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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Day I Play Best Auntie In The World

I consider both of them are the closest niece and nephew (8 in total) since I used to carry them when they were babies (ohmigod, they were both heavy babies!)

Nur Khalida Athirah, small and petite, active and brilliant (ehem, just like her auntie), a secondary student in one of the most integrated RK school (meant for elected students only...juuuusssssttttt like her auntie, clap-clap, thank you!) She plays guitar and wanna be like Yuna (ok, I'm not jealous...really...humph...well, fine, go ahead, i can sing too!) And believe it or not, we were born on the same date :) 14th Sept!

Adieb Khuzairie, handsome and tall (like his drama-actor-face-daddy), weird but yet a good gamer, shy but loveeeeees to volunteer himself to be the lead "nasyid" singer and assembly announcer. Haha! And he just standard 5! I like the way he explore things and he is a total damage when it comes to remembering months! July is 1, August is 10, like...huh??? And the only month the he remembers is November, coz he was born on that month!

So, I was called to entertain them while their mommy went to watch their daddy to receive a scroll from OUM. I chose to bring them for a Kungfu Panda 3D movie coz I really want them to experience the 3D effect that they couldn't get at my hometown. I paid for RM66 for 2 adults and 2 kids (hmmm...hubby didn't pay back to me's collecting timeeeee!)
We acted cool at first, but we started to shift our bodies here and there, and we shouted once in a while, when the 3D effect affected us. Hahaha! And I tell you, whoever sits next to Adieb should ask for refund coz Adieb was sooooooooooooo "bising!"

After movie, we went to Pet's Wonderland and have a quick view on the animals. Later, I asked them what they want to have for lunch and both asked for either Teppanyaki or Sushi King. Wahhhhhh...really ar? You guys know how to eat or not...

Adieb, who is soooooooo keen to be close to hubby (coz hubby likes to "layan" him), really know how to eat salmon! He even eat prawn. But guess what? He was out of tears when he accidentally ate too much of wasabi. Hahaha! So we forced him to try egg mayo at one go (coz I always do that) and he tried his best to cover his face from me when he almost puke everything out! Kahkahkah!

As I always break that twin chopstick as a ritual before eating sushi, I asked Athirah to do the same. And both of us didn't break it nicely. Hahaha!

Not much, but these were the total damage of the day. And yet, we were still hungry! (Sah-sah perut melayu!)

So we went home and "layan" Adieb's specialty, PS2. I tell you, he can play the whole day without eating, sleeping, or even going out from the house. (One of the way for keeping your son at home...but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee screen those games first, ya!)

I hardly play PS2, and I don't understand how Athirah can play PS2 very well, so to "feel" it, I asked Adieb to recline the seat and play some crash and burn! Hahaha!

When they aren't around, my house is noiseless...and I miss them so much! (Hmm...need to plan for this year's Family Trip!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IBM, Happy Birthday!

IBM turns 100th on 16th July 2011 while IBM Malaysia turns 50th on 21st July 2011.

This coming July, my employment with IBM Malaysia turns 7 years. I wonder whether I can prolong this service just like others...10 years, 20 years, or 30 years...I hope so...maybe...we'll see...

From my point of view, IBM is quite a very good employer, where the salary and benefit allow you to live above the average. What we (IBMers) like the most is a system calls MyChoice, an allocation for all employees to reimburse personal things like spectacles, study fee, dental, and a lot more...BUT, there is one super irresistible claim that shackles all IBMers' feet where we can claim for our leisure! Yup! Hotel or accommodation or both (flight+hotel in a package!) How much you can claim? It's all depends on your status. Being married and have more kids would be better than being single or married with no kids. (Provided your spouse is covering your kids lah.) And the lesser coverage you choose, the more surplus you get to spend.

Ohkay! Back to IBM 100th and 50th birthdays, there were cake cutting session at HQ, but as a support team located off-site, I am chained on this chair and have to forget the yummy cake. Anyhow, we (employee) received..........................................a book.................and a badge. (Err...HR, how bout throwing a company dinner with theme?)

Ok, back to reality...hi, stress and pressure!

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Zealand Road Trip

This will be Chawana's 10 full days route.
(Yeah, I know...I hate them for having so many off days...pfft!)
Angel use blue, Devil use red.
This will be our 7 full days route, isn't it great?!

Day 1
Christchurch - Rakaia - Ashburton - Winchester - Timaru - Pukeuri - Oamaru - Palmerston - Waikuoaiti - Dunedin

Day 2
Dunedin - Mosgiel - Milton - Balclutha - Clinton - Gore - Riverside - Lumsden - Lake Manapori - Te Anau

Day 3
Te Anau - Lake Te Anau - Milford Sound

Day 4
Milford Sound - Lake Te Anau - Te Anau - Kingston - Lake Wakatipu - Queenstown

Day 5
Queenstown - Wanaka - Lake Wanaka - Omarama - Twizel

Day 6
Twizel - Lake Pukaki - Lake Tekapo - Fairlie - Geraldine - Ashburton - Rakaia - Christchurch

Day 7


...we gonna meet Chawana either at Dunedin or Te Anau, on God's will.
Whatever it is, let's catch more sheep!

Oh ya, anything "crayzeh" that you guys want me to do there?
Drop me your 20cents!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

"Wei? Lei pin ko? Luit ada, luit?"
- He talks Chinese when he calls me, and he talks about money.

"Abah teringinnnnn nak pi China. Ina bagitau awai, abah simpan duit." - He likes to travel, and indirectly he wants me to pay for his trip.

"Abah lupa la...duit abah dah masuk ka?" - He gets his monthly paycheck from me, and though he says he forgets, he actually never forgotten when it comes to money, really!

Pak Ein is sooooooooooooo materialistic!

But I love him so much :)
Thanks for "making" up with late mom and stop producing after you've got me.

You are all that I have now, and without any doubt,
I'll give you anything that you want, dad!
No, not that car.

Happy Father's Day, Pak Ein!
Such a "crayzeh" dad...hip hop la sangat!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outdoor Gear For New Zealand

I don't have any experience in outdoor gears (see, I don't even know what category they fall into) but I bet, IF I start to go down deeply in this field, I am 110% sure that I'll fall in love with them.

Last Saturday was the first Saturday ever that hubby and I, went out from Puncak Jalil, since we moved into the new house (yeah, we spent most of our weekends in THIS area *staring at hubby*). We went to night bazaar (a.k.a downtown/uptown/Danau Kota) located opposite The Mines and we found that this place is more organized, less people, but not having so many rare items.

Anyway, we bumped into one big tent, fully equipped with air-condition and big fan inside. It's an outdoor garage that sells outdoor gear/equipment/gadget/whateveryoucallit. Since we decided to go for "hippie" style for the next coming road trip, we plan to get for both of us, sleeping bags, or maybe a tent.
"Yes, anything?" a guy came to approach us.

"Is there any different between these sleeping bags?" we asked.
"It depends on how many degrees you want, the thickness, and the brand. We have below 20degrees, below 40degrees, Coleman, or no brand." we nodded.
"...the cheapest one?" said the cheapskate bugger.

"That would be brand..." he led us to the display rail.
"Quite ok la, not so nipis..." again said the cheapskate bugger.

"Where to? Hiking?" asked the salesperson.

" la...just want to sleep in a car..." I saw a clueless face then.

I then switched to a row of air pillows where I found it quite amazing especially when it inflates by itself.

15 minutes of browsing.

"This bag has one year warranty. Suitable for ladies." he showed me the Deuter Fox 40, WHICH I ALREADY HAVE ONE. But mine is life-time was that?

"Where you wanna go, actually?" he still tried his luck to get a clear answer from me coz I don't look like someone who know about this THING.

"...road trip..." I saw him, clueless, still...I guess he might thought that I'm in the wrong place.

We left the shop and said, "We look at Giant first, see whether cheaper than this or not..."
"...wanna get tent as well or not?" Ya, maybe we were in the right place, with the wrong price tag. Hehe!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cat Likes Tennis

Unbelievable? Believe it. My cat, Kiki, LOVES tennis VERY much. He used to sit so close, right in front of the TV like
this picture, in our old house.

Since we moved to the new house, there was nothing much for him to view, compared to the old house. No sliding doors to see cars passing by. No stray cats to befriend with. So he still did the same (watching TV). But this time, he will sit right on the coffee table, before us.

I admit that it was a bit scary to see the ball going back and forth during the game, not knowing who gets the point, who going to do unforced errors, but it was EVEN scarier to see Kiki aiming for the ball! (He once, jumped off the table and slap the screen...*fainted*...Luckily I regularly cut his claws!)

This was during French Open 2011, semi final between Li Na and Sharapova. Li Na through to the final, met Schiavone and won the Grand Slam.

He really didn't take his eyes off the screen.

We thought he just "layan" PRO tennis, but we were wrong. Few days ago, SUKMA 2011 was aired and it happened that our Malaysian juniors between KL and Negeri Sembilan players were playing.

He quickly took his spot and watched it!

But he got disappointed, for there was not much rally in the game. So...not much ball going back and forth to aim for. Asik-asik, keluar. Pukul, keluar. Amik, keluar. Hahaha!

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Zealand Trip Cookbook

Yeay! In just one hour, I've successfully designed the NZ Tour Cookbook! Finally!

Like other previous trip cookbooks, I have to choose three major regions of the country that I am going to visit, and this time, Chawana has helped me to verify the three of them. They are Christchurch, Dunedin, and Queenstown.

At first, I was possessed with black and white theme but thinking of wasting all colors in laserjet printer, I add a bit of "yellorange" (in between yellow and orange) onto it.

I have no issue with the front cover by putting the NZ map as the main attraction.
Then I started to play around with three main elements of this youngest country in the world's trademark, that are Kiwi, Maori and All Black.

Front Cover

BUT I am facing with one major issue where I am now, contemplating to choose, either plain black or again, the "yellorange" theme, for the back cover! I am cracking my head so bad and I don't want to share this craziness alone. Hehe!

Back Cover

(Took out the other one)

So, what do you guys think? Which one should I choose?

P/S : Hubby didn't know what Shaun The Sheep is and I know it has nothing to do with NZ (it's British-made), but it is too cute to let go, kan??? Ok sheep in NZ maaa...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Next Trip - New Zealand?


...inhale...exhale...and i've sworn to blame Chawana for a year, on their EU trip!


...ok...i'm cool...

Last minute preparation (normally) shall turn out to be fantastic!


...i need kiwi...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gift For May Lucky Follower

Am so excited that this time, I able to give 4 gifts instead of 1. These will be the mystery gifts for May Lucky Follower :)

Ako and Tiefazatie, will receive a 1/2 meter HP Portable Ethernet LAN Cable (large size) while they (selected by lucky followers), Nana and Mama Zharfan, will receive a 1/2 meter HP Portable Ethernet LAN Cable (small size).
(To be posted)

So once you guys receive it, detach your current LAN cable and throw it away (ok, too cocky, hahaha...fine, roll it and keep it safely), replace it with this new cute cable, and keep blogging, alright?

This time, it's IT gadget. Credit to
Globetrotter for sponsorship.


Monday, June 6, 2011


It's Ben Ashaari's segment time!

(Let's "I loike-U loike" exchange blog link gituuuuu)

All bloggers/readers out there, particularly who loves to know bout travel tales,
who likes to enter contest, let's share links to conquer the blogging world!

Thanks to Ben for initiating this! And YOU can join too!
(Click the above link to know more)

then scroll down to the end of this page till you'll see this:
where I'm gonna add your blog URL later :) Okies?

Result : Biqque's May Lucky Follower

It's time for Monthly Lucky Follower RESULT!

Here are the followers:
3.nadya anwar
4.fadzillah kamarudin
7.cute mum
8.nadya o'conner
9.cempaka kuning
10.shera haifa
15.contest | annis
16.mama zharfan
19.aya ariel
23.noor fatin

So, who is THE lucky one?

It's No. 24!
(It's been two months, no.24 got lucky :D)

OPPPSSSSS!!! Not one, but TWO!!!
I am soooooooooo happy that Rafa won French Open last nite! So I chose another lucky follower :D

And It's No. 1!
(Haha! I can't believe Ako really got lucky this time! Berkat kesabaranmu :D)

See, who knows?! One gift became two, two gifts became four!!!
Isn't this fun???

WOHOO! Each one of you can choose another participant in the above list, to get another gift!
(Whoever is chosen by Tiefazatie and Ako, you should be lucky!)

Ako chose 6.Nana. Congrats!
Tiefazatie chose 16.Mama zharfan. Congrats!
(Wah, diorang ni MEMANG bertuah tau! No. pun skit lebih kurang! Hehe!)

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