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Monday, July 15, 2013

Langkawi Trip With #TravelholicAwesome


Recently, #TravelholicAwesome have accomplished another group trip, which added into our annual activity. The trip was called "Langkawi Bersama Ms.B", who happened to be the only person in the group, who hasn't visit this legendary land. And now she did! This trip was enlivened by 10 adults and 1 kid from:
Beauty in Darkness (Biqque) | 
Travelista (Shahrul) | 
Tales of A Travelholic (Chawanna) |
Kaki Berangan (John@Danny) | 
Janggeltrekker's Life (Janggel) | 
Journey of Life! (MasZuber) | 
Coco Nutz (Anash) | 
Traveller's Anatomy (Byya) | 
From Malaysia to the World (Dan Arif) |

Anyhow, other five members unable to join us due to their own reasons. Missing them much!
Globetrotter (Lily) |
This Is Our La La Land (Skin) |  
Kaki Jalan (MasMZ) |
BackpackerBusuk (Fatt) |
My Story Is On Lifetimes (Dr.Shahrule) |

The theme was "trolley-dolly" that obviously forced each and everyone to be traveled with their very own squarish luggage. Even the smallest travel tod, Aqilah, brought along her angry bird trolley bag! Can you imagine that? Super duper cute, especially when she pulled the bag, in her fiery-tyra-banks-face, walked in style, heading to the van. Hahaha! 

Owh ya, we rented a van with our own drivers, Cawan and Dan Arif. Thank God they were so good in steering this huge minibus. We purposely rented this 14-seater vehicle, to ease the travel journey as well as being able to get close to each other, a.k.a cakap tanpa batasan la.

We also rented a 2-room bungalow called Homestay Tok Jah that basically owned by siblings of four, that named after their late mom. They also owned various types of homestay, which can be rented per day or per month basis. The house was quite ok but not up to our expectation. Few days before we arrived Langkawi, it was hit by huge flood that led to water crisis. So mandi pun kena catu sorang 5 cebok! Hahaha!

This trip was kind of "simple" and "relax" but "memorable". We've been to few tourist spots like Pekan Kuah, Dataran Langkawi, Makam Mahsuri, Buffalo Farm, Cable Car, Petronas Quay, Porto Malai, Pantai Cenang, and Beras Terbakar. Okay...what happened on that particular days and places, you might wanna read Janggel's blog! 

#Travelholicawesome Terjah Langkawi (Part 1)
#Travelholicawesome Terjah Langkawi (Part 2)

Whilst, I did my part on Keek-ing! Hehehe! These are the 20 episodes of my personal Keeks throughout the trip. Enjoy!

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 1.My Intro 

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 2.Ucapan Ms.B

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 3.TravelholicAwesome Naik Van

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 4.Shopping Cekelat!

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 5.Terbang Helang Terbang

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 6.Makan Besar

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 7.Lepak kat Homestay Tok Jah

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 8.Mahsuri Ke Ni?

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 9.Ada Kerbau Nak Jaga

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 10.Ice Cream Kerbau

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 11.Sejam Tunggu Cable Car

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 12.Dalam Cable Car

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 13.Yatch Sapa Banyak2 kt Petronas Quay?

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 14.Trolley Dolly Penuh Lori 

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 15.Singgah Porto Malai Kejap

"Langkawi Trop bersama Ms.B" : 16.Pantai Cenang yang Tenang

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 17.Banyak Ni Je Beras Terbakar?

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 18.Langkawi Airport Jom Balik

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 19.Kenduri Rambutan Kat Airport

"Langkawi Trip bersama Ms.B" : 20.Bye-Bye Langkawi


Ren said...

OMG senangnya entry ni! Hahahaha best best dapat layan keek katanya. Jemput baca blog saya ye kengkawan hahahahahahahahahhaahahahhaahhahaa

Unknown said...

GILAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK...dah mcm drama sinetron byk episode!! Jemput ramai2 tgk video hahahah

Biqque said...

janggel, ha senang kan? aku dah bilangggggg hahahaha! jemput baca, jemput tgk!

aku baru pasan aku amik video menegak, patutnya melintang! hahaha!

na, drama sgt kannnnnn! tiap tempat okay! #untungla korang hahaha!

JaSSNaNi said...

banyak tul video.. tapi takper.. tengok je.. happening giler... seronok.. weOls pulak dlm perancangan nak terjah langkawi nanti.. yeahh!!

Ako Retna said...

banyaknya keek dier :p

just.HY said...

haaaa jangan main2 dgn mak esah ye para pembaca sekalian. bakal menang VLOG of the year nihhhh!!!!


Anash said...

nampak plak akak dokong super-diva-qila-yang tak nak pijak pasir...dah macam bibik...hahahaha..

nebes plak nak updet kisah langkawi...

akan link blog entry nih...

(bila nak start vote utk katagori Vlog?-dah mula ker?*blur*)

MasZuber said...

best giler bideo2 keek nihhhhh

setiap kali aku tgk..teringat2 haaa huhuhuu

Biqque said...

jasnani, langkawi pun langkawi la...janji sonok dgn family or kawan2 kan? hehehe!

ako, ye la, baru ada smartphone katanyaaa hehe!

john, adakah kena undi tahun ni? tidakkkkk!

kak anash, kita main backlink je ramai2 senang hahaha!

mas, #untungla ko...dari redang, tepen, sampai langkawi, korang hilite tauuuuu kihkih!

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