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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boracay Getaway : White Beach and Diniwid Beach

[BEFORE] Boracay Getaway : White Beach (Sunset, Sand Castle, and Fire Dance) and D'Mall Plaza

"Yup! I almost died in this island!" - Biqque

Before we checked out from Boracay Breeze Hotel, we decided to have morning walk and soaked ourselves at White Beach. So we skipped bath and immediately wore swimming attire. I was wearing Carisbrook wetsuit that I bought during Rugby Premier 7’s at MCKK early this year, matched with RM12 black tights (yeah super cheap), complete with beach hat, AND not to forget, a pareo to wraparound my fat body. Hubby was way simpler, BUT for the first time I saw him wearing wetsuit underneath a dry-fit t-shirt! Takut hitam jugak hehe.

We went down to the lobby and ordered our breakfast. The menu was very straight forward, so we asked for scrambled eggs and toasted bread with butter and strawberry jam. Boleh la.
We walked to the beach and crossed the road. Tricycle was honking at us but we had to let them down. There were many entrances to this beach, for it is accessible between buildings via every small pathway from the main road. The beach looked so lovely and peaceful, less people. Perhaps most of the beach goers were still under the blanket or being knocked out by St. Miguel’s beer.
From a distance, again, we saw the amazing curiously shaped volcanic formation, Willy’s Rock that has been featured on every postcards and brochures of this island. It is the only rock formation that you can see, along the four kilometers shoreline. We quickly walked closer to this rock and what we saw was quite unbelievable!
They had a shrine of Virgin Mary stood on top of the rock! A small chapel!

“Wow…worshipping while swimming?” I must say.
“Do you think it would be appropriate if we take a photo with it?” Hubby questioned.
I had no idea what to answer, but…the rock formation was irresistible! And the water was super duper clear! 
“How can we say no to this amazing view…huh?” And so we decided to pose next to it. 
Hubby and I wet half of our bodies before we started to walk along the White Beach. Such a serene and tranquil atmosphere, walking hand in hand, talking about what we’ve gone through and how do we go about from this point of life. We were blown away by the gorgeous ambience that we forgot, we’ve reached Station 3!

“Eh, this far meh we walk?” I noticed the parau sail-boats, banana-boats, and some other type of boats that parked along the beach.
“I want to snap a picture of Boracay sand-castle that we saw last night. Jom!” Hubby wanted to fulfill his wish.

The sand-art still there, solid and untouched. I wonder what will happen if it’s raining…heavily…hmmm. Mesti buat balik ye dak?
And we continued photo-taking. Sila muntah :)
Then came the fun part! Okay. The night before, while getting ourselves a bottle of cheap mineral water at one of the mart, we saw few postcards featuring this one slanted coconut tree at the White Beach. Well, looking for one particular coconut tree amongst rows of coconut trees could be challenging at times. And we had walked this far but still couldn’t locate it.
Out of sudden, hubby saw one coconut tree, just exactly the same as in the postcard! “THIS ONE! THIS ONE!”
It was obvious that this tree is the most slanted that you can see it has the farthest shadow on the water's edge. We then started to make fun of ourselves and feeling ANTM, to each of its own. Once, I even posed like I was cuddling the tree like a monkey! In the water! Hahaha!
Enough with camwhoring, hubby dragged me to Diniwid Beach, few kilometers away from White Beach. He told me that Diniwid Beach was more secluded and private, where we can enjoy swimming without any “interference”. (OMG, can’t wait to tell you guys about this!)
We took a tricycle to this beach and true enough, the beach was super quiet and calm. The beach is rather small and has many stones and it is only 200 meters long. On my right, I saw exclusive and expensive buildings on the cliff, while on my left, I saw locals outside their shacks. What a collision of “darjat” kan? We were told that a house on the cliff can reach up to 10 millions of pesos, which roughly around RM730,000. Like, seriously? Malaysian can only get a 24X80 double storey house, for that price!
“Jom mandi!” Hubby and I equipped ourselves with snorkeling gear and ran towards the beach.

The water was crystal clear with patches of green algae on the seabed. There were stack of stones too. We focused on this area, for it had lots of small fish.

“Aaaaaa fishhhhh! There! THERE!” My voice hardly heard since I was on snorkeling set.

I got crazy chasing those tiny little fish and I was pretty sure that they were struggling catching breath, running away from this monster. Hahaha! Hubby warned me not to touch those stones coz you might not want to see what type of creatures that love to hide in it.

But then I told myself, ala…air cetek jer kot! Plus, the water was super transparent, which I can clearly see what’s beneath it. And so I continued snorkeling, at this shallow area, encircling those stack stones and video-capturing us and the school of fish. There were local kids swam around us as well, aged between 3 to 6 years old. They were quite a good swimmer, so I asked them to join me, snorkeling around the stones.

Suddenly, I noticed that someone smacked my back numerous times! He smacked hard! I was still swimming at this point of time and I was actually facing down. Then I faced up…and right before me…there was ONE LONG BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED ANIMAL, standing vertically in the water! The tail was at the seabed, while the head was at the surface!


I SHOUTED SUPER LOUD AND CLEAR but the kids ignored me. Then I repeated “SNAKEEEEEEEEEEEEE! SNAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” while running out from the water. Yes, I was running in the water, not swimming!

BY THIS TIME, all kids were running away as well! I ran fast as much as I can, and you guys have no idea how freaked-out I was at that moment! And where was hubby? HE RAN FIRST, leaving me behind!

I seriously didn’t look back, and I didn’t know whether:
1) the water snake chased me from behind
2) the water snake just stood still, shocked with what had happened
3) the water snake ran like hell just like me


At the beach, I didn’t stop shaking coz I WAS A METER AWAY FROM DEATH! A local guy came to us and asked what color was the snake and I told him it was black and white.

He said “That is a very venomous snake!” And he walked closer to the beach, looking for it. Another local lady overheard it and quickly called up her kids, which happened to be near the stones as well, to get out from the water.

It was this kind of snake. It is called Sea Krait, or scientifically named as Laticauda Colubrina ( Though it is not listed as top 10 most venomous snakes, but knowing its brother, Blue Krait, at No. 3 (16 times more potent than cobra), HELL NOOOO, I STILL NEED TO RUN FROM IT! Owh god, I hate animals without legs! Eiiiii!
(Pic from Google.) Ha camni la dia berdiri tegak dpn muka aku! BAYANGKAN!
Hubby then said to me, “I told you…don’t go near the stones…I can smell something is not right there…don’t you know snake likes to hide under the stones?! I knew it! I KNEW IT!”

“Weh…how would I know…the stones were so close to the beach and the water was just up to waist level jer!” I was still shaking.

Hubby and I decided not to continue swimming and went back to Boracay Breeze Hotel, took our bags, and rode a tricycle to Bulabog Beach. Once we reached this beach, no one was there. Not at the beach, not at the local houses, not at the hotels, NONE. The beach was vacant.

“Are we at the right place? Coz this is totally opposite than White Beach…” *Clueless*

We had no idea where to head to. There was a signboard, showing Kite Surfing Guesthouse was on the right. We slowly walked while looked around. Quiet. Soundless.

“Helloooooooo…Hellooooooooooooooo…anybody here?” We stood in front of the guesthouse. *Cricket sound*

Video : Swimming at White Beach and Diniwid Beach
Disclaimer : Sorry for the low quality video. Conversion sucks! Wait for the full video of Boracay Island soon!
Note : Ha kat batu-batu tu la snake tu berdiri tegak depan muka aku! Eiii seram!

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Supermeng Malaya said...

mak aii scary the movie ular tu...

hebakkkkkkkk mak esah pose pose ANTM kat willy's tu. time aku pi punya la ramai org bertenggek kat situ.

Biqque said...

meng, ha scary tak scary! tak payah pegi diving, snorkeling tepi pantai jer dah jumpa ular air! eiiii...

ha gigih aku pose ANTM waima tatau patut ke tak aku pose kat situ hehehe. kitorang pi awal pagi sbb tu kot tak ramai org sgt...

Unknown said...

uiii cantik nye tempat ni..kaler baju sama kaler air! hehehehe

k.e.r.i. said...

"2) the water snake just stood still, shocked with what had happened"


Takleh blah statement ni! LOL

Biqque said...

na, saja pilih kaler tu konon2 bleh la blend dgn warna air serta langit utk nampak lebih kurus tapi nan hadoooo hahaha. tapi mmg cun la haih...

keri, hahaha serius tatau ular tu buat apa lps nampak i. mesti dia rasa cam ombak besar tsunami berkocak2 dpn dia. hahaha!

Unknown said...

sedang syok i melayan gambar, i terpegun dan kaget masa tgk gambar ular dlm air tu..dalam hati i, berkata2 "sempat lagi minah ni amik gambar ular tu, katanya bahaya leh sampai mati kalau kena patuk..."

rupenyaaaaaa gambar google!!baru i nk sembah ratu kat u kengkonon teruja sb u berani sgt nk amik gmbo ular tu..hahahahah

Biqque said...

na, huih kalo i tertangkap gambar or video mmg patut korang sembah ratu, walaupun gambar/video tu gegar! hahaha! gile weh if i tunggu lagi amik gambar! sah2 ha gambar google je yg termampu...

eiiii takut plak tetiba teringat blk. i tak benti menggeletar sampai nak tricycle tau...island hopping pun tak jumpa, snorkeling bodo tepi pantai plak bleh jumpa!

Anash said...

ok...sebelum nih takut snokling sbb jerung..kali nih ade ular?
that's it...i'm off from snokling anymore. titik.full stop.
(kuar dari laut hentak2 kaki)..

tapi air laut tuhhhh........sangattttt jernihhhhh....eeee....
(lari balik masuk laut sambil sengeh-sengeh)...

biq, akak tgh baca secara marathon nih...hahaha..

Mya said...

pagi2 dah meremang bulu i!
tak suka ular jugak!
nasib baik u boleh terus lari.
kalau i ntah2 terus pengsan dalam air

yayanrahman said...

wlupun dalam air, tetap glemer..cayalah..suke2..view pun sangatlah cantik..

Ren said...

OMG Ular air!

Cantiknya biq gambo ko yang dalam air pakai topi mendongak kelangit berlatarbelakangkan kuil tu biq!

Airnya sejernih kulit jeli!

Biqque said...

kak anash, kalo masa tu kita ramai2, i rasa satu beach tu semua lari naik hahaha!

mya, uih kalo ular tu sama2 pengsan takpe gak, if kita pengsan sedap je dia melingkar eeeeiiiiii! hahaha!

yayan, glamer tetap kena sbb nanti nak print gambar buh dlm frame hahaha!

janggel, sungguh detail description ko sampai aku scroll cari yg mana satu la gambar nyer. hahaha! terpaksa pose ala2 ANTM uolsss! note: air jernih sampai aku rasa kalo kencing dlm laut, kompem nampak kuning HAHAHAHA!

Lily Riani said...

lawa pario.... ular air??? ok speechless.

one word : vogue (Siti sebut vogiu)

Anonymous said...

I read patiently and anxiously in the beginning. Masuk 3rd pix, i'm speechless. Pengsan tengok clear water tue. No doubt, i need to get my feet here one fine day. InsyaAllah.

And talking about 'ular air' tue. Ya Allah, pengsan jugak baca. Panic gile! I takut those animals without legs too! Geli tahap gaban! Looking nothing happen.

Biqque said...

lily, pario tu kalo tak nak beli yg ada gambar ikan2 hahaha...tapi cam melampau la plak. yes, speechless kan! oh vogiu seperti kata dia pooh (sebut po-oh)

zaraab, the crystal clear water DID lure everyone, i must say :) pegi laaa! hehe! ha takut kan tak berkaki ni?! eiiii benci! geli! bluwek2!

Twilight Man said...

OMG!!! This place is sooooooo cantek!!!! i love it like hell. You pandai saved these exotic shots for last postings. Earlier on you kept telling me it is a beautiful place but i was trying hard to believe. NOW I DO!!!!

"Yup! I almost died in this island!" - Biqque

I would like to die and get buried there too.

Biqque said...

twilight, beaches are the highlights of this trip so u have to wait till the entries come. now it is the time! hahaha! cantik gile!

u sure u wanna get buried there? coz i dont see any cemetery area there hahaha!

just.HY said...

walaupun berkemban, tp tetap menutup aurat. alhamdulillah..

lawanya langit dia, suasana dia.. superb abeslah!

dasyat cerita ko nih biq, nasib baik tak kene patuk. if not, completelah drama dl, trip ko nih!

Hulubalang said...

Hahaha.. lawak la kalau melibatkan sharul, boleh dia lari dulu tinggalkan ko bibik?? Hahahaha...

Ismail N said...

Willy Island is one piece of wonder, I must say, and the clear water is amazing. But that snake .... girl - that was such a close call! Phew! I consider all sea snakes dangerously lethal!

Biqque said...

john, tang mana yg aku berkemban tu? hahaha! ye, cuaca sgt cantik dan ceritanya pun sgt tragis. kalo tak, arwah dah...sob sob..

HB, ha dia lari lagi laju ok? sbb dia dah nampak dulu! cis!

ismail n, yup, that was sooooo close!

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