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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boracay Getaway : White Beach (Sunset, Sand Castle, and Fire Dance) and D'Mall Plaza

[BEFORE] Boracay Getaway : Puka Shell Beach

"So upset with the sunset!" - Biqque

We walked back to the tricycle bay and asked to be sent to White Beach. And…paid another PHP150…pfft! On the way down to Station 1, we looked at the sky, most probably we couldn’t catch any beautiful sunset for that day.
True enough, the cloud was not in the mood to let the sun, setting. There was just a slight orange twilight over the beach, silhouetting the Willy’s Rocks, which located hundred meters off shore. Tak cantik! Macam kena bakar jer hujung tuh! Pfft! See Meng? SEE?!
“So that’s Willy’s Rock.” I made a statement. “We should come here tomorrow for a swim. Ok?”
Hubby nodded. We then walked by the beach, enjoying the so-so sunset while other beach goers still soaking in the sea. While walking, a guy approached hubby with salam. He then invited us for a chat nearby the lifeguard post. Few guys came closer and told us that they were Muslim Mindanao. We tried not to expose many things (especially on our citizenship due to Lahad Datu case, so we told them we are Indonesian) but they seemed friendly and nice.
We left them with a big smile and walked as fast as we can to catch the making of the sand-art. It was more or less like sand-castling but here in Boracay, they changed it to “Boracay” with date. And guess what? It was done by local kids! Super fast, super talented, super nice. Almost all sand-built “Boracay” were having the same size, font, and style. (By the way, Boracay is pronounced as in Bora-kai.)
Tiba-tiba ada penyu. Hahahaha! (No, it wasn't built by local kids, for sure.)
I didn’t let go the chance to pose with this masterpiece, like what other tourists did. We took turn to sit/stand behind the sand-art and needed to be quick, for others were waiting next inline. Once I had mine, a boy came to me and said,

“Money mum…” sambil menghulurkan tangan. No, I'm not your mum. (They pronounced madam/ma'am as in mum.)

“Huyuh, kena bayar ke?” I looked at hubby, waiting for a sign whether to give or not to give the money.

Anyhow, we smiled and walked away, coz that was what other people did! Sorry boy…“I know your masterpiece is nice but there are more sand-arts along the beach for me to enjoy…and it’s free.” Hehe. Bully! Walhal aku pun makan pasir kat sana.
We walked further up and found another sand-art and I quickly strike a pose behind it, and ran away. Guess what? Yeah you got it right…another boy came and asked for money. Pfft!
From the right side of the White Beach, we walked back to where we came from, and walked to the left side of the White Beach. At this wing, the environment was totally different, for it was more lively and happening. There were restaurants, bistros, clubs, diving centers, and all sort of entertainment that you wish for.

Three things that we managed to visit, that were D’Mall, Boracay Sand-Art, and Fire Dance.
Since we walked via the beach shore (not the street market), we managed to see the famous sand-castle in Boracay Island. This sand castle was built right in front of the Water Sport Center and never been demolished. They just changed the date. The castle was lit-up with four colors and we were so lucky to be able to capture it all. Despite the rope-railing around it, people still wanted to have a photo next to this art-piece.
Along the way to D’Mall, there were the longest street markets in Boracay, where they sell foods, services, and souvenirs. D’Mall was located just at the middle of this road. It is reachable via both, beach and main road. D’Mall is popular for its open-air market, a one-stop-shop at Boracay Island. It offers beachwear, lamps, jewelry, sarung, shirt, tie-dyed stuff, woodcarvings, key chain, omg…you name it. (You can see poor Negritos too..)
Yeah, we have one Eiffel Tower in Nilai too. Haha!

We went into few shops and were surprised with the “tourist prices”. So the key word here is DO NOT BE ASHAME TO HAGGLE…ok? Hubby and I looked for Boracay’s t-shirt, but none of them caught our eyes and hearts.
Hubby and I then looked for our dinner around this place but almost 98% of the street vendors were selling pork. There were two or three shops that selling only seafood but the price was way out of our budget. So we decided to have a salty French fries in BBQ flavors at Potato Madness. Rasa miskin sangat. We bought Blockbuster Size which turned out to be not so blockbuster enough to feed the two of us. Haha!
“If we have extra cash on the final day, we try seafood ok?” Hubby calmed me down. Sob sob. *drama queen*

We walked to the end of the D'Mall and found one huge Budget Mart, where many people were queuing outside. This was the place where some hotels did their guest pickup. At this mart, two guys in white jubah and kopiah came to approach us. They were Muslim Mindanao as well. They invited us to eat at the only mosque in Boracay Island, but we had to reject it. Nice people.
“Jom…fire dance is about to start.”

Wah tiba-tiba dari masjid terus tukar fire dance! Hahaha!

I looked at my watch and clearly we had 5 minutes to find the place, which we had no idea where it was. We walked back to the beach and looked outward for any fire sign from afar.

“HA! TU! TU!” I shouted while pointing straight to one place, almost 200 meters away from where we were standing.

I walked. But I strongly believed that I need to run…or else, I might missed the dance.

And so I ran, ran like Forest tribal-printed-dress. Nasib baik tak koyak. Then I looked back…

Hubby wasn't running at all! “FASTER LAAAAAAA!”

Ahh…lantak ko lah. I kept on running and finally reached the fire dance area. Everyone was standing, encircling the dancers. Hubby then came and joined me, and said,

“So which one is the hotel reception?” He was reminding me of the guy that we met at the hotel, whom is also a fire dancer. Is that him?
Which was actually not him! “I don’t know…all seems like bapuk jer…tak cun plak tu!” HELL NO! ALL DANCERS WERE SHE-MALE!
I quickly switched on my action camera and recorded the dancing. They were in gold-bling-bling spandex and bikini, with two strings of fire ball in both hands. They swung the fire ball over their bodies and they even dragged few audiences to join the thrill. These dancers were facing those who were eating and drinking at the restaurant, so they were obviously hired to entertain these people. Anyhow, since they were dancing by the beach, and it was an open area, it was apparently a free show for those who were coming from the beach side. YEAY! Haha!

The show actually started at 9.00pm and lasted for an hour. Right after they finished dancing, one of the she-males walked around with a basket, asking for donation. Owhkayyyyy…budak laki pun aku tak kasi, apetah lagi ko yang ehem-ehem ni kan hahahaha! Free show katanya…

Well, honestly, there were none of them who blew a fire out of their mouth. They were plainly dancing and swinging the fire ball, and throwing it up once in a while. THAT’S IT! I swear, the fire dancers at Singapore Night Safari were FAR BETTER. Hehe. But...we did enjoy photo taking, especially on the fire formation and the choreograph. And the main lead dancer was actually quite funny, where he/she ran towards the audience and climbed the coconut tree and shake it. Tenaga jantan sangat!
“Ok…enough…let’s go back. We need to pack and get some sleep for tomorrow’s activity.” Hubby pulled my hand.

“Eleh…you tak suka tengok pondan kan? KAN? TWO PIECE TUUUU!” I teased him.
“Seksi youuuuuuuuuuuuu hahahaha! I added.

Takkkkkk...but I suka abang botak ni. He got the skill. What if I shave my head?
BOTAK?? And he ran back to the main road. AYANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

Video : Sunset at White Beach and Fire Dance
Disclaimer : Sorry for the low quality video. Conversion sucks! Wait for the full video of Boracay Island soon!
Note : Ada suara chipmunk kat hujung-hujung tu. Hahaha!

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Orga said...

cantik jugak diorang wat sand-art, budak-budak je lagi, tapi tak syoklah kalau asyik mintak derma jer, boleh spoil mood pulak...

Supermeng Malaya said...

hoi !!

sand art tu memang kena bayar... jangan buat muka tak malu tak bayar ( tapi aku pun tak bayar ) hahaha...

sunset tu ala ala. tapi ada la jugak tu. masa aku pun tak de lah gempaq pun.. janji tak ujan.

fire dance tu memang geng geng pondan je yang menari ni.

Ren said...

Wow gigihnya diorang buat sand art tu! Cantik pulak tu. siap ada lampu spotlight bagai.

Errr. seksinya pemain apa bebola tu... mungkin takut pakai baju sebab kalo tekena api akan terbakar ye dak?

Twilight Man said...

I was impressed by their Sand Arts. Nice! You guys really had a marvelous time there.

How come our local pondans cannot be talented like those fire dancers or Thailand's Tiffany shows?

Biqque said...

orga, aah yg biasa2 ni budak2 je buat...yg besar tu aku rasa org sport center tu buat kot...sian tu sian tapi kang sume serbu, habis la aku makan pasir hahaha...

meng, kalo ko bayar, terpaksa aku delete ayat berkenaan hahaha! ha sunset gitu2 jer...hampeh dance tu aku duk betul2 tepi laluan diorang, seb baik dgn aku tak terbakar skali hahaha!

janggel, kalo tgk diorang buat, laju okey! zass zass jer siap! byk ada tepi2 pantai ni siap lilin ha. yg besar tu je guna spotlite :D ha seksi kan sluar kilat2 gold lagi hahaha! tapi dada pipih!

twilight, exactly! why our local pondans cant be as creative as they are rite? hahaha! here pondan all lorong haji taib saja...they only know how to run from the police :d but yeah, we did have a great time there :) just the two of us :D

k.e.r.i. said...

Kat Pulau Perhentian pun yang main api-api ni pondan jugak.

Mungkinkah pondan-pondan dikurniakan skill main api? HAHAHA

cepat sambunggggg~

Biqque said...

keri, ye ke? tak penah gi perhentian lagi ni, kena la pegi ek? hahahahaha! mungkin jugak la...bakat diorang ke arah api2 ni kihkih!

ha ye la, tgh taip ni ha...

Hulubalang said...

kalau ujan apa jadi kat sand-art tu? dorang tutup ke? atau buat lain? hehe..

MasZuber said...


Biqque said...

HB, aku rasa la, if hujan lebat, rebah kot sand-art tu, tapi no hal, diorang buat laju gile weh...jap je siap.

mas, awwwww sgt hehehe! dada pipih!

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