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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Globe, Bubur Durian, And Adam

To know a country's distance, I bought this globe :) Rasa seronok plak bila dapat tengok semua negara and how far they are from Malaysia...senang skit nak beli tiket flight ek? Hahaha! Jom main tunjuk-tunjuk tempat, patu beli, nak?

I suka durian. Suka sangat sampai bleh abih brapa bijik durian sorang...nak-nak hubby pun suka. Agak berebut gak la kekadang. Dengan tak disangka, this one resto kat Bangi ada served bubur durian cicah with roti! Perghhhh! Sedappppp! Paling siut, pelayan tu siap cakap "Betul ke kak? Nak 5 keping?" APA LA SANGAT DENGAN 5 KEPING ROTI BENGGALI YANG GEMUK2 TU DIK OIIIIII! KASI ANGKAT SAJA LAH! Hehehe...

Setelah habis berpantang, barulah Enda balik ke rumah dia around my house area gak. Barulah jugak dapat tengok baby boy dia. Comel sangat, mata sepet. Hubby cakap, muka dia muka pemain bola sepak Malaysia...hmmm...hahaha! Kaki panjang! Bleh niiiii...kenalkan, Adam Rifqi.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Platform Flip-Flop Still In?

[Pic by Belicious]

Sampai termimpi-mimpi nak beli sandal ni...
Memang dah lama platform flip flop ni, tapi tetiba je rasa nak pakai.
Browsed sana-sini, sampai pegi Pavillion, akhirnya jumpa kat
Pegi sana, terus angkat satu!

Friday, June 26, 2009

F2R0A1N0CE & J2A0P1A1N


(please god...make my wishes come true...amin!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tales of A Travelholic...

Have u met a tremendous true hardcore travelholic?

I DID…and still befriend of her.

I know her through hubby as they previously took the same ACCP course for IT post-graduates collaborated with government (did I say it rite? I hope so…). I rarely seen her at first, but took a GC trip with her and her half, together with another 3 good friends of them, made me really attached with her (btw, she has a very enjoyable husband, siblings and in laws too).

From my sight of eyes, she is a beyond-doubt travelholic (wait till I tell u guys how passionate she is), I must say. This is how I rate this “extremist”:

A snap a of place’s name, she will jump off and say, JOM!

Shoot her a place's name, she will throw u a MANUSCRIPT of TRAVEL INFO!

Some time ago when H1N1 just attacked Mexico, I told her that MAS has a massive insane free fares promo. Destination? Certainly, Mexico. Without any hesitation, she said she wanted to go!!! I caught in a surprise and had both of my eyeballs popped out! Obviously, who wants to go there? When the virus is still new, easily and widely spread out!

But guess what, it didn’t cuff her both hands to browse the flight tickets! She later got to know that MAS didn’t have such an offer, and started to get a re-verification from me. I really can’t take it anymore and laughed out loud, and simultaneously, I told hubby what I did to her and what she had done upon it. Dissatisfied with MAS, she continued to browse AA website! And of course la kan, the same offer didn’t reflect in AA website as well!

By this time, she knew that I had fooled her…and started to believe that she had to put Mexico out of her mind (for now). Hahaha! And that’s what I call “A tremendous true hardcore travelholic!” Even H1N1 can’t stop her! Listen to what she had to say at that point of moment “tak kisah…janji murah…pegi jeeeee (with a smiley face)”. Kahkahkah!

Andddddd she didn’t stop there!

Hubby and I have a plan for a historical trip to Hanoi on Feb 2010. Disregard the third world country that has no Hot Wheels, she agreed to join us. (Owh god, u guys would never want to know how fascinate her hubby is, Cawan, of this merchandise…he has countless of them and they are well kept in their very own original packing).

Hubby later informed her the date and time of our itinerary, for her to pursue her ticket buying. 23rd-27th of Feb…ok, she clicked GO! Put in all her details, together with her half’s details, paid online, and there u go…TWO TICKETS TO HANOI ON 23rd-27th OF MARCH!

MARCH??? Hell nooooooooooooo!!! Ours is on FEB!!! She had paid for almost RM600 for the place that was initially not in her trip list at all, just because she wanted to join us, and yet she got it wrong??? My goodness!!!

She dares not to tell her half…but later she told him so. Nothing to mad off…what done is done. Now, what we can try to do is to wait for another promo and get the ticket change. Day by day, she checked thoroughly, the price still hit the ceiling. It’s like buying another two new tickets, and that is soooo not a wise decision to make.

On god’s willing, she strikes back!

I’ve got a mail yesterday from AA on NO ADMIN FEE PROMO! Without wasted any longer, I buzzed her on Hanoi’s ticket. Same time, same day, RM350 FOR TWO! She shouted her lung out and started to congest the AA website (yeah, she was the one who congested the line…blame her! Hahaha!)

And this time, she got it loud and clear! Same date, same time, SAME FLIGHT, and there u go, A TRIP OF FOUR TO HANOI! BRAVO DEARIE! (Well…still trying to convince the others…but they might have their own la sape la kita kan…)

Owh…u guys wanna know what happen (or shall I say, what WILL happen) to her old tics? Feel free to buy it from her…can ar? Hahaha! No plans on what to do with the tics yet but I told her “anggap je la duit u tu hilang or bayar income tax :D”.

Introducing her, the tremendous true hardcore travelholic,

Nazirah aka Na.

P/S : France eh?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spirit of The Game

Rafa won't join Fed for Wimbledon...sigh...Anyhow, Fed KENA kotakan kata-katanya, to beat Pete's record (14 times Grand Slam). Mudah ni...

Today was the 3rd week kitorang main tennis kat Kinrara Golf Club. Since last week hujan, hari ni kitorang bantai main free sampai sejam setengah (free nyer setengah jam je...hahaha). Itupun sebab gate tak kunci. Patu tetiba ada dua orang chinese (bapak and anak gadis) datang approched hubby, tanya boleh tak diorang amik gambar kitorang. Hahaha! Rasa cam hebat plak sampai hubby tak abis-abis la buat ace! Nyampah! Budak tu kena amik motion sport pics untuk college project dia la kot...then dia tunjuk gambar-gambar kitorang, cun gak sebab guna DSLR...(tapi tak mintak sebab segan...kihkih!)

Lain kali bleh buat lagi :D
More pics here.

The Art of Killing Boredom TO GO OUT!

And there we off to Empangan Batu, Ulu Yam. Punya la ikut jalan internet, from Jalan Ipoh, hampeh satu signboard pun takde! Sampai call Elly lah tanya…nasib baik dia kata Arab nyer rumah (kat Gombak) dekat je ngan Ulu Yam tu. Elok nak call Arab, tetiba ternampak signboard Ulu Yam kat depan.

Dekat je…sampai kat situ, tengok pagar bukak sikit je. Rupanya kereta tak leh masuk. Guard tu cakap, dalam tu memang ada empangan, tapi orang masuk untuk jogging and picnic je (dia tak tau ramai orang memancing kat luar sana). Disebabkan malas nak jalan kaki sejauh 1km, kitorang pun lalu ikut luar empangan.

Rupanya ada 3-4 hotspots jugak la untuk kereta berhenti. So kitorang pun park la kat satu area ni, ada gazebo and few couples bertenet. Then ada beberapa orang memancing kat gigi air tu. Dari jauh nampak la batu-batu yang menjadi tebing pada empangan tu. Tapi tak brapa jelas sebab jerebu teruk.

Lepas amik gambar, kitorang gerak ke atas lagi, satu lagi tempat untuk kereta benti. Kat sini cantik skit sebab dah nampak sunset. Ramai gak orang bertenet and memancing, tak paham aku. Bertenet pakai baju kurung colorful tau! Haha! Then kitorang gerak ke arah air terjun Ulu Yam. Tak singgah pun, just amik gambar gerai je. Then patah balik sebab bosan.

Layankan je la gambar-gambar kat sini.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sistahood : Loosen Hands & Feets

The day sistas come out and play @ Gardens.

Biq in Sephia Coffee Stain
Elly in Illusion 8
Skin in Photocopy Pagecurl
Dib in Lens Saturation
Deb in Lens Flare and Seamless
Us who complete Sistas
More pics in this album.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sepagi Dan Sepetang Bersama Kak Ngah


{Naga @ Putrajaya}

Part 1

Part 2

{Creatures @ Aquaria}

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Biq Is Seriously Big!

I am putting weight la…

I can still remember how skinny I was back in 2001…I was 37kg (but 35kg whenever under the weather). I was 42kg for a jiffy (after Raya 2006) but then reduced back to 39kg, which was KONON back to my NORMAL UNDERWEIGHT!

10 YEARS…SEPULUH TAHUN…I was categorized as underweight tau…So many approaches I’ve tried, Appeton, GNC, Eat-n-Sleep, Exercise-less, you name it…and yet, it still the same. I wore XS/S-sized for the chest, and 24-25 for the waist. See, how skinny I was!

I used to cry…depressed on my underweight body…macam nak bunuh diri pun ada…I even ate cholesterol-based foods, carbonated drinks, lemak ayam jangan cakap la kan…tapi masih jugak tak gemuk.


Dengar ye…I was 42-44kg after I got married. Cooking/buying and eating routine dishes (rice, vege, fish/chicken/beef/prawn/squid), causing me to take 3 meals per day without fail, dalam tak sedar, I dah 49kg!

Reduced sekali je masa hubby pegi US, masa I tinggal kat rumah Skin. 47kg. Since then, I tak penah timbang dah…sammmmmmmpai la recently I buat fertility checkup. MATA I SEBULAT-BULATNYER TENGOK PENIMBANG TU 51.5KG!

Dissatisfied with the result, balik tu I timbang lagi kat rumah Skin. MASIH 51KG BUT THIS TIME ADDED ANOTHER .3KG SEBAB MAKAN POP CORN! SO 51.8KG LAH!

First time dalam sejarah berat badan I ni…tak penah cecah 50kg! Hamik hobat!

Memang la still my ideal weight, even “Doc.Fatimah said…” pun said the same thing. Tapi…tapi…perut ngan peha ni la pulak…aaaaaaaaa!

Bak kata Adib, “I’m fat and I DON’T CARE!”

I tiru lah!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fed’s Spirit of A Champion Series

Can someone tell me how many episodes of Roger Federer’s Spirit of A Champion : Making of A Champion???

I watched once last week…and guess what; another episode was screened last nite! At first, I tought it was the same chapter and it was just a re-run of last week’s episode, but hell nooooo, it was another set of story of his tennis life! I REALLY NEED TO DOWNLOAD ALL OF IT!!!

Last nite’s episode, all his Grand Slams triumph were highlighted! From the first till the fourteenth! My goodness! I was smiling and sighing, watching Fed CRIED on ALL his victories. I mean, ALL tau! Not even once pun dia tak nangis! I wonder about how sensitive this guy can be tau…coz even other tennis players gave him the same testimonial, ‘what you see is what you get’. Hmmm…cute!

The best part, when the narrator said ‘…but…every champ has his own nemesis’. Wahhhhhh! Masa ni background music dah tukar macam zaman gladiator dulu. Hahaha! Nampak sangat like ‘the great nemesis has arised, the only person who can stop Fed from winning the Grand Slam, RAFAEL NADAL, the greatest clay King evaaaahhhhhh!’ perghhhhh! Hebat! Hahaha!

Sigh…I just love both of them…cute, unwind…and yet, so determine with what they really want. They really make my day…and I wish, I can watch them, both of them, lawan tennis EVERYDAY! Boleh tak? Sigh…

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fed's Influenza!

Hooray! As expected, Fed won the French Open @ Roland Garros. Tennis God a.k.a The King of Tennis defeated Soderling last nite with 3-0! Menang mudah! Itu je habuannyer, bila Soderling asik main ace je masa serve. Mana dia sangka, Fed played aces better than him!

Agak membosankan bila dah tau Rafa tak masuk final…tapi lagi membosankan bila tau orang yang tak popular masuk final. Dah agak, Soderling ni macam Baghdatis, jenis player yang hanya masuk final sekali seumur hidup. Tapi agak seronok sebab nak tau, how Fed can defeat him, sebab sepanjang French Open, takde sape bleh kalahkan Soderling, even the great King of Clay, Rafa!

Namun akhirnya terjawab juga bila Fed betul-betul tau macamana Soderling main and apa kelemahan Soderling. Fed bagi kaw-kaw nyer kat backhand Soderling! Good one Fed! That’s what Rafa should do! Plus point for Fed, drop shot nyer sangatttttttlah cun dan cantik, sampai Soderling plak yang tak reti camne nak amik. Ye la, Soderling ni memang main straight and force je, tak macam Fed, dia banyak main ace PLUS strategy!

Dengan kemenangan French Open ni, genaplah rekod Fed’s Grand Slam sebanyak 14 kali, yakni sama dengan rekod Pete Sampras! Lagi best, this is the first time he won the Roland Garros, yang selama ni banyak pemain latin je yang menang. Fed melutut dan menangis…dengan I, I skali menangis! Sob…sob…lagi syahdu, bila Fed cakap bini dia tengah pregnant (damn it! Jeles aku!)

So, since French open dah abis, nak tunggu another 2 weeks for Wimbledon (mintak-mintak la Rafa tak tarik diri…kalo tak, haiiii tak best laaaaa), hubby and I ada satu idea yang dah lama sangat kitorang nak buat.

Main tennis kat Kinrara Golf Club!

Wah, dah lama meninggalkan sukan ni. Mana nak sangka, Kinrara Golf Club tu open for public! RM10.50 per hour. Swimming plak, RM10 per entry (mahal seh!). Ha, petang tu jugak kitorang balik check raket! Berbekalkan raket lama (string elok lagi) kitorang keluar pegi beli bola and pro grip. Bola yang ada dah botak! Grip yang ada dah tak grip lagi! Haha! Check internet, ada satu kedai sukan kat Bangi. Murah siut barang-barang dia! Dah nak angkat dah bola tennis edition Australian Open, tapi sebab Wilson nyer bola 3 ketul RM6, terus tak pikir panjang, amik je!

Masa tu jugak la baru nampak raket Fed and Rafa. K-Factor yang Fed pakai ada la dalam RM699-RM999. Babolat yang Rafa pakai plak dalam RM799-RM899 (tapi Rafa nyer custom made la, cuma cat je sama). Perghhhhhh! Mahal sungguh! Alangkah…alangkah bagusnyer jika I kaya…main tak seberapa, belagak je lebih! Kahkahkah!

Ok takpe, harini guna dulu kasut Adidas yang ada, walaupunnnn tau kasut tu dah ketat! Ku redahkan jua! At last, I mengalah…lebih satu jam (takde orang halau, belasah je la extra time), setelah satu set, hahahaha satu set je main (kutip bola tu yang letih), I KENA bukak kasut sebab sakit jari kaki. So, I main guna socks je…hahaha! Dress dah macam Sharapova, selit bola kat peha dah macam Ivanovic, tapi kasut, socks je!

Dapat la mengurangkan beberapa kalori di perut. Tanpa buang masa, masa untuk mencari kasuttttttt! From Bangi, to Mid Valley, to Sg.Wang, to Lot 10, from Adidas, to Nike, to Reebok, to Puma, to NB, to Fila, to whatever brands available in market, akhirnya I beli Nike (I am no fan of Nike, TAPIIII sume ni sebab Fed and Rafa guna Nike, I pun terperasan la nak guna Nike…plussss murah la nak compare to Reebok I riki tadi! Kahkahkah!)

At first ingat nak beli tennis shoes je, tapi cam rugi sebab tak leh guna untuk running or outdoor, I cari running shoes. Tapi pikir-pikir balik, macam la I ni rajin sangat nak jogging, ahirnya I beli tennis shoes gak (yang non-marking sebab memang semata-mata untuk main tennis pun.)

Since non-marking ni sesuai untuk indoor court, maka ianya sesuai jugak la digunakan untuk bermain badminton, squash dan juga ping pong (hmmm menarik tuh!) Tambahan pula, murah (ye la, NAK BELI KASUT FED YANG NIKE AIR ZOOM VAPOR dengan KASUT RAFA YANG NIKE MAX AIR LUNARLITE tu melampau sangattttt!) Sah-sah dua-dua tu tak dijual! Cam haram!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fed, The Greatest Tennis Player Of All Time

Fed won over Monflis last nite. There goes another French musketeer. Padan muka! Dah la crowd tak supportive langsung! As expected, Soderling joined him for Semi, meeting Gonzales tonite. Believe me; with the tennis he plays, he will meet Fed in Final! (Pity Rafa coz he didn’t play his tennis very well…dia cakap, if someone who has to win the game, he should be Fed, no one else. Baik kan Nadal?)

Safina, Safin’s baby sister, is defeating Cibulkova (while I’m blogging). If she wins, she’ll be meeting Stosur in Final. Hmm…what a nice opponent. You go girl!

I watched Fed’s special short documentary on Spirit of A Champion:Making of A Champion. I found it funny and yet impressed, as he has his own childhood video footage. Macam dah sangka je he will be a star! He was obsessed with balls since he knew how to walk. Soccer, ping pong, tennis, you name it. Anyhow, tennis became his no.1 passion.

At such an early age, he was away from his parents, just to accomplish his goal. Being homesick at all the time, he started to become moody and sensitive. Smashing the racket and shouting at himself, he was dissimilar to Saffin. Hmm…unbelievable to see what he was before, compared to what he has become now. Cool-er. And he always acts relevantly upon his own fault. (Except this year, lepas kawin, jadi macam pemalas, buncit skit, and pemarah…hubby cakap, Fed terlalu memikirkan nama anak dia, bleh? Hahaha!)

Anyway, diorang memang longtime lovers. In fact, I saw his wife (at that time, still his gf) in the video, when he was 17! Mesti cinta sejati tu. Right after he won his Junior title at 16y/o, he became Pro as early as 17y/o. Masa tu dia start lawan Sampras kat Final. Wahhhhh! No wonder la dia glamour…the first yuppie yang defeated Sampras and Agassi!

Masa tu, FED SANGAT SANGAT SANGAT HANDSOME! With his hair tied, beaded choker, memang heartthrob.

(I’m melting…)

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