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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RedMummy(dot)com, THE Blog!

It's contest timeeeeeeee!

WOW! How do I start?

WELL, first and foremost, I’m writing this post, purely because there is a contest, that she, who must not be named, has organized (since she claimed, it is not about her kan, hehehe!)

BUT yeah, I know that I can’t help myself for not shouting her name, so I present you, her famous RED blog, Redmummy(dot)com.

HMM, too much things to say and too much things to share. Clearly pointed, it is not about her, it’s about her BLOG. This blog has it ALL. From life to love to passion to interest, every single thing has been put in place, as what she wants it to be portrayed.

AS everyone notice, including me, Redmummy(dot)com has its own community services. Do you know that this blog serves to console you, your heart, and your psycho brain, in BMM? Do you know that this blog serves you in WAU, that connect you with your long lost family, friends, and could be your lover? And do you know that, you, as the reader from all over the country (and I believe could be) all over Asia, have an ICT session with Mr.Sirman, the backbone-man who bring this blog to life? Not to mention about giving opportunity for you to be featured as the Guest Writer (knock, knock), do you know that? (Ehem, ehem…thank you.) Go figure, and start sending her an email, via Contact Red.

FOR faster and speed searching about prada, nuffnang, astro, mac, lunch, even abang or gegirl stories in Redmummy(dot)com, go click any listed tags in Red Index. Within a glimpse, you’ll get the snippets on the related subject that you are about to die to know.

OH My TOD’s! We call it wasted, Shop@RM calls it investment. Tons of designer handbags that she handpicked by herself, are on the racks, for you to make it yours! Preloved, yet without any doubt, authentic and genuine. So, shop around, but make sure you are a serious buyer. (Please don’t mess with Red Diva, savvy? Take it and go!)

ONE thing that we (yes, me and her) have in common is, traveling. I shout my lung out when I saw her pics, shopping and traveling here and there. Especially, to that one "country" that I've yet about to go. Hmph! Ok, back to the blog, she kind off bringing us to the place that we might not have any idea where it is, like "pasar ikan". Haha! Good knowledge sharing huh? (Owh ya, me too, have cat!)

GBM. Does it ring any bell to you? Sigh…fine, let me explain. She has this one cool and merry forum. I believe, Mr. Sirman has played and still playing a very good mastermind-acting in developing this cyber-meeting, JUST like what every IT husband will do (Ehem, ehem…thank you Mr. Sekupang, my lovely hubby.) So, in here, you got to know any announcements, feedbacks, question and answer, gossips (oooo I loike), and what not. So join now, and be the newest member, to add from 501 registered users that they have now! See? Easy. Sharing is caring!

IF you have any doubt, any concern, any question that keeps on playing around your cerebrum and cerebellum throughout the days, just Ask Red. Not Contact Red, ok? I repeat, Ask Red. Period. This segment gives you the chance to ask her anything pertaining to your suspiciousness, particularly, on how she makes money via blogging. Hehe! Nice huh?

AND to those who want to advert their online shops, you may do so. Redmummy(dot)com will help you to flash and keep flashing your banner, all day long, as per term and conditions-lah. Free? No, no, no, how can she makes money out of it and get to purchase a new Perrradah! You’ll have to pay-la kannnn. Hik!

BE her follower, subscriber, or even stalker. Read her tweets, follow her feed, you aren’t becoming the last to know on what’s new about Redmummy(dot)com. As for me, I "see" this blog as an idol, for me to continue blogging. Regardless I don't get paid like what she got, whether I don't get as many fans like what she has now, this blog inspires me to keep writing, and share what I want to share with public.

ENOUGH said.

I hope, she, who must not be named, falls for my blog-promo-essay (hehe!) Ciao!

P/S: Weird. No picture of her? Well, she's popular enough for you to google :)

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