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Monday, October 28, 2013

Jaket Travel Ala Budak Kolej

Dah lama rasanya tak travel ke oversea…takpe, ada hikmahnya ni (cuba tenangkan diri sendiri hahaha!) Lagipun kitorang baru je lepas selesai Home Makeover Palmiera Cacatoos Part 1. Memang agak rabak la poket kan kalo cite pasal hias rumah. Ok la, tukar topik nak berangan skit.

Seronoknya travel oversea ni sebab aku jenis yang suka sangat beli baju baru semata-mata untuk nampak cantik dalam gambar. Setiap trip aku semuanya takkan ulang baju yang sama sebab nanti bila nak letak gambar kat dalam blog atau “Wall of Frame” kat tangga rumah (ye, aku tak panggil Wall of Fame sebab memang situ tempat gantung frame pun), nampak bertukar-tukar la skit bajunya kan. Hehehe.

Perangai ni aku serapkan jugak kat hubby aku walaupun dia ni tak suka spend untuk benda yang dia rasa tak perlu. Tapi haritu untuk pegi ke Sydney, aku tension la sebab dia still nak jugak pakai jaket hitam yang slalu sangat dia pakai tu. Menyampah ok! Pegi Korea jaket tu, pegi India jaket tu, pegi mana tah lagi still jaket tu jugak.


So, seminggu sebelum kitorang pegi Sydney, aku try la google gambar jaket yang sesuai untuk hubby. Walaupun musim Spring, angin kat Sydney ni kalo meniup kencang, mau sejuk jugak satu badan! Jaket yang dicari-cari untuk hubby kali ni kalo bleh aku nak yang ada warna terang skit la supaya nampak lebih ceria.

Aku google senang jer, college football jacket. Hahaha! Skali keluar la gambar-gambar jaket kolej ala-ala omputeh tu kan. Memang aku berkenan sangat! Tapi aku tak sure la plak brapa harga jaket camtu. Banyak la website aku masuk. Belek punya belek gambar ada la satu tu warna kuning nama Varsity Jacket jual kat Zalora Malaysia dengan harga RM89. Lor…ada jual kat sini rupanya!

Masalahnyer tak sempat la pulak nak tunggu delivery! Patutnya awal-awal lagi aku dah order online jer…pfft! Sebab dah tak cukup masa nak mencari, kitorang pun pegi la ke shopping complex yang dekat dengan rumah untuk cari jaket yang lebih kurang macam jaket tadi. Berdesup ha hubby drive sebab sonok sangat nak shopping katanya. Ye lah, aku plak janji nak bayo…cis!

Yang best nyer, tak sangka la plak bleh jumpa yang skit lebih kurang macam jaket yang aku nak tu! Cuma kalernyer terbalik! Instead of baju tu kuning, yang ni tangan nyer kuning. Hahaha! Tapi agak unik sebab ada huruf “S” kat baju tu, sesuai la dengan nama hubby. Suka sangat! Hubby pun apa lagi, try la, ada size dan murah plak tu. Untungla ada orang belanja…

Masa kat Sydney, bila tengok hubby pakai baju tu keluar dari Malaysian Hall, terasa macam alahai muka budak Universiti plak hubby aku ni. Nampak muda jer dengan jaket kaler kuning dan kasut hi-cut Adidas dia tu. Bila tengok balik gambar-gambar kat sana, memang menarik la jaket tu sebab kaler kuning tu naik sangat! Tak sia-sia beli ha!


Haih bila nak shopping lagi ni?? Negara mana plak yang aku nak terjah ni? Of course la yang sejukkkkkkk gitewwww…hmmm…

Monday, October 21, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : LED TV

This item shall end the Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover Part 1. Hehehe...well, that's all for now...but I do really hope that we can continue Part 2 in the near future, particularly for dining hall area, master bedroom, and a lil bit of outdoor touch.

Okay! As some of us know that my house was broke-in last two years, which left us one fat 29" non-reputable CRT TV, hubby and I decided to get a new TV for our living hall. No, ah-ah, not the main living hall, but first floor living hall that we call common area. THAT leads to a question, "No TV for guest?" and the answer is "Yes. For now..." 

So we went to few small and big electronic shops which we finally ended up with one shop at our house area. They offered the cheapest price for a Japanese brand in 40". We juggled between slim Sharp and non-slim Toshiba for almost 2 hours which each of them provides similar features with one HUGE difference.

Isn't that amazing? Most of TVs in the market only support 3-4 common formats that might force you to get a media converter, but Toshiba offers more format ie:AVI, PS, TS/TP, VOB, MOV, MP4, ASF/WMV, DivX, Xvid, MKV, RMVB, FLV, 3GPP, M-JPEG, but IN CHEAPER PRICE!

But the drawback is it isn't that slim as Sharp or Samsung...and the speaker is visible as it is located at the bottom front of the screen. Honestly, I didn't fancy the design but knowing hubby, features are MORE important than looks. Come to think of it, I couldn't disagree much with his point.


So a 40" Toshiba LED TV it is. Same with our fridge and washer. This LED TV comes with 2 years warranty + 1 year Insurance coverage (lightning and such). The shop sent a unit to our house and installed it. 

We then tested the TV and found that the "refresh rate" was too obvious that can't be ignored! Hubby told me that our eyes could be unfamiliar with LED screen, since we've been watching a CRT screen for few years. Pfft! Is it?

Since I am still using the old Astro decoder, we couldn't test any HD channel yet, though this LED TV is a full HD TV. Aih...migrating to Beyond will cost me more than what I am paying right now! Plus, hubby is eagerly wants the Astro Superpack with IPTV. Hmm...

So the moment of truth has come...hubby took out his pendrive and attached it to the USB port and started to browse for the latest and clearest movie format in Torrent world, THE MKV. Haha! And it works! It's readable! *clap clap clap*


Kiki then came and explored the TV. He looked up, figured out, how can he climb on it, like he used to do on the fat CRT TV. "No you can't Kiki! Ne ne ne nehhhhh ne!"

So what's next? 

Sudah! SUDAH! Poket dah koyak! Balik semua...balik!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : Curtain

Curtain was the biggest decision that we made in this home makeover, for it took the biggest amount out from our pocket! Initially, we thought of get it tailored somewhere around our house area but the shop was closed. So the second thought that we had in mind was, none other than Nilai 3.

On the same day we purchased the carpet, we went for curtain hunting as well. We didn't spend much time at other shops, since we already had a quick discussion with good quot at MK Curtain Group. We finally decided to seal the deal with this company, since they have free installation service, even though our house is located in KL.

Choosing the material was the most tense job that we had to go through, for it MUST fall within our budget. Again, the design was chosen by none other than Mr. Hubby, while I acted as the financial approver. Hubby just being his mama, chose a good quality and exclusive look, but I, however, HAVE to slash most of his choices down. Pfft! He wanted a "bird-nest" sheer material that cost about RM79 per meter! And we needed like, what, hundred of meters? Gila la kan!

He had no choice but to choose another fabric with RM40 per meter for the living hall, and RM27 + RM12 per meter for day and night curtain for all rooms and common area. Ha rasain lorh! Hahaha! 

I negotiated the total price and requested for free curtain retainers with extra 4" plain fabric for curtain headers. The main hall and dining hall will be using the old Ikea railings, since we are using the same eyelet design for the new curtains. We chose a lighter color this time, a combination of white background with blue foreground, sprinkle with lil tiny grey and blue leaf patterns.

Meanwhile, we chose a sheer day and night curtain for rooms and common area, a combination of light and dark grey (for rooms), light and dark clementine (for common area), with an imitation of "bird-nest" design that hubby desired for. Hehe. Jadila.

Final "inspector" then came out (who else, Kiki), and thank god, up to today, he didn't have any intention to scratch the curtain. Fiuh!

So what's next? More makeover coming. Stay tune!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : Sofa

Okay. Sofa hunting was the most controversial moment, for hubby and I had a quite different style in mind. I would prefer to have a lounge set that covers the whole living hall, while hubby prefers smaller set of sofa that won't "allow" sitters to "sleep" on the couch. Get it? *pointing to myself*

Anyway, lounge set can never go lower than RM5k even if it uses fabric. What more you can expect if it uses leather! So getting a super exclusive and expensive leather sofa set that cost us a BOMB, was not a practical option for this round of home makeover, and I would never think twice to spank Kiki if he ever scratches it!

Over two weekends, we went to few furniture shops near our house and finally settled with Kelana Furniture Mall at Kinrara (used to be located at Kelana Jaya). Both of us agreed to get a high-arm-rest-type of sofa in 80s look. The displayed sofa was originally a 3-seater and hubby quickly asked the salesperson whether it can be customized. Hell yeah, they can, just prepare the money yawwww...hahaha!

So we customized a 2+2+1+bench (add 2 inches high and hard-type cushion) covered with rough wool fabric in dark grey and cream color. Plus point is EACH AND EVERY pieces of it is washable (zipper is attached on sofa frames, pillows, and cushions). It took 2 weeks for them to deliver to our home and thank god that it came with perfection.

One seater

Two seater


The whole set

We released Kiki from the cage and first thing that he did was stretching and SCRATCHING THE SOFA! ARGHHHHHH! *nangis* Hubby then said straight to my face "Now you have to trim his nails EVERY WEEK!" Pfft!

So what's next? More makeover coming. Stay tune!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : Carpet

Carpet. Wow! We have not own or use any carpet since we moved to our new house. The reason why I didn't bother to own one because I was super lazy to vacuum it! *cat owner dilemma*

BUT, for this home makeover, hubby strike an idea of having not one, but three pieces of carpet! Each will be placed at main hall, foyer, and common area. When I said "WILL BE", I meant the carpet will only be laid as and when guest is coming. Yup, I kid you not! The house owner themselves will not enjoy the smoothness of these Turkish carpets! Pfft!

So, in order to give options to our selection, we went to the famous Nilai 3, the one stop destination for wholesale products, from curtain, carpet, furniture, wedding thingy and what not! The first outlet that we went for carpet hunting was Baryali, followed by few other shops, but none of them pleased us.

We then went to the largest carpet supplier, Carpet Corporation, (the wording looks like AirAsia hahaha), where we had fun running here and there with piles of carpet around us. But still, none that we desired for. Well, we had no issue with the materials and origins, but the DESIGN and the COLOR...hmmm...

With empty handed, we went back to one of the Baryali's outlet (I must say that they have LOTS of outlets, almost on every rows in Nilai 3), where we finally grabbed three pieces of 3D Turkish carpet. It has 3D effect that project different color at different angle. To match them with current flooring and newly installed wallpaper, we bought two in whitish grey (in size 5'X7' with the cost of RM200 per piece) while the other one in brownish cream (in 3'x5' with the cost of RM80 per piece). Pretty cheap for a Turk product, huh? *clap clap clap*

So what's next? More makeover coming. Stay tune!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : Side Table

In decorating the main hall, hubby was keen to get a new side table, to replace the existing coffee table that might not blend in with our new sofa. And so I suggested to him that we should go to Ikea and check for said item. One minute he was pushing me on the wheelchair, and another minute I was left in the middle of the aisle. Pfft! Well, he was too amaze with this one treasure box rather than looking after his unwell wife! Haha!

He quickly lifted down this solid squarish treasure box (I must say it looks like a laundry box) and started to explain in details, in order to luring me to agree with his choice. 

"RM150 for a side table and you want two units?" I almost had my eyeballs out.

"Yes...and we can put in lamp into it! But first we need to shellack it lah." 

"Excuse me...not "we" should be "you"...okay?" I highlighted the phrase.

We then went to the lamp section and managed to get two super cheap table lamp for the side tables. We also purchased two units of high chair for kitchen island, and two units of Ribba frames for our "Wall of Frame". But I was really frustrated when Hyllis aluminum rack was out of stock!

We got almost all items on the things-to-buy list and went back home, where hubby started to assemble one of the side table, and demonstrated it to me. I found it quite cute and classic, especially when the light was on.

Few days after, hubby started his painting job and kudos to him (though he completed them in two weekends), for the painting job was done perfectly! (Boleh la...hahaha!) It took both of us to assemble this item, and it used allen key (not included in the box).

He placed it in between of the wing chairs, as well as next to the new 5' bench, which I will blog about it later.

So what's next? More makeover coming. Stay tune!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  

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