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Thursday, September 30, 2010

101 Things Nobody Knows About Disneyland

You know what? I really, really, REALLY (psycho face) want to go to Disneyland since the day I knew that there was nothing hiding inside the TV tube. Call me childish, I STILL want to go there.

Last few months, I was conned by Chawana.
(It's ok Aqilah, I still love you.)

All these while, they knew that I really, really, REALLY want to go to Disneyland, and they knew that I DON'T have plan to go there coz
we've PROMISED to go there TOGETHER at ONE COUNTRY that is still IN plan. Since I THOUGHT and I believe they've said so, that they are still in hibernation mode, I CHOSE another location.

And God knows why, they've bought tickets to Disneyland HK!
(With their whole bunch of siblings somemore!)

Fine...let me die here watching you guys having fun there, and sit still reading these 101 Things ONLY I DON'T Know About Disneyland...go...go...GO!

(Don't bother to read only the one that I've highlighted...)


  1. All of Disneyland is constructed at 4/8 scale.
  2. Former president of Disneyland Resort Cynthia Harris introduced several new concepts to the park, including negative attraction growth and "the maintenance-free decade."
  3. Disneyland employs five people who work full time theming trash cans.
  4. When an audioanimatronic figure dies, it is given an audioanimatronic funeral.
  5. Walt Disney didn't want movie and TV tie-ins to dominate the park, so he banned them, with the exception of the 20,000 Leagues walkthrough, the Matterhorn, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, appearances by the Mouseketeers and Daniel Boon, all of Fantasyland, souvenirs, costumed characters, and a few other items.
  6. The "turkey legs" sold throughout the part are harvested from gigantic, genetically engineered caterpillars.
  7. Several of the park's trees are enormous bonsai.
  8. If you were to take all of the Disney dollars minted in a given year, stack them in groups of 100 bills, and throw the stacks one at a time into a furnace, they would lose most of their value.
  9. The value of the cash in all of the wallets and purses lost in Disneyland every day averages about $10,000.
  10. The value of the cash in all of the wallets and purses returned to Disneyland lost and found every day averages about $34.25.
  11. A frequently unenforced City of Anaheim law requires Disneyland guests to pass a written exam before buying a theme-park ticket.
  12. A Disneyland premium annual pass costs more than the monthly food bill of some third-world villages.
  13. Anyone who dies at Disneyland receives a free lifetime pass. <--Anyone? Including me???
  14. Captain Nemo's organ from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was broken up for spare parts to build the Main Street fire engine.
  15. Guests can be ejected from the park for infractions as minor as asking to see Captain Nemo's organ.
  16. There is no place in Disneyland to buy gum, tobacco, or firearms.
  17. More photographs are taken at Disneyland each year than are taken at every other Disney park in California combined.
  18. Disneyland fireworks are all hand made by Amish children.
  19. In Disneyland parlance, ATM stands for "a talking mouse."
  20. Pin trading is the third largest economic force in the country.
  21. Cast members who hear parents telling their children that Disneyland characters are just people in suits are required to immediately phone the child-abuse hotline. <--Na, don't tell this to Aqilah.
  22. "Fantasmic!" was originally going to be named "Fantasmic?"

Main Street

  1. Main Street, U.S.A. is modeled after a turn-of-the-20th-century small town, but Walt Disney had originally conceived it as a turn-of-the-16th-century village.
  2. Disneyland's City Hall is modeled after a real government building, but with actual, coherent, human employees.
  3. The gas lamps along Main Street are a subtle reference to one Imagineer's favorite poet, Sylvia Plath.
  4. Each plain glass window on Main Street is a "moment in silence" tribute to someone who gave their life during the park's construction.
  5. In the Main Street first-aid center, the first limb ever broken in the park is on display.
  6. The Main Street Cinema has to keep showing the same films because it has no budget for new ones.
  7. The Emporium is named for ancient Rome's Emperor Emporium.
  8. If you listen to the old-fashioned telephones in the Market House for long enough, you may hear one of the party-line participants comment that "Knotts Berry Farm bites."
  9. Ironically, a fire always burns in the window above the Main Street Fire Department.
  10. "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" was inspired by Thomas Jefferson.
  11. The wooden Indian on Main Street cries when people litter.
  12. The Disneyland Railroad is one of only two daily-operating railroads in the United States from which dinosaurs can be seen.
  13. The portion of the Grand Canyon Diorama between the backdrop and the canyon wall was imported from the real Grand Canyon.
  14. The Primeval World Diorama was originally created using real dinosaurs.
  15. The Mickey Mouse depicted in the "Partners" statue in the park's hub is not really Mickey Mouse, but a costumed little person.


  1. The inflatables in Goofy's Bounce House are filled with hydrogen.
  2. On the second floor of Mickey's house can be found his waterbed and hot tub.
  3. The Toontown mail box talks, has horrible breath, and is usually hung over.


  1. Adventureland was originally going to be called True Life Adventureland and feature attractions built around real events in Walt Disney's life.
  2. Tarzan's Treehouse is a rethemed version of Condorman's Treehouse.
  3. The Jungle Cruise boats originally had striped canopies to remind guests of the circus.
  4. One of the giraffes in the Jungle Cruise has lived on the property since it was an orange grove.
  5. During the period when Jungle Cruise skippers were not allowed to use guns, they would chase away rampaging hippos by throwing rocks, fruit, or small guests.
  6. Water doesn't really have a back side.
  7. One of the Tikis in the Tiki Room was donated by the Brady bunch after their vacation in Hawaii.
  8. Many of the Tiki Room birds appeared in Hitchcock's The Birds.
  9. A crate visible in the Indiana Jones queue has the number "9906753" on it. If you add up the digits, you get 39 -- Walt Disney's age just before his 40th birthday.

New Orleans Square

  1. New Orleans Square is named for the town of Orleans in France.
  2. New Orleans "Square" is really an irregular hexagon.
  3. There was a one One-of-a-Kind Shop in New Orleans Square, and another in Fantasyland.
  4. When the Haunted Mansion first opened, a woman with a heart condition went on and the ride scared her so much that she started a baseless rumor about it.
  5. Due to budget cuts, the Haunted Mansion now only contains 888 happy haunts.
  6. In a 2004 poll, 47% of Disneyland guests and employees agreed that Michael Eisner's cremated remains should be scattered in the Haunted Mansion as soon as possible.
  7. All of the gold coins in Pirates of the Caribbean are real, but they are more than 100 years past their minting date and therefore have expired.
  8. A recording of a telegraph can be heard from the New Orleans Square Train Station saying, "Help, I'm stuck in the New Orleans Square Train Station."

Critter Country

  1. Guests in bathing attire can ride Splash Mountain in inner tubes.
  2. All of the songs in the Country Bear Jamboree were written specifically for Disneyland, and many continue to be popular to this day.
  3. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is endorsed by the Church of Satan. <--Fine! Don't ever wish to go in!


  1. At the Frontierland Shootin' Exposition, real ammunition can be had for an extra $5.
  2. The Rainbow Caverns Mine Train would, but for a poor conjugation of a verb, have been the Rainbow Caverns My Train.
  3. The steam engine visible behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the one that killed John Henry.
  4. On April Fool's Day, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is run backwards. <--Owh really?
  5. Disneyland's original Indian Village was financed completely by slot machines and blackjack.
  6. All of the water in the Rivers of America is imported from the Mississippi River.
  7. The petrified sequoia along the banks of the Rivers of America is intended to give some perspective to visitors who feel like they've aged a hundred years while waiting in line.
  8. Disneyland's drydock is named Fowler's Harbor, in honor of what the ducks do to the Rivers of America.
  9. Tom Sawyer Island was originally supposed to be Tom Swift Island.
  10. The Sailing Ship Columbia is a 1/10 scale replica of the first ship to sail around the world without falling off.
  11. Careful observers may notice that the Mark Twain Riverboat is white, except for the parts that are black or red.
  12. Davey Crockett's Explorer Canoes are designed so that they cannot sink unless filled with water or tipped over.
  13. The original Golden Horseshoe Review show holds world records for both the oldest showgirls and the most retellings of a joke without ever getting a laugh.


  1. Everything in Tomorrowland is edible.
  2. The Rocket Rods were closed after a lawsuit from he-man porn star Rocket Rodd.
  3. The Monsanto House of the Future was made entirely of asbestos and lead.
  4. Carousel of Progress, a tribute to electricity, was powered by gas.
  5. The name of Innoventions' host Tom Morrow is a tribute to newsman Ed Murrow.
  6. If you look carefully during the opening sequence of Star Tours, you can catch a glimpse of Walt Disney frozen in carbonite.
  7. In an emergency, Monorail seats double as flotation devices.
  8. The Midget Autopia was closed because fewer midgets visited the park than expected.
  9. The Submarine Lagoon once boasted live mermaids and merbutlers.
  10. Mission to Mars was an updated version of Mission to the Moon, which itself was an update of Mission to Orbit, which replaced the Don Knotts Reluctant Astronaut Wacky Reentry Simulator.
  11. Space Mountain isn't really in outer space -- it's in a building. <--D'uhhhh!


  1. Sleeping Beauty Castle is designed and stocked to withstand a siege by a full platoon for up to six months.
  2. At one time, guests could enter Sleeping Beauty Castle and walk up stairs to see dioramas of Sleeping Beauty in the Grand Canyon fighting dinosaurs.
  3. Because the ship-shaped vehicles of Peter Pan's Flight are actually seaworthy, the ride operator must have a ship pilot's license.
  4. If you touch the metal apple outside the Snow White's Scary Adventures attraction you will die. <--Noooottttttt...?
  5. When scale is considered, the Casey Jr. Circus Train is the fastest ride in Disneyland.
  6. The Skyway attraction was only way to get to the Skyway Restaurant within the Matterhorn.
  7. The letters in "Storybook Land Canal Boats" can be rearranged to spell "Lorrybook Stand Banal Coats." See also "Tad Pea Marty" and "Flumbo the Dying Elephant."
  8. Dumbo the Flying Elephant's ears are being remodeled with earring holes that double as cup holders.
  9. During the cold war, the Soviet Union boycotted "it's a small world."
  10. The United States government considers the "it's a small world" song to be type-3 hazardous waste.
  11. Models for topiary sculptures may have to stay in the same position for months.
  12. Enormous nuclear-powered refrigeration units are needed to keep the Matterhorn's snow from melting.
  13. The Matterhorn is a real mountain that Walt Disney purchased and dismantled.
  14. The Matterhorn's abominable snowman is named Herschel.


  1. J. Edgar Hoover once auditioned for a part as a Disneyland walk-around character (Snow White).
  2. Tinker Bell is neither a tinker nor a bell.
  3. There are only 100 things nobody knows about Disneyland. <--Pfffttt!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cute Ribbon-Headband

Camwhoring on the way to work this morning.
Eager to feel cute-but-i-know-I'm-not, I bought one cheap ribbon-headband and try it on.
Then...I accidentally click on one particular button, three times,
I found this cute frame! (I just got to know that!) Hahaha!


(You don't want to imagine, how I look like in rabbit and chimp posters! Did that to hubby :D)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chong Wei Won Over Lin Dan In Yonex Open Japan 2010

Yonex Open Japan 2010 was remarkable, where two rivals met and swept away other countries to take their solid spots in the Final.

That 81 tough-minutes were so worth it for Chong Wei. Congrats Chong Wei! Let's hope that he can reclaim those major titles that he had failed in the presence of Lin Dan.

It would be double fun&funny celebration

he does
"joget lambak" to counter back Lin Dan's robotic dance.
Hahahaha! Let's shout to Chong Wei then!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair Extension

I did detachable hair extension! It is fun!
You just need to:
1) separate top half of your hair
2) tie them up
3) clip the extension starts from the center, going left and right
4) let go the top half
5) style your hair

Go get it at Sungai Wang Plaza, roof top!
(Thanks Adib!)

Piranha (2010)

It's a Birthday Treat from GSC. We opted for Piranha 2010.

My advise...

DO NOT/NEVER watch Piranha 2010 with your kids!
(still wondering how it passes FINAS...hmm...)

It's full of titties, boobies and asses!
(Sucks to the max...go masturbate in the cinema...pfffttt!)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Project Don'tRunAwayFromUs!

For those who don't know, I am obsessed with Kim Kardashians. I guess, Monica Rose has done a good job in styling her.

Anyway, its not about her...its about these two awesome luxury clothes that I REALLY want to have! (But I can't...coz the price is killing me!!! F**k!)

Georgie Kamea Jacket by Julia Chase
(Winter Collection)

Lingerie-style dress by Julien Macdonald.
(Summer Collection)

For NOW, I have to find
a pair of big round hazelnut doll lenses,
one outstanding black blanket-style topper,
one wig with tresses-and-bangs style,
a pair of cheap yet stylish ugg boots,
and learn how to put fake eyelashes!


P/S : I am currently collaborating the "meet the in laws" clothes with Fara for Project Don'tRunAwayFromUs!

(Please ignore the inner shirt...
the designer was testing the mock-up at Signature Foodcourt KLCC,
during lunch time, in front of the tailor...hehehe!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moshi Moshi To Air Asia RM99 Promo



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo Challenge Balik Raya Badges & Prizes!

1) To Laney, please claim your winner's badge here, as the winner of Photo Challenge Balik Raya 2010.
Grand Prize : Return flight ticket for ONE to YANGOON, Myanmar.
Sponsored by Sekupang Team.
Plus (+) ONE
more return flight ticket to YANGOON, Myanmar.
Sponsored by Chawana.

2) To Biqque, Chawana, Lin, Fara, and Muni, please claim your entry's badge here, as the contestant of Photo Challenge Balik Raya 2010.
Consolation Prize (Lin) : Universal Travel Adapter sponsored by Globetrotter
Special Entry Prize (Muni) :
Flowery Cutie Blouse sponsored by Take Me Home
(Click on URL to choose)
Entry Prize (All) : Decorative Wall Sticker sponsored by BiqCloZet
(Click on URL to choose)

3) To Chawana, you may claim your entry's badge here, as the contestant of Photo Challenge Balik Raya 2009. (Kira backdated badge la ni...tapi takpe, kita dpt extra badge dari org lain!)
Entry Prize : TOTAL Satisfaction!
(Last year takde hadiah, tapi I menang, so I dah claim badge I :D Tuuuu, kat tepi tuuuuu)

Tahun depan, kita jumpa lagiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)
(Mana tau hadiah2 lebih menariks!!!)

-Originated and sponsored by Sekupang Team-
T&C Applied - Prize may varies upon sponsors discretion.

Keputusan Photo Challenge Balik Raya 2010

Setelah dua hari bertungkus lumus mengira markah dan mencari juri, maka dengan ini, saya REVEALkan cara-cara pengiraan dan keputusan untuk Photo Challenge Balik Raya bagi tahun 2010!

Pemarkahan diberikan mengikut nombor, 1, 2, 3, 4 (1 terbaik). Terbaik akan mendapat 10 markah, diikuti dengan 6 markah, 4 markah, dan last skali 2 markah. If seri, kena tengok la seri tu kat tangga keberapa.


First Round : Juri adalah Sekupang Team Administrators (2 orang).
- Kedua-dua Admin telah lama berpengalaman dalam contest seperti ini. Suami isteri yang sangat adil dan saksama dan sungguh berkira sampai bertelagah hebat dari segi apa saja yg melibatkan nombor. Criteria dan syarat para peserta, kesemuanya telah diambil kira, tak kira la diri sendri atau pun orang lain. Yang penting, gambar tu kena pada apa yg diminta. No question asked! (So sape dapat 10 kat setiap individual challenge tu, dia lah yang dapat gambar terbaik utk challenge tu tau! Bleh la berbangga kat semua ye!)
Pemenang telah dipilih pada peringkat awal, iaitu Chawana dgn 70 markah, mendahului kesemua para peserta, diikuti dengan Lin dgn 54 markah, dan Biq serta Laney, kedua-duanya seri di tempat ketiga dgn 52 markah. Tahniah Na! See, I adil :D


Untuk bersikap adil dengan kesemua para perserta, Na dgn Lin telah dikenakan penalti sebanyak 20 markah kerana tidak mengikut syarat2 utama iaitu ketiadaan date stamp pada gambar Na (hanya satu gambar je ada date stamp) dan Lin, yang post lebih daripada jam 12.00pm (katanya server time draft siap2 ye sayang :D)

Memandangkan Na selaku pemenang utama telah dikenakan penalti dan markahnye tinggal 50, pemenang akan jatuh kepada orang yg kedua. Disebabkan orang kedua si Lin tu punnnn kena penalti tinggal 34 je, maka jatuh kepada orang ketiga. Disebabkan orang ketiga tu seri, Biq and Laney, dengan markah 52, maka kedua2 contestant ni telah diadili pada tahap seterusnya.

Juri2 seterusnya bersikap sama rata dan telah sendiri melihat blog kedua2 mangsa dan pilih mengikut reason2 yg tertentu. Jangan risau, memang tak makan sogok. Lagipun juri2 ni tatau kaedah pengiraaan, diorang cuma pilih je mana satu diorang rasa tepat dan suka dan komputer yang telah melakukan pengiraan tersebut.

Second Round : Juri adalah Sekupang Team Internal Auditor (1 orang).
- Juri ni salah seorang dari Sekupang Team jugak tapi dia bersikap tak amik endah dengan cara pemikiran orang lain dan masih belum berpunya. Dia bekerja dibidang IT dan memiliki kereta buatan Jepun berjenama Honda.
Nampak gaya, masih seri. Memanglah dia ni bagus orangnya...tak bleh buat pilihan langsung. Sebab tu la masih takde awek kot. Makanya, masih lagi seri. Kita ke juri seterusnya.

Quater Final : Juri adalah bekas seorang Creative Director (1 orang).
- Juri ni adalah seorang bekas Creative Director dan sangat pandai menilai akan kreativiti seseorang itu, termasuklah bahagian jiwa itam dan putih serta jahat dan baiknya seseorang itu. Seorang gadis keturunan cina, telah berpunya dan bercinta dengan seorang jejaka berketurunan Thailand.
Pada khidmat juri ini, dia telah memilih Biq dek kerana kreativiti nyer yang agak melampau sedikit dari Laney. Makanya, status skarang, Biq lebih 1 juri.

Semi Final : Juri adalah seorang Marketing Director (1 orang).
- Juri ini sungguh berpengalaman dalam bab2 pelancongan ke luar negara. Since dia tarik diri dan menyerah kalah sebelum menentang, dia dipilih menjadi juri sebab dia siap sponsor hadiah lagi. Dia sangat menitikberatkan soal "effort" dan tenaga untuk melangsaikan setiap challenge yang diberikan. Dia sangat pandai cakap cina+indo+melayu+english. Silap2, french pun dia tau.
Bagi dia, Laney lebih meletakkan banyak effort untuk menyiapkan kesemua task challenge yg diberikan. Makanya, Laney 1 juri, Biq juga 1 juri. Seri lagi!

Dah bahana seri balik. So apa kena buat?

Final : Juri adalah seorang badan berkecuali (1 orang).
- Juri seorang budak genius, cerdik, cendiakawan, baik budi pekerti seperti kain putih yg baru nak dicorakkan. Bekerja sebagai lecturer di universiti awam dan masih dalam planning nak buat PhD. Sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat badan berkecuali, sape pun tak de dalam buku best fren dia. Puas hati?


dia telah memilih Laney sebagai pemenang utama
untuk Photo Challenge Balik Raya Tahun 2010!
Kebabom pom pom puish tiunnnngggg
weeeeeewww panggggggggg pop pop pop

(Next entry baru dapat tau hadiah ape ye :D Don't worry, setiap peserta akan dapat badge utk letak kat blog memasing, okies!)

TERIMA KASIH yang tak terhingga pada semua peserta blogger yang SANGAT SPORTING, ahli keluarga/bf/gf/sahabat handai yang menolong, serta juri yang HEBAT2!!!

Tahun depan, kita buat lagi ok???

Million thanks to sponsors:
***Hadiah utama di sponsored oleh Sekupang Team.
***Hadiah saguhati di sponsored oleh Globetrotter.
***Hadiah special entry (spoof) di sponsored oleh Take Me Home.
***Hadiah penyertaan di sponsored oleh BiqCloZet.

-Originated and sponsored by Sekupang Team-

Happy 32nd Birthday To Us!

We celebrated our birthday at B's Pullman Putrajaya. The place was quiet and calm, and it is all-day-dining restaurant (yup, it open 24hrs!).

They have indoor and outdoor, for you to choose.

One of the chef recommendation, rib eye steak.

We bought 2 pcs of blueberry cupcakes to celebrate.

Orange juice and ice choc latte, added.

Medium!!! Yummy!!!

~Happy 32nd Birthday to me and hubby~
Biqque : 14th Sept 2010
Shahrul : 22nd Sept 2010
(Two crazy September Babies!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo Challenge Balik Raya Oleh Biqque

Challenge dari Biqque

1. blogger bergambar dengan itik/ayam hidup, mesti tunjuk guna jari telunjuk kat itik/ayam tu - since photo challenge ni telah diketahui oleh kak ngah dan anak2 sedara aku, diorang mmg banyak idea la. masa balik kampung belah arwah mak, kak ngah tetiba basuk rumah bgtau ada ayam kat blkg. pe lagi, terus la kitorang keluar amik gambar. dah la busuk sampah kat area tu. sampai tok aku heran, apa la yg kitorang nak sangat ngan gambar ayam tu. kahkahkah! kak ngah cakap nak sembelih! dah la ayam2 ni takde warna-warni! bosan tul!

2. blogger cangkung tepi sungai/tasik, mesti kuis2 air sungai/tasik tu - ha semestinya la sungai kat bukit maxwell kannnnn! dulu tempat ni senang gile nak turun, skang susah! ye, seperti na, aku jugak pakai kasut tinggi...belasah je turun bawah sambil anak sedara aku pimpin aku sampai ke bawah...beberapa kali gak la amik gambar sebab memula takde tarikh la, patu tak nampak jari la...hahahaha!

3. blogger tengah mandi hujan, mesti basah kuyup lencun abis - almaklumla...tepen kan kawasan paling lembap dalam m' tak susah la kitorang nak tunggu hujan tu turunnnn! masa ni, semua kaum kerabat keluarga aku sedapppp je tengok aku mandi ujan dari basah skit2 sampai lencun! dah gaya movie awie dengan erra dah. abah aku ape lagi, dia la mastermind nyer ha...shot2 ni pun jugak menggunakan creative thinking...siap suh duk tepi pokok la ape la. anak2 sedara sume dan gelak nak mandi hujan sama tapi tak dibenarkan.

4. blogger tengah buat kesalahan jalan raya, tak kisah salah apapun, tapi mesti tengah buat salah - dalam dok cari nak buat kesalahan tali pinggang la, cross jalan takde zebra crossing la, langgar double line la, last2 anak sedara aku suh pegi depan skolah yg ada jalan sehala. gile babi sungguh keta datang dari arah depan, nasib baik kawasan tak bahaya, so takde la orang hon. buduh sungguh rasanya masuk salah jalan sehala! hahaha!

5. blogger diri sambil makan kuih raya bawah palang goal, mesti nampak padang tu luas, tak kisah goal post apa pun - ya Allah, punya la susah cari padang kat putrajaya ni! tanya 7e pun tatau! last2 nampak bebudak tengah main lagi, amik 3 bijik kuih, try macam2 post sampai abis kuih tu. dah la almond london, itam gigi aku hahahaha!

Challenge dari Chawana

6. blogger bermain bunga api dalam hujan - ni satu lagi keje before mandi ujan basah lencun la...ngan anak2 sedara sume join, aku beli sekotak bunga api. abis sume! mmg susah tul la bunga api ni nak nyala lama...ada je shot2 yg tak kena. memandangkan tak cakap payung tak leh guna, asalkan dalam hujan je, maka dengan cerdik pandai aku cover la bunga api tu ngan payunggggg! ni la orang kata creative thinking!

7. blogger pakai baju kurung/baju melayu, duduk atas troli shopping dan buat sign PEACE - sumpah masa ni aku MALU satu hari satu malam! anak sedara aku gi cilok troli ni, patu sorong sampai tepi keta. laki aku siut, malu, amik gambar dari dalam keta je...bleh??? aku dah la pakai baju kurung, sumpah tau susah nak panjat troli tuuuuuu! anak sedara aku pegang keliling, sempat je duduk, buat peace sign, diorang undur tepi, snap gambar, done! ada la dua laki cina dok pandang2 aku dari blakang...MALU gile ok!!! patu kitorang terus blah cam penyamunnnnn! kalau nak tau, dpn tesco ni, JALAN BESAR! so bayangkan la keta benti kat traffic lite ni dok pandang2 aku!

8. blogger menganyam ketupat di bawah lampu berbentuk ketupat - ni kat kedai mamak, masa sahur, bleh??? terus angkat camera, bawak keluar ketupat, anyam skit2, settle! perghhhh! seb baik mamak tu tak mintak royalti. hahaha!

9. blogger mencuci kereta di tepi sungai - satu lagi bahana...kat tepen tak sempat nak cari sungai yang bleh turun ke bawah. padahnye, cari sungai satu kl! tak jumpa ok! tau kat mana kitorang dpt ni? otw dari dengkil ke kajang! ada dua orang mamat indon tengah memancing. kawasan ni penuh taik lembu, memang tempat kel*** pun. agak takut disitu. patu siap sungai ni tengah korek nak diperluaskan, so air cam teh susu. kapal korek pun ada tau! memandangkan tak dinyatakan kereta apa, jenis apa, so keta mainan pun tergolong dalam criteria ini ye! haaaa sekali lagi, creative thinking!

10. blogger melambung buluh lemang yang sudah dibakar dihadapan balai polis - ni paling senang nak buat, tapi paling last aku buat. sebabnya laki aku malu nak gi depan balai polis...last2 pegi jugak depan balai polis puchong tu sbb situ tak ramai orang sangat. dia duk dalam keta, amik gambar dua tiga kali, aku lambung lemang tu, jatuh. kutip, lambung, jatuh. lemang tu dah busuk gile ok!!! lemang first day raya, aku amik gambar ni ari khamis hari m'sia tu. bayangkan la! laki aku suh buang dpn balai tu je, gile ape! hahaha!

So, aku rasa aku penuhi semua criteria siap TARIKH ye na!!! Kahkahkahkahkah!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dah Siap Ke Photo Challenge Balik Raya Korang?

Ha, camne? Dah dapat ke semua gambar-gambar Photo Challenge Balik Raya tu? Hehehe...masih ada masa untuk weekend ni ye...tangkap la sepuas-puasnya :) I dah sudah...cuma tak brapa nak cun la sebab kang if cun sangat, menang plak...sian kat orang lain...huhuhu!

Jangan lupa ye, postkan entry bertajuk "Photo Challenge Balik Raya - Nama Anda" (contohnye, "Photo Challenge Balik Raya - Biqque") berserta 10 gambar-gambar mengikut tajuk yang telah diberikan. Ingat, kena post hari Isnin nanti before 12.00PM tau. Lagi menarik kalau kat setiap bawah gambar tu, korang ceritakan saat-saat manis/pahit/genting yang tak bleh dilupakan masa tengah amik gambar-gambar tu :D Mesti best-best ceritanya kan?

Nah...sebagai teaser :)

Tak sabar kan???

-Originated and sponsored by Sekupang Team-

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Drama Raya : Episod 5 – Sapora kena terjah?

Raya kedua, Rodiah dan Hamid kembali ke pantai timur. Tak perlu lah bercerita apa yang dibuat disana. Makan, tido, amik gambar, bersuka ria, bergelak tawa.

Sekembali ke rumah ummi keesokannya, Rodiah dan Hamid menjemput Karim, Sapora dan Didit. Entah kenapa, Karim nak balik cepat sangat. Tak terbiasa lagi agaknya. Pasti suram tanpa Rodiah yang becok berkata-kata di rumah ummi.

Walid masih tak putus-putus bermain dengan Didit. Sapora di dapur, menolong ummi membuat laksa. Tapi kelakar, tulang ikan yang patut dikisar hancur, dibuang semuanya. Terpaku walid melihat kejadian itu dan mentertawakan ummi kerana salah bagi panduan. Penyudahnya, laksa tak cukup power. Ada yang cukup pada rasanya.

Petang itu, ummi dan Hamid di dapur. Rodiah berpura-pura mengambil air, teringin nak mendengar apa yang dicerita. Tapi Rodiah paham, dan tak masuk campur. Rupanya, ummi giat bercerita pada Hamid, tentang kisah adiknya Karim dengan Sapora. Ternampak riak wajah ummi yang masih gundah serta gulana, tapi disoroknya. Namun, kenduri doa selamat, masih tetap dalam perangkaan, untuk pemberitahuan kepada kaum kerabat.

Sapora pula sibuk menyiapkan Didit dan barang-barang. Di tingkat bawah, Rodiah dah bersedia dengan segala bekalan kek lapis untuk dibawa pulang. Ummi nak bagi laksa, tak diambil pula. Maklumlah, diet agaknya.

Tiba masa untuk pulang. Setelah semua berada di halaman rumah, walid tiba-tiba bersuara...“Bila mau kemari lagi?”

Semua tertawa terbahak-bahak dek slang seberang yang cuba ditirunya. Rodiah menegur, membetulkan bahasa.

“Kapan mau kesini la walid…”

Sekali lagi semua tertawa terbahak-bahak. Nampak gaya, atuk dan nenek dah mula menerima cucu, ummi dan walid dah mula menerima menantu. Alhamdulillah. Semua itu kerja Allah.

Di dalam perjalanan, Rodiah bertanya pada Sapora dan Karim, apa pendapat dan pandangan mereka dengan pertemuan itu. Mereka berpuas hati. Tetapi Rodiah mengingatkan mereka, agar sentiasa ingat dihati. Masih perlu berbuat sesuatu untuk menarik hati si orang tua.

“Kakak…saya disoal ummi macam-macam…”

Rodiah tersentak! Sapora mulakan bicara tentang ummi menyoal-siasatnya. Ditanya Sapora soalan-soalan cepu emas lagi luar biasa. Antaranya bagaimana Sapora kenal Karim, kenapa mereka membelakangkan ummi, bagaimana dengan keluarga disana, dan bermacam-macam lagi. Sapora hampir terkedu dan sesekali menjawab yang dia dan Karim memang bersalah membelakangkan ummi. Tapi yang pasti, semuanya halal dan toiyiba. Alhamdulillah. Tak perlu dipersoalkan lagi. Segalanya diantara mereka dan tuhan.

Apa-apa pun pihak seberang kini boleh bernafas lega. Dahulunya tak diterima dek kerana berlainan taraf dan keturunan, kini diterima dan bercantum rasa tunggu nak kukuh saja. Hai…mana tau, nak memperkukuhkan kedudukan, Didit dapat adik lagi? Jangan ayahnya cari lagi yang baru, sudahlah…hahahaha! Karim, Karimmm…

-Drama raya ini adalah drama hiasan. Tiada kaitan dengan yang dah mati.-

Drama Raya : Episod 4 – Sapora baru nak sebulu?

Pagi raya dah tiba. Sebelum subuh, Rodiah dah mula bertukang di dapur dengan ummi. Ummi kata, Sapora suruh kejutkan dia, tapi ummi malas nak kacau. Tak bersedia nak bersembang lagi barangkali. Ye la, tak brapa nak dapat tangkap apa yang Sapora cuba cakapkan. Mesti diulang tanya sekali dua.

Seperti biasa, yang lelaki semua ke masjid. Yang perempuan, masih didapur berkaftan. Setelah selesai, barulah mandi dan bersantap di meja. Kali ni, meja kerusi 6 ditadah juga. Extra satu kerusi dari set kerusi menteri dipinjam. Nah, Sapora duduk dibucu meja. Kasihan. Tapi hatinya mulia, bagai tiada apa yang dirasa. Di ruang makan, sedikit ruang dibuka, untuk terima Sapora. Alhamdulillah.

Suasana masih macam hari-hari biasa. Kedengaran hanya suara Rodiah yang becok bersembang dengan ummi. Disambut sesekali oleh Hamid dan Karim, serta Jaafar. Didit sesekali menjadi tajuk utama dek kerana kecomelan dan ketidakpetahannya berkata-kata.

“Kalau di sini, raya memang macam ni…lepas makan, tido…” kata ummi.

Sapora tersenyum malu. Masih Rodiah ingat, Sapora bercerita. Betapa meriahnya beraya diseberang. Berkunjung sanak saudara ke sana ke mari, tanpa mengira waktu dan batas usia. Sama seperti keluarga Rodiah nun pantai timur. Tapi apakan daya, sudah begitu caranya beraya di rumah mertua. Rodiah dah biasa.

“Ummi, jom amik gambar raya…”

Selang setahun, Rodiah dan Hamid beraya di rumah ummi, pasti gambar keluarga diambil bersama. Kali ini, lebihan 2 dewasa dan 1 kanak-kanak. Ditambah meriah dengan Rodiah dan Didit berlari anak di halaman rumah. Hamid pula tak lepas mencuri gambar kedua-dua gadis comel itu. Ye, Rodiah memang comel bergaya berbusana Japanese cotton yang dicari dan dibeli bagai nak mati di petang ramadhan.

Petang berlalu. Semua ahli keluarga tido seperti yang dijangka. Rodiah dan Hamid macam biasa, mesti buat plan malam satu raya. Idea utama dari Karim, bersungguh-sungguh nak main bowling. Yang lain turutkan saja. Bagus jugak.

Seperti dijangka, semua main bowling malam itu. Sapora yang pertama kali menguli bola seberat 9kg, sesekali menjadi ahli longkang. Tapi Rodiah dan Hamid yang dah terer main tu pun, bermula dengan longkang juga. Tah kenapa, Jaafar menang di kampung sendiri. Tapi Rodiah yang belanja semua. Saja buat amal jariah sempena pertemuan 16 mata.

Karim bawak Sapora dan Didit pulang dulu dek kerana Jaafar kata Didit dah mengantuk. Walhal Jaafar nak berasap dengan Hamid kat kedai mamak dihujung simpang. Nak jugak tengok orang clubbing ke, bapuk ke, kan? Tapi kecewa. Kota Ijok kosong dan sunyi. Apa lagi? Belasah je la teh ais dan telur separuh masak dua biji.

-Drama raya ini adalah drama hiasan. Tiada kaitan dengan yang dah mati.-

Drama Raya : Episod 3 – Rodiah sedap mengumpat?

“Oooo…ye keeeeee…”

Rodiah berlakon terpaku dan terkesima bila ummi mula bercerita. Kisah lama dikaitkan, kisah baru disulamkan. Ternyata Karim pandai sungguh mencipta sejarah. Tapi, disebabkan title anak emas tu masih bertahta, apa saja yang dikata, semua diterima. Dah agak dah, takpelah.

Rupanya ummi mungkin segan dengan Rodiah. Tambah pula, si Hamid yang sentiasa menunggu masa untuk ummi sedar atas kesalahan Karim selama ini. Tapi yang salah, ternyatalah Karim. Tipu kiri, tipu kanan. Dengan alasan, takut ummi tak dapat terima menantu seberang. Seberang pun orang kan? Apa nak kisah?

Rodiah masih berlakon naïf. Bagai semua cerita masih baru tapi sebenarnya dah basi macam lemang semalam. Dalam hati kecil Rodiah mula bertanya. Ummi masih tak tau keseluruhan cerita. Sikit-sikit Rodiah bagi hint. Dengan harapan, banyak lagi yang boleh dikorek.

Sesekali Sapora turun kebawah, untuk membantu. Tapi ummi seringkali menolak tawarannya dan suruh dibawanya Didit ke taman permainan. Rodiah dapat agak. Beberapa kali jugak Rodiah selaku kakak besar, mencipta kerja untuk Sapora. Bukannya ummi berniat untuk membenci, tapi masih ada sikit rasa terkilan yang dipendam. Ye lah, buat sesuatu, membelakangkan keluarga. Ummi mana yang tak terasa.

Walid pula, tak abis-abis bermain dengan Didit. Itulah cahaya hatinya sekarang. Tiada cahaya lain yang dapat menyambar kilauan itu. Takpe la. Rodiah dan Hamid, masih menunggu cahaya langit. Nah, layankan saje la walid. Janji semua gembira.

Akhirnya ummi terima dalam terkilan. Bak kata orang putih, forgive but not forget. Bukan senang nak terima menantu seberang. Yang sama negara pun tinggi sungguh syarat-syaratnya. Maklumlah, nak kan yang terbaik untuk anak kesayangannya. Ummi mana yang tak nak. Nah skarang, terima juga. Lagi pula, Sapora cantik bertudung, baik budi pekerti, sejuk mata memandang. Nak buat macamana, memang halal pun dimata Allah.

Walid? Apa lagi…beli ais krim dan coklat untuk Didit saja. Bawak ke kedai, bawak ke pasar ramadhan, kemana sahaja lah pendek kata. Sampai sanggup tak matikan enjin, biarkan aircond terbuka, tingkap terbuka, janji Didit boleh bermain girang disampingnya. Hinggalah tiba waktu berbuka.

Dimeja, semua juadah sudah tersedia. Meja 8 kerusi bak rumah menteri, buat pertama kali digunakan. Selama Rodiah kawin, baru sekali Rodiah merasa meja tu. Itupun masa Rodiah kena interview. Yang selebihnya, semua duduk di meja makan 6 kerusi di dapur kering. Ye lah, buang masa nak kemas segala.

Malamnya, Rodiah dan Hamid keluar dengan Jaafar. Dua beradik tu memang tak bleh diharap. Nak berasap la tu. Karim dirumah menemani Sapora dan Didit. Takkan nak keluar? Menempah maut namanya.

-Drama raya ini adalah drama hiasan. Tiada kaitan dengan yang dah mati.-

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