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Friday, March 15, 2013

Raffles Place, The Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and Kacang Pool, Selera Senibong Seafood, Johor

Right after breakfast on the roof, we packed our bags and checked out from Lofi Inn Hostel. From this hotel, we continued walking to the next location, The Merlion Park. We took MRT from Little India and stopped at Raffles Place. From there, we asked few locals, how to go to Fullerton Hotel.

Enjoying the Singapore River along the way to the Fullerton Hotel was quite breathtaking. The finance and commercial buildings are separated on the South Bank, while the North Bank was reserved for the government use. The layouts somehow combined the urban and traditional scene, where we can see old-fashioned boat, cruising by the river, in between on those modern skyscrapers.
We further the walk, tried to get closer to the beautiful white Cavenagh Bridge, built by P&W Maclellan in 1868. The structure seemed solid still, but it is prohibited to any vehicle, including cattle and horses. We didn’t cross the bridge since we were getting to different direction, but we did set our foot on this bridge, to feel the history.
While waiting for Kak Ngah to feed Kilfie, we walked around the Fullerton Hotel and snapped few pictures. We found stack of red bricks, Foundation Stone of the Monument, a tribute to the early founders of Singapore that was laid by Inche Yusof Bin Ishak, the President of the Republic of Singapore on 1970. Anyhow, it is Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski, a British Master but Pole by birth, who responsible to make Singapore and SEA better known to the world.
Next to this landmark, there were statues of a Scotsman mediating between Chinese trader, Malay chief, with Indian and Chinese coolies load sacks onto a bullock cart. Formerly known as Tanjung Tangkap, this was the exact place where they catch all merchants as their boats entered the river to trade. I wasn’t sure for what reason of these people being caught, but that was what happened then.

Knowing the history (Pak Ein used to live in Singapore for quite some time), at this moment, Pak Ein started to be funny in front of us, moreover, in front of the passerby! He asked hubby to take his picture, as if he was the British Master, talking to these people (yes, he spoke English) and tried to fight with the bull! Pfft! All of us, I mean, ALL OF US, had a “WHAT?” moment, so hubby quickly captured him on the act! Hahaha!
After got ourselves refreshed with bottles of drink, we walked further up, passing under one huge bridge, crossing one wide road, stepping down wooden stairs, where we finally reached the Merlion Park. Hubby and I had set to visit this place, for we had skipped it during our previous visit. We wanted to see the spouting Merlion! Hehehe. Plus, we wanted to see the world’s most expensive standalone casino, Marina Bay Sands. (Aduih, nama Marina, tapi casino plak! Berdosa nama mak!)
And we finally saw the mascot!

Aligned with this huge 8.6-metre Merlion, there was 2-metre Merlion cub behind the original statue. Both statues were as clean as white, and well-kept for tourist benefits.

“Do you know that Merlion exploded before?” Hubby pointed his DSLR and winked one of his eyes.

“Huh??” I didn’t know how to react. “How do you know?” I looked for any landmark stone nearby.

“It was struck by lightning on 2009.” And I was still searching for the history statement around the area.

“Read wiki lah.” Pfft!

From the same view, we moved the interest to the one and only, the most spectacular hotel, ehem, with my name on it. *Tepuk tangan* Well, my name always come ultimately luxurious. Hahaha!

Looking straight to this hotel, knowing the price of the room to stay there, I should have never thought of it, at all. Once, Lily told us how to “cheat” to go up there, but I had to pass the trick, for I have half dozen family members with me. Hahaha! Kantoi kang malu jer.
It was super hot and sunny day that we had to shelter ourselves under one small tree. Anak sedara aku dah macam orang dahaga air kat gurun Sahara dah! Hahaha! Then we remembered that we have had to have lunch. Ya Allah lapar gile ok! So hubby and I decided to eat somewhere nearby Mustafa Center, to ease our move after that. 

We took MRT and stopped at Mustafa Center, where we planned to leave our bags at the bag counter. Guess what? They asked us to bring in the bags! Gile hape? So we had no choice but to find a restaurant somewhere that area. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it is located just next to Mustafa Center, but I tell you, the food was delicious! It wasn’t that expensive coz they have few sets that you can choose.
Later, we tried our luck to check-in the bags, and this time, we managed to! We entered Mustafa Center and walked straight to the perfume section. Well, that was my intention, once I decided to re-visit this shopping center. It was worth it, for each of us bought 3 bottles each. We then took our bags, took two cabs, and headed to the bus terminal. From there, we had undergone the same process with immigration and bus changing, before we finally reached Larkin Terminal.
“Eh, kacang pool nak?” Hubby reminded all of us on the next plan.

While I asked around where the heaven was this place, Kak Ngah tried to google it. We finally found that this place is located at Bomba Larkin Food Court (macam kedai RnR), the one and only Kacang Pool Haji. Aside from this noted dish, they also sell roti bakar, rojak buah, tauhu bakar and nasi lemak. My verdict on kacang pool? SUMPAH SEDAP! Similar to Sup Tulang Merah, this food is served with bread, kira makan cicah. Uihhhh sedap sangat!
Once finished, we drove to the JSL Hotel at Taman Johor Jaya, and checked in. The story of this hotel can be read here. We called off the night, after we had quite a good dinner at Selera Senibong Seafood. And that ended my Singapore Family Trip!

Awwww please don’t cry…next time kita jalan lagi ok. Padang, Indonesia nak??? Cepat pakai kasut sebelah lagi.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beach Station, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Sup Tulang Merah, Singapore

All of us were actually torn out since we didn’t take lunch or bought any tidbits to munch, around this island. I can clearly saw those sweaty faces of my niece and nephew that kept complaining drinks in Singapore were expensive. Hahaha! I told them, they can only spend SGD10 a day for meal (which they spend SGD5 on breakfast), and they obediently followed that, coz it left them with another SGD5 for dinner. Kejam tak?

I told hubby that we could just ride a shuttle to explore the rest of the beaches side, since it is free and faster. From Adventure Park, we waited for a bus which the waiting lane, has being divided into 3 sections, accordingly. With clear direction on the signage (to Beach Station), the bus later came with half full passengers. No one actually off boarded at the place we were waiting, so we had no choice but to on board, and the whole family stood at the bus door.

“Ya Allahhhhhhhhhhh busuknyerrrrrrrrrrrr!” The bus smelled horrible!

We looked at the half full passengers, and not to surprise, they were all “that particular race who eat bawang” la kan! Pure Indians! Hahaha. OMG! It was like standing in the pool of nuke power plant! You know that unpleasant body odor, rite? All other passengers, especially the youngsters, were laughing and shouting “Busukkkk! Busukkkk!” and guess what? Those Indians laughed happily “Hahahaha…”, coz they thought that these guys were making funny jokes whenever the bus turned!

Sumpah lawak!

We had to cover our noses, all the way to the Beach Station, and it was a relief when we finally hopped down the bus. Puii! We laughed out loud with other passengers, telling that we could have died suffocated if we stayed in the bus for another 2 minutes! Hahaha!
At the Beach Station, hubby suggested that we should stop at Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach, the two most famous areas to visit. I knew he had an agenda there, but I couldn’t figure out, yet. We queued on the other side of the road, and hopped into one long buggy-style train. Lega tak payah jalan! Few minutes later, we stopped at Palawan Beach, where we could see one huge rope bridge, crossing a man-made river.
It was so serene to see white sandy beaches, with huge panorama right before us. Lamanya tak pegi pantai. My niece and nephew wanted to swim but they left everything in the bag that we stored in the locker. Hahaha! So we crossed the bridge and took few fun photos out of it.
“Owh now I know why you wanted to be here…” I looked at hubby’s face. There was couple of watchtowers, overlooking the southern most point of Continental Asia.

“Hehehe…of course.” He smiled. Well, he was the one who made the itinerary. I had no objection on that.
He was too eager to see what’s on the shoreline, so he climbed one of the watchtowers, while the rest of us sat by the beach, enjoying the breeze. The beach was tidy and clean, but nothing much to explore, just a stretch of big ships over the sea. We snapped few pictures on the landmarks, before we decided to return back to the tram stop.
From Palawan Beach, we continued the tram ride to Siloso Beach, where I told my sister that I really wanted to see that SILOSO signage. It was getting dark and almost Maghrib, but I told my sis that we will stay there only for few minutes.

Luck wasn’t on my side, the tram stopped by the Siloso Beach and what I saw was, an under construction signage! Pfft! Adding to the frustration, the tram didn’t arrive for more than an hour! In the dusk, we had to walk further down the road, to catch the tram, before others hopped in. Sedey!
We were stressed out and had no more energy to walk. From Beach Station, we took a tram and went back to Imbiah Lookout, walked to the locker and took our bags. The weight of each bag was mentally “double up”! We almost cried in hunger before we reached Vivo City. Initially, we thought of having dinner there, but I told my sis that we wanted to try Sup Tulang Merah in the city.

Pity my sister and her family, they finally had no choice but to follow us. Earlier, hubby googled the best Sup Tulang Merah and the best and famous Sup Tulang Merah is located at Golden Mile Food Court. We took a train and stopped at Beach Road, but we had no idea where was the Food Court. We planned to take two cabs from the other side of the road, but again, luck wasn’t on our side. It was super hell of thorny night when NONE of the cabs wanted to stop, what more knowing where we were heading. AND WE WERE SUPER HUNGRY!

We finally got two cabs, where hubby and I split to marshal each cab. The distance weren’t that far and we paid roughly around SGD4 to reach this place. We quickly looked for the stall of Deen Tiga Rasa, and ordered a set of 10 pieces with the price of SGD7. This set came with bread. On the other hand, Pak Ein and his wife ordered fried rice (also in red color). It was heaven on earth, and we enjoyed the Sup Tulang Merah to the final last bone. SEDAP, SUMPAH SEDAP!
After an hour, we got ready to go back. This was where the drama started.

I never…NEVER thought that it will be SUPER DUPER difficult to get a cab, in front of this food court. Throughout our travel to other countries, we NEVER hire a cab, except in Vietnam and China. I mean, we can really count, how many times we took a cab ride. I even told my sister that we didn’t do that either, in Singapore. I apologized to her many times, coz I didn’t expect that no cab, NO CAB, will stop for us. It was almost 11PM and I could see how sad my family was. I couldn’t even dare to look at Abang Ngah’s face. Diam tu maknanya marah lah tu. Eiii takut!

I seriously don’t get it. I wasn’t sure why the cab didn’t want to stop. Was it almost midnight? Was it due to our Hostel location? I almost ran towards a cab, just to make it stopped! “Hoi, tak mau duit ke?” Sambil tabur-tabur SingDollars.

We finally managed to persuade two cabs to send us to Lofi Inn Hostel at Dickson Road, near Jalan Besar. It wasn’t that far, weh! We paid each cab around SGD8, inclusive midnight charges. Pfft!

After a quick registration, we headed to the room, and took turn to shower. Our stay story, can be read here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Imbiah Lookout, The Merlion, Desperados in 3D, and Sentosa Cineblast Extreme Log Ride, Singapore

The first open area that we walked to, was the Lake Of Dream, where they had beautiful decorative artworks like hanging candies, colorful balls, dragons, and a nude statue named The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin.

Sentosa Island is divided into four sections, that are Imbiah Lookout, Siloso Point, Beaches and Resort World Sentosa. Since hubby and I have visited two of the sections before (Siloso Point and Resort World Sentosa), we decided to explore Imbiah Lookout and Beaches area.

At Imbiah Lookout, we chose to enter the Merlion, since we passed this attraction during our previous visit. Meanwhile, the rest waited at the ground area. Our main concern on entering this famous 37-metre tall Merlion, was to be in its mouth, and on top of its head.

We paid SGD8 and entered the hallway, where we were transported into the depth of blue oceans, before meeting the legendary sea dragons and mythical mermaids. At the end of the walkway, there was one door before us, with Merlion Show timing stated on top of it.

We then entered the room and sat right before one big screen, where the history of Singapore icon, The Merlion, half-lion and half-fish, is told. The show was cartoonlike and animated, pretty exciting and simple for kids to understand.

The show ended in not more than half hour, and we proceeded to the head gallery first. Owh, don’t worry, there’s an elevator! U just need to walk-up only for few stairs. On top of the Merlion head, hubby had his ultimate fun capturing 360 degree of Sentosa Island. Meanwhile, I settled with video-making.

It was hot and sunny day, with thick clouds. Once there were other visitors on the Merlion head, we went down to the Merlion mouth. Lagi ramai orang! Berebut-rebut nak pegang gigi Merlion tuh! Hahaha! The organizer has one photographer, stood right before the mouth, capturing each and every visitor who went posed at it. We did too, but we didn’t buy it lah. Apa guna ada camera bang? Hehehe!

Earlier, we were given two gold coins (in the form of tokens) to be put into 3 Merlion mouths. Each Merlion will give you different luck and gift. I forgot which mouth that I put in but we received a paper fan (each) from the counter, on our way out. Hahaha!

Later, we came down and met the rest, who were lepaking next to the toilet. Kilfie did his business and Kak Ngah had to bring him for a quick shower, since it was too hot. We continued the exploration and passed by the Images of Singapore. Hubby wanted to enter the gallery coz he loves taking photo of now and then of particular places, but we had to pass the offer, for we wanted to experience the better.

Where to?

The Adventure Park! Here, we opted for Adventure Combo (save us a lot) where we need to choose two attractions (Desperados and Extreme Log Ride) with the price of SGD28.90 each. It was only for all of us except for Pak Ein and his wife, for he said he might have heart attack in the log ride. Walhal takde pun heart attack. Hahaha!

First, Desperados in 3D! A virtual shout-out-ride-on-motion-based saddles! This was where Pak Ein and his wife really had a blast! Besides hubby and I, Pak Ein’s wife also one of the sharp shooters! Hahahaha! It was an easy ride, with one hand holding a laser gun, while the other hand MUST hold the saddle. Else, you won’t have a better aim on the bandits and barrels, on this bumpy ride.
My whole family actually needed to give a way to other visitors, since we wanted the whole frontline to be occupied by us. Plus, kids and old folks are allowed! Kak Ngah actually put Kilfie right in front of her, and all we heard was our non-stop laugh of who was better, who was funnier, THE WHOLE TIME.

We then continued the adventure by getting into the hall of Sentosa Cineblast (Extreme Log Ride), where we were seated in one spaceship (no, it's not a log), with 4D spectacles. The ride was actually similar to whitewater rafting over the mountains with thrill of rushing into deepest valley that full of chain saw and alligators. So those who cannot tahan, will definitely feel the motion sickness. Guess who? IT WAS ABANG NGAH, who looked down THE WHOLE TIME. Hahaha! Rugi bayar. Kilfie was left outside with Pak Ein and his wife, while my niece and nephew, Kak Ngah and I, did enjoy the ride, shouting and cursing the big screen.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Goodbye Macau/HK, Hey We Are Ok!

We are supposed to go to Macau/HK today. For the first time in our travel years history, this is the first time we burn a flight ticket, along with 3 nights of accommodation. Itinerary was completed few weeks before, but Tour Cookbook has not yet started. No, we DO NOT regret, not at all, coz Allah s.w.t. has far BETTER and BIGGER plan for us, at this very moment.

In You we trust, in You we pray, in You we be grateful.

Syukur alhamdulillah.

It is actually safe for us to fly, but we are being advised not to risk it, for anything happen, we might mentally blame the trip. So, all I need from you (readers), nothing less than Doa, for "our" health and safety. May Allah s.w.t. bless all of you out there, with whatever you wish for.

"Hong Kong can wait...but you've waited for this baby for 5 years. Enjoy!" Doctor Jameaton.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Award : VOTE FOR ME & TRAVELHOLICAWESOME!

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My #TravelholicAwesome clans and I, are nominated in Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference and Awards 2013 (MITBCA).

Here is a bit of intro and what you should know about MITBCA: -

Blogging about our most familiar sports, journalism, engineering or entertainment idols! What about the tourism industry? Yes! We’ve explored places; taken out those humongous DSLR’s and sleek tablets to snap some of the most breathtaking pictures and moments, blogging full blast and the story goes on. But wait… Who are the bloggers turning those wheels and making a difference in the tourism industry? Have we recognized them or at least expressed gratitude for their achievements?  Thus, 2013 is yet another year geared up to crown the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers.

Since the debut of the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards in 2012 which rewarded some of the world’s most accomplished Travel-Social Media Bloggers, MITBCA 2013 is set to spin this year’s event with a more exciting approach, leaving others to admire and emulate upon.

Malaysia has set its pace to be on the forefront of reach into social media. Undeniably, there is a definitive difference between monitoring our brand in social media and using traditional methodologies in reaching out to build on tourism numbers. Travel is certainly a very hot topic across all social media channels and is one of the Top Three online topics of discussion and engagement. It surely encourages new network build up, new clientele bases and new innovative ideas being put across.

Such rapid movement of social media in travel and leisure industry was the basis of the conceptualization of the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards 2013 (MITBCA2013), organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. The Awards aim to encourage the tourism bloggers across the globe for extensively promoting Tourism in Malaysia. After the nominations, voting and campaigning processes, the finale would be in Kuala Lumpur on 5th - 6th March 2013 and the nation will honour the best of the best in social media tourism. 

MITBCA did a good job by successfully organized a good Award Ceremony last year at Saloma Bistro. Two of my good friends won themselves a trophy and guess what, they did chicken dance on that wonderful night.

Like last year, this year, I'm gonna support MITBCA and hopefully, I can win :) Coz TRAVEL IS MY PASSION. I TRAVEL CHEAP BUT FUN, and I blog every single experience that I had on my journey. Despite traveling overseas, I have more than 50's entries on experiencing our beautiful Malaysia itself!


So here is what you need to do. Easy peasy!
  • Click this link MITBCA 2013
  • Click category (refer to below categories)
  • Choose my blog and #TravelholicAwesome clans blog (refer to below blog names) 
  • Click "VOTE" button and login to FB. (Click Go to apps and Allow.)
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##Note : One FB ID for one vote, one category. Means, your FB ID alone, can vote for 6 categories.
##Note : Your FB ID will not be shown, so don't worry.

Or, you can vote via MITBCA website itself! Easiest way :)
  • Click this link MITBCA 2013
  • Register yourself (an email will be sent to you shortly)
  • Logon to your email, and click link given by MITBCA
  • Choose my blog and #TravelholicAwesome clans blog (refer to below blog names)
  • Click "VOTE" button
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Now please go, get your hubby/wife/kids/family/friends/colleagues/whoeveryouknow to VOTE ME (US) :D

(Clink on the link.)

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Thanks to all who've voted for me and my friends.
I am at the highest spot, so it's all up to the juries now :)
Pray for my victory ya?
Note : Congrats to all of my #TravelholicAwesome clans as well. All of them are also at the highest spot. Hope juries choose us :)

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