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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stats In Blogger

Do you noticed that (Blogger ) has this one tab calls Stats? (Go to your dashboard and you'll see this feature at the very end of your tabs.) I find it quite amazing as currently I am using other tools to keep track my page statistic. Actually more or less, it is almost the same as what you get in Nuffnang...the hits, traffics, keywords, and audience.

I played around with the statistics last 2 days and found it very useful and fun. You get to know who came from where with what type of keyword they used. On average, everyday I received 100+ pageviews. Even it doesn't mean much to popular bloggers, but it is an achievement for me, from nothing to something. And proud to announce that Chawana is the top referring URLs and sites. Thanks Na a.k.a continue doing so :)

You guys want to know what was and still the top used keyword that lead to my blog? "Bashing pondan seksi" and "Doa untuk dapatkan zuriat". See the BIG contra in these two keywords? Hahaha! Funny huh? Clearly readers out there looking for something good and bad...(you are!)

Overall, my readers came from inside the country (no surprise) and this is why I started to write in simple English, to have a wider range of readers, especially on my travel journals and tips' posts. For browsers, most of them using IE (this is a surprise, coz I thought, internet surfers nowadays are on Firefox or Chrome already). This is forcing me to change my blog template now, coz the current one is best viewed using Firefox! Dang!

So what's yours? Let's share!


Ely Hasrul said...

err boleh tak ko jgn ckp bende teknikal yg aku xtau!?? haha.. sumpah aku xtau nk check cemana sume.

Unknown said...

hahahah wah tak i antara penyumbang traffic u huhuhu..bagus2.. tiket kapal terbang pelisssssssss...:))

Biqque said...

hahaha skin, tak yah tau, ko tgk je, dah tersedia semua...benda tu bleh buat ko tersenyum :)

na, tiket kapal terobang??? (pengsan) i banjer u kari capati la kat sana nanti ok?

Lily Riani said...

ajar ler cam na nak buat... i blur bab2 ni.... nama jek keje co IT but buta IT

Biqque said...

lily, tak yah buat...u bukak je dashboard u, kat tepi new post ujung skali ada situ, macam2 adaaaaaaaaaaaa...

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