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Friday, October 3, 2008

Yeay Yeay Hari Raya – Day 3

Early in the morning, my oldest sister sms-ed us and asked us to come to her house early, coz she cooked nasi lemak. My family already woke up and as usual, hubby and I will always be the last person to get ready. Hehe! Abah and his cucu walked along the way out and we picked them up and headed to my sis’s house. At her house, we ironed all our baju raya for family photo. Using hubby’s camera and tripod, we snapped with laughter. One big happy family.

In apple-green, my oldest sister's family. In brown, my older sister's family. In purple-pink, my bro's family. In brown-cream, hubby and I. And last but not least, in red-black, my super dad!

From left : Kak Ngah, Kak Saba, Abah, Abang, Me.

Hubby and I.

We supposed to go to Butterworth for cucuk-cucuk but my sister offered all of us to join her to my bro in law’s sister’s. Makan laksa! We convoyed 4 cars, lead by my sis’s Avanza. Owh god, my bro in law such a rally driver! He drove so fast like rempit! And all the way, my sisters and I sms-ed each other, laughing about it. The road was like a roller coaster, once we were on this one top, my sis’s Avanza was already on the other top! And once we reached that top, they were already gone! Haha! Gile laju! It has been told that her 4 daughters actually loved that route and purposely requested their dad to drive fast, so that they can feel the momentum! And believe me, they can constantly sit in the car, backward! Tak pening lak tu!

Sumpah letih ikut jalan tu. Sampai je semua dah pening and keletihan. But laksa punya pasal, makan dulu! Almost all of us makan dua pinggan. Kembung perut. After that good family kemas-kemas, they offered us for lunch! Makan nasik la pulakkkkk! (Orang kedah memang macam ni, tak sah tak jamu nasik!). So we forced ourselves to eat lah…ikan kedera masin and pekasam dia, memang superb! Hubby told me the chicken was also delicious. Errrkkkkk! Alhamdulillahhhh…

Owh god…nature’s call! Where’s the toilet?! My sis already smiled and showed me the toilet…err…err…if I had the choice, I will never do my business in there but I HAVE TOO! You see…it was a typical kampung toilet with no flush and self-carry water. So imagine je lah ye…

After all the guys came back from Friday prayer, we started to make our move to my grandma’s house (my late mom’s side). Once we arrived there, my grandma was not in well conditioned. Fever. Pity her. She was also quite mundane coz worrying to much about my youngest aunt (she’s 21 ke 23, tak ingat), who just married with pilihan keluarga, who later ran away with………a tomboy! Gile seh! Now her husband’s side tuntut gantirugi bout RM9K. Pengkid tu kalo dapat kat family kitorang, memang masak la kena belasah!

Then we off to the next and last stop, my aunt’s house (my late mom’s sister). We met some of her daughters and common statement,

“Wah berisi la Kak Ina…camni la ok, dulu kurus sangat…”

Okkkk…I lose weight about 1.5kg, that makes me 46.5kg now. Ok la tu kanstill my ideal weight. But everyone said hubby was slightly kurus than before…sronok la tu, turun 3kg!

Around 6pm we made a move and went back to my older sis’s house. Took bath and performed Maghrib prayer, my sister ordered our dinner from the nearest stall. Tak larat dah nak masak. Suddenly Abah called my sis and informed that our aunt, Makteh and her children (my dad’s youngest sister) were already on the way to our house. So, my sis ordered another 4 packs of kuey teow. Her first son (we were close during childhood) has 10-months chubby daughter who weighted 10kilos. Super cute! Memang tak larat nak dukung lama-lama la.

Hubby and my in laws at this moment already dozed off. Letih driving. But hubby started to have sore throat and cold. So we went out to get strepsil for him, pil chi kit tek aun for me. Then later at nite, hubby setup wireless network for my sis and I transferred all raya pics to both my sis’s laptop. Pastu semua tido…zzzz…


Outdoorfreak said...

wah, hijau jugak.. hehe. tahun nih ramai betul pilih hijau kan? selamat hari raya! :)

Biqque said...

kaler campo2...kihkih! tapi i tahun ni biru sebenarnya, tahun dpn baru nak cari ijau (gara2 tgk kain pelikat ijau cun melecun!)

dibitz said...

masa puasa lost weight.. masa raya, we gained more weight! arghhh persetankannn...!!

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