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Monday, July 1, 2013

Boracay Getaway : Batangas Port, Caticlan Jetty Port, Cagban Jetty Port, and Boracay Breeze Hotel

[BEFORE] Boracay Getaway : LCCT and Manila International Airport 

"Great...we got sniffer dog and 3rd class bunk bed! This is SO not romantic cruise!" - Biqque

Yes, we were safe and sound. Further inside, right at the end of the wet market, we saw security guards and true enough, the terminal entrance was there! ALHAMDULILLAH!

WE RAN. Yes, we ran to the terminal entrance but were stopped by another guard, who asked us for the entrance ticket. He then showed us the ticket booth area where we saw that pink 2GO counter, the place where we exchanged the online voucher into a physical ticket. We were led to another counter, to pay PHP30 (RM2) for the terminal fee.
After acquired both tickets, we were separated by gender, and went thru a thorough checking for body and bag scanning. Once in every 1 minute, I took a quick glance at hubby, making sure that I didn’t lost him.

Suddenly, “Ma’am, please put down your bag, ma’am.” A very thick Pinoy-English ascent.


I put down my bag and prayed that the dog’s saliva won’t drop on my bag. Again, I looked for hubby and he was way behind the queue. I passed thru the security checking and waited at the cruise entrance. EVERYONE who passed by, was looking at me up and down. COZ I WAS WEARING HIJAB! I was forced to get on-board first but I refused, telling them I was waiting for my husband. And they started to look at me, as if I was a human-bomb!

“YES, I’M MUSLIM. BUT I COME IN PEACE.” I screamed mutely.

Hubby got thru and both of us walked into the cruise. I had my newly bought action-videocam in hand, and shot all the way up to the bed bunkers. We were told that our “super value” area was at the most top (there were three levels).


There’s a counter for linen and pillow collection.
There’s a row of bins next to the bed.
There’s a TV at every corner of the deck.
There’s a row of power plugs where locals were charging their smartphones.
There’s a cabinet at two of the corners, but they were locked.
There’s NO FAN and NO A/C.
While walking, I counted the rows of beds, and I multiplied by two (double decker). 10 by 30, times 2, about 600 people just on the open deck. And we have another two decks down below! 
“Ayang, macam Titanic…” I STARTED TO CHICKEN-OUT coz I saw no life jackets and life boats were visible at any part of the deck.

“3rd class Titanic kat bawah, kita kat atas…” Buat lawak plak!

Hubby collected two linens and two pillows, and we walked to our designated bunkers. The level of horror got higher when we saw my bed, but it was 15 beds away from hubby’s!


I followed hubby to his bunker and sat on it. My ‘blood” was all over my face, as I held myself from throwing tantrum on the vessel floor. I was sweating. It was hot and windless though the plastic curtain was folded up. The mattresses were torn and thin. Men were mixed-up with women. Kids were running and shouting. Some were eating in bed. Some were chatting while preparing for bath. (OMG! Wait till I write about the toilet!) Hubby was sitting there, soundless.
“Like this, if no one claim for that bed (next to his bed), you sleep there.” And I was praying hard to get that bed, coz my neighbor was an old lady.

The cruise then departed. Allah answered my prayer, none acclaimed that bed. I quickly put on the bed sheet and pillow cover. I still had my hijab and socks on, while lying down on the bed. I put my bag pack under my feet and I clasped my handbag and camerabag. The only thing that separated all beds was thin plywood, which you can see half of your neighbor’s body (in lying position). Hubby then asked me to look after his things while he went to buy our dinner. He was away for quite sometime and came back with a packed of rice and fish. The food wasn’t delicious but enough to save our night.
I then asked hubby to look for my things while I went down to check on other areas. This cruise has chapel, mart, restaurant, lounge, and few other things. I stayed at the lounge for few minutes, enjoying the breeze and songs from a Pinoy band. Takde la sedap macam kat KL tu. Below this lounge, there was where suite, tourist cabin and air-conditioned deck located. I felt super “miskin” when I saw other tourist kept on slamming the cabin doors in and out, whenever they come and go. Uhuk! Uhuk! (It was only RM120 per person per room, you cheapo demmit!)
I went back to our place and lied down. On and off I heard locals complaining about the humidity and requested the cruise assistance to fold the plastic curtain up, which was fold down earlier by some of the passengers. Sukati korang lah! Hubby and I later dozed off…with all bags tied to our body. Pfft!


I heard locals walking and chatting next to my bed. They were changing cloths and brushing teeth! HOI! APA NI?? Yes, they were preparing to get off the vessel. (The vessel did stop at one place where some passengers got off-board and on-board.) I woke up and checked on hubby but he was still happily sleeping. I went to take a morning walk and saw not-so-beautiful sunrise. 
Then, NATURE'S CALL!! I told hubby that I had stomach ache and I needed to go the toilet. He told me that he already went earlier, and the toilet was dirty and no water!

OMG! *mouth wide open, holding cheeks* MY WORST NIGHTMARE, I thought. I slowly walked towards the toilet while telling my stomach to be nice and strong. Locals still looking at me. HEY, I’M NOT WEIRD! THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL, COLOR BLOCKING!    *holding stylish hijab* Pfft! Just look at those beautiful ocean! LOOK!
I went into the toilet and saw two women queuing for their turn. I saw them filling water into one pail each. The floor was slippery and watery. Two kids were brushing teeth and another kid was taking her bath, in the middle of the washing area.

While I was looking stunned, a lady approached me and said “You can go first.” WAH, INI SUDAH CUKUP BAGUS! Dah la tak tahan nak berak ni! “Owh…thank you! But…I need two pails…you know…big one…” Luckily she understood! She handed me two pails and I quickly went into the last toilet. No flush, no water pipe. Jirusssssss laju-laju! Dah nak sampai ni! Nampak pulau dah ni!
After 24 hours of traveling time, both hubby and I still wearing the same cloth. We sprayed perfume and voila, we smelled Burberry The Beat! We finally arrived Caticlan Jetty Port and felt relieved when we saw small boats, bangka, and ferry. Everyone stood up to see the vessel find its way to docking. We then off-board and walked straight to the terminal, and paid for 3 types of fee; the boat fee=PHP25, the terminal fee=PHP75, and the environmental fee=PHP100. Total was PHP200=RM14 per person. Cheap huh? Yeah, coz we took the slow boat.
We entered the check point and got our bag scanned. While getting into the slow boat, I felt like screaming out loud, right after I saw the crystal clear emerald water! AND THAT WAS JUST AT THE JETTY AREA! Can you guess how would it be at the island?? Mesti lagi cun! Honestly, they really know how to take care of their island. I saw no nonsense trash, moreover, no engine oil spilled on the water! Bagus sangat!
After 15 minutes of boat ride, we finally arrived at Cagban Jetty Port, where tricycles were lined up to be rented. A standard charge of PHP150=RM10 was fixed for any locations, regardless Station 1, Station 2, or Station 3. Boracay Breeze Hotel is located at Station 2, right in between of the other two stations. The tricycle ride was fun, for only two of us in it. Unlike locals, they can actually cramp at least 8 persons per tricycle! Hahaha! Dah macam rotu dah aku tengok!
The distance from Cagban Jetty Port to Station 2 was quite far and the tricycle had no issue looking for the hotel. We arrived early and there was no room available (check-in time is 2PM). Two welcome drinks were served, and I took the chance to change my cloth at the lobby’s toilet. Looking at my complication (unloading my bag and wearing hijab), the reception was good enough to allow us to change cloth in one of the ground floor’s room. He asked us to leave our bags there, and we can proceed with our itinerary. Hmm…ok...good service!
"Let's go to Mount Luho!" Hubby jumped happily!

"Mount what? You mean...hiking? Seriously?" *looking at my long dress*

Video : 2GO cruise via 2GO Travel from Batangas Port to Caticlan Jetty.
Note : Ha amacam? Rasa macam Titanic kelas tiga tak?

Video : Tricycle Ride around Boracay Island.
Disclaimer : Sorry for the low quality video. Conversion sucks! Wait for the full video of Boracay Island soon!
  Note : Sorang blakang, sorang depan. Beg memang sorang satu jer bleh. Else, bonceng blakang pemandu. 

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Hulubalang said...

dah macam tahanan PATI dh...hahahaha

tp pengalaman yg mahal weiii...x semua org dpt pengalaman camni...

Biqque said...

hulubalang, ye betulllll hahaha! dah la muka ngan kaler sama...sesuai sgt dah...tapi best la, sbb tak penah lagi ada blog pasal feri ni...ok la, sapa nak try, bleh dah pasni :)

Arif Rafhan Othman said...

ini kalau su baca ni sumpah dia takmo pegi negara tu...

Syima Emi said...

sumpah x nak pergi kalau kena naik cruise tu warghhhhahahaha..

Anonymous said...

I was LOL while reading the whole entry. Oh my! Jaw dropping gile bile tgk signboards that show varieties of room that they actually offered. Survivor gile! Much respect! It's totally an eye opening for me. It's true, i xpernah baca lagi yang buat entry about the whole ferry journey there.

* Oh ya, you've a 'CUTE' voice too! :D

Unknown said...

huhuhuhu...merasa la jadi jack & rose, duk dlm bilik tu.. nasib takde babi berkeliaran! omg sgt!..i takut nk scroll bawah, takut u ada letak gambar toilet! kus selamat takde..

just.HY said...

aku ni deck ni ok sgt kot sbb nmpk mcm luas and yet boleh baring! dari kami aritu kene tido atas kerusi keras 90 drjah. hahha seksa woiii!

nampak bersih cruise dia wlpn ramai org. takpe, pengalaman mahal. leh cite nnt kat anak cucu. ;)

Biqque said...

apan, alaaaa...jgn la begitu, ada tourist cabin la n private room yg cunnnn...sila pegi ok? :)

syima, ada duit, beli la cabin yg ada privacy tu, ok jer :D

zaraab, now we know that someone has experienced that, nice huh? hahaha! ok, sora i kelakar kot hahaha!

na, ya Allah sumpah i takut tenggelam ok! jack i tu mana tau menyelam sgt pun! hahaha! i ingat nak amik gak gambar toilet, tapiiiii kang buruk abis blog i hahaha! JIRUS DUA BESEN PUN TAIK TAK TENGGELAM! CAMNE??

john, actually ok jer deck ni, diorang tak busuk pun. angin luar sepoi2 tu cam best gak la hehehe. janji ada katil kan?

Supermeng Malaya said...

oi... apsal anjing kong kong tu menyemak je?


* tak puas hati.

serious aku rasa mcm oh shit ! Ferry 10 hours biar betik??? Tak de flight dari manila ke cataclan kah??

kalau mcm ni naik ke clark much better la kot tapi ok gak dpt naik ferry titanic tu..


Anonymous said...

ko gigih....kalau aku pengsan tak bangun-bangun dah.

Biqque said...

Meng, ada flight tp sbb aku tanak tido kalibo. If naik feri pagi buta dh smpai caticlan dah.

Anjing tu cek dadah uolsss!

Rose, gigih la nk pi pulau cantikkk haha!

Hang Dhamin said...

EXCITED GILE BACE..CEPAT SAMBUNG...macam menarik je tido ramai2 tu. tp part nak berak susah tu yg risau sikit..hahhaha

Hulubalang said...

kelakar la bila tgk utube kat puka beach tu...apsal sharul camtu? apa yg dia pegang? hahahaha...

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

memang pengalaman PATI larrr Biqque! Ramainyaaaaaaa.... Apapun ok lagi larrr dari feri am g Lombok tu, depa bentang tilam kat bawah... haaaa berjemaah la ko....

MasZuber said...


camna plak bleh seated jauh dari bed sharul tuh. bukan beli sekali ke biqque. nasib baik, at the end bleh dok dekat2 gak!

Biqque said...

hang dhamin, gigih ni aku buat lagi dua post siap gambar dgn video nihhh! penat hokeyyyy! part berak tu pandai2 la ko skolahkan ehem2 ko ye hahaha!

hulubalang, ko dah tgk video puka? hahaha! dia pegang camera la. sorry la video kualiti cam henpon 3g, sbb aku terpaksa convert dan redho jer dgn WinXP aku yg bangang ni.

masmz, bentang tilam? huyuh, lagi gerun! hahaha! sbb tu la aku jaga beg, takut tul org sumbat dadah ke apa...

maszuber, tahnyer! no 25A dgn 25D camtu, tapi lain2 tempatnyer. tah pape! nasib BAIK ada kosong tepi dia...fiuh!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm from the Philippines. It's so fun to read your blog post about your experience traveling via 2go. There are some rude Filipinos that will stare at you because you're different. Not all of us are like that though. But, I'm glad you somehow enjoyed Boracay. I hope you go to other places in the Philippines too! :)

Biqque said...

anne yong, great to know that a filipino reader just drop by here on my blog :) tx! honestly, those who were staring at me didnt say anything but they way they look at me was quite uncomfortable. but guess what? all locals in Boracay were soooooooooooo nice and bubbly! love it so much when we were there :)

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