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Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogger Template

Yup...I've revamped my blog (again) up to late last night. Though I love the previous headers design, some people told me it kind off messy, chaotic, disorganized...(Beauty In Darkness...what do you expect with the word "Darkness"?)

When I decided to use Beauty In Darkness as my blog name, I started to dig deeper, what this blog should be like (on designing part). As for me, having the sense of beauty in darkness is "gorgeously mysterious". Something that you can find beneath your unseen specialty. Confused? Let you be :)

Anyway, I can only relate darkness with something abstract and black. Things that you can't judge on. Subjective. You read, you see, you think, you decide.

Yes, I love black. Anything pertaining to black regardless anything, but without breath, I'll take it. Thus, I always use black as my blog background, or something darker if it isn't black enough. This time, again, I chose black, with some closed wooden wall header...something that you can't imagine what's behind it.

As for the post body background, I found it cute and interesting to have two separate date and comment info at both sides. Though it was quite hard to read and find the exact lines in html codes (I swear to God I never like programming), but I managed to edit it :)

So, I present you, the latest template of Beauty In Darkness. Not concentrating on cantik or not, it's more on kemas la skit kan? Easy to read :)


Ely Hasrul said...

ermmm urmmm ermmm

ko mmg suka itam. itam2 pon manehhh hehe

aku suka ape yg ko suka. suka tak??

Biqque said...


Unknown said...

i luv the new template..especially the date ...kecantikan nye terserlahhhhhhhh..paling best..loading blog u pun macam dah laju sikit..kalau tak..sampai hang2pc buruk kat umah kitorg nk load tau hahahahaha

byya said...

oh i like. it looks clean and mature too hehe...neway, the content that matter right? oh, your next trip is Korea *envy*

Biqque said...

na, loading laju tu i tau, can't help it UNLESS i throw away sume sidebars and iklan :D hahahaha!

byya :D saje malas letak awal2 hehehe...

Lily Riani said...

kemas kemas.... suka. tapi sbb terbiasa ngan header gamba dulu, rasa kosong lak tetiba. ala2 tak berjiwa lak. cadangan bodoh dr i, awat tak collagekan gambar trip2 u in black & white and buat header.

Liz said...

Love the new layout. Very the beauty in darkness...semoga entry2 selepas ini bertambah hebat dan mendapat sambutan!

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