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Friday, April 11, 2014

Blackout Day : #TravelholicAwesome and Friends

What...? You think I can go ka? Confinement lah! Pfftt!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Labor Preparation Class

Becoming a first-time parent is really enjoying and exciting, especially during pregnancy. Hubby and I gone through lots of sweet and sad memories but we cherished every single second and minute with no regret. When we previously attended Antenatal Class, Neng, our physiotherapist, recommended her other session, which was Labor Preparation Class. This class is conducted in two different sessions, group and individual. After being explained on the advantages, we decided to choose the individual session, for it includes a visit to the Labor Room.

On 13 Mac 2014, we attended the said class. We went to PCMC Physical Rehabilitation Medicine area and waited for our beautiful physiotherapist. She then ushered us to the Labor Room at 6th floor where the room is fully equipped with medical and entertainment facilities. Nice! I thought of taking a photo of the room but I saw a sign of “No Camera” outside the door, so I respected the rule.

In the room, Neng started her session by giving a brief but thorough processes and tips. There were “do(s)” and “don’t(s)” that we thought it was OK, but it wasn’t actually OK. And vice versa. We have been taught to be positive and not panic, so that we know what to do.

Here are the steps that I think I should share…at least, you guys know what to expect.

A) Check the sign of labor.
1) Show – Blood show without contraction or waterbag broke is OK. Blood show with contraction or waterbag is NOT OK. Start your engine and head to the hospital.
2) Contraction – Contraction without blood or waterbag broke is depends on the frequency. One hour once is still OK but five minutes once is NOT OK. Start your engine and head to the hospital.
3)  Waterbag – Waterbag broke is NOT OK. Start your engine and head to the hospital.

B) Monitor the contraction and heart rate.

1) Machine – Always look at the machine next to the bed. The higher the rate, the calmer you should be. This is to avoid weariness during labor.
2) Breathing Technique – Husband need to learn and memorize the breathing technique, and guide your wife accordingly. When the opening is equal or below 7cm, “deep breathing” should be applied (deep inhale and deep exhale). When the opening is more than 7cm, “ho ho ho breathing” should be applied (deep inhale and three phases of exhale).
3) Push Technique – Do not push when the opening is equal or below 7cm. Only push when the opening is more than 7cm.
4) Other – Eat to get more energy. Do not scream your lung out. Save your energy for the delivery.

C) Deliver correctly.

1) Breathing Technique – As and when there is contraction and your gynea instruct you to push, look at your husband. He should know what to do, otherwise, slap him in the face! Hahaha! The script will be “Breath, Chin Down, Up, Up, Up, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15!” This instruction comes with situation of where you need to be in sitting position (almost 90 degree) and hold your breath while pushing the baby out.
2) Push Technique – Push like you are handling nature’s call! The hard one ya! Hahaha! And it should be down there, not in your face.
We then went to the ward where Neng showed us the standard room and junior suite. Standard room with the price of RM220 looks enough for us, carpeted, fridge, TV, toilet, sofa bed and such. (No sharing room at PCMC.) We then went to see the junior suite where the room is two times bigger than standard room, enough for the whole village to crash in. The price? Well…RM600 per day. And owh, you wanna know how much the suite is? RM1000. *fainted*

Enough with the excitement of room viewing, we went back to the Rehab and continued to practice what had been taught earlier. Hubby and I did quite well and we both thanked Neng for being such a dear physiotherapist. We do hope that we will be able to carry out those tips in the real situation. On God’s will! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Third Trimester : Shopping Galore

26 Dec 2013 (Week 26)
I felt quite normal and healthy, in 3rd trimester. Drugs were still on. From time to time we did travel back to hometown but I still limit myself for not overdoing things. Hubby advised me to start talking to the baby, for she can hear and recognize voices. Hubby also asked me to recite/listen to Quran and read religious book.

As usual, we went for monthly checkup and eagerly wanted to see the baby’s face. But I noticed that the baby didn’t actively move. Perhaps, she knew that we were going to the hospital and she might have hospital-phobia like her dad. After performed Zohor at the hospital, we went up and met my gynea. The first thing that she tried to scan was the face, and guess what, the baby quickly rolled over and showed her back! We can only see the spine! I had to convince the baby and softly told her to show her face. She then started to roll over BUT she was cuddling tight her two knees with face facing down! See how smart she is? So the scan result turned out to be wasted yet funny. Just her arm! Fine, I take it!

Oh ya, at this point of time, Alhamdulillah, my blood pressure and urine test were normal. The only thing that amazed me was my body weight, where for the first time in my life I reached 60kg! Anyhow, my gynea told me that it was still a perfect weight for my pregnancy. Thank God! But she insisted me to go for physiotherapy session since I told her that I had a massive back pain. This was due to a hairline crack at my tailbone that I got back in 2006. So I went down to the Ground Floor and went into the Rehab Area. Wow…I was registering myself in a rehab guys! Hahaha! *Singing Amy Whinehouse song* 

8 Jan 2014 (Week 28)
Hubby fetched me from office and drove to the hospital. We went to the Rehab Area and waited for the physiotherapist to come. While waiting, I received a phone call from my big boss, asking about work-related matters. After I dropped the line, a nurse came to get my heart rate reading. She wondered and asked, “Hmm…this is not normal.” She showed to me the result where there was high spike in reading. I quickly laugh and said “Owh, I just had an argument with my big boss…that must be the culprit.”

Few minutes later, the physiotherapist came with another patient, and ushered me to the gym. She questioned about my heart rate and advised me to turn off my phone, for I need to be in stress-free mode during the class. Great idea! I quickly turned it off while we entered a medium-sized gym. Neng Shahidah Sabullah, a popular Malay physiotherapist in Prince Court Medical Center, guided me on how to strengthen the muscle in order to support the cracked tailbone. There were few types of antenatal exercise, for instances lying position, crawling position, sitting position, and standing position. Each of it needed to be repeated 3 to 5 times. Cycling and bouncing were also included. 

But the best part was when I was given a bed and pillow, told to lie down, imagined something happy and one calm place, while Neng switched off the light and played instrumental music. I chose to imagine my Japan trip but then I stopped coz Japan involved train ride and super exhausted walking distance. I switched to my Boracay trip…hmmm…swimming and island hopping…but then I remembered the sea-snake that almost killed me! Ahhh sudah! Ok, I might just think of something else…but I can’t! So I slept. Hahaha!

The 2 hours session that cost me RM180 then continued in one private room where hubby was taught on how to massage my body, as and when I did my antenatal exercise at home later. I was lying on a warm pad placed on the bed, while hubby started massaging my neck, shoulder, back, waist, butt, hip, and feet. I tell you, it was heaven on earth! But massaging a pregnant woman isn’t the same as massaging non-pregnant woman. It must be done gently and softly, as the baby would feel the tense. So please refer to your physiotherapist before you wish to do so ya.

Neng then suggested for hydro class but I preferred a labor preparation instead, since we needed it more as a first-time parents. Neng told us that she conducted two types of classes that are in group and personal. The charges were only a slight different so we decided to register for a private lesson for two on 13 Mac 2014 (I will be 37 weeks by that time), where this class includes labor room visit and demo.

We went back and applied the exercise and massage religiously…for one week. Hahaha! Then we stopped. Pfft! We rather enjoyed the shopping where we went to two mother and baby expos at PWTC and MVEC Mid Valley, as well as Ikea and other hyper supermarkets and baby outlets. By this period of time, we had guts to buy all her things and kept praying to Allah that everything will be fine. InsyaAllah. I would like to share what and where we bought all our baby items, based on our budget. Here you go:

Mother and Baby Expo : Diapers and cloth diapers, cloths, wash clothes, receiving blankets, pants and leggings, mittens and booties, shoes, socks, bips, changing mat, drying racks, food containers, milk bottles, nursing pads, milk storages, ice packs, cooler bag, baby wipes, cloth and bottle detergents, head to toe wash, soft toys, nursing pillow.

Ikea : Baby cot, soft toys, blankets, towels, bath tub, sleeping lights, light timers, laundry basket.

Olie Changkat Jering, Perak : Customed-made cot mattress with 2 pillows, 2 bolsters, and 2 neck pillows.

Giant, Jusco, Watson : Bottle brush, mittens and booties, bath chair, diapers, cloth dryers, disposable panties, maternity pads.

Fabulousmom : Mosquito net, breast pump, tuam, diapers. Visit their page for more details. (Images from Fabulousmom.)

Others : Were given by my close friend and I bought myself when I was still single.

24 Jan 2014 (Week 30)
Knowing that our baby was having some kind of "nosocomephobia" (fear of hospital) where she won't move, both of us didn't mention at all about going to the hospital that week. We didn't even uttered a word "hospital" loudly. Guess what? It worked! She was moving actively in the womb, right from my office to my gynea's room! I quickly positioned myself on the bed and Doctor Seri quickly took her scanner and voila, we got to see our little precious face! With her hand on her cheek lah! She even yawn few times and I almost cried seeing her doing the move. Praise to Allah s.w.t. 

Did you guys know why it was easy to snap her face this time? It was due to the baby position! My gynea told us a surprise where the baby was in breech position. She was actually "sitting up" on my cervix and the head was at my diaphragm "facing in front". Nice position to snap her face but not a labor-ready-position. No wonder I felt unease down there. Hmm. Anyhow, my gynea told me that I still got time and the baby should be upside down by 36weeks onwards. Yeah, you SHOULD baby girl! 

Oh ya, guess what was my weight at this particular week? 64kg! I gained 4kg in just 4 weeks! It must be the heavy dinner that I had every night. Doctor Seri explained on the good and bad side of weight increment. It was actually "ok" to gain up to 20kg from my normal weight but not in a rapid time. In total, I have gained 11kg by far, and I only have another 9kg max to go. So I decided to cut carb for dinner! Now, I SHOULD!

15 Feb 2014 (Week 33)
This was the first time I set my monthly visit on Saturday, since too many days were taken from our office hours. By this time, the monthly checkup changed from once a month to 3 weeks once. My bump got bigger and rigid each day. I hardly bended and walked or even sat properly. My tailbone still in pain and I barely sleep on my back. The precious little thing in my womb was actively kicking from inside, showing her skills from any spot she liked. Hubby and I sometimes were amazed with the scene as my tummy was swaying left and right.

That morning, I wore rosy color while hubby wore red. We drove to PCMC and arrived on time but we were told that my gynea just got back from the labor room. Thus, we had to wait a bit longer since earlier patients will go in first. The waiting time was quite acceptable and we got in an hour and a half later. I stood on the bathing scale and to my surprise, I only gained 200gram from my last visit! Woohoo! My gynea, who loves pink, praised my outlook of the day, as well as my incremental weight. But she advised me to eat for the sake of baby's growth. Ok, I confused! Hahaha! She then performed the routine scan and told us that the baby was no longer on breech position. Good! Means, she is now upside down. I hope that she’ll remain in this position till delivery time.

As usual, my lil precious STILL didn’t want to give her mugshot! She was actively moved, and once, we saw her foot right next to her face. How did she do that? Hahaha! My gynea managed to snap one picture of her, smiling. Her looks now more to hubby’s face, I must say. Doctor Seri advised me to think positive, not to stress myself, to avoid early delivery. She told me that 39weeks to 40weeks are the best delivery time. For my case, the baby cannot be neither undercooked nor overly cooked. And I need, still, continue to take my daily drugs.

And by this time, I was having swollen feet due to edema, caused by a buildup of fluid in the tissue. This is quite normal for pregnant lady and it will increase/decrease over short period of time. In my case, it will swell as and when I walk too much. Now, I am officially shoeless...

7 Mac 2014 (Week 36)
We were so excited to see the growth of our baby girl. Drugs were still on as it was already part of my daily routine that I can't never live without. We went to PCMC but we were stuck in a bad traffic. I quickly Whatsapp Fiza, Doctor Seri's nurse, to inform her about it and luckily, she told us that Doctor Seri just went out for emergency C-Sect. Fiuh! So we arrived the hospital and waited at the waiting room.

While waiting, as usual, I had to go through the blood pressure and weight checking, as well as urine test. My heart was pounding every  single time I went onto the scale. I gained 4kg in the last visit, so I was super eager to know how many I gained this time. Thank God it was only 2kg! Hahaha! In total, I gained 13.2kg, which was still under the radar. 

Doctor Seri came after an hour later and greeted us once we entered her room. She was questioning why both of us looked tanned, so I told her we went for Rugby watching at MCKK that weekend. She was surprised that I still can walk that far and enjoyed outdoor activity but she advised me not to go far starting 37weeks onwards. Aye Aye Doc! She then scanned and not to our surprise, the baby won't show her face. Her left hand was covering her face that I had to talk to her to move over. She did for a while and my gynea able to capture it! Good girl! And guess what? We saw her eyes blinked! My gynea told me that she already in breech position but yet to engage. Her butt is currently on my left, while her feet and hands were on the right. No wonder I can see a huge movement as she was stretching herself most of the time.

By this time, I already prepared myself to be labor-ready. Mom and baby's bags already in the car. I could feel the total excitement now!

21 Mac 2014 (Week 38)
Nothing much but the baby weighted 3kg with a slight dropped of growth. My gynea told me that the baby's head was still 2/5 passing through the cervix and the baby can be delivered anytime from now. But, if until 40 weeks the baby still in my womb, I will be induced on Friday, 4th April 2014. I was given a week of MC and being advised to walk as much as I can, squat, and eat what I want. Scan photo? use lah...her head already down there and she was facing the back.

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