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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yeay Yeay Hari Raya – Day 2

I woke up late and when I came down, everyone was having their breakfast. Hubby’s second brother still not feeling very well due to asthma, so Mama and Abah didn’t plan to go anywhere. Hubby and I started to pack our things as we need to head to Taiping at 12pm, to my older sister’s, but we need to stop by at my step mom’s house first. My family plan to celebrate our second raya at my oldest sister’s at Baling, Kedah, for this year, she insisted to be the host of our family gathering.

Janji melayu…we reached at my step mom’s around 2.30pm. As usual, she prepared bihun sup and we loved it so much…sedap! Then, we and Abah, off to Kak Ngah’s house and met Lang’s family there (my dad’s sister). Macam biasa, bila jumpa diorang ni mesti tak abis-abis buat lawak la. After they went back, and everyone (us) got ready, we started our longgggg journey to Baling…penat seh, dah la banjir kat certain places. At this time, my oldest sister, Kak Saba, already started membebel setengah mampos sebab kitorang tak sampai-sampai lagi. Haha!

We reached Baling around 6pm and my sister served us with nasik ayam and bihun sup by the garden, chewah! Rumah dia besar, luas, siap pokok merata-rata…kadang-kadang monyet pun singgah, haha! And the food…was yummy! My stomach actually tak brapa sedap, asik sakit je, maybe too many spicy foods kot. Though I was not in a good shape, I was still happy sebab dapat jumpa my family.

Later at nite, my bro and his family arrived from my sis in law’s kampung. They were the closest but they arrived late. Kihkih! After we had some refreshment, we got ready to check in at Ulu Legong Hot Spring Recreation Park. But before that, my oldest sis handed some duit raya for my dad, and followed by me (patutnye esok, tapi biasa la my dad, mata duitannnnn…haha! Siap lawan tarik sampul lagi!)

This hot spring is the ONLY entertainment kot kat Baling ni. We took 3 cornered rooms, where each of the room amounted RM50-60. The size? Bigger than a hotel room. It’s kind of home-typed-master-bedroom with one queen sized bed, bathroom, and plenty of wide spaces (kira boleh la nak golek sana sini). It is located in front of the hot spring area, but you can find more expensive rooms available (if you are lucky enough) inside the hot spring area itself.

There are 4 pools, the main pool’s temperature is 51o C (believe me, this is ibu kolam…you can never get to swim in here…it smells eggs coz it really can boils eggs!), the second pool’s temperature is 48o C (you can hardly see people swim in here too, but able to dip in your both feet considered good enough), the third pool’s temperature is 44o C (this one kira bleh tahan la akan kepanasannya, but pack la) and last but not least, the most well-liked pool which full of kids and parents which the temperature is 34-36o C.

I followed my bro and his wife to the first pool but it was too hot, so we turned to the second pool and my bro terus rendam badan dia! Kitorang ni dok terjerit-jerit sebab tak sanggup nak masuk satu badan, panas! But slowly, our body temperature managed to get along with the pool temperature (but still, I dapat rendam separuh badan je, tak leh dah…). Hubby bijak, he showered himself with cold water first before he jumped in the pool! As a result, he able to level his body’s temperature faster than us. Haha! Cool!

About 12.30am, we packed our things and went back to our rooms. Berendam dalam air panas ni kan, you will feel…lemah longlai, sleepy and tak larat sangat. But this hot spring, the later the time, the more people will come. My bro in law informed that this place operates 24hours and peak time is at 3-6am! Wow! On our way out, we saw Bangla pun ramai gi situ! Haha! Baek punye! Then we bought like 13 plain burgers yang tak sedap…but who cares, we can eat a horse! (Gile, burger kosong RM2.30! Kalah KL…)

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