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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Mode of Traveling Transports

Well, this is the most fundamental, easiest and fastest way of traveling. We’ve been traveling so much via this flying jumbo, from the low cost airlines like Air Asia, Firefly, Lion Air, to the full service flight like Qatar Airways (but mostly, we chose Air Asia-lah due to the low cost fares). Previously, Air Asia gives free seating and no charges below 15kg luggage. But now, no more free seating and no more free luggage. Addition to this, I kind off starting to like to “pick and purchase” my own seat, too bad. Anyhow, I love in flight food more than I love the seating. I easily amused with anything that being offered on board. I found everything is delicious and tasty. On the other hand, services might also vary. Different airlines have different types of crew. Some with happy face, some with sour + annoying face. Some in slim fit, some in plus size. Haha! But being in big jumbo is comfy and trustworthy, rather than being in a smaller flight. Except for Houston trip, I almost cried when the flight trembled in a terrifying turbulence!
I vote for : Qatar Airways from Houston (USA) to KLIA, coz we got 3-seater seats, (free 1 seat in the middle), entertainment-ready, sleeping kit, and awesome food!


Bus/Mini Bus
When it comes to public transport, it’s all about the numbers. Schedule, time, bus number. Some reliable, some not, depends on the 'name'. We’ve taken regardless city bus, or tour bus, and all have the same typical way of driving skills…and habitual honking. Don’t ask me why, but I believe, they try to give us an efficient service by taking us to the designated place, on time. Nevertheless, it just the matter of how long to get you from point A to point B, in total (including stop over for toilet and lunch). We did encounter a super slow tour bus at Hanoi (Vietnam) where all buses had to overtake our super slow driver. Vice versa, a super experience driver in Beijing (China), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Singapore City bus, did change the reflection, when they drove fast and not too furious to and from the Great Wall, as well as the federal road in Cambodia. Besides the speedy Gonzales and sluggish Sloth, there’s another point to look upon. The service. Some bus do offer drinks, lunch and entrance fee. Not to mention, A/C, DVD and WC (toilet). The more the service they offer, the better for you to enjoy.
I vote for : Tour Mini Bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay (Vietnam), coz the tour guide and the group members were hyper fun (except the slow driver la!)


Owh god! The slowest but yet the most expensive transport on the road! We tried twice, once in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and another one in Saigon (Vietnam). Both gave us different experience. We got it cheaper in Yogyakarta for the whole day tour, while got ripped off in Saigon for only 4 hours tour. But both were exciting, as you can view the scenic places in your own sweet time (but I can’t lie that we do empathized the old man who had to cycle both of us…lucky we were both under 100kgs in total).
I vote for : Becak at Yogyakarta (Indonesia) coz it was crazy cheap for the whole day! AN ADVICE, NEVER RIDE A TRICYCLE IN VIETNAM! N.E.V.E.R!


This is another mode of transfer that we’ve tried during the island tour in Koh Samui (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), Phuket-Phi Phi-Krabi (Thailand), Sabah (Malaysia), and last but not least, the most amazing experience, Halong Bay (Vietnam). Such a wonderful and extraordinary experience that everyone should try. Fast boat, slow boat, you choose. We’ve tried both and I did cry when the fast boat hit the waves, repeatedly. I love beach as much as I love the ocean. Lucky me, who never have sea-sickness. Overnight on the big old boat at Halong Bay was super enjoyable. The food, the group, the scenery, no words can described.
I vote for : Of course, the big old boat at Halong Bay (Vietnam) where we had so much fun with Germans and French.


The most “localize” experience that full with traffic and rempit-skidding. Most of the experience, we got it at Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali (Indonesia) and Siem Reap, Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Fast and cheap, provided you have the idea where you want to go and which way they take you (at least, bring a map to refer to). Even they have window on both sides, still not a good ‘place’ to snap photo on a moving tuk-tuk/bajai. Space is important for a long ride. Try to get a good condition tuk-tuk.
I vote for : Comfy-spongy-seat-tuk-tuk drove by Mr. Saly from Siem Reap (Cambodia), for the great 2 days tour and muslim food!


We do rented and drove on our own in some of our trip, like what we had in Yogyakarta, Bali (Indonesia), Gold Coast (Australia), Houston (USA), Phuket (Thailand), and Medan (Indonesia). All these places gave us many different experiences. The most adventurous was Bali (Indonesia), we drove Avanza, with map on hand, towards hills and mountains, got blocked by one old lady in “kebaya”, scary! (Not to forget, we bribed the police officer!) Unlike Bali, we did charter a GPS, to be used on Houston Highway, for better reference. Rented an Estima at Gold Coast was fun since we went there with another 6 groupies. Same goes to Medan, where we had 7 people inside the Suzuki APV, need to exchange drivers, coz the road was too hard to endure. The good thing about having a car during your trip is you can stop whenever and wherever you want.
I vote for : Estima at Gold Coast (Australia), coz the car super spacey and I was the co-pilot who read map! Hehe!


You need to really know which is officially permitted, and which is not. We’ve done this in Hanoi (Vietnam) and Saigon (Vietnam). Not to forget, Doha (Qatar), Beijing (China) and Singapore. We did get ripped off in Vietnam when we hired one cab that has about the same logo as the permitted one. So be careful and do your study of types of cab of the country that you are going to. Most of the country nowadays are using meter. It’s the matter of which way they bring you to the place you want to go. Again, at least you have the idea where you take the cab and where you about to go. Even worst, when the driver don’t know where you want to go and take you to the wrong place! Not to add, the language barrier, where you need to use sign language for airport, by showing how flight take off. Haha!
I vote for : Singapore cab, coz they are big, spacey, metered, destination is close to each other, and definitely genuine. (Fine, that's not the taxi, I couldn't find one in my album...)

Super fun but butt-pain experience. Extremely easy to go anywhere you want, fast, cheap, and less traffic. We rode once at Krabi (Thailand) as well as in Koh Samui (Thailand). I managed to snap many photos on the bike, and it was hell of fun when both of us don’t have any license, and not properly educate with bike handling. But we did it! Always wear helmet and shade to avoid sand and wind. Of course, safety first. Get gasoline by the road side and do not refuel until full tank! Such an uneconomical and wasteful! Always refuel one bottle at a time. And don’t forget to run from the authorities before you get into trouble!
I vote for : Auto-gear Yamaha Nouvo at Krabi (Thailand), coz it is fast and new! (I wish for Vespa, actually. Cute, but slow.)


The most rapid, reliable, efficient and satisfactory. We’ve tried both in Chinese-land, Beijing (China) and Singapore, and both never failed us. So reliable and always according to the stated schedule. Easy ticket buying, both from the counter and the auto-ticketing-machine. The lines are well diagramed, that you can easily read and plan the next stop and location. (Hope for more seats and less crowd.) Not to mention, the CRH bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin (vice-versa), and ERL that we have in Malaysia. It just that, we don’t have beautiful train-crews and free drinks in it.
I vote for : To the new experience, bullet train in Beijing (China) of course! It reached 333kmph!


Cable Car
Fun and exciting! We've tried them at Langkawi (Malaysia) and Beijing (China), and obviously, Beijing had the best. Open-air (same to ski-cable car), two-seater, jump-on and jump-off! And the most fun part was, you can slide down using Tobogan!
I vote for : Open-air cable car at Beijing (China), coz the car was only for two of us!

Foot (yes, my foot, your foot, everyone's foot)
The "never dies" transport of all time. You want to walk, you walk. I DO NOT want to. I HAD ENOUGH!!! I promise, I WILL DEFINITELY DIE, if I have to repeat what we had in Beijing!!! SO WAIT FOR THE FULL JOURNEY, YOU, KENT AND BARBIE!
I DON'T WANT TO vote for : Walking around Beijing?

So, what mode of traveling transports have you used and vote for?

I'm Back From Beijing!

Ni hao?


Wait for my tiring trip journal ya!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Itinerary For China Trip

Preparing to hit China in few more hours...I leave you guys with these two crazy plans, and let you guys imagine how crazy we will be, once we landed :D

For the first time ever, I reveal our trip itinerary. Enjoys!

Plan A

Day 1 (24 Jul 2010 Sat)
0600 – Depart home
0830 – Depart KL
1435 – Arrive Tianjin
1520/1555 – Ride train to Beijing South from Tianjin Stn
1550/1625 – Arrive Beijing South
1630/1700 – Arrive @ hotel
1900 – Beijing @ night (Bird’s nest / Water Cube) (1.5 hrs)

Day 2 (25 Jul 2010 Sun)
0530 – Breakfast
0630 – Mutianyu by tourist bus (ex. Tiananmen or Xuanwumen)
0800 – Depart Beijing
1030 – Reach Mutianyu
1300 – Depart Mutianyu
1330 – Reach Honglou Temple
1430 – Depart for Beijing
1700 – Reach Beijing
1900 – Beijing @ night (Grand Theatre/Great Hall of People/Forbidden/Tiananmen)

Day 3 (26 Jul 2010 Mon)
0530 – Breakfast
0630 – Temple of Heaven
0930 – Forbidden City
1230 – Tiananmen Square
1400 – Beijing Zoo (2 hrs)
1600 – Hailong Market (Zhongguancun) (2 hrs)
1800 – Drum & Bell Towers (outside only) (1 hr)
1900 – Beijing @ night (Wangfujing/CCTV tower/CWTC/Xidan St)

Day 4 (27 Jul 2010 Tue)
0530 – Breakfast
0600 – Summer Palace
0900 – Beihai Park (1.5 hrs)
1030 – Ming Tombs (2.5 hrs + 3.5 hrs)
1630 – Rest @ hotel
1700 – Shopping @ Xidan St

Day 5 (28 Jul 2010 Wed)
0600 – Breakfast
0700 – Lama Temple (0.5 hrs)
0800 – Niujie St Mosque (1 hr)
0930 – Back @ hotel ready to check out hotel
1130 – Checkout to Beijing South station
1230 – Arrive Tianjin
1400 – To Binhai airport by cab
1550 – Depart Tianjin
2215 – Arrive KL
2345 – Home sweet home!!!

Plan B

[Sunrise @ 0450 & Sunset @ 1945; suggested bedtime @ 2200]

Day 1 (24 Jul 2010 Sat)
0600 – Depart home
0830 – Depart KL
1435 – Arrive Tianjin
1520/1555 – Ride train to Beijing South from Tianjin Station
1550/1625 – Arrive Beijing South
1630/1700 – Arrive @ hotel
1900 – Beijing @ night (Bird’s nest / Water Cube) (1.5 hrs)

Day 2 (25 Jul 2010 Sun)
0530 – Breakfast
0630 – Temple of Heaven (2 hrs)
0930 – Forbidden City (3 hrs)
1300 – Tiananmen Square (Monument of People’s Heroes / Mao Zedong Mausoleum) (2 hrs)
1400 - Hailong Electronics (Zhongguancun)
1700 – Rest @ hotel
1900 – Beijing @ night (Grand Theater/Great Hall of the People/Forbidden City/Tiananmen Sq)(2 hrs)

Day 3 (26 Jul 2010 Mon)
0500 – Breakfast
0600 – To Great Wall (Mutianyu) (2 hrs)
0900 – Arrive Mutianyu (3 hrs)
1200 – Depart Mutianyu (2 hrs)
1430 – Ming Tombs (2.5 hrs)
1700 – Depart for Beijing (1.5 hrs)
1930 – Beijing @ night (Wangfujing Street/CCTV Tower/CWTC/Shopping)

Day 4 (27 Jul 2010 Tue)
0530 – Breakfast
0600 – Summer Palace (3 hrs)
0930 – Beijing Zoo (2 hrs)
1130 – Drum & Bell Towers (outside only) (1 hr)
1230 – Beihai Park (2 hrs)
1430 – Lama Temple (outside only) (0.5 hr)
1500 – Relax @ hotel
1600 – Ox Street Mosque (optional)
1700 – Shop @ Silk Market/ Xidan St (4 hrs)

Day 5 (28 Jul 2010 Wed)
0530 – Breakfast
0830 – Checkout to train station
1000 – Arrive Tianjin
1100 – Tianjin City walk (or other POI) (2 hrs)
1400 – To Binhai airport by cab
1550 – Depart Tianjin
2215 – Arrive KL
2345 – Home sweet home!!

Chai cien! I'M OFF TO BEIJING!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pigtails, Cheeky Hairstyle?

In English-speaking region, regardless braided or not,
they call this hairstyle, PIGTAILS, a.k.a bunches.

(Now I'm confuse...pig only has one small curly tail, rite?)
Zzzzzz...why then?

Transparent Balloon

Remember when we were young back then, we used to play with this one small tube of transparent balloon that we blew using a very tiny straw (and not to forget delicious to lick) that cost us around 10cents? I found it couple of months back at MAHA, Serdang (similar to downtown and uptown night market). Shasha, Skin's niece bought one but the tube was slightly bigger and harder to squeeze. It took us a very long and hard breath to initiate the first blow. Anyhow, this was what we came out!
A mickey-teddy bear!
(Hmm...there were actually nose, eyes, and mouth too...
...but transparently invisible. Haha!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Miss Ao Dai

An (áo dài) is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons,
a Vietnamese national outfit for women.

Got waist, small butt.

And I'm wearing one today :)

(No waist, big butt! Dang!)

*My picture : Credits to Mel.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nur Aqilah, The Hungry-Germ-Free Baby!

Meet my new sweetie pie, Nur Aqilah.

(Please ignore my sleepy face)
When she grows up, she’ll become a very hygienic person who loves to eat.







Coz she’ll only cry when she poops and hungry. Haha!

House Cat Does Watch Football

10 minutes after the match started.
First class seat (on the coffee table) right in front of the LCD,
proud wearing ITALIA choker.

50 minutes after the game played. Third class seat (on the bamboo mat).
Forcing himself to keep awake.
Almost 99% dozed out...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

10 minutes before the game ended,
sit back on the first class seat coffee table,
but seems nervous and not looking at the screen.
Well, ITALIA tried so hard to win the game.

Right after ITALIA lost (playing dead, avoid to get boo-ed by us).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday Is A Meat-Day

Breakfast :
We had our regular dish from hawker nearby, nasi lemak sotong.

Lunch : We had hubby’s matchless dish in our own kitchen, sauté beef with Kampot pepper.

Dinner : We had chicken chop and beef steak at Chop & Steak, Kampung Baru.

There goes my diet for a week! Dang!

Routinely, we hardly ever skip breakfast during the weekends. We indisputably will have non other than nasi lemak sotong, regardless we alone, or during family visit. I don’t know why but both family loves Paul’s family (…ok please…not “Paul” ya).

Likewise, we rarely skip lunch, regardless we ourselves cook Malay dishes in our own little kitchen, or get some food that deliciously full of MSG at our favorite restaurant, Chara Kampung.

A moment or two (unless I’m not on diet), we will skip dinner. With surplus lunch, we reheat and eat, otherwise, we go out and have dinner, anywhere and anything that we crave for.

Speaking of dinner, on the way to visit Nur Aqilah, Na and Chawan's newborn daughter, we stopped at Chop & Steak restaurant at Kampung Baru. I was quite surprise when hubby said that the restaurant has a life-size boat-shape counter. Yes, indeed, the cashier is sitting INSIDE the boat, before the steering. And this two-tier boat that I-thought-made-of-wood-but-later-after-I-knocked-on-it-then-I-know-it-is-a-concrete-made, is surrounded by water. All waiters were wearing Crew printed dark blue t-shirts, and they served customers in Phua Chu Kang rubber boots. Foods are varieties and prices are economical. But the taste? Hmm…am not coming back kot. Spacious, a suitable meeting place for family and friends, but poor parking space and too-dim-lighting.

Blogging, EVERYDAY?

Here is my article that was published in RedMummy :)

I don't know why and how people blog, EVERYDAY.

I believe, everyone knows and everyone aware that everyone has something to tell, EVERYDAY, regardless how unchanged yesterday to today to tomorrow is.

But blogging even the simplest and straightforward matter, EVERYDAY? Wow! For me, that is awesome!

I ask myself whether I have the courage and time to do that, for that’s the way how popular bloggers did and still doing it. Besides, it doesn’t fail them anyways. To the hell with disfigured and annoyed readers, by doing that, they don’t suffer any losses, furthermore, hit high traffic on their website, and get paid by NuffNang and other advertisers. Not bad at all!

For this reason, I think I have to start to make friend with Auto-Publish. I need to trigger the nerve, to be daring and blog about anything that I have in my mind, anything that happen to me, anything that I know and want people to know, regardless what subject it will be label to, set it to auto-publish, and voila, it delivers to people’s screen the next minute, the next hour, the next day.

Nonetheless, hmm...I do contemplate on the quality of the content itself. Is it better to have quality content with infrequent post, compares to common/normal/usual/day to day content with frequent post?

I’ve seen both approaches, and both work. Both have they own followers and triumph. Quality, non-quality, frequent, infrequent, EVERYDAY, ocassionally, it goes back to what and why you want to blog for. Someone might say, “Ah...It’s my personal blog, my very own virtual diary, so why not I blog about what I wanted to blog and who cares who likes it or not. Easy, if you don’t like, don’t read it-lah.” Then someone find it dissimilar and might say “Hey, it is published over the Internet, all over the world, it is not private anymore, so readers have so-called right to blogwalking/review/moderate/judge/comment what you can and cannot do. So please make somebody's day-lah.”

See, it is subjective. Both way of thinking are acceptable. Very well spoken.

So what should I do? The technology is there to be utilized. The brain is out there to evaluate.

“Tepuk dada, tanya selera.” As for me, I’ll stick to the one that benefited me. Blog whenever I feel to, whenever I need to, regardless quality or not, regardless frequent or not, regardless occasionally or EVERYDAY, I take both chance and risk. Well, no one is perfect and no one can satisfy everyone, right? Plus, who rates someone's thought, isn't it?

Hence, I rest my case and hail THE RedMummy for blogging, EVERYDAY!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Am The Guest Writer In RedMummy!



REDMUMMY.COM (amongst top money-making bloggers in Malaysia)

Click on the image or here to read the full article!

Below are the excerpts.
[I’ve seen both approaches, and both work. Both have they own followers and triumph. Quality, non-quality, frequent, infrequent, EVERYDAY, ocassionally, it goes back to what and why you want to blog for. Someone might say, “Ah...It’s my personal blog, my very own virtual diary, so why not I blog about what I wanted to blog and who cares who likes it or not. Easy, if you don’t like, don’t read it-lah.” Then someone find it dissimilar and might say “Hey, it is published over the Internet, all over the world, it is not private anymore, so readers have so-called right to blogwalking/review/moderate/judge/comment what you can and cannot do. So please make somebody's day-lah."]

WOOHO! I'm honored :)
(Owh god, I am 2 years behind her...I shall not stop blogging, aite?)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

I thought Bali is the only chicken-shape map the world has…guess what, China also has almost the same shape!

China resemblance a colorful "ayam katik serama"
(Serama rooster is a bantam breed of chicken originating in Malaysia)
While Bali resemblance an “ayam berak kapur”
(It's a Malay proverb for someone with pale and restless face)
Only that Bali has it better. With FEET (a.k.a Adidas), pointed BUTT andddddddddddddddd DROP OF POOPS! :D Hahahaha! Cute!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dino Fish Head Curry you know what kind of fish is this?

I ate it.
That mamak said it's a bawal (silver pomfret).
Looking at the “nuchal hump”, it is more similar to flower horn.

Scary huh?
(Please don't tell me that I ate a DINOFISH!)

Visa For China

"Owh god, we haven't applied for visa (China)? The trip is in 15days!”

“How do we apply? Do we have to go there or get someone to do it for us?”

Don’t panic! You can get an agent from any Travel Company to apply it for you. The reason being? Simple. As for us, we have no time to do so.

I’ll tell you why.

There are two ways of acquiring Chinese visa, either you, yourself, walk in and apply for it, or get an agent from Travel Company to apply on behalf of you. (Well, if you have someone close to you who has plenty of time to skip work on one busy day, just close one eye and kiss his/her hand ya.) Plus, IT IS NOT EASY to apply on your own. Trust me, you know not Mandarin and there are many counters that only God knows what are they for, and you would never know which is which! That doesn't include different floors and buildings. So why bother? Just get someone to do it for you la kan :)

This Visa-L (issued for alien who travel to China for tourism purpose, so that makes me an alien) can be acquired as fast as one working day, and as slow as four working days. It’s your call. Because acquiring a Chinese Visa is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Don’t believe it?

Well, there are two main categories of fee, Visa fee and Application Service fee.

Visa fee (collected for China Embassy)
Single Entry = RM30
Double Entry = RM50
Multiple Entries (within 6 months) = RM80
Multiple Entries (within 1-2 years) = RM120
Extra Visa fee for Third working-day collection = RM100
Extra Visa fee for the same day collection (pick up at3.30PM-4.00PM) = RM140

Application Service Fee (collected for I don't know what Center)
Regular Service for Fourth working-day collection = RM28
Express Service for Third working-day collection = RM100
Rush Service for the same day collection (pick up at 3.30PM-4.00PM) = RM140
*Need to be submitted before 10.30AM and collected at 3.30PM)

"WOW! So money oriented! So Chinese hor? Can you see the difference between regular and rush?"

And how it is calculated? Choose each one of the categories, and add it up.

As for us, since we are going for a Single Entry and Regular Service, we paid RM30+RM28=RM58. On top of that, since we use an agent to do it for us, additional RM12 for a “rempit” runner. In total, we spent RM70 for a legal paper to China. Not bad huh?

Do remember, BEFORE you apply for this Visa, make sure you have prepared the below three things :
1) A valid Malaysian passport (at least 6 months before application date) and of course, sufficient empty page-lah coz they going to glue that legal paper onto it.

2) A complete-accurate-genuine Visa application form with one passport size of yours truly photo, hehe! Owh, don’t worry, you can download it from here.

3) Money. Pay in cash during collection (if you go on your own-lah…if you use agent, you have to pay upfront la ye).

Kow tim! The next thing you see, a China Visa with Great Wall background glued on one of the pages in your passport! Woo hoo!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Blog Is Featured In MomBloggersPlanet!




Remember this post? The one that I've been dying for?

I GOT FEATURED!!! And this icon says it all!!!

Click on the cute badge, to read what she has to say about me :)
"What’s Interesting About
I love how Biqque write in details about each and every place that she went. If you read it, it’s like you have been there yourself. This is virtual traveling that I talked about – read a good travel blog and experience the travel as if you’ve been there.
Related pictures compliment each story and the way how she relates the places with her feeling make you want to read more and more."

Million thanks to MomBloggersPlanet for this opportunity :)
Hope, "travelism" that I'm trying to spread, contaminates the readers.

Appreciate it so much! I'm AGAIN, honored :)


(Now, I shall claim my badge! :D HEHEHEHE!)

Beijing Trip Cookbook

Here comes the Trip Cookbook againnnnnn!

Honestly speaking, Cambodia “Buku Hikmat” has infected the mode of deriving Beijing’s. Once more, I have made 2 designs for Beijing Tour Cookbook. Cartoon and Fact of Wonders.

Anyhow, since I have derived too many book covers that full of “Picture PerFACT”, this time around I chose Cute Cartoon-Opera Classic. Here is the outcome!

Front Cover
Back Cover

Hmm...don't know whether we can survive or not...we don't know Mandarin, and they don't know English...and knowing our style, we never hire a wish us "hua yin!"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Acar Buah Hajjah Rubiah Lubis Pre-Order!

My Cute Sista is now unleash her extraordinary mouth-watering Acar Buah Hajjah Rubiah Lubis at RM8 per pack (approx. weight: 320g).
You may have your own choice of Acar:
1) Acar Buah
2) Acar Buah + Limau
3) Acar Limau (a bit pricey but worth buying)

Besides having this vintage dish, she also specializes in:
1) Paceri Nenas (not that curry style ya, that clear one…)
2) Kimchi (Korean vintage dish that serves cabbage in chillies...towards healthy living nih)
3) Mee Kari (delicious with capital D!)


“Bila masak, janganlah terlebih santan. Yang renyah-renyah, biarlah saya lakukan.”
- Dibitz Ghostnote

Note: Pictures may varies. Credits to Google Images.

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