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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeay Yeay Balik Raya – Day 2

Woke up for sahur, we had what we had for last nite’s berbuka. Then we all off to sleep again till 10am. Nothing much that we did for today till hubby and I decided to find a blue kain pelikat for hubby to match with his new blue baju johor. At first we went to Greentown Mall, a melayu shopping complex, but none of the outlets sold gajah duduk (popular brand for kain pelikat). What we found were only gajah ceduk, anak gajah, and dua gajah! What the **** was that?! Haha! Makin menjadi-jadi plak jenama gajah ni.

So we went to the next place where Mama told me Abah bought few kain pelikat for him and hubby’s siblings at Riomoda, a.k.a Jakel. Unfortunately, it was already closed. Dah la jauh nun kat Simpang Pulai. Frustrated with the situation, I smsed my cousin and asked her where can we get more kain pelikat, and she told me to go to Megoplex, which is another melayu punyer shopping complex. And thank god, they sold gajah duduk there! And some popular brands like Mangga, Atlas, and Beer Ali too.

We went to pick up hubby’s pants that he sent for altered earlier and we went back home. Mama started to cook for berbuka. We added few ikan kedera into yesterday’s gulai and Mama tried a new recipe that she learnt from tv on how to make sotong goreng tepung (she mixed up tepung jagung and tepung beras with serbuk kari and serbuk kunyit, and it worked!). Crispy and spicy!

Abah and hubby’s second brother came back with 2 batang lemang that they bought at Gugusan Manjoi (formerly known as Kampung Manjoi, kira kalau kat KL, macam Kampung Baru la…tempat melayu). Sedap! At the same time, Mama started to cook rendang daging. I did learn (coz hubby asked to) but I don’t know when I will try it. Haha! (Guess what? During the making of rendang, Mama started to gossip about hubby’s second brother and his girlfriend. Hmmm…berat nih!)

After berbuka, we lepak-lepak and hubby’s lil bro played mercun bola. Ya Allah, terkejut aku! We watched Takbir Suci 1 and 2, but when they showed 3, I already dozed off. Haha!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yeay Yeay Balik Raya – Day 1

Everyone is asking…“Tahun ni raya mana?”

And I will answer with mix feeling…“Umah mentua…because all of my siblings will sambut raya pertama kat umah mentua masing-masing…”

Yup, this year, I have made a pact with my sisters and brother. Everyone should celebrate first raya at their own in laws, so that we can meet up on second raya. But poor Abah, he has no one back in Taiping to celebrate with (except my step-mom and her two married daughters la)…but no worries, I’m sure we gonna have a very breathtaking arrangement for our big gila-gila family second raya together at Kak Saba’s house in Baling!

Well well well…raya at in law’s…for the very first time since I bergelar isteri. Maybe some of you have experienced this but this was what mine turned out to be. (Sorry Ayang…nak cerita gak!).

I was quite overwhelming when I knew that I will celebrate raya at my in law’s. Mix feeling. Ada rasa happy, ada rasa sedih, ada rasa takde pape. Driving back to Ipoh sangatlah lancar sebab tak jam langsung. Sampai je terus hubby buat lawak! You see, we unloaded all the bags from the trunk, and we saw his brother having these set of high quality wheeler bags. Wah…kira advance la, ada 4 roda, adjustable holder, siap boleh sorong, tarik, pusing-pusing semua la. Then we took out my bag, which having only 2 wheels, with non-adjustable holder, but still can sorong and tarik la kan. Kira ok ar tu! But once hubby took out his bag, we started to laugh out loud because THE BAG HAS NO WHEELS NEITHER HOLDER AT ALL, AND I SAID,

“Ini lagi special! Tak payah roda! Main seretttttttttttttt je! Kahkahkahkahkahkah!”

Then his lil brother came out and joined us and laughed on the bags story. He later went off to work and we had a chit chat with Mama, while Abah, also prepared to off for work. Sembang punya sembang, my craziness on local food came to Abah’s knowledge, and as usual, Abah will granted my indirect-request and this time, he came back with tauhu, taugeh, timun, and kuah kacang, for making pecal. (Such a very nice man…).

All of us slept and woke up around 4pm to start preparing for berbuka. Mama made gulai ikan jenahak, tempe sambal goreng and last but not least, sambal belacan and petai rebus (this is a must!). Sedap gileeeee! Sampai terkentut-kentut dibuatnye! Haha! Added to these foods, we went to param (pasar ramadhan) at Taman Jati, Jelapang, where hubby and his brothers love to buy nasi tomato (tapi takde) and yong tau foo. For drinks? Abah prepared a very nice and colorful sirap campur oren with buah laici and nata de coco. Yummy!

At nite, we had nothing but chatted bout our family. Then hubby went for terawih with Abah, while me and Mama, having grandma’s oven stories (biasa laaaaa…gossip!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Conquered Jalan Tar

Like others, hubby and I went for last minute shopping at Jalan Tar. Same goes to his brother which later went on his own way with his gf. I actually wanted to find hubby a blue baju melayu (top only) to match with my blue-white baju kurung moden. At first, hubby didn’t want too, for he still has his cream baju nikah that he only wore once. And to match with his baju, I bought one set of brown kebaya nyonya with cream satin to pair with that kebaya. But, since I’m having two baju raya now, hubby should get another one for him. So blue, here we go!

We decided to take LRT since hubby not willing to drive in heavy traffic around that area (oh god, I am sooooooo lazy to walk!). So we parked at KL Sentral and took Putra LRT, which later we changed to Star LRT at Masjid Jamek. Believe me, by this time, there were hundreds of people down the area, regardless street sellers or customers. And so we thought, there must be thousands of people waiting for us at Jalan Tar!

Told cha! Gile ramai orang kat sana! We got out from the train and walked along the passage that lead straight into Sogo. It was either 1st floor or 2nd floor, no other way in nor out. Looking at how crowded 1st floor was, we headed to 2nd floor. And guess what? 2nd floor was also crammed with people! We had to get out from there! But when we found a way out, it was sooooo unbelievable that we had to queue to get ourselves out from Sogo! Vice versa, more people were queuing to get inside! Haha! I never see any scenario like this in my life! People were queuing in and out of a shopping complex!

Back to our objective, we were there to find hubby a baju melayu…so Wisma Yakin, here we come. One complete round, not even one, matched my white-blue baju kurung moden. Susah gile nak cari biru ni! But we found one piece that really satisfied hubby (oh yea, hubby SANGATLAH memilih and very particular with what he’s going to wear…satisfaction should comes with quality). Unfortunately, that so called one piece was actually one pair! So we had to say no L…but then I saw one piece of baju johor, exactly like that blue baju melayu teluk belanga that he wanted. At last, a happy smile on hubby’s face!

One set of 5 pieces of butang baju melayu, a wallet, a belt, hubby had enough. As for me, an 80% Polo handbag and 2 pieces of super lelong squared brownish carpets (tetiba terbeli karpet plakkkk).

Then...I was starving and thirsty to death! I need foooddddd! No! No! I NEED TO DRINKKKK! I WAS TOTALLY DRIED OUT! (Ok, I can’t puasa but still, I didn’t eat nor drink).

Walking weakly towards the Star LRT (kitorang jalan jauh ok!), I frequently sat on any benches that I saw. Changed LRT at Masjid Jamek, we later reached KL Sentral. And at this moment, I told hubby I REALLY NEED TO DRINK. I bought a bottle of drinking water and when I reached our car, I already finished half of it in one shot! Alhamdulillahhhhh! Hehe!

Sampai rumah, I roasted portion of beefs that I marinade last nite.

Together with murtabak, nasik lemak and sambal tumis petai, hubby served us with air bandung…wahhhhh! (Hubby memang terer buat air apa pun!).

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blue Is The New Red

“Wall eeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Wall eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Wall eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”


Even robots know what love is…and it did make me shed tears last nite when Eva saw the flashback on what Wall-E did to make her wide awake…and the climax, when Wall-E didn’t recognize Eva…it was so darn sad…super sad…sob sob…

I always love animations, 3Ds, cartoons…especially those that produced by PIXAR. They are always funny and cute. And they also touch my heart, regardless happy or sad.

I always imagine that I’m one of the characters. I can feel what they feel. I feel like I know them very well. Every name, every character, every type of behavior, all in my pockets.

Ok, back to my point of having this post, both hubby and I are September babies. By being GSC members, we printed the birthday treat and browsed for any movies with asterisks. Hubby read all the options in Berjaya Times Square and once I heard of Wall-E, I straight away shouted to hubby to watch it! Hubby wasn’t really into cartoon but he anyhow agreed with my request (thanks ayang!).

U know…just by looking at the poster, everyday, at KL Monorail, I really wanted to watch this movie since the first day it being released in cinema. This Wall-E, I know it will make me fall in love with it (awww…). And I did! I think Wall-E such a very tender, passionate, sentimental, loving, devoted, towards anything that it interested to (u can see all his collections…and most important, how it really into Eva).

Thank you PIXAR for making this movie…and now I wish my some‘one’ be like Wall-E…(hint hint)…

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sistas Get Together Berbuka 2008

Read our Sistas Get Together Berbuka BBQ 2008 at dib's blog.

More pics in our album.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mi Familia - The Unsurprised Surprise

Again, we woke up for sahur and had a very simple one. I didn’t talk to hubby. Then we were off to sleep again and woke up for Ikea.

“Sampai hati u tak buat apa-apa pun untuk I…”

“Ada kek, tapi Kak Ngah dah bukak satu kek, takkan nak bukak lagi satu kek…” he replied.

I ran to the fridge and opened it. I, my sis, and my sis in law berebut nak bukak kotak tu! THERE WAS ANOTHER CAKE! Yeay! Hubby did prepare something for me! Cuma my sis dah start dulu semalam. (Luv ya ayang!) So I told him we gonna celebrate it tonite when my family semua dah balik. He smiled.

With happy face, I went to Ikea with the whole familia. My sis and sis in law layan sakan! Penuh satu troli tu sampai my barang kena letak in another trolley. Puas hati dia dapat shopping. Pinggan mangkuk, barang deco dapur, lampu, macam-macam. She told me it was under budget. Good. Nanti takde duit nak raya.

Then it was time to say good bye. I will meet my family again on the second day of Raya, as I will celebrate this Raya as my first year Raya as a wife at my in law’s house.

Lepas bye-bye semua, I said to hubby,

“I nak jeans :D”

“Kat mana?”

“Tu la…”

So we decided to go to Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) and guess what, there were no Levi’s or Elle boutiques (sebab memang dah aim dah nak yang mana). Macam dah sangka je BSC takde kedai-kedai tu…haha! So I suggested to hubby to go to Alamanda and we can break fast around that area too.

We went to Levi’s but tau-tau je la, Levi’s skang dengan dulu dah tak sama. Skarang dah mengarut-ngarut design nyer and none I’d interested to, except one pair of old stock yang dah takde size. Dang! Hubby also didn’t seem very satisfied with the new design. So we walked out and saw Guess and Esprit. Guess, memang merepek la design dia kan, patu mahal nak mampos, and Esprit, boleh la.

Esprit we tried. I chose one EDC low rise stretch jeans sized 34 (UK sized 10) and put it on.

“HUH TAK MUAT KE? ARGHHHHH!” I grumbled as I can see all my muffin-top-waist!

“Dik, one size up brape?”

“36 kak”.

And I dragged hubby in to comment on my looks. Pear shaped. My both thighs besar laaaaaaaaaa! I need to work out! Tapi? Tapi? Malasnyeeeeee! Hubby said that’s what happened when you eat and sleep. Zzzzzzz…

I took it and hubby paid it. Thanx luv for the b’day gift yang tah sampai bila bleh pakai tu…hehe! (Btw, I bought his b’day gift in advance, a pair of Esprit pants! Tapi kira dia dah tau la…).

We later drove to Taman Warisan Pertanian at Putrajaya, which hubby suggested earlier. I never heard neither went to this place. Dari depan, cantik! It’s a food court concept, with stalls and sitting places. Ada Sate Samuri, laksa, bihun sup, goreng-goreng, roti john (ya Allah, orang beratur panjang for this roti john! Tatau nape!) and etc.

It was raining but redah jerrr!

Then we went back and I straight away took out my b’day cake and light the candles! Haha! Buat sendri je sebab tak sabar. Hubby managed to snap few pictures then the battery kaput (I hate it when the camera ALWAYS not available during special moments!) Sebagai galang gantinye, my phone la…dapat la snap sepotong dua…(apologize for the quality).

C L O S I N G, C L O S I N G, C L O S I N G….CLOOOOOSINGGGG (macam ‘brader’ Saiful Apek slalu nyanyi tu), kitorang tak makan pun cake tu sebab dah kenyang. Ada lagi dalam fridge. Malam nanti nak makan!

He once told me that I never wrote good things about him and I never praised him.



Thank you Ayang…I love you…and till we celebrate it again next coming Monday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mi Familia - Shopping Spree

We woke up for sahur and ate whatever leftovers from yesterday’s break fast’s foods. We slept back and only my sis woke up to attend her classes.

At home, everyone was doing…nothing! Then I saw my nephew watered the plants! Wah rajin! So we lepak kat depan and started to clean the plant pots, drainage and deco pebbles. Haha! My niece sangatttttt la rajin tolong I! I told her,

“Jangan sampai bukak posa tau, nanti mak marah kat Acu”.

“Dak…Thirah tengah rajin ni Acu…tgk, Thirah tak kisah cuci longkang tak pakai kasut, Thirah budak kampung. Bukan macam Adik (her little bro who watered the plants), dia orang bandar.”

Wah terkejut aku! I will definitely have to give ‘upah’ to her! Abah came out with one amazing solution for my 2 big ugly vases. They were too ugly sebab ditumbuhi unspecified white specimens, who I thought can be moved by cleaning it (dah basuh banyak kali, camtu gak!) or maybe, painted it (last resort ni, kaler itam!). My dad then brought out a bowl of cooking oil, and wiped it on these two vases. Voila! They were damn clean now! I luv my dad!

Then I and hubby, along with my dad and niece, went to Pasar Borong to get fresh fishes for berbuka. My sis wanted me to prepare a black pepper meat with grilled fish but ikan temenung lemak takde. So we had ikan cencaru belah belakang, black pepper meat, and my newly tried recipe, sayur campur padprik. My dad? Sambal tak lupa!

This time, no leftovers! The reason? Masak cukup-cukup sebab malam nanti nak round Jalan Tar!

While hubby on terawih as usual (ok, aku skip), me and the rest went to Jalan TAR. Tak berapa pack like last year, but still, berlaga bahu la nak jalan dalam tu. I tried to look for hubby’s baju melayu, but I seemed to forget which blue my baju raya is. So I passed. My sis bought brooch and table mats, and my dad, tetiba je tak nak baju melayu, nak baju jalan! (Btw, my step mom wasn’t around, she left with her daughter to Seremban and stays there till Raya. This couple (dad and step-mom) always on split-term-basis when it comes to their children, senang nak jalan kot.

With 5-6 drinks, lots of meatballs/sausages and keropok lekor, we went back at
11pm. The kids were already tired and so was my dad (now I can see that he IS old, poor abah).

On the way, I saw the clock hit
12am. Then my phone rang, I got one sms saying,

“Ayang, happy 30th birthday. Luv ya.” It was hubby! Hehe!

My whole family wish me and my sis added one great wish, cepat buat baby! Haha! We arrived at home and my sis started to bring out the cake, for me and her daughter, Athirah. We both blew the candles and ate the cake. I stared at hubby, but he was like usual, nothing special for me I guessed.

Then we off to sleep…and I, only God knows how I feel…

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mi Familia - The 'Mentekedaghah' Day

“Abah ni…tadi abang nak tanya tapi malu, dia suh abah call…dia teringin nak mai, tapi kalau dapat sponsor tol, best jugak…”

“Ha mai mai, takpa, Ina kasi duit.”

That’s my dad, relayed message from my bro on sponsoring his toll fee so that he could join my sis and my dad to KL. Selamba katak je abah aku tu! Haha! I normally don’t really mind to subsidize any of my family if they wish to come to my house, because I rarely go back to my hometown…plus, I do miss them so much and I like it when they are around! It means jalan-jalan and shopping time!

And so my sis and her family (her hubby and their pair of kids), my dad and her wife (ok, my stepmom), and last but not least, my bro and his family (his wife and their 2 heroes) came to break fast at my house. It was originally planned by my sis as she needed to attend her final-degree-class at UPM. Killing two birds with one stone, or drink while diving (sukati aku jek), she actually wanted to shop till drop, and this time, she REALLY did it! Later dude!

They were here on Friday afternoon and we met up at my house, after I bought few dishes for break fast (mahal gile kay blakang opis ni!). And so did my sis. And I just got to know that my step sister and her family (her hubby and their little princess) will join us too!

And guess what? We ended up broke fast on the hall floor, ala-ala kampung gitu (thank god I have ‘seprah’, my late mom punya…btw, each of us have it, tak sangka plak). And believe me, we have like over 20 dishes which at last, ended up in my waste basket! Haha!

But hubby wasn’t there to join us for break fast, only after we cleaned up everything, hubby then arrived from Penang with his full stomach. Hehe!

We just lepak and watch tv sebab perut dah full sangat. As we are fond of political issues, we watched Buletin Utama and started to gossip bout pro and anti-governments (Note: my dad, sis and hubby, stepsis’s hubby, semua gomen k! Haha!) I told my sis that they were so damn lucky as they always get bonus and this time, they will get it for one month! Whereas, private sectors are all biting fingers.

“Orang bagi, kita amik…kalo tak, nanti kat padang masyar kena soal, ha kenapa tak amikkkk duit tu? Haa…tapi kita pangkah la orang lain…”

We laughed it out loud. Then my step-sis’s hubby, who is a patrol police officer, started to unwrap bit by bit on UTK (Unit Tindakan Khas) and C4 (that bomb lah)! Best nih! He even told us that police also jahat! Bukan semua baik punnnn! Haha!

Yes, C4 can only be taken out by ‘orang atasan’s authorization. Yes, Altantuya did die on ‘orang atasan’s hand. And yes, Along Spoon (still remember him?) died because of C4! Perghhh! Oh ya, and yes, police is BUTA IT and taip macam ayam patuk padi! Kahkahkah! No firecrackers to play around. So we lepak in front of my house (yang sunyi sepi disekelilingnya) and laughed at my nephew, who is standard 2, having a girlfriend named Milah (tah la, abah yg kacau dia). And he kept on screaming,

“Mana ada! Mana ada!” sampai satu taman dengar.

It was too humid in my house that made us stay longer outside. Kat luar tu breezy skit. Then we went in and snoozed. Penuh rumah aku!

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