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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Day I Delivered At Prince Court Medical Center

"Hmmm...your amniotic fluid is right on the level..." said my gynea, Doctor Seri, while scanning my belly. She then did a VE (vagina examination) to see any symptom of opening or engaging. The baby was already in the right position and pathway but there was no sign of getting any lower to the opening area. And I was reaching 39 weeks at that time! She then continued speaking in medical terms and jargons which I had no idea what did she mean by that, but I knew, and I was pretty sure, that I had to make some big decision there and then.

I was right! Natural birthing wasn't my best option due to the amniotic fluid level. And waiting for unpredictable contraction with unknown pelvic performance wasn't good idea as well. Enduring pain "down there" plus getting extra cut on the belly, was a BIG no-no. At this boutique hospital some more? Ok, thanks. Then I told myself, why would I risk my child's life when I was the one who wanted her so bad? Why would I stress her up? Why would I jeopardize everything?

And so hubby and I decided, and were given an opportunity to pick a date for our memorable c-sect day...and it was in fact, "A" date that can be easily remembered...1st April 2014 (well yeah, April Fool day!) ANYHOW, we were informed that the Operation Theater was FULL on this FOOL day. Hahaha! So we had to bring forward one day, which all of us agreed to choose, 31 Mac 2014. Why? Simply because it fell on Monday (PCMC had a different charges if it falls on Saturday or Sunday).
We came back on Sunday where we had to spend a night at the hospital, before I went for c-sect. The registration was smooth since I had the guarantee letter 2 weeks earlier. The service has no different than normal hotel, where a porter is assigned every time you need them. Meanwhile, a max of RM10 is charged for parking, compared to per hour. To top it all, we love the smell of this hospital which it does not smell like one! 
We went to Level 6 and my room was right in front of the reception. Senang orang nak datang. Here in PCMC, all rooms are single bed and believe it or not, the price is just the same like other private hospital. Seriously. This was just a standard room, but looking at the junior suite pun dah rasa macam gempak, apatah lagi kalo suite or VVIP room! *Pasrah dengan duit yang ada...* But I was happy enough to see that my room was facing the Twin Towers :)
Hubby and I was lying on the bed, side by side, cuddling and hugging each other, remembering our past and future. That night was really "syahdu" as we are going to be a family of three the next day. How GREAT ALLAH is. No doubt. We FINALLY becoming a mother and a father, a parents to a child. THANK YOU ALLAH. (So all TTCians, please...PLEASE NEVER LOSE HOPE...keep trying and praying ok?)
But my romantic night stopped there! I was later being poked, not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES! You know yang cucuk kat tangan/lengan tu! FOUR TIMES JUST TO GET THE IV IN! (YES, I HATE NEEDLE MORE THAN PACAT!) The first nurse couldn't find my vein but she still tried to poke in. Failed. The second nurse tried to poke again but the vein was too small to get a syringe of blood. Failed. The third nurse then poke at my arm and this time, the blood ran faster than the back of my palm. Fiuh! I was actually wondering and waiting for any contraction but mimpi la...the Philips thingy showed none!
I took a shower the next morning and I was still fasting. I changed to OT wrap and waited for the nurse. I baring tengok ceiling. With all documents filled up, I was pushed to the OT, and the feeling of looking up the ceiling lights one after another (just like in the movie), was super nervous! I was shivering! SUMPAH TAKUT! LEBIH TAKUT DARI TENGOK PACAT!

I was lifted up to the other bed by two male nurses. They were the one who took charge of me all the time. Later, the anesthetist came and explain on the procedure, where I will be put on half-spinal block. At this point of time, my nervousness was getting even higher! I was super duper scared that I will feel the pain or I can't get up back or comma or whatever not! But the anesthetist was very good in calming the patient, that I agreed to sign the form. Hahaha!

Hubby was not seen at any corner of the recovery room. I was told that he was outside, getting prepared to get in the OT, with OT attire. I was then pushed into the OT and the moment I saw that huge light on top of me, I knew that IT WAS REAL! The male nurses started to spread my both hands and tie them down. THE OT WAS COLD AS COLD AS ANTARCTICA! I wanted to cry. I was shivering like I didn't have any fat at all.

The anesthetic then tried to find my vein and the same problem re-occurred! He couldn't find my RUNNING VEIN! I quickly asked him to poke at my arm instead of the back of my palm. Please! PLEASE! But he tried from left to right hand, still. YOU KNOW HOW BIG WAS THE NEEDLE? IT WAS THE BIGGEST NEEDLE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! The green one! *Crying painfully* It wasn't stop there! He told me that he wanted to inject in the half-spinal anesthetia! RIGHT ON MY SPINAL! *Crying again* I was positioned upright and bended frontward. Out of sudden, he said ok, done. WAH! SO FAST! The anesthesia was quite cold, where I can feel it in my body few seconds later.

I lied flat and waited. I kept on moving my feet to check whether they were numb or not. In few seconds, I couldn't feel my feet! Not even my thighs! And my tummy! I can only move my head and hands! Thank God it worked! "Where were you just now?" I asked hubby. Hubby told me that the nurse has mistakenly asked another guy to wear OT attire, where his wife already went out from the OT! Laaaaaa...salah laki plak hahaha! Hubby then sat next to me, held my hand, and kept on recited doa. He didn't dare to look at my tummy! CONFIRM PENGSAN!

While everyone in the OT (the gynea, the anesthetist, and 5-7 nurses) were doing their job AND gossiping about MH370, I smelled something burning. "Doc, what are you doing with my tummy? I smell burnt meat!" I panicked. "Nothing la...I did nothing..." she laughed. I can feel my tummy swaying left and right but I did not feel the pain. GREAT! If this is how c-sect would be, I would love to deliver 10 more kids! (Wait till I tell you the after effect!)

In just 5 minutes, Doc. Seri has taken out our precious and passed her to the nursery nurse! She then wiped the baby's face and passed her to my hubby! AND I STILL CANNOT SEE HER COZ MY VIEW WAS BLOCKED BY THAT GREEN COVER! She was crying and hubby was cuddling and holding her while performing azan. Nasib baik tak azan macam kat masjid! (We had joking the night before that he wanted to azan kuat-kuat siap pegang telinga.) The nurse then took her and wanted to bring her to the nursery. "HALO, HALO, CAN THE MOM SEE HER NEWBORN DAUGHTER???" The gynea laughed. Hahahahaha!

For the first time, I saw my precious face. She was fair, her hair was dark, her eyes were sepet, her lips were red, her face was round. I had no idea who she looked like! I can't believe that she is my child! SO CUTE! (Okay, low self esteem hahaha!) Hubby and I cried happily. 6 years of waiting, and we finally got her. Allahuakbar! *Teary eyes*


This is the best part. The baby was out in 5 mins, but I had to undergo the after-process in 45 mins! Though I didn't feel the pain, I can still feel the vacuuming process, sucking and clearing the blood. The gynea said she needed to close back all 7 layers of my tummy. *Fainted* Once done, I was being located at the recovery bay for an hour. I cannot move, still. GREAT!

The male nurses then pushed me back to my room and there, I saw hubby and our precious. She was born 2.64kg, lighter than her estimated scanned weight, 3.0kg. I still cannot move, and I was on urine-tube, hence hubby was the one who took care of her the whole day.

The service was good...from the hospital food (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner) to the nurses to the facilities. Friends and families came to visit me and #TravelholicAwesome did play a major part where they supported me to fart! Yes, I MUST fart! Else, something wrong with my system. A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM! (Janggel even recorded the scene!)
Ok. Now...when did I start to feel the pain? ONCE THE ANESTHESIA FADED AWAY! Owh Goddddddd! SUMPAH SAKIT! I cannot even walk! I didn't know how to move my feet! LIKE SERIOUSLY! I CANNOT WALK! Hubby and nurses held me and taught me how to move my feet, one after another. Drama gile! TAKMO C-SECT DAHHHHH! NOOOOOO! ONE KID ENOUGHHHHH! (Tadi kata 10 kan?!) BUT I want to deliver at this hospital again, that's for sure.

We had to stay for 4 days, to monitor my daughter's and my recovery. During these days, Alhamdulillah my daughter's jaundice wasn't that high, and I was struggling so bad in breastfeeding due to low kick of supply. It was a new thing for me, InsyaAllah, I'll do a post on it. For now, stay tune for my baby's picturessssssssssss!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Series of Pregnancy Monthly Progress Shoot

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

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9 Months

Before pregnant : 53kg
During pregnant : 66kg (weight gained was 13kg in total)
After confinement : 56kg
Now : 54kg

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