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Monday, July 29, 2013

Boracay Getaway : White Beach (Helmet Diving), Puka Shell Beach (Sunset), and D'Mall (Seafood Dinner)

[BEFORE] Boracay Getaway : Isla Kite Surfing Guesthouse, Island Hopping (Crocodile Island, Ilig-Iligan, Puka Shell Beach) and D'Mall (Dancing Chef)

"NOOOOOO! I lost my diamond ring! My wedding ring!" - Biqque

Remember last night when I said we went to the tourism counter? We made new friends! Ramonito a.k.a Bebot and Juan. Bebot is working with the Philippines Tourism and a very active diver, while Juan is more to world explorer, who used to work as seaman in different countries, including being a chef in Malaysia. They were very humble and friendly. They were quite surprised that we knew so many things and open-minded. We spent a quality time with them, discussing matters from world issue, traveling, activities, and exchanging cultures of our country, as well as the mind-blowing topic of politic such as racism and corruption.
We told them the long queue and delay issue that we faced at Manila Airport. Juan then told his side of story.

“You know I always have a tough time at Immigration Counter in Europe. Coz I have different look in the passport.” Juan showed us his picture. It was TOTALLY different. He was having a short hair in the picture, but he is actually having a very maggie-type curly hair! Hahaha!

“Owh well, all countries are the same. Malaysia too.” We nodded.

“But not in Malaysia!” Juan surprised us.

“Owh really? And why is that?” We asked for more explanation.

“Because everytime they see my passport, they will see this word, and just let me in.” Juan showed me the word on his passport.

“Malay.” Juan added.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NO WONDER THEY LET YOU IN!” We laughed out loud. Not because he is a Malay, because this island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak municipality of MALAY, province of Aklan.

“It’s a city name! Not a race!” We continued laughing, as we saw the word Malay was under Place of Issuance (of the passport).

“But it’s good though…Boracay people have an extra point there, hehehe!”

Suddenly, a middle-aged guy came from behind and said “Malaysia? You think, Sabah belongs to whom?”


We just smiled and let him talked. He was telling the same history that we heard from Raja Kiram, but he didn’t mention about how Sabah is awarded to Malaysia. We didn’t wish to continue the conversation, and I can clearly saw that Bebot and Juan also didn’t enjoy the discussion. They were more concern to sell the “helmet diving” to me, takut kitorang lari!

So I said “Well, this world belongs to God.” Abis cite! Terus aku tanya pasal helmet diving! Hahaha!

The guy walked away (thank god!) and we continued discussing more on helmet diving package. Bebot did mention that his offer might be expensive by 10-20 Peso compared to other agent, but his company is under Philippines Tourism and he guaranteed the quality of the oxygen, the helmet, and the pictures. They also hired professional divers to look after all guests and he will personally accompany us during the activity. The best part was they choose the diving spot that has coral with Nemo, and we can take pictures around it.

Looking at how friendly they were and it was nearly 11pm and we didn’t have anything else to do tomorrow, without any hesitation, we sealed the deal and told him that we’ll be coming back tomorrow morning.

That morning, hubby woke up early, to chase sunrise. But luck wasn’t on his side, thick cloud had coated the sun without mercy. Then he came back to our room, woke me up, and dried the notes. They got soaked in water during our quick dipping at White Beach! Hahaha! While hubby taken his breakfast, I snapped few photos of the ukulele that I bought (RM15, hell cheap!) along with all fridge magnets that I bought for #TravelholicAwesome.
In swimming attire, pareo, hat, action camera with underwater casing, Pesos and room key inside the waterproof bag, we headed to White Beach. We met Bebot and he walked us to Station 3, where his company is located, to make the payment. There, we watched samples of video and picture that they captured.

I asked him “Why everyone looks so stress and stiff?”

“Sometime people just don’t know what to do, and they afraid that they cannot breath. Hehehe. Well, it’s not that hard, I will explain later when we reach the platform.” Bebot explained.

“I’m gonna dance down there! You’ll see!” Statement berani mati gitu.

We paid PHP600=RM44 each and walked to the boat. We considered this fee was cheap, for other agents did charge PHP1000 each! And other agents were using some kind of “artificial oxygen”, tah la apa diorang panggil.
On the boat, I shot few video clips and that surprised Bebot to the max. He has not seen any video camera that small! No wonder when we were at D’Mall, shooting while walking, almost all locals looked at my cute 2X2 inches square device, TWICE! Bebot was too excited and even helped us to shoot a clip.

We were sent to a platform that belongs to this company. Around this area, I saw few other platforms belong to other tour agents. On the platform, I saw few helmets were carefully arranged at the corner. While waiting for our turn, Bebot explained the Do’s and Don’ts of helmet diving.

1) The helmet weights 20kg above the water. Anyhow, it will be lighter under the water, approximately 5kg.
2) Do not lift up the helmet. Do not look up. Else, the oxygen will be released, the water will fill up, and you’ll suffocate.
3) Breathe like normal. If you feel air pressure, swallow your saliva or move your jaw. You can put in your hand under the helmet, to clench your nose and blow.
4) Wear diving shoes. Walk slowly on the seabed. Do not go far from the boat. The helmet will get disconnected from the oxygen supply.
5) You won’t be able to listen. So remember hand signs of “OK” / “Not OK” / “Up” / “Down” / “Picture” / “Video”. Else, you can’t enjoy the activity to the fullest.

Hubby went first and I tell you, MUKA DIA CUAK GILE! HAHAHAHA! He got panicked! I can tell because he was smiling the whole time. He was guided by two divers, one on the platform, and another one was at the steps. The helmet then was being put on him and he walked down the steps, slowly. BUT HE WAS TOO SLOW till the diver on the platform needed to shout out! Hahaha! (I’ll tell you why he was slowing, later!)
It was my turn and I got overexcited. The divers told me that I was livelier than my husband and I didn’t look scared. Ala…come onnnn! Hahaha! I walked down the steps, he put on the helmet on me, and to the seabed I went. Voila!

It was seriously easy! I breathe like normal, and I didn’t feel the pressure at all! And it felt like walking on the moon! Woohoo!
I walked towards hubby and I saw his face, still, funny. Hahaha! He then took out the small bread and fed the fish. There were lots of fish lingered around him and it was seriously difficult to get his face shot! I showed him the sign language, to fed the fish below his waist, so that I can capture his face, WITH the fish. Not his face, COVERED by the fish! Hahaha! I saw same types of fish, but once in a while, Parrot fish, Angel Fish, Trigger, Butterfly fish, Tangs, did pass by.
While waiting for our turn to get nearer the coral and Nemo, I captured some videos. The divers were friendly and fun. Both of them were having fun with us, and acted funny whenever I captured them on video. Again, they looked amaze with my video camera! Ye lah, slalunya diorang amik gambar orang, ni orang plak amik gambar diorang. Hehehe!
The diver then brought us to the coral and pointed to two Nemos and its anemone. From there, we were directed to pose for pictures and videos. I did what I say, and I danced! Hahaha! Hubby did move his hips for a while. The diver then asked us to sit on the seabed, for better view of anemone and Nemo. (Why? Coz if we take a bow, sea water will definitely fill up the helmet.)
Hubby dared enough to touch the anemone though it is poisonous. Only Nemo can bare the toxic level. There were two types of Nemo, the normal orange-white Clown fish, and the False Nemo. And there were couple of Chromis and Damsel. (Yes, hubby and I know lots of marine fish coz we used to have two salt-water aquariums.)
Anyway, we didn’t see our favorites, Lion fish, Puffer fish, Box fish, and Dog fish. Sad sad sad. AND NO TURTLES! Pfft! Macam la diving dalam sangat pun. 7 meter jer!!

After half and hour, we went up and took of the helmet. Bebot asked for our condition and we showed a sign language of “OK”. Hehehe. He then brought us back to the beach, and asked us to come back at night, to take the CD.

We continued swimming at White Beach before we walked back to Bulabog Beach, and had the same lunch at the same café. We had a nap before we went to Puka Shell Beach. (YES, AGAIN! HAHAHA!)
We took a tricycle to Puka Shell Beach, along with the newly bought ukulele that I bought the day before. Hubby then got a brilliant idea, when he saw the scene wasn’t feature the beach. Instead, it was more like sand dune! Woohoo! So he quickly asked me to pose like minah arab playing ukulele in morocco style. Haha!
For the third time, we wished for spectacular sunset, and we did pray that we can see it that day, at Puka Beach. While waiting, we tested with some silhouette shots of us. The fun part was when we did jump and handstand shots. The funny part was when hubby DIDN’T know how to dance and march! Can you imagine that? He told me that he was in school band before, and looking at the way he marched (left hand with left feet), I bet he would be the person to blame if the school band loses! HAHAHAHA! (See how he marched in the video.) But I do love the way je jumped! Nice!
Out of sudden, the sun was setting, and it happened really fast! One minute we saw the round huge sun, a minute later it already sunk over the horizon! After 3 days, 3 times of sunset chasing, we finally got our best shots!
“Eh, faster! Faster! The sunset is going off!” Hubby quickly took his camera and shot the sunset.

I SERIOUSLY HAD NO IDEA WHY I WANTED TO SHOOT MY WEDDING RING SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! With super low light, avoiding to use flash, I’ve tried many many times, but I just couldn’t get any nice shots, since I was the one who holding the ring, and I was the one who was shooting the ring!
Initially, I took out two rings. My engagement ring (with 9 smaller diamonds) and my wedding ring (with 1 bigger diamond). I remembered I put back the engagement ring to my finger, and shot only the wedding ring. I kept on trying to get a better and sharper result, but still, none of them satisfied me. So I went to hubby, who was in the middle of capturing the sunset.

“Ayang, tolong laaaaaa…help me to shoot this ringgggg…” I begged him. He didn’t bother.

“Ayangggggggg, pleaseeeeeeeee…I’m asking for your help niiiiiiiiii!” I spoke louder a bit.

“AAARGHHHHHHHHH FU**!” He went to get his bag!

HOI! KO FU** FU** AKU??? HUH??? I STOOD UP AND WALKED TO THE BEACH! AKU MAJUK NI! MAJUK! (Well, not that he never fu**ed me but he never said that 4 letter word to me, before! NEVER!)

Few minutes later, he came and asked me, where’s the ring, so that he can captured it. I yelled at him and said no use anymore!

He then talk slowly and said “I wasn’t cursing at you la…I curse the battery. The battery kaput dy!”

Like I care! I stood up and on God’s will, I LOST MY DIAMOND RING!!


"Let me doa for you." Hubby said. Then we asked me to do few LOVE shots. Amik hati...
I started to remember back where I sat just now. There was a stone. The one and only stone by the beach. In the dark, I started to flick sands around the stone! I didn’t know by doing that I can find my diamond ring, or I’ll will make it worst. But I tried. I didn’t cry coz I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at hubby. I kept on flicking here and there, for about 15 minutes around the stone.
In the dark, on the sand, by the beach, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT! Macam cari jarum dalam selautan pasir, bayangkan!

We hardly saw our surroundings, but we heard few local kids playing at the boat. We went to see them and asked whether they possessed any flashlight. They didn’t. Few minutes later, two local men passed by, with their flashlights and fish gun. We stopped them and they lend us their flashlight.

“What are you looking for?” One of the men asked.

Hubby didn’t want to tell them we were looking for a diamond ring. Confirm diorang tak tido malam cari patu bwk gi pawn shop. Hahaha! “A ring. Silver ring.” He replied.

Since it was too dark (serious tak nampak apa) and afraid that we couldn’t get any tricycle, we finally called the night off. On the way back to the tricycle base, I tripped off few times coz I can’t see anything in front of me.

I really thought that this was just a dream. A bad dream. I still can’t accept the fact that I lost my wedding ring. My not-so-big-fat diamond ring. WAAAAAAA! I WANT MY DIAMOND RINGGGGGGGGG!

“Ayang, what a coincident. I lost my wedding ring at Bali, and you lost yours at Boracay. Both are island, and both lost at the beach.” Hubby tried to comfort me.

“Are you saying that we should get a new wedding ring then?? Habib nak??” I got excited.

“No la…don’t want.” Pfft! Joy killer!

We went back and stopped at D’Mall for dinner. Since tomorrow will be our last day, we decided to spend our Pesos at seafood restaurant, called Kaeseke. I ordered stuffed squids while hubby ordered sweet and sour fish. One word, DELICIOUS! Sumpah sedap!

Later, we went to see Bebot, to collect the helmet diving CD. He made three copies and told us that we looked so entertaining in the video. He said I was having fun down there, and they loved to see the way I danced. Hahaha! Baek punya puji. But we did have fun down there, really. A one lifetime experience!

On the way back, we met few Muslim Mindanao and had a very informative conversation with them. Again, they invited us to eat at their house, near the mosque but we had to reject it. They were friendly and nice and most of them were selling kid toys along the street market.

We walked back to Isla Kite Surfing Guesthouse, and stood on the bed. The glimpse of my wedding ring still playing in my head. I thought of going to Puka Beach tomorrow morning, to look for it. Then suddenly…

WUUUUUUUUU! WUUUUUUUUU! *sound of strong wind*

PELEPAPPPPPP! PAP! PAP! *sound of coconut leave flapping*

KEBABOMMMMMMMMMM! *sound of lightning*


“Ayang…abis la cincin I…” :( Hujan lebat selebat-lebatnya...lebat lagi air mataku...huhuhu!

Video : Experiencing Helmet Diving and Sunset at Puka Shell Beach
Disclaimer : Sorry for the low quality video. Conversion sucks! Wait for the full video of Boracay Island soon!
Note : Ada orang tak reti kawad! Tengok part ending nanti! Bengong sangattttt!

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