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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yeay Yeay Hari Raya – Day 4

D day to go back to KL! But I need to stop at my late mom’s grave first. So hubby and I, my sis and her family met my bro and his family at the graveyard. My oldest sis has gone earlier with her family. I told my sis to make a better kepuk for my mom’s grave but it was stated there that it was not allowed to do so. Tah la…tengok banyak je yang buat kepuk tu cantik-cantik, boleh je.

Then all of us headed to Ipoh to my aunt’s house (my dad’s oldest sister). We ate more laksa and nasi impit with kuah kacang kelempung. Sedap!!! Puas hati! Jumpak jugak kuah kelempung! This kuah kacang kelempung was actually originated by my late mom…she religiously prepared this course along with her popular laksa. So neighbors and relatives will never ever miss our house just to taste these special dishes. But since she died 12 years ago, we took turn to prepare this course…but can never beat her air tangan…(I miss her…Al-fatihah.)

I met my close cousin who has twins and till date, I can never get to guess correctly on the first try. Haha! They are now 1 and half years old. Super cutie pie! (Ok, she also told me that I’m in good shape now, neither too skinny nor fatty. So hubby, now can you accept that? Hehe!)

My sis and bro later went back to Taiping, while hubby and I, started our journey back to KL. We used federal road and only used the highway started from Tanjung Malim. Thank god, no traffic jam. We arrived at KL around 8pm and guess what…our house got power trip…again!!! Arghhhh!!! I hate when it happened!!! This power trip kan, tak pernah nak jadi when we were around, but bila cuti lama skit je, takde kat rumah, mesti kena! As expected, the fridge agak busuk because we had cuttlefish and fries. After cleaned up, we left it open, un-operated, all nite long…

Oh yeah, Kiki? Gara-gara tak dapat boarding sebab full house, he was home alone for 6 days. He finished 3 bowls of friskies out of 4 big bowls but 4 bowls of drinks still available. When we opened the door, suara dia macam dah sayup-sayup je. Sedih sangat la tu. Hehe! Patu dapat keluar je, terus manja-manja. Owh we miss Kiki so much! He’s being a good boy…except for kotak-kotak yang diselongkar tu la kan


RIEZ said...

post la gambar kiki tue @_@

Unknown said...

wah so enjoying reading your raya story. reminds me of my first raya kat umah mentua plak but that was longggg time ago.

So next year raya bertiga pulak ker?

Biqque said...

dah post gambar kiki dah! :D

dibitz said...

kalau kucing i mampos nak makan biskut lemau... arghhh spoilt brat!

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