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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Split Identity?

That's what the result showed. I've attended two courses this year, "Beyond Customer's Service & Customer Service Excellent", and they have this personality test for you to know in what category you are, so that you know how to handle/tackle your customer.

The first course was early this year. There were 4 types of person:
1 : Loud
2 : Politician
3 : Bossy
4 : Follower
You can only be 1 and 2, 2 and 3, or 1 and 3. But you can't be 1 and 4.

When everyone in the class became one of the "can be", I became the only "can't be". The facilitator was wondering how did I become one, a person who is loud, but a follower? And she even re-counted the result, but still reflected the same. She finally rest her case and told me that I REALLY cannot be 1 and 4.

So, the second course was yesterday. Dr.Mike has made us to complete one personality test that grouped us into 10 types of person:
1 : Leader
2 : Idea giver
3 : Psychological warrior
4 : Harmonizer
5 : Solid talker
6 : Pusher
7 : Critic
8 : Follower
9 : Relation builder
10. Promoter
Almost all types can mix with each other, but again, I was grouped under the "can't be" identity.

Guess what? I'm a harmonizer but yet, a pusher. Huh?

And on the way back from office, hubby seconded it. He described me as a person who likes to compete, always right, hate losing, and yet I am easy to get along and accepted, whom speak in the range of "Peace no war", but in a way likes to create or be in war.

(Ok, I'm confused...need to see Rodiah now...)


Ely Hasrul said...

ko tau dak aku xabis baca sentence aku dh tau KO mmg akan tergolong kat CANT BE tuh hahahaha aku rasa aku pon tergolong kt situ gak.. kim slm kt cik ro

Biqque said...

hahahahaha! nanti aku sampaikan salam ko kat dia k...

Lily Riani said...

cool giler.... ada contact tak? i nak organize for my internal folks.

Biqque said...

lily, dr.michael ni chinese, singaporean, mmg lawak gile ok! course yg dia kasi is beyond customer service, kira ajar kita lebih dari apa yg customer expect la...if u want, i try dptkan info dia okeh?

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