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Friday, October 22, 2010

Gintell Massage Chair

Few weeks before, we went to Daiso IOI Mall to get some cheap stuff. On our way out, we saw these 4 massage chairs in front of us, which, one of the seat was occupied by a fat middle-aged guy, who seemed so relaxed with both his eyes closed. He must have enjoyed the massage, we guessed.

So we was fascinated to try lah. Since the other three chairs were vacant, we both sat side by side. Hubby was asking how this thing worked. Like old days, we used to put in coins into the slot, but this up-to-date-technology, didn't have any coin's slot. So we figured out, it had to be note's slot somewhere.

We pressed almost all the buttons that we saw but the thing still not functioning. Suddenly...

"Sis, this one need to be turn on first...let me do it for you..."

"Owh...I see..." shame, shame, looked left and right, and I stood up.

We waited for that tech guy to power on the massage chair, and hubby got it first. He inserted RM1 and the massage chair started to function.
Envy looking at hubby, I sat on the other chair and tried to insert RM1...but the light turned red. Huh?

"Hmmm...this one is not functioning la...let me repair it..."

And again, like an ugly dumb non-blonde girl who looked so stupid as if I didn't know how to use it, stood up and waited for the tech guy to fix it. Hubby was still enjoying his chair. Pfft!

Once fixed, I sat down and tried to re-insert the note. Again, the light turned red! I called the tech guy and showed him the red light. It wasn't me okay! This f**king note's slot not accepting my RM1! The tech guy was frustrated with the machine and started to open the whole circuit! Pity him.

I looked at hubby with sad face...waited for him to finish. (Yeah, I know there was another chair next to that big fat guy, but hell no, of course I want to feel the relaxation next to my hubby right?)

5 minutes later, hubby completed his relieving massage and I quickly forced him to get up. I then sat down and inserted the note, and enjoyed it. From head, neck, back, all the way down to my feet, I felt it. Should I get one?

(Dang...RM6k at least?)


Lily Riani said...

eh! i have this good massage place in OUG, RM50++ per 1 hour ke 1.5 hour ntah... not bad. pompuan massage jek except if guess bring spouse.

Biqque said...

kitorang hanya akan massage bila travel...hahaha saje nak cuba, kat mesia malas la cari spa...buang duit :D

Unknown said...

eh beli2 kusi massage tu..leh kitorg tumpang..sengal2 badan dh ni hehehehe..

sumotech said...

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Gintell iRest said...

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Funny2046 said...

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