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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Salt Water Fish

I used to be an enthusiast of salt water aquarium. But it last for only a year, right after my puffy puffer died.

It wasn't easy to set it up. It gave you the hell of commitment, knowledge and money to do so. It wasn't cheap to pick a very good salt, tank, filtering system, carbons, interiors, and not to forget, the most important thing, the fish.

I had 2ft small tank with on-top filtering system, which I knew it wasn't a very good system to have (bottom or side filter are the best). Keen to have it and having a salt water fish was really "in" at that time, I spent quite a money on it.
I even bought a covered tank, complete with light, and interiors such as corals and sands. The very first fish that I always wanted to make as pet was a dog-fish. A very dark choco colored with white spots on it. Soooo doggy-faced!

But then I wanted a cow-fish a.k.a box-fish but I was told that it wasn't easy to take care of it (it has a set of horns and back tails, and easy to die). So I choose a similar league, cute and puffy, none other than a puffer fish!
It was really darn cute with white spots on top and stripes on belly, and I called it "puffy". It ate a dried shrimp in a shot and liked to rest and sleep on corals.
I found it dead one day and I believed that the filter sucked it. I cried and blame myself for not loading more strands into the pipe. Sigh...what done is done. I took it out and put in on my palm, and started to feel uneasy...then I remembered that puffer fish got poison in its body! I quickly throw it away. Good bye "puffy".

I took almost a month for me to recover and I bought three types of damsel. It's been said that damsel is the toughest salt water small fish, easy to take care off, and difficult to die fast. Ok, good.

Black with white dots, half blue and half yellow, and the most popular damsel, sergeant major.
Fact lied. They died one after another.


Harlaney said...

si kiki aku la ikan biru + kuning tu.. tahan lama.. silaps sbb aku g beli dottyback yg kaler purple tu.. agressive giler.. kiki terus depressed!

Biqque said...

ha la damsel2 ni katanya idup lama...tatau la nape tetiba sume lama2 mati gak...aku rasa filtering system aku la kot, tak macho abis hahaha...

harap2 kiki ko selamat :) leh kawan ngan 'kiki' aku...nanti kita amik gambar diorang berdua sebelah2, nama sama, tapi musuh! hahaha!

Unknown said...

erk...sama tapi tak serupe..heheheh

Cawan said...

icam mahir gak bela ikan, ye ikan emas kecik2 tu memula ade 20 ekor, pastu tiap ari mati sekor.. ha haaa..

Lily Riani said...

u bela puffer fish... biar benor... rajin nye u... kucing i tuh pun i kira handful dah... i memang pemalasssss

Biqque said...

ish lily, dah kemana hala masuk stor dah akuarium tu...malas nak bancuh air garam la ikut ph la ape la, malas! kucing pun i biar je dia buat ape dia nak hahaha! dah la ngan ikan tak leh main2 belai2 sgt hahaha!

cawan, 20 ekor? gile banyak! hahaha!

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