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Monday, October 27, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 13

Remember my last 2 posts where I stated bout hubby can’t wait to meet his love? That was the nicest thing I ever heard from him…(Butterfly in my stomach).

Last nite, I chatted with hubby till 5am!

Continuity to my dear friend’s story who just divorced his wife, hubby and I started to talk about our relationship.

We always have what do you call "open communication" when it comes to relationship...apa yang tak kena, tak puas hati, just to tighten up perhubungan kitorang (kitorang penah bertikam lidah pasal hak suami isteri all the way from Terengganu to KL...can you imagine that? Haha!).

I never asked hubby why he wanted me to be his wife…I know that I’m not pretty…and I used to be a bad girl…I tell you, I was a very bad girl >:)

And the second nicest thing that I ever heard from him on the answer “because you are the best”. (Butterfly in my stomach).

Hubby never brag bout me to his friends…hubby never manjakan or lebihkan I…and hubby never been a sweet talker to me…well, neither do I...

And the third nicest thing that I ever heard from him “though we never said or never did anything that pleased you or me, we know that we love each other so much”. (Butterfly in my stomach).

He even said, “3 weeks in USA, makes me missing u so much”…and that was the forth nicest thing that I ever heard from him. (Butterfly in my stomach).

With tears in joy, we swear and vow that we will love each other sampai mati and hope that both of us will never ever change…


So today I went out with Elly. We were bored to death and started to make a plan. Punya la nak basuh rambut, tapi tak tau kedai mana nak pegi. So we ended up to get hair treatment (ok, it was only me who get the hair treatment, Elly teman basuh je) at Sg. Wang Plaza. Right after we had our hair done, we went off for shopping (ok fine, it was only me who shopped) where I bought 1 sun-floral-white-dress (yang ni I nak sangat-sangat and sebijik macam Desire Boutique in FB jual, but in Sg. Wang, it was cheaper by RM10), 2 off-shoulder tops (white and red), and 1 sweater with furry-hood (grey+white). Semua ni baru RM100++. Haha! Puas hati!

Then we lepak at Gloria Jeans…but before that dah makan kat Nasi Ayam Hailam tepi tu. Lepak punya lepak tetiba nampak ada sorang tua ni, in gold suit, gold hat, gold glove, and gold face, dok mime orang keras kat simpang jalan, macam tugu. Wahhhhh! Malaysia ada kemajuan! Haha!

Not enough with Italian soda with strawberry and chocolate muffin, we went off for another TT Session at NZ The Garden kat tepi Public Bank depan KLZZ (Elly nyer signature typo...haha!). Sungguh kelas kedai mamak tu! Best gile! Dah la pasang lagu hip hop rnb, teringat zaman-zaman clubbing dulu…haha! The place was so beautiful, cozy and interesting. Very well designed. Order pun guna card system. Nanti nak ajak hubby lepak situ lah!

Few hours later, Arab came. Gossip session semakin rancak la! Haha! Then Om and Dani stopped by. Tak lama pastu, I made a move to Skin’s…ngantuk and kena tido sebab sok keje.

Try pun try, at last uninstall LAN, baru la modem bodo ni leh detect connection! Seb baikkkkkk! Kalo tak, kan dah nyusahkan Fyzal (husband Adib)…hehe…mekasih kerana prihatin :D

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