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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 5

I did nothing than woke up at 11.30am…rolling left and right on the bed…thinking when to start my eldest sis’s animation assignment…malasnye la…

I went back to Casa Natura and did some house works. I cleaned the house, cleaned Kiki’s room, did laundry, refilled fridge with plain water, watered the plants and the list went on n on. Just to ensure that everything looks well when hubby comes back…in 2 weeks time.

Kiki being so evil to me just now. He must have been so bored staying alone in his room since I’ve gone. He didn’t bother to eat much, for he was keener to move around the house as usual. But today, he scratched my thigh and bit my hand! Like, he was so mad at me for keeping him alone in the room for many days. I was walking to the kitchen and he suddenly followed me from behind and scratched me…then stared at me...and walked away. The same thing happened when he slept next to me; where he suddenly bit my hand, stared at me and then walked away. Gila punya Kiki! Tah apa-apa!

It was raining since afternoon…and still raining now. But I have to make a move to Skin’s. It was around 11.15pm when I started the car, pumped in some air into the left tyre, refuel and headed to MRR2. I had to be there before 12am, takut gelap…sorang plak tu! Scary skit area tu.

I arrived at Bukit Antarabangsa slightly before 12am. Lucky there was a car headed to Sinaran Ukays and parked next to me. I quickly followed them to the lift. Owh s***, they stopped at 3, and I alone, will only stop at 9! It was totally dark, when the lift door opened. I stepped out from the lift, looked at left and right, no corridor’s light! S***! I hold my two bags tight, and RAN with my wedges on! And a bad habit, I ALWIZ LOOK BACK AND SEARCH FOR ‘IT’ THOUGH I’M SCARED! Stupid!

I only stopped running when I reached Adib’s. Then I walked quickly to Skin’s. They opened the door and asked whether I was scared or not…HELL YEAH! I DID! Gile tak takut dengan takde lampu, rumah kosong, tingkap pecah, ada pokok…heeiiiiii! Lift first and second tu betul-betul menyusahkan! Asik rosak je! Tak pasal-pasal kena naik lift ujung!

Untuk meredakan ketakutan, seb baik hubby online kat YM. He told me that he has finished my eldest sis’s blue ray assignment…wah! It was 16 degrees there, and Halloween is just around the corner. I asked him to snap some pictures of kids asking for trick or treat with the infamous pumpkins! Hehe! He went to NASA Science Center today (see more pics in Sekupang Album). He told me MANY ‘spacewalkers’ like Datuk Muzaffar tucuma kita je yang ingat angkasawan…padahal tumpang ikut je…cehhhhhh! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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dibitz said...

mcm celaka kan lift tu... kalau lift tu rosak gak, i tido kat gym bwh lerr...

oh.. oh... angkasawan my arse...

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