue outfits. But never a green.

I recently went to Matta Fair for JRail Pass, but I brought back a piece of purple knitwear from Universal Traveller. In contrary, I also get myself a set of green Winter Time snowcap and shawl! 

"I'm afraid that it would be too hot to wear this during Spring..."

"But speaking of Japan, you would want to look fabulous among Nihonji!"


Believe me? I am…not! Let’s see whether I can work it on during Sakura.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now, CONFIRM, NOT Everyone Can Fly!

Specially for you...AA!

Opps...AA did it again! Everyone heard the news, huh?
"AUSTRALIA is expected to benefit from a decision by AirAsia X to axe flights to Christchurch in May
The Kuala Lumpur-based low-cost carrier announced yesterday that it would suspend its four times weekly flights to the New Zealand destination at the end the May as part of a realignment of its network "to focus on core markets". It comes as the airline also has suspended flights to Europe and India because of factors such as high fuel prices and to improve operating cost-efficiencies. Instead, it is concentrating on markets such as Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea."
I say : What's the problem with putting NZ as one of the core market? If AA is worrying on the inefficiency of the costing, do once a week flight lah! And instead of 80%-90% average loading, make it 100% fully occupied. Easy! What we need is only the DESTINATION, that's all.
"AirAsia X to stop NZ flights
The airline said the current four times weekly flights between Kuala Lumpur and Christchurch will be suspended with the last flight on 30 May, 2012 (from Kuala Lumpur) and 31 May, 2012 (from Christchurch). AirAsia X will offer guests who hold bookings after these dates an option of a full refund, a reroute to another AirAsia X destination, or a rebook of a return flight prior to 31 May, 2012. All changes will be made at no additional cost to mitigate the inconvenience caused as a result of the withdrawal, it added."
I say : So AA is giving options to those affected with no additional cost as well? They BETTER do that. But giving option to reroute or rebook, I tell you, is hell of frustration coz you might lose your mojo. Divert your eagerness is not fun. But refund? A combo of anger and satisfaction.
"Regret at Air Asia X move
The sudden decision by low-cost carrier Air Asia X (AAX) to axe its cheap direct flights between Christchurch and Kuala Lumpur is "regrettable" for Queenstown tourism operators, but other airlines could meet Asian demand to visit the resort and the rest of New Zealand. "We are bitterly disappointed at the airline's decision to end the Kuala Lumpur to Christchurch direct flights, but understand the situation Air Asia X finds itself in," he said. "That has put huge pressure on the airline's low-cost model and, combined with the length of the Kuala Lumpur to Christchurch sector, has made the service unprofitable for the airline, which has been offering fares as low as $99."  
I say : Who wouldn't? I AM ultimately disappointed with the suspension! Coz I'm planning for another road trip somewhere next year! AA is telling the whole world that they are enduring a HUGE pressure on the cost. It's funny though. Then they should have not boosting up themselves as THE low-cost airline with BIG SALE and blablabla. Misjudging travelholics who would forget when to sleep, what to eat, waiting in the "so-called" room with the f**king flying and buzzing bee, for the lowest fare? BAMMMM! AA is wrong!

Now...anyone care for Indonesia trip? I do. 

When Pak Ein and his wife deserve a Da Nang trip, MIL and FIL are "force" to go to Jogja. We missed the sale before, and being monitoring the fare since then. When we are about to purchase 5 nos of ticket, AA happens to do an Indo promo (up to May), simultaneously. Such, they PURPOSELY mark-up the June tickets, indirectly to force people to go for the promo tickets, which the promo tickets are actually EXPENSIVE than the original price!

Great. It is, indeed, a love-hate relationship.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Piolo Pascual Is Another Johny Depp?


That’s what Na told me, when I texted her that I am superficially fond with messy long hair bad guy in white t-shirt and blue jeans! (And I hate clean-shaved!)

But I only get this kind of fantasy guy in movies…which I recently watched one, at Astro Citra 131. (Sila tunggu siaran ulangan.)
(Ok, heroin tak menepati citarasa!)

It’s a Pinoy movie titled “Don’t Give Up On Us” starred by Piolo Pascual. One ridiculously f**king handsome folk musician (main gitar kapok) who bumped into one ambitious advertising vice president in the making. This simple, kind-hearted, and romantic guy, who drove a Chevrolet trucker, helped this girl in finding the run-away bride, who is her best friend and sister-in-law-to-be, who happened to be running away with this guy's best friend. Along the way, they fought and finally found that they attracted to each other. I cried when she didn't accept him at first, and I cried even harder when he didn't accept her after that. Ya, I know it’s complicated, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT, buttttttt that’s not the point.

The point is, this f**king handsome guy was super romantic! The way he hold her hands, the way he cuddled her from the back, the way he consoled her when she cried, the way he kissed on her neck, the way he…he…arghhhhh! Tension! Tension! Aku tak leh tengok laki nangis sedih pedih frust gile sambil peluk pompuan yang dia sayang patu terus main!

And the best part, his handsomeness reminds me of Ananda Everingham! The super f**king handsome Thai guy in Shutter? (Ok, citer hantu! Ada citer lain tak yang patut aku tengok?) They both, wore white t-shirt and blue jeans in the movie, and Piolo Pascual has mole next to his left eye, similarly, Ananda Everingham, has mole under his right eye. 

Ananda Everingham

Piolo Pascual

Ananda Everingham
Piolo Pascual

Ananda Everingham 

Piolo Pascual
Oh maiiiiiiiii...he is soooooooo in my list, inline with Johny Depp, Takuya Kimura, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Adi Putra (ONLY when he's with long hair)! Hence, I declare that Piolo Pascual Is My Another Johny Depp! (ONLY when he's with long hair too! Sebab dalam citer tu rambut dia lagi panjang dari gambar-gambar diatas :D)
For now, I settle with him...

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