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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Satay Pak Ein, Simpang, Taiping

Amacam? Meleleh tak air liur?
As usual, Pak Ein got a big tender to prepare 4000 sticks of satay kat satu kenduri India. Dah dua kali diorang amik. Initially, diorang nak 5000 tapi Pak Ein kata tak mampu nak import satu kampung tolong bakar sate. (Kalo import John, sume masuk mulut dia je la jawabnyer...)
God gracious. 8 orang jugak la tolong bakar sate guna dua dapur. Dah la kipas turbo ada satu jer. Terpaksa pakai kipas biasa. Jenuh jugak la nak tunggu masak. While the rest preparing satay and kuah, aku jadi front liner. (Semua tanak, tatau nape.)
Rupa-rupanyaaaaaaaaa…pressure gile ok jadi front liner! Kitorang start bakar sate dari pukul 4 petang, kenduri nyer 7 petang. By 8pm, dua kotak penuh ice box tu dah abis! Aku bubuh kuah taruk atas sate jer. Tak sempat! Dah la muka sekor-sekor macam nak terkam aku sebab tak sabar tunggu sate masak! Siap ada yang repeat sampai 4-5 kali patu potong queue! Muka yang sama plak tu! Hahaha!
Bagi Pak Ein, the faster you finish the satay, the sooner kitorang bleh balik. By 9pm, satay dah abis. Siap gaduh-gaduh lagi ada yang tak sempat nak merasa. Nasib la…sape suh ko hadap kat kambing panggang dulu kan. Ni sate Pak Ein tau, jangan main-mainnnnn. Kahkahkah! (Tapi sumpah kambing ni sedap!)
Sumpah penat…dengan lagu tamil dun dam dun dam, kaki berdiri, tangan ceduk kuah, minda menahan pressure orang mintak sate.

Where to find?

MCKK Premier 7s 2012

Who would expect that I can fall in love with this sport? I mean, I don’t play rugby, obviously, but I found it enjoyable to watch this game than watching English premier. Hahaha!

It’s all started when I religiously watched All Blacks, before, during, and after I visited New Zealand. The Haka spirit has possessed and persuaded me to watch those huge triceps, biceps, and what not (don’t ever mention that big Upin Ipin head-sized buttocks! Hahaha!)

Clearly hubby has nothing to do and out of the blue, he asked me to pack our bag and said “We are going to KK.” I was like…”Huh?” “KK as in Kuale Kangsor…got inter-rugby school competition…” katanya.

  1. Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Arau (PERLIS)
  2. Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid (KEDAH)
  3. Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena (KEDAH)
  4. Bukit Mertajam High School (PENANG)
  5. The Malay College Kuala Kangsar (PERAK)
  6. Sekolah Menengah King Edward V11  (PERAK)
  7. Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman  (PERAK)
  8. Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor (SELANGOR)
  9. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Kosas (SELANGOR)
  10. Victoria Institution (KUALA LUMPUR)
  11. Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor (KUALA LUMPUR)
  12. Royal Military College (KUALA LUMPUR)
  13. Sekolah Menengah Sultan Alam Shah (PUTRAJAYA)
  14. Sekolah Datuk Abd Razak (NEGERI SEMBILAN)
  15. Kolej Yayasan Saad (MELAKA)
  16. English College (JOHOR)
  17. Sekolah Sukan Tengku Mahkota Ismail  (JOHOR)
  18. Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Kuantan (PAHANG)
  19. Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mahmud (TERENGGANU)
  20. Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kuala Terengganu (TERENGGANU)
  21. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Yahya Petra 1 (KELANTAN)
  22. Sabah College (SABAH)
  23. Sekolah Menengah Agama Sheikh Othman Abdul Wahab (SARAWAK)
  24. Vajiravudh College (THAILAND)
STAR, his former school, joining and defending the Plate. But his top priority is, he wants to grab this chance to access the Malay College, also know as MCKK, or Koleq. Ala you know la, this “all boys boarding school type of spirit” ni, lain macam skit.
So we went back to Taiping, and went out early, on the next morning. (Cerita sate Pak Ein kat entry ni.) Since hubby has downloaded the schedule, we roughly know when STAR, MCKK, KE, and other top rugby school will play. Sekolah agama pun ada tau! Their motto is Pray, Study, Play Rugby. Amik gambar pakai jubah, songkok, kain pelikat! Bagus!

We killed time by visiting few places of interest in Kuala Kangsar. To name a few, Jambatan Raja Muda Nazrin, Tasek Raban, Masjid Ubudiah, Istana Kenangan, Istana Iskandariah, Old Mansion, Persisiran Sayong, and the town center.

Hubby made a super ridiculous joke when he said that this tree is the oldest rubber tree in Malaysia.

We happily took a picture, which later, while driving around town, we found that there is another signage directing to another place, where the actual rubber tree is located! Pfft!
“Let’s go to MCKK.”

Besides motocross event at the other side of the river, KK town was filled with MCKK PREMIER 7s 2012 buntings, banners, and billboards. Gile kaya…MACOBA (old boys) sponsor la ni. Dah la datang in Bentley, BMW, superbikes and such!

All Blacks Revival, so they are called…and guess what, everything was 90% similar to the original All Blacks. Bang…takde nama lain ker...?
We went to STAR tent and met the boys. Nice jersey! And nice bods! Sumpah besar budak-budak sekarang…paling tak bleh blah, body berkepak, perut flat, peha berketul! Bleh???
STAR won the first and second game, and currently waiting for the next round. Hubby sempat jugak la tanya pasal STAR kat bebudak tu. Sonok dia. Before we left for another tent, we congratulated them and wish the boys, best of luck.
There was one tent that projected those legends, and the most popular was Hj, Zainal Abidin Bin Mat Yen, a Perak born athlete, who used to be famous with his “side steps”, sampai omputeh pun kagum. While reading the facts on the display boards, there was one Malay uncle came to us and explained a bit on the games. We initially just smiled and continued reading, but hubby later said “Eh, tu bukan pakcik dalam gambar ni ke?”
I looked up to the uncle, and looked down to the board. I repeated the same gesture four times, until that uncle said “A ah, ye la tu, saya la yang dalam gambar tu.” And three of us laughed.

Watching STAR played with hundreds of Koleq around us was quite funny, coz we can’t cheer as loud as we wanted it to be, maklum la…musuh tradisi. But we was entertained with their cheering team, who lined up two games ahead, in their white pants and “let it be heard” school t-shirts. There was no pause at all, for the game was 7 a side and the game duration was only 7 minutes for both half. Unfortunately, STAR didn’t get to meet MCKK. Or else, they would have brought their cheering team as well. Lagi kelakar, both having slightly the same song! Hahaha!
STAR and MCKK, anyhow, through to the quarter final but only STAR through to the semi. By this time, I heard one of the Koleq boys said “Ala…referee saje je kasi STAROBEK menang.” Hahaha!
“IF MCKK lost, they got to meet STAR.” But MCKK lost to Yahya Petra, while STAR lost to SSTMI (also known as Sekolah Sukan Bandar Penawar). Gile ko! Sekolah sukan tu! Champion for last year in Cup category!
Since it was two days event, semi and final were actually on the second day. I clearly told the boys (STAR), “Dah tak masuk Cup, korang better menang Plate, kalo tak, akak tulis dalam blog!” Hahaha!

And they lost…BOLEH??? Dengan Semasyur.
See you next year, boys…

P/S : First time ni buat gambar collage :D Dulu benci sebab tak jumpa software yang senang, skarang, tidak lagiiiii :D Hahaha!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Japanese Anime

As much as I love Japanese drama, I loveeeeeee anime. No, not superpower human like Dragonball or Bleach, not supercute alien like Doraemon or Pokemon, not superrobotic giant like Gundam or Fullmetal Alchemist, I like it when it comes with superridiculous hilarious and superdrama anime. 

There are lots of anime that I like but these are some of those that quite old but I extremely love watched/watching them. You know, these kind of faces?         
=_=            =_="

Ranma ½.
Omg…this is hilarious! It’s about a boy who is cursed to become a girl, whenever he is splashed with cold water. But hot water will change him back into a boy. Can you imagine that??? Hahaha! There’s a panda too. And this anime is all about martial arts.

I first watched the drama episodes before I watched the anime. I found that drama was better than anime coz Yankumi was much more realistic and fun. It’s about a homeroom teacher, who secretly keeps her Yakuza background, struggling to gain respect of the class.

Onegai Teacher.
Though the teacher is a female alien, it’s not that type of outrageous and hideous alien. She’s a sexy alien. It’s about a high-school student who later married her teacher, in order to preserve her secret. This is where the fun and drama and kinky parts happen.

They are so fun and funny! I love the comedy, and the way they acted. It’s about a set of teenage girls who obsess with music, saving the school music club from being disbanded due to lack of members.
(P/S: Hentai? Shhhh...)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

History Made Every Day : WWII Asia Occupied

History Channel (555) is currently airing Asia History and Malaya is included. The program was initially documented and expected to be premiered for 2 hours but it was edited to 1 hour. Do watch this program, for the interviewees are those who experienced the real battle, who’ve seen their own family members died in the hand of the land of the rising sun. 

Program Title Schedule Synopsis
15 February,
Wednesday, 9pm
During 1941 and 1942, under the baking Pacific sun, the world was introduced to the terrible power of the land of the Rising Sun. Japanese aggression, which had begun for the Allies at Pearl Harbor, led to the fall of Singapore to the Japanese. It had been Britain's most important Eastern base – now a force of 130,000 men under the command of General Percival surrendered to General Yamashita. It was a low point for the Allies, and there was a hard road ahead – but a road that would culminate in the development of the atomic bomb and the crushing defeat of the seemingly invincible Japanese.
15 February,
Wednesday, 10pm
The Second World War in Malaya from 1941-1945 was a time of darkness and despair - where innocent lives were lost and blood ran freely. The Japanese ruled with an iron hand, slaughtering tens of thousands of Chinese citizens. They forced young women to work as sex slaves, and tricked others into working on the notorious 'Death Railway'. The people of Malaya struggled for survival. When the Japanese surrendered in 1945, Malaya plunged into a period of turmoil that brought it to the brink of civil war. But amidst the fire and ruins, sparks of resilience and courage grew. The painful war experience gave a great impetus to a new awakening. "Rising Sun Over Malaya" tells this little known story through the eyes of the people who experienced the occupation first hand.

*A 2012 HISTORY Asia Local Production in collaboration with FINAS, Novista and
 Primeworks Studio
Thursday, 9pm
1942. The British colony of Singapore falls to the Japanese. The victorious army seeks revenge. They will not forget that for 7 weeks, the city's

Chinese population fought alongside the British. They will not forgive the Singapore Chinese for opposing their war in China, for sending funds to help the Mainland China and for boycotting Japanese goods. The Japanese are determined to purge the ringleaders. The order goes out for all Chinese males to report for registration immediately. What followed was a week of terror. When it ended, thousands had died. The Japanese admitted to killing 5000. The Chinese estimated the massacre claimed 25,000 lives.
16 February,
Thursday, 10pm
Japanese forces sweep down from newly conquered China. In planes, tanks, on foot and on bicycles they arrive in Southeast Asia pledging a new world order. One by one the colonial empires in the region collapse before their advancing armies. The British are caught unaware, as Malaya, Burma and Singapore fall before the sudden onslaught.

In India there is one man, Subhas Chandra Bose, who sees this as a golden opportunity – to use the weakened state of the British at war, to finally oust them from his homeland, India. His story is well known. But what is less well known is the story of the women who followed him. The story of the one thousand Indian women of South East Asia who are brought together in one of the modern world's first female combat units.

The Rani of Jhansi Regiment; Young, idealistic, fresh from the harsh conditions of Malaya's rubber plantations, they leap at the opportunity to help win freedom for India.

Fully armed and trained for combat roles, they proudly march alongside the men of the Indian National Army to attack the British where they least expect it – across the border of Burma and India.

This is the story of their journey and their battles, their courage and their fears, told by five of the survivors of that extraordinary regiment.

Friday, 9pm
On December 25, 1941, British-ruled Hong Kong was forced to surrender to the Japanese after 18 days of fierce fighting. Japan would occupy Hong Kong for the next three years and eight months. Relive this famous time in Hong Kong's history, as the Japanese rule would pervade all ways of life, as Hong Kong knew it.
17 February,
Friday, 10pm
General Douglas MacArthur famously promised 'I shall return' before retreating but this was possible only with Filipino guerrillas bravely fighting on.

The film also relates how Richard Sakakida, a first generation Japanese-American, together with members of the Filipino resistance, helped the escape of 500 resistance fighters from prison.

Repeats available.

Hubby once told me that his grandfather was kidnapped from one small coffee shop, where he was enslaved and brought over to the northern area, to build the “Death Railway.” He was one of the sufferers who live and came back to his family, two months later. Can you imagine that? He wrote everything in his journal. Sadly, we couldn’t locate where the journal is!

And so I thought of revising my trip’s side objective, to carry out a short quick “mouth-to-ears” firsthand real life story with old folks, particularly on their war moment, during war time. How I wish I can produce this column. (If and only if, I can find one. I should have done this during my visit to Vietnam and Cambodia.)

Go make your own history by submitting your photo, here.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore : How We End The Trip

Almost all of us woke up quite early but few of us still resting on the bed, mindless. Looking around, some were still underneath the blanket, some were staring at the wall/ceiling, some were looking at each other without saying any word, whilst the German guy, hoping still, to be one of the alien of the Alien Travelholic group. Hahaha!

While getting ready, Byya, our chosen group leader, passed the breakfast coupon to each of us. She told us to remove the bedsheet, pillow cover, and blanket, and dumped them into the laundry basket, outside the door. I find this quite funny, for I never do that before. Hahaha!

“I wonder who were you yesterday…so now, you are Stacy, is it?” Lily smiled, looking at my outfit for the day.

“Hahaha…semalam mekap tah ke mana, apa ke mana…” Everyone was in total mess, except for Amy, who unbelievably, managed to upkeep her eyeliner!

Before walked out from the dorm, all of us, (yup), ALL of us didn’t drop a single chance to snap pictures of that “bilik air macam almari”. Hahaha!

At the lobby area, we ordered our breakfast, according to the given menu. We can only choose 5 types of eggs and breads, so I opted for omelet, baked beans, toast, and mango juice. SUMPAH LAMBAT!

Despite the fact that we were in starvation, these crazy Aliens, didn’t stop taking pictures. MasMZ DIDN’T miss any single corner of BetelBox! Trust me! She even captured my breakfast! Hahaha!
We finished our breakfast and discussed on the next act. Lily, Byya, John, Janggel, MasZuber opted for Chinatown, while Chawana, Anash, hubby and I opted for Mustaffa Center. Only Amy had her own plan, to meet her friend at the end of the Joo Chiat Road.
While we decided to take two cabs to the Paya Lebar MRT station, the Chinatown clan walked! (Uih, tak larat kot nak jalan.) We changed station and stopped at Ferrer Park, and walked to Mustaffa Center.

On the road, we saw Hindu believers passing by, shoeless. “Owh…today Thaipusam kan…nasib baik takde wel-wel…” Luckily, there weren’t so many people around the area doing that “scary” thing.
Chawana, Icam and Anash quickly walked towards the souvenir section and grabbed whatever they need. Hubby and I went to the electronic section, for a pack of rechargeable battery. We then headed to the perfume section, and went crazy! I spent almost an hour, smelling EVERY bottles that I longing for. And they were SUPER CHEAP!
I picked two bottles of Paris Hilton and Guess while hubby gotten himself an Azzaro, his favorite perfume during college time.
Chawana then came and only God knows how she bumped into Salvatore Ferragamo! “There’s only one left!” she said. Oh my…I overlooked it!

We later met Lin and her cousin outside Mustaffa Center and her cousin led us to the bus station. Beforehand, we did a quick shopping at the souvenir shops, right in front of Mustaffa Center. They sell 5 FMs for $10 and 7 FMs for $10, according to the material. I only bought one USS FM since I forgot to get one, during my visit there. (Main sampai tak hengat nak beli…)

Anash then sms-ed the Chinatown clan to inform that we will be taking a direct bus to Larkin, from Queenspark. They replied and informed that they will be taking the same route (MRT and bus) like how we came yesterday.
“How far is the bus station?” We asked Lin and her cousin.

“Just behind the building.”
“Which building?” I prayed for the nearest building, which was 50 meters away.

15 minutes later.
Hell no!

“I think, we passed by this building before…right?” I was about to kill Lin.
“No lah…the shape looks the same…tapi lain…” Yet, she was right!
We finally reached the bus station and hopped on the bus.
And snoozed…

The only thing I remembered, we had to hop down for immigration check point, went back on the bus, continued catnap, and reached Larkin Sentral.

“Aaaaaaaa nak nasikkkkkkkkk!” We cried out loud for a plate of “rasa kampung”.

We chose one small resto and had our quick lunch, coz Chawana had to drive back to KL, since Chawan will be on the night shift. Meanwhile, Anash will be waiting the Chinatown clan at musholah, while hubby, Lin and I drove to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO).

“And where the hell is JPO???”

From Larkin to Kempas to Skudai, we took almost an hour to reach JPO! Thanks to Jasmine and Zan, who led us the way.

How? From Larkin, find the highway back to KL and take Senai exit. BEWARE! THERE ISN’T ANY JPO SIGNBOARD AT ALL! You will reach the Senai toll house. Pay and follow the Senai stretch. You will find yourself on a highway, still. THEN ONLY YOU’LL SEE THE JPO ON YOUR LEFT, with its small little signboard.
Nice…WHO DESIGNED THIS??? (And so I heard, PLUS highway actually disagrees with the deal. That is why we see no signboard earlier on.)
Since we will be working tomorrow, I didn’t waste my time to look for what I desired for. A wetsuit and a pair of Levis. I straight away walked into Roxy/Quicksilver and asked for a wetsuit…but I saw a question mark on her face. Pfft! Tak paham ke…”Baju surfing dik, ada?” “Owh…takde…”
Hubby told me that this is not Malaysian culture, so they might not supply it. True enough, as I can’t find it in KLCC or MidValley.

I tried my luck and went into Ripcurl.
“YES! THEY HAVE IT! This pattern, size 10.” Still, I thought I might fit it.

FOOK! KETAT! “Size 12 please?”

“Ini saje yang ada…” PFFTTT!!! Whyyyyyy?! Whyyyyyy?!

I walked out in disappointment and dissatisfaction. Dah la gemuk, takde pattern plak tu! Sob..sob…
I told myself, let’s get a pair of Levis.
Browsing through the rack, size 23, 24, 25…AND WHERE THE HELL IS SIZE 28??? No…mmm…29??? Okay! 30???

I heard the same statement “Ni je yang ada…”

I walked in pain…heartbreak…cursing the premium outlet…ignoring that I have actually saved few hundreds from it.
We decided to walk back to the car and I sms-ed Janggel, so that they will have a clearer picture on how to find this place. Tell you what…THEY JUST REACHED LARKIN SENTRAL! Crazy photo scammers! Hahaha! (I thought of Anash masa tu…apa la dia buat…)
Hubby drove all the way. We dropped Lin at Seri Kembangan, and went back home.

Overall, I found this trip as “awfully tiring but fabulously exciting”. At least, hubby and I have gone through another level, by given ourselves a chance, from being a “Couple Traveler”, to be one of the “Alien Traveler TM”. (Wahhhhh terus trademark tu!)

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