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Friday, October 31, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 17

Look what hubby found at Downtown Aquaria (see the caption...haha!)

Female born on December 9, 2003
Marina is elegant and enchanting. Her favorite scent enrichment is perfume and she likes to tear apart phonebooks. Marina's unique marking are beautiful, a small brown spot above her nose and striping on her front legs.

See, a tiger was named by mine...and I luv they way they described her (ok, forget the phonebooks tearing thingy neh?). One in a mill, babe!

P/S: Ayang, Effie kirim salam…dia tanya, bila nak (sambil tunjuk perut kembung)? Hahaha!

Effie Night Out

“This song is for Biq and Elly…Welcome back bebeh!”

Woohoo! Everyone was looking at both of us (me and Elly) while we waved back to Effie and gave him a flying kiss.

I met Elly at NZ Garden Café right after I settled my last minute IBM assessment skill (demyuh!). We talked and gossiped till 12.30pm and to kill more time, suddenly we decided to catch Effie’s performance at Sangrila Island. We used to be his groupies when he was with Headwind3 (owh god, we miss them so much…the band, the songs, the late-nite TT sessions…those were the days…) and now he’s with Group Company (6 piece band) that more or less offering rock music.

We sat at the bar…jadi kekok sebab dah lama tak tengok live band (lucky tempat tu bukan macam club, lebih kepada tempat lepak malam je la). Looking at the number of crowds, it was not a most-wanted place to hang out…and I can say that it was quite bad for today's business…plus, on the day of Halloween, so clubbers were off to other places that offered more merrymaking (except for the top floor, tempat gay rupanya!). Nevertheless, here in Sangrila Island, every bar tender was wearing gothic garb with splashed blood and black make-up on their lips and eyelids. Some even got gangster stitches on their faces. Cool huh? Adding to it, there were grave stones stood by the stage where the band was performing next to it, kira masuk la dengan costume diorang yang ala-ala bangun dari kubur…hahaha (Effie was on body sketching and he was wearing a Hannibal mask, where at the end, he took it off sebab susah nak nyanyi...kihkih).

We later asked for Coke from the gothic cashier, but they only have Pepsi. Boleh lah. Lagipun takde cover charge. Before the band started their 4th and last set of the day, as usual, DJ will played the club songs. Unbelievable, 5 tahun lepas punya lagu pun still ada! Ternganga-nganga I ngan Elly! Takkan tak berubah weh? But memang pun, lagu-lagu club yang lama memang best! You can’t help yourself from stop stomping your legs whenever they play it kan? Percayalah! Tambah-tambah hangguk kepala! Mesti punya!

And so the band started their final set, and it was about half and hour. Kejap nyer! We were really entertained by the group, especially when it came to the one and the only lady singer (owh goh, she wasn't a crowd puller la). We had enough with the way she moved! Yes, she can sing, but that was it! Maybe we used to see how Effie and Winnie had chemistry together when they were performing on stage, and we will obviously compare other lady singers with Winnie. Pompuan ni asik menari kiri kanan, depan blakang je ok! Tak cukup live depan mata, we sarcastically watched her on the tv screen, memang terkangkang-kangkang ok!

We both can’t stop gossiping bout her…takde mic rm5k la, takde lenggok la, takde style la, tak pandai menari la…(ok la, bias sebab kitorang suka Winnie)…tapi sebab mengenangkan nak tengok Effie, kitorang layan je la. Indubitable, the band worked well with their selection of songs. Especially, when they improvised one hip hop song, to a merely hard rock. Sedap jugak. Bab guitarist dia ‘goreng’ tu, memang teruja jugak (haah, I easily fall in luv with the way guitarist meng-‘goreng’…sounds sexy kan? Takpe, hubby I sexy jugak bila basuh baju or masak kat dapur...hik!).

As usual, and as expected, mesti ada lagu cina la kan. We thought it was the same song that Headwind3 always sang, but this piece lagu lain. Mat-mat and minah-minah cina ni ape lagi! Suka la! Siap buat circle, and do that elephant dance! Ya Allah…ada yang naik atas stage and tumpang nyanyi. Tu tak kira yang nak sambar mic Effie, nak nyanyi skali! Buduh gile! Haha!

Overall, dapat la melepaskan rindu tengok Effie performed. He told us that he might stop singing next year and look for other job…elok la pun, takat mana pun bleh pegi if nyanyi club ni kan…kecuali masuk mainstream.

I hantar Elly balik, and I patah balik ke rumah Skin. Sampai-sampai je terus online, chat ngan hubby…rindu sangat kat dia!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 16

Depression is my new best friend. Hi D, NOT nice to meet u…

I went back to Casa Natura today…fed Kiki, panaskan enjin keta hubby, siram pokok, kemas umah, blablabla…agak tak larat hari ni (ke memang selalu tak larat bila ulang alik…) siap pening sebelah mata semua. Banyak sangat tengok pc la ni…sigh…

Kiki plak tak benti-benti bising…geram la! Tapi sian kat dia asik manja-manja, nyendeng-nyendeng kat kaki macam “tolonggg la, Kiki baik, Kiki tak nak kena kurung lagi…”. Ish sian lah!

After semua dah settle, I went back to Skin’s. Ya Allah ngantuk nyer la. Terus masuk bilik, tido…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Arini, tak YM lagi ngan hubby…

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 15

I hate my job but I luv the pay!


Today tak chat ngan hubby…takde yang menarik…

Barrrrrrrringggg, barrrrrrrringggg, barrrrrrrringggg…

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Chronicle Of Adibah Adieb

This blog will be a VERY LONG blog!

Adib called me today and asked for my help to send her over to HUKM. She had one little spotting and she’s 27 weeks pregnant!

Lucky Elly and Arab came by…Elly and I went to fetch Adib at her site office. We later reached the guard house and this f**king Indian (from India) asked us to write down our details in the visitor’s book and handed in my driving license. Elly went inside and she later got in the car with super dissatisfied face! She told me that she got scolded by this stupid fugly guard, just because we didn’t want to write down our name (Hello! We were in a hurry! And Elly used to come and pick Adib without signing any book, and Arab just handed in his driving license, tu je!).

“Ala…so difficult la like this…I just want to take my friend to the hospital…” Elly sighing nicely to the guard. Those who knew Elly, dia ni memang very soft spoken nyer orang and dia susah nak tinggikan suara.

“THIS HOSPITAL HAS NOT OPEN YET!” The guard shouted! (Ok, Adib works with a medical supplier company and the site office IS INDEED IN the hospital. Bang***! Kitorang bukan nak gi hospital ni! Kitorang nak amik orang yang berada di dalam hospital ni, ke hospital lain!)

“You so rude…” Elly cakap lembut gile nak mampos!

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” He shouted again! Ya Allahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Pakkal aku tak kuar dari keta je, kalo tak naya ko! (Elly told me bout it selepas kejadian, so I tak tau apa yang terjadi tadi. So skarang dah tau, siap ar!).

We fetched Adib and turned back to the guard house for my driving license. I stopped and lower down the window…AND WARNED THE GUARD,


The guard that I pointed to, handed my license and the other guy just geleng kepala macam keling like saying ok-ok sorry, paham-paham…

Rupanya Elly cakap bukan keling tu yang marah dia tadi, keling lain! BUT GI MAMPOS LA, JANJI AKU DAPAT MARAH GUARD CELAKA TU! THEY NEED TO KNOW, DIORANG TU KEJE JE KAT SINI, PENDATANG!

Then we headed to HUKM. We parked quite far and walked under the sun, sian Adib. But she’s really brawny for a preggy (if I la, tatau la larat ke tak, dah la bleeding nih). We walked in the ER and Adib approached the admin lady in nurse outfit and told that she’s bleeding. She even told the lady that the appointment book was with her husband, nevertheless, she got the reference number.

Korang tau tak muka pompuan tu macamana??? Macam menyampah sebab Adib tak bawak buku and ko ni sape tetiba datang!!! Bleh tak??? I walked forward and said,

“Buku dia kat husband dia, SAYA yang bawak dia datang sini…” baik lagi ni percakapanku. Ko ingat dia saje-saje ke datang tak bawak buku, bodoh! Then she asked us to be seated.

So kitorang tunggu la…we asked Adib, sampai bila nak tunggu, Adib kata, we give her 10 minutes. Tengok tv jap, then another 1 minute, Adib said that’s it la! Nama pun tak ambik, tunggu apa ni kan! Adib pun approached pompuan tu lagi. Siap ugut cakap dia tak makan lagi. Ha! Baru la minah tu nak amik no. reference Adib, and asked Adib to get something to eat first. Boleh pun! Tu je yang kitorang nak. Amik details. Bukan tertunggu-tunggu tak tau tunggu apa kan.

After we finished eating, we went back to ER. Masa ni I dah geram, is this what u call ER???!!! 2 jam??? Kat mana urgency and emergency tu?! Tunggu punya tunggu, baru la nama Puan Adibah di panggil. Dia kena examined, kena timbang, amik urine sample sume la. Then suddenly Elly perasan cam ada uncle cina ni dok pandangggg je kitorang.

“Eh Uncle!” It was Adib’s papa. He salam us and we talked bout Adib la. Patu dia cakap,

“So, how are you Biq?”

“Ok…” I replied.

“Alhamdulillah…Biq now is BIG ha…I remembered you in Taiping, you are not so BIG…”

We laughed. He even asked me to take ticket. Tiket untuk beranak…hahaha! So cute. Ye la, memula Skin, patu ni Adib, then it should be me la. Doa-doa je la ye uncle.

Then Adib’s dad went back and we need to take the medicine la. So the lady referred us to the main pharmacy. Kona kiri kanan, sampai-sampai, THE PHARMACY WAS ALREADY CLOSED! Isnin and Selasa closed at 2.00pm. Pe kes nak refer kitorang ke situ! That lady kat ER tadi should know what…argghhh!

Sambil bebel-bebel, the lady at the main pharmacy tu referred us to another pharmacy near to the escalator. Kitorang pun cari la. Jalan lagi…sampai je sana, tanya sorang pharmacist tu, dia kata ubat ni kena amik kat ER nyer pharmacy! PAN*** TUL! I dah tak sabar dah masa ni, Adib dah peluh-peluh dah, tapi memang salute la, dia still tahan and berjalan!

Jalan lagi! Sampai kat pharmacy ER tu, KORANG TAU TAK DIA CAKAP APE???

“Ubat ni kena amik kat pharmacy blablabla…jalan sini, kuar situ, terus, bawah escalator…”

I DENGAR JE ESCALATOR, I TERUS BANGUN AND CAKAP KAT POMPUAN TU “THAT WAS THE PLACE WE CAME FROM JUST NOW. DAH TIGA PHARMACY KITORANG PEGI. KAWAN SAYA NI PREGNANT. SAKIT.” I dah baran dah masa ni. The lady said dia paham…and angguk-angguk…patu dia wrote down her name on the prescription and asked us to show it to the lady at the previous pharmacy tadi. Sambil jalan I cakap kat Adib “THEY BETTER MAKE SURE THIS IS THE FINAL PHARMACY!” And she replied “Yeah, we back to square two”. Kalo square one, memang kena penampar dah pompuan kat ER tu.

Sampai je kat pharmacy bawah escalator tu, I berdiri tepi Adib. The lady was the same lady that assisted Adib just now. She took the prescription and straight away key in Adib’s name, VOILA!!! KELUAR SEGALA DETAIL ADIB!!! NAMPAK SANGAT TADI SHE DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO CHECK FOR IT IN THE COMPUTER TAU TAK!!! AND YOU GUYS TAU TAK DIA CKP PE?

“Oooo…O&G ek…ha memang amik ubat kat sini…”


Dah amik ubat sume, we walked back to the car park and bayar parking.

“2000” budak tu cakap.

“Huh?” I buat-buat tak paham tapi sebenarnya paham. Budak ni nak cari nahas ngan aku ni!

“2000” dia cakap lagi.


“2000 rupiah…2 ringgit…” budak tu jawab senyum-senyum...

Sambil amik duit dlm purse, I bebel, budak ni nak main-main ngan aku, kang tak pasal-pasal naya je kena! I paid and drove out. Dalam keta jangan cakap la, tiga-tiga marah sakit hati maki hamun, what a bad day tau today! Dimarah dan memarahi!

Tak cukup lagi! Sampai je kat guard house rumah Adib, GUARD TU PLAK BLEH TAK NAK BUKAK SIAP BUAT SIGN LANGUAGE (I tak bukak tingkap) MACAM SURUH SIGN APA TAH...YA ALAHHHHHHH! NO. KETA AKU MEMANG DAH REGISTERED LA BODOOOOOOO! I tetap tak bukak tingkap, patu last-last dia bukak jugak gate tu. Puas hati aku!


Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 14

I chatted with hubby for a while...

“Amboiiiiiii, banyaknye shoppinggggg…beli apa?”

And he replied “Surpriseeeeeeeee”. Korek banyak kali pun hubby tetap tak nak kasitau.


(Read what hubby had to say bout his shopping at Sekupang).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 13

Remember my last 2 posts where I stated bout hubby can’t wait to meet his love? That was the nicest thing I ever heard from him…(Butterfly in my stomach).

Last nite, I chatted with hubby till 5am!

Continuity to my dear friend’s story who just divorced his wife, hubby and I started to talk about our relationship.

We always have what do you call "open communication" when it comes to relationship...apa yang tak kena, tak puas hati, just to tighten up perhubungan kitorang (kitorang penah bertikam lidah pasal hak suami isteri all the way from Terengganu to KL...can you imagine that? Haha!).

I never asked hubby why he wanted me to be his wife…I know that I’m not pretty…and I used to be a bad girl…I tell you, I was a very bad girl >:)

And the second nicest thing that I ever heard from him on the answer “because you are the best”. (Butterfly in my stomach).

Hubby never brag bout me to his friends…hubby never manjakan or lebihkan I…and hubby never been a sweet talker to me…well, neither do I...

And the third nicest thing that I ever heard from him “though we never said or never did anything that pleased you or me, we know that we love each other so much”. (Butterfly in my stomach).

He even said, “3 weeks in USA, makes me missing u so much”…and that was the forth nicest thing that I ever heard from him. (Butterfly in my stomach).

With tears in joy, we swear and vow that we will love each other sampai mati and hope that both of us will never ever change…


So today I went out with Elly. We were bored to death and started to make a plan. Punya la nak basuh rambut, tapi tak tau kedai mana nak pegi. So we ended up to get hair treatment (ok, it was only me who get the hair treatment, Elly teman basuh je) at Sg. Wang Plaza. Right after we had our hair done, we went off for shopping (ok fine, it was only me who shopped) where I bought 1 sun-floral-white-dress (yang ni I nak sangat-sangat and sebijik macam Desire Boutique in FB jual, but in Sg. Wang, it was cheaper by RM10), 2 off-shoulder tops (white and red), and 1 sweater with furry-hood (grey+white). Semua ni baru RM100++. Haha! Puas hati!

Then we lepak at Gloria Jeans…but before that dah makan kat Nasi Ayam Hailam tepi tu. Lepak punya lepak tetiba nampak ada sorang tua ni, in gold suit, gold hat, gold glove, and gold face, dok mime orang keras kat simpang jalan, macam tugu. Wahhhhh! Malaysia ada kemajuan! Haha!

Not enough with Italian soda with strawberry and chocolate muffin, we went off for another TT Session at NZ The Garden kat tepi Public Bank depan KLZZ (Elly nyer signature typo...haha!). Sungguh kelas kedai mamak tu! Best gile! Dah la pasang lagu hip hop rnb, teringat zaman-zaman clubbing dulu…haha! The place was so beautiful, cozy and interesting. Very well designed. Order pun guna card system. Nanti nak ajak hubby lepak situ lah!

Few hours later, Arab came. Gossip session semakin rancak la! Haha! Then Om and Dani stopped by. Tak lama pastu, I made a move to Skin’s…ngantuk and kena tido sebab sok keje.

Try pun try, at last uninstall LAN, baru la modem bodo ni leh detect connection! Seb baikkkkkk! Kalo tak, kan dah nyusahkan Fyzal (husband Adib)…hehe…mekasih kerana prihatin :D

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 12

Looked at my watch…it showed 3pm!

Ya Allah…I went back at 3am last nite and I woke up at 3pm today! Sangat lah bagus…

I went out from the room and saw 2 cleaners cleaning Skin’s house. While waiting for them, we watch Georgia Rules acted by Lindsay Lohan (arghhhh she’s so darn sexy!) Then I ate before I left for Casa Natura, to do my routine houseworks.

I swept the floor, watered the plant, potong daun-daun kering, kasi makan Kiki, panaskan keta hubby, patu mandi shampoo rambut semua lah. Lepak sekejap and my dear friend (ex-collegue) called me tapi tak sempat nak angkat. Then I smsed him back…and he replied me with ‘bad news’.

So we arranged for a meeting (ayang, I mintak izin dalam hati ye, tapi tak leh nak sms you…ampun…) around Sri Petaling since he wanted to watch the match between Chelsea and Liverpool. While watching, he slowly untied his sad story…

He just divorced yesterday. He had to let his wife go…as that’s the best for both of them. Yeah, standard reason, there was another person…wife dia leh sangkut ngan student sendri patu dah tak leh go on dah ngan dia…they stayed for few months before tu pun sebab anak. He caught his wife cheated for so many times tapi dia pun stay jugak sebab anak. They have 2 ½ years kid and currently they still don’t know what to do. Both parents still don’t know about it and both of them haven’t move out from the house. Tak tau la apa plan diorang.

Takut kan pikir semua ni? We thought that we love someone and hidup lama dengan dia tapi tetiba it turned out to be the other way around…and from what I know, case diorang ni macam ‘what comes around goes around’ la…bila dengar dia cerita tadi, bini dia buat sebijik macam apa yang dia pernah buat dulu (tapi bini dia tak tau la apa yang dia buat dulu tu…tapi kitorang tau la)…macam tak sangka kan? Tak tau salah siapa bila jadi camni…he told me he took care of everything but his wife claimed differently. Hmm…not for us to find out!

I pray for his happiness…and untuk ikhtibar kita bersama, let us pray for our own happiness as well…amin…

Ayang, I luv u! I hope you luv me too! Jangan cari minah saleh kat sana tau...INGAT, ONCE YOU GO BLACK (I KAN HITAM MANEH) U WILL NEVER TURN BACK! HAHAHA!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 11

“Fuh…seb baik Adib tak call lagi…”

We had to attend Sanas’s kenduri today and it was already 12.30pm. I called Adib and we set to attend it around 1.30pm. Last-last, 2.00pm gak bertolak. Haha!

We arrived at Sanas’s around 2.30pm and only met Icam, Amir, and few other boys…yang lain semua dah balik. The food was good and the bunga telur was replaced with pouch (for gals) and sweets (for boys). Aaah…interesting…

We went back and stayed at Adib’s for PS2 game. Ashraf played Metal Gear Solid but it was too dull and boring. So he changed to another game, featuring Jet Li (the face was so darn alike) and as usual, Ashraf cracked our joins with his bloody-funny-matrix-shooting-in-a-circle-move! And killed his own genius self several times! Hahaha!

We started to make a plan for tonite…just to kill time…but we didn’t have any idea where to. Lepas Skin sampai, I chatted with hubby for a while. He was on his way out to the mall for Hasrul's jersey…and he did buy me something tapi rahsia katanya…hik!

“Eh Sekupang ada update la” I talked to myself…and I was happily surprised when I read the very last part,

-Owh yeah, I've been here for a week today. Another 2 weeks left before I go home sweet home and meet my love.-

My love?! That’s me! (Butterfly in my stomach). For those who knew my hubby, will definitely say “whoaaaaaa”…sebab my hubby bukan senang-senang nak cakap camtu! Kihkih! (I know you love me ayang…) Then he told me that dia teringat kat I sampai termimpi-mimpi…wahhhhh!

Ok, ok…terperasan sekejap. Then we (Adib, Fyzal, Aisha, Wan, Ashraf and me) went for dinner at some area in Cheras. Sedap gak char kuey teow dia. Patu tak hengat buat lawak. Asik geeeeeeeeeeeeelak je kitorang ni. Suka hati aku tau!

Patu mati kutu…tak tau nak gi mana dah. Last-last gi Downtown kat Cheras. Sambil jalan sambil mengutuk budak-budak shuffler yang tak ketahuan ni. Lawak nak mampos! Ashraf la ni…kahkahkah! (Ada cerita disebalik mengutuk pasal shuffler and shuffling ni…ada la hamba Allah yang gile glamer ni bercinta ngan budak yang konon ada ‘future’ tapi keje nyer asik shuffling je…boleh?)

Then we met Auntie Leha (wife Uncle Buyung, sedara Adib)…and I was mistaken as Ashraf’s girlfriend! Ha tu dia…terbukti la I ni muda lagi kan! Kahkahkah! (Ayang…tengok, masih laku tau wife you niiiii…hehehe!)

I bought one beautiful dress (lamanya tak shopping). Adib bought one blanket, while Ashraf bought one belt.

Again, semua mati kutu dah tak tau nak pegi mana lagi. Tapi rasa nak lepak. So we went to Old Town Café at Cheras. Macam biasa, buat lawak tak hengat pasal drum la, gitar la, tajuk lagu la, COD la, klakar nak mampos!

Overall, I enjoyed so much lepak with the Adieb’s. Lama tak bantai gelak macam tak sedar diri. Dah la before kuar I jatuh kat atas grill longkang depan lif! Ya Allah, bodoh tul…malu tapi tak malu gak la…kahkahkah! Siap reposition tuh lepas jatuh terduduk! Seb baik dah kawin…so tak kisah la nak malu kat adik-adik ni sangat. Hahaha!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 10



I drove back to Skin’s and did nothing…watched TV with Elly…(owh I HATE KIMORA FOR BEING RIDICULOUSLY RICH!)

Then we crashed at Adib’s. Played with Chopper, the fluffy Turkish white cat…sangatlah comel dan besarrrrr!

The good thing about Adiebs (anak-anak Uncle Adieb), diorang ni memang happening nak mampos! We laughed a lot when we started to talk bout Adib’s unborn baby name. (Note: When Aisha and Ashraf around, tambah plak Elly and Arab, memang macam nak pecah la rumah tu buat lawak.) We made a round statement of what we going to name our kids in future. And I told them, punya la nak nama ke-arab-an sangat, plus its in Al-Quran, patu jahil plak tu dengan maknanya, camne la kalo letak nama anak Mughallazah, Mutawashitah, and Mukhaffafah!

“Mughallazahhhh…tolong tengok adik Mutawashitah niiiii…eh Mukhaffafahhhhh, jangan panjat kerusi tuuuuuu!”


Later, we talked about this one PS2 game, that I had experienced watching hubby played it last few years back in Kajang. But that was Silent Hill 1. Memang best and takut. So we asked Ashraf to play this game, but this one was Silent Hill 3. This game kan sangat mencabar because banyak sangat riddle yang kena solve. And the same time, you have to kill ghosts and get all the tools and clues along the way. Yang takutnye, dalam game tu, you sorang-sorang je. Takde orang lain tepi-tepi jalan ke ape ke. Kena plak Ash yang main, lagi la lawak nak mampos! Sengal betul adik aku tu!

Tetiba kitorang dah blur kat one challenge where we puzzled on the safe box code. Skit nyer lama stuck takde idea, siap clue yang ada pun kitorang sebat je letak. Sampai at last, Aisha tak tahan and surfed for the cheat/walk through! Haha! Dapat la lepas...senang!

At was almost 3am. Elly and I went back to Skin’s. Patu tido…

Tak online pun sebab dah lewat…Maxis pulak bodo! Benci!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 9

Logged in YM…hubby still didn’t online…


Elly smsed me saying that she’s going to Bukit Jalil Stadium for soccer game between Malaysia and Vietnam…but I couldn’t make it. So I went back to Skin’s and guess what,


Just like yesterday but yesterday Elly ada, takpe la, ni dia takde! I just don’t know why the key didn’t manage to open the door…camne Elly bleh masuk?!

NASIB BAIK Skin ada kasi satu kunci dapur, apa lagi, masuk kot dapur la! Adeh…seb baik!

I changed my cloth, tried to switch on the tv and astro, dahhhhhhhhhh satu hal lagi, tak bleh plakkkkkkk! Godek sana sini, at last, berjaya jugak! Eiiiii…

Then I quickly login to YM and YESSSSS, hubby did leave me few offline messages! He told me that his internet connection having some technical issue and he already reported the case…so pending for it to be repaired la kot…which tatau la bila plak kan…

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 8

Today was the day for Casa Natura stop by. It was raining all day…I stopped by at a stall to buy dinner and went back. Kiki wasn’t meowing at the time I opened the front door. I quickly opened his room’s door and saw he came out healthily. Fuh! He finished all 4 bowls of his food…but as expected, when I fed him, he would prefer to walk around the house rather than eating…

I stayed for a while…lipat baju, sapu sampah, siram pokok, panaskan enjin keta hubby, kemas bilik Kiki…then I packed some clothes to bring over to Skin’s. Sian Kiki, asik ikuttt je mana I pegi. In fact, masa nak suh dia masuk bilik dia balik pun, asik dok sondol-sondol kaki I…adeh…sedih plak…tapi nak buat camne, terpaksa…

Lucky Elly and Arab stayed at Skin’s as well. She purposely stayed there for me. Awww…sayang Elly…if not, takut + boring I nanti

Waited for hubby to online…but he didn’t…

I wonder why…

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 7

As usual, waiting for hubby to online but 13hrs time different really challenged us. When I was at home, hubby was at office, when I was at office, hubby was at home.

In other words, when one of us awake, the another one sleepy…ha sapa nak jawab?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 6

Nothing much…


Chat with hubby in the afternoon…but he wasn’t online at nite.

Stopped by at Giant Bukit Antarabangsa for some refreshment. Tried to find my favorite pad (since I couldn't find it at Guardian and Watson, The Weld), but Slim Wing was no longer in 10packs. Nak tak nak, beli jugak la 30packs punyer...

To kill time, I started to do the my sis's animation assignment...(hubby dah siap tuh assignment blu-ray my sis!)...memula taktau nak start kat mana...lama-lama naik seh plak! Siap Cicakman, Upin & Ipin sume kuar! Rindu plak zaman-zaman study dulu...(bila la nak amik master ni...sigh..)

What a boring day for me today…penat!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 5

I did nothing than woke up at 11.30am…rolling left and right on the bed…thinking when to start my eldest sis’s animation assignment…malasnye la…

I went back to Casa Natura and did some house works. I cleaned the house, cleaned Kiki’s room, did laundry, refilled fridge with plain water, watered the plants and the list went on n on. Just to ensure that everything looks well when hubby comes back…in 2 weeks time.

Kiki being so evil to me just now. He must have been so bored staying alone in his room since I’ve gone. He didn’t bother to eat much, for he was keener to move around the house as usual. But today, he scratched my thigh and bit my hand! Like, he was so mad at me for keeping him alone in the room for many days. I was walking to the kitchen and he suddenly followed me from behind and scratched me…then stared at me...and walked away. The same thing happened when he slept next to me; where he suddenly bit my hand, stared at me and then walked away. Gila punya Kiki! Tah apa-apa!

It was raining since afternoon…and still raining now. But I have to make a move to Skin’s. It was around 11.15pm when I started the car, pumped in some air into the left tyre, refuel and headed to MRR2. I had to be there before 12am, takut gelap…sorang plak tu! Scary skit area tu.

I arrived at Bukit Antarabangsa slightly before 12am. Lucky there was a car headed to Sinaran Ukays and parked next to me. I quickly followed them to the lift. Owh s***, they stopped at 3, and I alone, will only stop at 9! It was totally dark, when the lift door opened. I stepped out from the lift, looked at left and right, no corridor’s light! S***! I hold my two bags tight, and RAN with my wedges on! And a bad habit, I ALWIZ LOOK BACK AND SEARCH FOR ‘IT’ THOUGH I’M SCARED! Stupid!

I only stopped running when I reached Adib’s. Then I walked quickly to Skin’s. They opened the door and asked whether I was scared or not…HELL YEAH! I DID! Gile tak takut dengan takde lampu, rumah kosong, tingkap pecah, ada pokok…heeiiiiii! Lift first and second tu betul-betul menyusahkan! Asik rosak je! Tak pasal-pasal kena naik lift ujung!

Untuk meredakan ketakutan, seb baik hubby online kat YM. He told me that he has finished my eldest sis’s blue ray assignment…wah! It was 16 degrees there, and Halloween is just around the corner. I asked him to snap some pictures of kids asking for trick or treat with the infamous pumpkins! Hehe! He went to NASA Science Center today (see more pics in Sekupang Album). He told me MANY ‘spacewalkers’ like Datuk Muzaffar tucuma kita je yang ingat angkasawan…padahal tumpang ikut je…cehhhhhh! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 4

I was working today. I need to help the guys to do some reinstallation of Avantgard Quantum which I have no idea what it was. Waited and waited…from 10am till 5pm…owh god! They encountered a problem for the hotfix update! To kill time, luckily hubby was online on YM. He was given a chevy to drive around and I’m pretty sure, hubby able to adapt with any car, including this left hand drive type.

Hubby is a meat person, and I believe he’ll going to have a difficult time there finding for halal food (read what he has to say bout food at sekupang). Since we always fight about rabbit food back here (hubby luvs carrot so much! He puts it in almost every food that we had!), he now becomes a salad man…cute! (Ha, makan sayur banyak2! Sihat dan kuat!). Seafood? I think its quite hard to get it in States. Tah lah…

Then my team went out for lunch at Kak Leha Kelfood, Taman Melati, and I was so excited seeing those malay foods. Teringat kat hubby, apa la yg dia makan. And so the lunch was on me and it cost me around RM80 for 7 people! The most expensive nasi campur I’ve ever had. Tapi takpe la, they helped me a lot before and I took it as balasan special untuk diorang. Plus, the food pun sedap. Hehe.

I didn’t continue to help the guys to install the application as I need to meet Sistas for Elly’s Birthday Bash. We met up at a middle east resto behind Yow Chuan Plaza (teringat hubby lagi sebab dia pun kena cari kedai middle east kat sana for daging halal…). As usual, gelak tak hengat la kan…sampai tersembur-sembur air liur aku...seb baik semua dah kawin. Till Skin came with Sammy boy and Hasrul, with the cute little cake and gift. After a birthday song for Elly, she suddenly took out another little cake and gift, requesting others to sing another song, FOR ME! Hahaha…it was one month back, ni kira post-party la ni…luv ya! Both of us, me and Elly, got a book. Elly got an Anne Rice – Blood and Gold, while me, Curries – All types of curries in the world! Ha amik ko! Specially dedicated for hati and perut my hubby katanya. Mampos aku tak paham nama-nama rempah dlm English ni! I even pronounced it wrongly! Cum-in? Kahkahkah!

We lepak till 11.30pm-12.00amhuish dah lama tak lepak malam seh! Then we went back to Bukit Antarabangsa and I straight away dozed off.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 3

Today at work, hubby buzzed me again thru YM…but he went out for dinner after a few lines. I wondered what he had for dinner, as for me, only 4 pieces of cold currypuffs that I bought during lunch time.

I was struggling to get connected to Internet at Skin’s. Back in our crib, hubby and I was on wireless router at all the time, but since he brought along that router to States…left me with this bloody slow ZTE modem AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT SHOULD BE WORKING WITH RJ45…but its better than nothing kanredah jerrr!

At last, after several sighed showing my deep frustration on un-comprehendo data statistic in ZTE homepage (Hasrul and I tested the connection using and this was the result!)

Bloody hell slow gile! Even slower than the slowest procedure of waiting for your number to be called to see medical practitioner at government hospital! Pity me…I started to fee sleepy now…but hubby wasn’t online yet…he should be in the office by now (at time, Malaysia was at 11pm while Houston was at 10am).

I shall ended this day with…………….another sigh with deep frustration

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 2


Hubby buzzed me on YM informing that he just arrived at his apartment. He felt so sleepy due to 27 hours on flight. (Sian…………TAPI SONOK KANNNNN?!)

He told that the custom wasn’t that bad. In fact, locals were the most quarantined people due to metal detector yang tak abis-abis bunyi pasal their piercing. Hahaha!

He didn’t experience the jetlag yet but his colleague who arrived a week before still experiencing it. They were given a car but they haven’t got a chance to drive yet. Someone will always drive them around.

It just few minutes chatting, hubby needed some rest before he reports to HQ.

Nite-nite ayang…(while I’m killing those spam in emails!!!)

I went back to Casa Natura for few hours...I fed Kiki, let him play around for a while, and watched a silly but fun Malay drama while having a beef burger. Then I packed a full bag of clothes for next week with some toiletteries. I watered the plants...but...I later decided to move those 3 critical plants a bit outward, so that bleh kena air hujan skit...tak la kering-kontang sangat. But then, I felt back-ache sebab angkat 3 pasu yg berat tuh! Cis! Nyesal!

Mama (mom in law) called me right after I sms-ed her on hubby’s arrival. We chatted about where I'm staying, how I go to work, this and that. Then we both laughed when I told her that hubby had shaved his moustache and beard to avoid any issue at LA Airport (owh god, serious kelakar!). Mama told me all his three sons never had a clean face, so it must be funny to visualize that. Unlike Abah (dad in law), masa muda-muda dulu suka je simpan misai janggut, dah tua-tua ni baru clean face. Rimas kot. My dad pun clean face gak.

So tonite, I’ll be at Skin’s house again. But sayangnye, Sammy boy dah tido

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 1

“Bye ayang, take care, don’t forget me…jangan buat yg bukan-bukan kat sana k? I luv u…”

“Ok, luv u too…take care…bye…”

I took all my bags and put in the car. Headed to office…



I can felt the emptiness in me…and I noticed…I already missing hubby…


After work, I headed to Skin’s house. I will be on and off staying at her house for some accompany. At least, I can play with Sammy boy! I will only go back to my crib to feed Kiki and water the plants.

And now, counting days...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Houston, TX USA He Went...Day 0

Hubby is going to Houston, TX USA tomorrow for his 3 weeks software development training… Everyone was asking me, why I didn’t follow him…(including my boss!)...


I’m stuck with spam killing over 3000 client’s email.

I’m stuck with new big email migration project.

.....nak ikut :( .....

Read what he has to say in sekupang.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Completely Free!

Win a free handbag!

Not only it's free, you can even choose any design that you like!

Click here now! Cam’on! The clock is ticking!

Courtesy of Tini.

Now You See, Now You Dont!

Ok, tension nih!

It’s irritating whenever I look at the “aging line” under my eyes. It’s too obvious, especially on the right side.

There! There! Right below my right eye...Now you seeeeeee!

Now you dontttttt!

Ok! Ok! One more...see the reflection on my chin? The next pic dah takde!

Cool huh?

I love GIMP! It's GNU Image Manipulation Program! I've been searching for photo editor for quite some time tapi tak penah nak belajar betul-betul. But when I play around with this app, I find it quite easy to use la...ok, nak edit lagi!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yeay Yeay Hari Raya – Day 4

D day to go back to KL! But I need to stop at my late mom’s grave first. So hubby and I, my sis and her family met my bro and his family at the graveyard. My oldest sis has gone earlier with her family. I told my sis to make a better kepuk for my mom’s grave but it was stated there that it was not allowed to do so. Tah la…tengok banyak je yang buat kepuk tu cantik-cantik, boleh je.

Then all of us headed to Ipoh to my aunt’s house (my dad’s oldest sister). We ate more laksa and nasi impit with kuah kacang kelempung. Sedap!!! Puas hati! Jumpak jugak kuah kelempung! This kuah kacang kelempung was actually originated by my late mom…she religiously prepared this course along with her popular laksa. So neighbors and relatives will never ever miss our house just to taste these special dishes. But since she died 12 years ago, we took turn to prepare this course…but can never beat her air tangan…(I miss her…Al-fatihah.)

I met my close cousin who has twins and till date, I can never get to guess correctly on the first try. Haha! They are now 1 and half years old. Super cutie pie! (Ok, she also told me that I’m in good shape now, neither too skinny nor fatty. So hubby, now can you accept that? Hehe!)

My sis and bro later went back to Taiping, while hubby and I, started our journey back to KL. We used federal road and only used the highway started from Tanjung Malim. Thank god, no traffic jam. We arrived at KL around 8pm and guess what…our house got power trip…again!!! Arghhhh!!! I hate when it happened!!! This power trip kan, tak pernah nak jadi when we were around, but bila cuti lama skit je, takde kat rumah, mesti kena! As expected, the fridge agak busuk because we had cuttlefish and fries. After cleaned up, we left it open, un-operated, all nite long…

Oh yeah, Kiki? Gara-gara tak dapat boarding sebab full house, he was home alone for 6 days. He finished 3 bowls of friskies out of 4 big bowls but 4 bowls of drinks still available. When we opened the door, suara dia macam dah sayup-sayup je. Sedih sangat la tu. Hehe! Patu dapat keluar je, terus manja-manja. Owh we miss Kiki so much! He’s being a good boy…except for kotak-kotak yang diselongkar tu la kan

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yeay Yeay Hari Raya – Day 3

Early in the morning, my oldest sister sms-ed us and asked us to come to her house early, coz she cooked nasi lemak. My family already woke up and as usual, hubby and I will always be the last person to get ready. Hehe! Abah and his cucu walked along the way out and we picked them up and headed to my sis’s house. At her house, we ironed all our baju raya for family photo. Using hubby’s camera and tripod, we snapped with laughter. One big happy family.

In apple-green, my oldest sister's family. In brown, my older sister's family. In purple-pink, my bro's family. In brown-cream, hubby and I. And last but not least, in red-black, my super dad!

From left : Kak Ngah, Kak Saba, Abah, Abang, Me.

Hubby and I.

We supposed to go to Butterworth for cucuk-cucuk but my sister offered all of us to join her to my bro in law’s sister’s. Makan laksa! We convoyed 4 cars, lead by my sis’s Avanza. Owh god, my bro in law such a rally driver! He drove so fast like rempit! And all the way, my sisters and I sms-ed each other, laughing about it. The road was like a roller coaster, once we were on this one top, my sis’s Avanza was already on the other top! And once we reached that top, they were already gone! Haha! Gile laju! It has been told that her 4 daughters actually loved that route and purposely requested their dad to drive fast, so that they can feel the momentum! And believe me, they can constantly sit in the car, backward! Tak pening lak tu!

Sumpah letih ikut jalan tu. Sampai je semua dah pening and keletihan. But laksa punya pasal, makan dulu! Almost all of us makan dua pinggan. Kembung perut. After that good family kemas-kemas, they offered us for lunch! Makan nasik la pulakkkkk! (Orang kedah memang macam ni, tak sah tak jamu nasik!). So we forced ourselves to eat lah…ikan kedera masin and pekasam dia, memang superb! Hubby told me the chicken was also delicious. Errrkkkkk! Alhamdulillahhhh…

Owh god…nature’s call! Where’s the toilet?! My sis already smiled and showed me the toilet…err…err…if I had the choice, I will never do my business in there but I HAVE TOO! You see…it was a typical kampung toilet with no flush and self-carry water. So imagine je lah ye…

After all the guys came back from Friday prayer, we started to make our move to my grandma’s house (my late mom’s side). Once we arrived there, my grandma was not in well conditioned. Fever. Pity her. She was also quite mundane coz worrying to much about my youngest aunt (she’s 21 ke 23, tak ingat), who just married with pilihan keluarga, who later ran away with………a tomboy! Gile seh! Now her husband’s side tuntut gantirugi bout RM9K. Pengkid tu kalo dapat kat family kitorang, memang masak la kena belasah!

Then we off to the next and last stop, my aunt’s house (my late mom’s sister). We met some of her daughters and common statement,

“Wah berisi la Kak Ina…camni la ok, dulu kurus sangat…”

Okkkk…I lose weight about 1.5kg, that makes me 46.5kg now. Ok la tu kanstill my ideal weight. But everyone said hubby was slightly kurus than before…sronok la tu, turun 3kg!

Around 6pm we made a move and went back to my older sis’s house. Took bath and performed Maghrib prayer, my sister ordered our dinner from the nearest stall. Tak larat dah nak masak. Suddenly Abah called my sis and informed that our aunt, Makteh and her children (my dad’s youngest sister) were already on the way to our house. So, my sis ordered another 4 packs of kuey teow. Her first son (we were close during childhood) has 10-months chubby daughter who weighted 10kilos. Super cute! Memang tak larat nak dukung lama-lama la.

Hubby and my in laws at this moment already dozed off. Letih driving. But hubby started to have sore throat and cold. So we went out to get strepsil for him, pil chi kit tek aun for me. Then later at nite, hubby setup wireless network for my sis and I transferred all raya pics to both my sis’s laptop. Pastu semua tido…zzzz…

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yeay Yeay Hari Raya – Day 2

I woke up late and when I came down, everyone was having their breakfast. Hubby’s second brother still not feeling very well due to asthma, so Mama and Abah didn’t plan to go anywhere. Hubby and I started to pack our things as we need to head to Taiping at 12pm, to my older sister’s, but we need to stop by at my step mom’s house first. My family plan to celebrate our second raya at my oldest sister’s at Baling, Kedah, for this year, she insisted to be the host of our family gathering.

Janji melayu…we reached at my step mom’s around 2.30pm. As usual, she prepared bihun sup and we loved it so much…sedap! Then, we and Abah, off to Kak Ngah’s house and met Lang’s family there (my dad’s sister). Macam biasa, bila jumpa diorang ni mesti tak abis-abis buat lawak la. After they went back, and everyone (us) got ready, we started our longgggg journey to Baling…penat seh, dah la banjir kat certain places. At this time, my oldest sister, Kak Saba, already started membebel setengah mampos sebab kitorang tak sampai-sampai lagi. Haha!

We reached Baling around 6pm and my sister served us with nasik ayam and bihun sup by the garden, chewah! Rumah dia besar, luas, siap pokok merata-rata…kadang-kadang monyet pun singgah, haha! And the food…was yummy! My stomach actually tak brapa sedap, asik sakit je, maybe too many spicy foods kot. Though I was not in a good shape, I was still happy sebab dapat jumpa my family.

Later at nite, my bro and his family arrived from my sis in law’s kampung. They were the closest but they arrived late. Kihkih! After we had some refreshment, we got ready to check in at Ulu Legong Hot Spring Recreation Park. But before that, my oldest sis handed some duit raya for my dad, and followed by me (patutnye esok, tapi biasa la my dad, mata duitannnnn…haha! Siap lawan tarik sampul lagi!)

This hot spring is the ONLY entertainment kot kat Baling ni. We took 3 cornered rooms, where each of the room amounted RM50-60. The size? Bigger than a hotel room. It’s kind of home-typed-master-bedroom with one queen sized bed, bathroom, and plenty of wide spaces (kira boleh la nak golek sana sini). It is located in front of the hot spring area, but you can find more expensive rooms available (if you are lucky enough) inside the hot spring area itself.

There are 4 pools, the main pool’s temperature is 51o C (believe me, this is ibu kolam…you can never get to swim in here…it smells eggs coz it really can boils eggs!), the second pool’s temperature is 48o C (you can hardly see people swim in here too, but able to dip in your both feet considered good enough), the third pool’s temperature is 44o C (this one kira bleh tahan la akan kepanasannya, but pack la) and last but not least, the most well-liked pool which full of kids and parents which the temperature is 34-36o C.

I followed my bro and his wife to the first pool but it was too hot, so we turned to the second pool and my bro terus rendam badan dia! Kitorang ni dok terjerit-jerit sebab tak sanggup nak masuk satu badan, panas! But slowly, our body temperature managed to get along with the pool temperature (but still, I dapat rendam separuh badan je, tak leh dah…). Hubby bijak, he showered himself with cold water first before he jumped in the pool! As a result, he able to level his body’s temperature faster than us. Haha! Cool!

About 12.30am, we packed our things and went back to our rooms. Berendam dalam air panas ni kan, you will feel…lemah longlai, sleepy and tak larat sangat. But this hot spring, the later the time, the more people will come. My bro in law informed that this place operates 24hours and peak time is at 3-6am! Wow! On our way out, we saw Bangla pun ramai gi situ! Haha! Baek punye! Then we bought like 13 plain burgers yang tak sedap…but who cares, we can eat a horse! (Gile, burger kosong RM2.30! Kalah KL…)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeay Yeay Hari Raya – Day 1

"Dalammmmm dingin subuhhhh hatikuuuu terusikkkkk…kenangggg nasib diriiiii di rantauannnnn….”

It’s hari raya! I woke up je, Mama dah siap masak semua. Hehe. Hubby went for Raya prayer with his dad and brothers. I took my bath, got ready, came down and wait for hubby to come back home. Suddenly Mama came down with one paper bag and she handed it to me.

“Ni, Mama jalan-jalan, tengok kain ni macam cantik pulak. Mama belikan untuk Ina. Beli kain ni dia kasi free lining, Mama amik la.”

“Wahhhh cantiknyee…(its purple karer, Italian 100% silk)…mekasih Mama…ok Mama siap, nanti kita bergambar k?”

So unbelievable! First time beraya as the only menantu, dapat kain! Alhamdulillahhhh. I love my in laws very much.

Then hubby came back and I asked him to setup the camera for our family photo session. We decided to take photo at the home ‘turf’ and we were so lucky that Abah, Mama and hubby’s brothers were so sporting to agree with our request. We took some decent photos as well as candids. Abah suddenly took out his newly bought Exilim camera and tried to snap few pictures (so cute sebab dia jarang gile guna camera except for amik gambar-gambar projek, tapi nak jugak guna…hehe!).

From left : Me, Hubby, Wan, Shahrul, Abah, Mama.

Tiga beradik. From right : Hubby, Shahrul Nizam (first), Shahrul Ridzuan (second), Shahrul Azwan (third). Hubby paling tua tapi paling kecik!

Bermaaf-maafan di pagi raya...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from Us.

Then we went inside and had raya breakfast, rendang daging with lemang, nasik tomato with ayam masak merah, nasi himpit with kuah kacang and some kueh raya. Then…then…we did nothing…neither we went to people’s house nor people came to our house…soooooooooooo unusual for me! (Sorry Ayang…tapi betul…this was my first and could be second or third tatau la, that I felt macam pelik…hehe…). Maybe because hubby’s family never celebrated raya at Ipohni kira first time la sebab Maktok meninggal…pity them.

Tido di hari raya? Tak penah ku buat!

Tengok tv…tengok lagi…dan lagi…hmm…dan lagi…sampai la I pujuk hubby ajak gi jalan. And he brought me to Jusco at nite. My God, again, new experience! This was my first time la pegi shopping complex di hari raya. Kahkah! Nampak sangat tak beraya macam selalu. And we saw ramai gile pegi Jusco pakai baju melayu and baju kurung! Memang selamat hari raya la! I bought a pair of Vinci shoes, a Freeman apricot facial scrub, and 6 pieces of well-noted doughnuts in Ipoh, Big Apple. Variety jugak!

Then suddenly I craved for char kuey teow. Tak sangka plak ada satu gerai melayu bukak kat depan DBI tu! Raya-raya pun bukak! Ramai plak tu! So I ordered one char kuey teow, while hubby and his lil bro, sedap merokok. Haha! Puas hati la tu dapat lari jap dari Mama. After had some discussion bout mat rempit and bohsia (pergh lama tak sebut perkataan tu), we called for budak yang kerja kat situ to kira lah. Ya Allahhhhh…lembap nak mampos! Siap gi tanya tukang masak, berapa total!

“RM7.50” he said.

“Kuey teow ni brapa?” I asked.

That guy went to ask the cook.

“Kuey teow ni RM4.50…air tadi, teh o ais, teh o ais limau, ais kosong…aaa…semua naik harga dah…” he explained.

“Naik harga?” hubby’s lil bro asked (the original price was RM3.50!).

“Ha bang, semua naik…sebab bulan puasa aritu tak brapa nak ada, jadi raya ni naik la, sok lepas raya turun balik.”

“KAHKAHKAHKAH! That was the craziest reason that I ever heard!” hubby shouted out once we in the car.

Dah la slow, lembap, mahal plak tuh! I didn’t really mind paying for foods but RM1.00 extra, that was ridiculous! Well, it suited the stall name “Jaka’s”, which we later got how it SHOULD be pronounced…J-A-C-K-A-S-S!

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