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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FM Transmitter For Car

It's been a while since my car MP3 Player koyak. I sent it for repair but the car accessories shop told me it is beyond repaired. I thought of getting a new player, but it will only waste my money.

So, I have to live with it. For almost 2 years.

Untillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I saw one small rounded white color gadget in Adib's car! She told me it is a modulator, where it transmits signal to existing radio player via one designated frequency, and you can listen to any connectible USB pendrive, SDCard, MMC, and audio jack eg. iPod!

WOW! That answers to my request!

So I went to Berjaya Times Square and met Na, Cawan and little cutie kura-kura, Aqilah. The initial plan was to see Futuromic sales but too bad, it was out of expectation. (Lily, Pentex white and pink were there!) So we walked around and went into the IT Center.

There I saw this FM Transmitter! Tadaaaaaaaa!
I might be outdated, but please, let me be :) And I didn't buy it at BTS.
Instead, I got it at Lowyat. Cheaper by RM0.10 kahkahkah!
(HP USB pendrive sponsored by Lily.)

Ok, there are many brands in the market, but I chose RedFox coz it has Samsung Chipset in it's board, which makes the sound better than others (but I'm pretty sure, it's your speaker and boom box that play their roles).

This gadget supports up to 16GB and it is 32GB ready. It has 3 seconds reading speed and able to play over 1000+ songs and intelligently plays them by folder (tested live by one Chinese guy who complaint that his FM Transmitter unable to do that...hahaha!) It comes with remote control and it plays MP3 and WMA formats.

Interesting huh? And Cawan, even if other cars having the same frequency, it doesn't get interfered a.k.a other cars won't be listening to our played song. Thanks for making me wonder :)


Manji Tan said...

enjoy your new gadget

Biqque said...

:D definitely!

debyG! said...

aku pun ahtan/dib yg ajar psl transmitter ni!. xyah burn lagu kt cd, now all in the pendrive. senang...


Cawan said...

ni nk beli 1 ni!

Lily Riani said...

oo..... leh buat premiums tuh event? how much yek?

Ely Hasrul said...


(ckp psl ape minah nehhh...)


(dia ingat aku paham ke??)

(cite psl cik rodiah pleaseeee)


wahh beshnye gadget baru ko... (muka pura2 talam dua muka)

dibitz said...

redfox kena bayar aku royalty! hahaha... enjoy!

p/s: beza beli cekai punya mmg akan affect sound... and senang kena kacau freq org lain. org kata 'noise' gitu, esp bila enter KL... byk freq clash...

Biqque said...

lily, murah je...ranging from rm18.90 to rm69.00 tgk u nak hebat ke tak screen dia n sound dia...

dib, aritu tetiba kena kacau bzzz bzzzz...i dah baran...tgk2 rupanya aku tertolak benda tu, terus off! mmg la tak dapatttttttttt! kahkahkahkah!

cawan beli ar! skin, zzzzzz ko mmg! deb, best kan? kena banjer dib nih! hahaha! sedap peehhhh jom!

Iliyana I. Ramjaun said...


Am actually looking for one of this so called MP3 FM Transmitter. Is it expensive? How much did it cost u when you got yours?

Please help. Thanks.

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