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Friday, October 31, 2008

Effie Night Out

“This song is for Biq and Elly…Welcome back bebeh!”

Woohoo! Everyone was looking at both of us (me and Elly) while we waved back to Effie and gave him a flying kiss.

I met Elly at NZ Garden Café right after I settled my last minute IBM assessment skill (demyuh!). We talked and gossiped till 12.30pm and to kill more time, suddenly we decided to catch Effie’s performance at Sangrila Island. We used to be his groupies when he was with Headwind3 (owh god, we miss them so much…the band, the songs, the late-nite TT sessions…those were the days…) and now he’s with Group Company (6 piece band) that more or less offering rock music.

We sat at the bar…jadi kekok sebab dah lama tak tengok live band (lucky tempat tu bukan macam club, lebih kepada tempat lepak malam je la). Looking at the number of crowds, it was not a most-wanted place to hang out…and I can say that it was quite bad for today's business…plus, on the day of Halloween, so clubbers were off to other places that offered more merrymaking (except for the top floor, tempat gay rupanya!). Nevertheless, here in Sangrila Island, every bar tender was wearing gothic garb with splashed blood and black make-up on their lips and eyelids. Some even got gangster stitches on their faces. Cool huh? Adding to it, there were grave stones stood by the stage where the band was performing next to it, kira masuk la dengan costume diorang yang ala-ala bangun dari kubur…hahaha (Effie was on body sketching and he was wearing a Hannibal mask, where at the end, he took it off sebab susah nak nyanyi...kihkih).

We later asked for Coke from the gothic cashier, but they only have Pepsi. Boleh lah. Lagipun takde cover charge. Before the band started their 4th and last set of the day, as usual, DJ will played the club songs. Unbelievable, 5 tahun lepas punya lagu pun still ada! Ternganga-nganga I ngan Elly! Takkan tak berubah weh? But memang pun, lagu-lagu club yang lama memang best! You can’t help yourself from stop stomping your legs whenever they play it kan? Percayalah! Tambah-tambah hangguk kepala! Mesti punya!

And so the band started their final set, and it was about half and hour. Kejap nyer! We were really entertained by the group, especially when it came to the one and the only lady singer (owh goh, she wasn't a crowd puller la). We had enough with the way she moved! Yes, she can sing, but that was it! Maybe we used to see how Effie and Winnie had chemistry together when they were performing on stage, and we will obviously compare other lady singers with Winnie. Pompuan ni asik menari kiri kanan, depan blakang je ok! Tak cukup live depan mata, we sarcastically watched her on the tv screen, memang terkangkang-kangkang ok!

We both can’t stop gossiping bout her…takde mic rm5k la, takde lenggok la, takde style la, tak pandai menari la…(ok la, bias sebab kitorang suka Winnie)…tapi sebab mengenangkan nak tengok Effie, kitorang layan je la. Indubitable, the band worked well with their selection of songs. Especially, when they improvised one hip hop song, to a merely hard rock. Sedap jugak. Bab guitarist dia ‘goreng’ tu, memang teruja jugak (haah, I easily fall in luv with the way guitarist meng-‘goreng’…sounds sexy kan? Takpe, hubby I sexy jugak bila basuh baju or masak kat dapur...hik!).

As usual, and as expected, mesti ada lagu cina la kan. We thought it was the same song that Headwind3 always sang, but this piece lagu lain. Mat-mat and minah-minah cina ni ape lagi! Suka la! Siap buat circle, and do that elephant dance! Ya Allah…ada yang naik atas stage and tumpang nyanyi. Tu tak kira yang nak sambar mic Effie, nak nyanyi skali! Buduh gile! Haha!

Overall, dapat la melepaskan rindu tengok Effie performed. He told us that he might stop singing next year and look for other job…elok la pun, takat mana pun bleh pegi if nyanyi club ni kan…kecuali masuk mainstream.

I hantar Elly balik, and I patah balik ke rumah Skin. Sampai-sampai je terus online, chat ngan hubby…rindu sangat kat dia!

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