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Monday, October 25, 2010

PAC By Martha Tilaar From RedMummy

Remember this contest? RedMummy(dot)com, THE Blog!

I was one of the consolation prize winners.

So RM and I arranged one meeting at KLCC last Friday, to collect the prize. Initially, we set it to be at CIMB around 12.15pm, but I was having an adhoc meeting with my boss, so I had to postponed it to 1.00pm.

Dib picked me up and off we went to KLCC. We decided to eat at a place that has power point, since Adib wanted to copy some pictures, so out of 3 "in" places, we picked DOME. Later at 12.45pm, Fara joined us. She handed me our very first Runaway Project that we called, "Little Red Riding Hood", and the jacket was AWESOME! (Picture? Wait for Korea Trip ya?)

Fara then accompanied me to meet RM, plus, she offered to help me to take RM&I-first-time-meet picture. We reached CIMB and waited there. In order to spot RM, we had to screen almost every women's face who in the middle of rushing for their lunch. (Lucky we can skipped scanning all guys, who were going for their Friday prayer, hahaha!)

RM then texted me and asked me to go to Aseana. At this point, I really didn't know which Aseana that she was talking about. Lucky Fara knows KLCC! So she directed me to Aseana's location. Once reached,

"There..." from afar, I straight away spotted RM, who was in light baby blue shirt...........with her new hair!

I waved at her and introduced my name. She then took out one small wrapped box and handed it to me. She was sweet enough to apologize for not putting it in a paper bag. didn't matter to me pun :) Well, it was a pretty quick one, you know. We didn't talk much. Like what Russell Peters said, "take it and go" hahaha!

I then, excused myself and went out...and I stopped. My brain urged me to get a picture together with RM...and I thought, why not...I can blog about it! :) So I turned back and asked Fara to snap a picture of us.

"Nak tengok? Hehe...kena audit dulu..." RM smiled. (Hahaha...exactly like what I always do! If anyone took my picture, I will DEFINITELY want to see it first.)
(owh my...I'm fatter than RM...)

"Tak perasan ke rambut baru I..." RM said again. "Perasannnnnn..." I replied. Hahaha! Cute dowh! (How do I noticed? Coz when we waited for RM at CIMB, I told Fara to look for a petite lady with neck-length CURLY hair. And clearly she was not, when we met her at Aseana! Hik!)

The prize?

It was a 4-tier PAC eyeshadow powder by Martha Tilaar :)
Thank youuuuuuuuuu RM! Suka! Suka!
Jealousy strikes!
(We know what's behind it.)


debyG! said...

ces... time aku x koje la nak gi lunch klcc semua! time aku sihat walafiat idak lak kome nak dtg klcc masa lunch!

sok aku dah sihat, kome biar betui dtg lunch kat sana! ajak aku skali, and yes, dib no excuse for u!

pffft.. *envy mode* lol

Biqque said...

hahahaha deb, aku ada la 3 kali jumpa fara n skin kat klcc, ngan dib 1 kali, ngan fara kat blkg opis aku 1 kali :D pasai pa aku dok rasa opis hang kat kwsp sana nun? ke bsn kat klcc tu?

tunggu hang sihat, kita jumpa ramai2 :D

debyG! said...

ceit. kwsp tu 7 tahun yg laluuuuuu. la ni betui2 sebelah klcc. kalo ko jerit, aku bole sampai klcc in less than 5 mins!

hangpa tunggu la aku sehat sok, aku tuntut sungguh janji hang. la ni list "teringin" aku mmg pjg!

cepatla.. sehatnya.. haish...

dibitz said...

hahahaha... takpe deb.. aku pi pun nak mengubat hati yg luka! hahahahhaa...

Biqque said...

betul, jumpak biqque terus tak luka lagi...ewahhhhh! hahaha!

Ely Hasrul said...

sori tokleh lari last friday.. mak ngan bapak lepak smpai petang.. la la la la this friday???

Biqque said...

this friday tak time kita plan :)

Lily Riani said...

congrates!!! lepas nih kat korea sure cantek giler kan kan kan

Liz said...

yes..yes..jumpa. jumpa.
(seronok jadik photog..hik hik hik )

Biqque said...

lily, nak cantik tara mana punnnn hahaha...

fara, tx! :)

Anonymous said...


rambut itu
rambut ku yg weng2


Biqque said...

ok la rambut baru tuuuuuu! comelllll!

eddi said...

klcc dah lama tak pergi...cantik gambar

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