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Monday, October 20, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 6

Nothing much…


Chat with hubby in the afternoon…but he wasn’t online at nite.

Stopped by at Giant Bukit Antarabangsa for some refreshment. Tried to find my favorite pad (since I couldn't find it at Guardian and Watson, The Weld), but Slim Wing was no longer in 10packs. Nak tak nak, beli jugak la 30packs punyer...

To kill time, I started to do the my sis's animation assignment...(hubby dah siap tuh assignment blu-ray my sis!)...memula taktau nak start kat mana...lama-lama naik seh plak! Siap Cicakman, Upin & Ipin sume kuar! Rindu plak zaman-zaman study dulu...(bila la nak amik master ni...sigh..)

What a boring day for me today…penat!

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