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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boracay Getaway : Puka Shell Beach

[BEFORE] Boracay Getaway : Mount Luho  

"The most beautiful beach, so far! Can we come here again?" - Biqque

“Yes ma’am. Another hundred PIPTY peso for Puka Beach.” That was what he requested from us.

I discussed with hubby and we agreed. Puka Shell Beach was actually down the hill and further up to the northern tip of the island. Initially, we planned to see sunset at Diniwid Beach, but we changed it to Puka Shell Beach, since it is located at the end of the island with wide open sea. We heard that this beach is extremely gorgeous and stunning!

In 15 minutes, we reached Puka Shell Beach, where I saw row of street market on the left. There was tricycles bay as well, so we paid the tricycle PHP150=RM10 and told him to go off, need not to wait for us. Ceh!
“I can hear the ocean sound from here…” I told hubby, once I stepped my foot on the pathway.

I took a quick glance on the souvenirs and passed by all shops, straight to the beach. We were welcomed by a yellow and turquoise stick-arch-gate, along with white sand that full with shells and azure water. AND IT WAS RELATIVELY EMPTY AND QUIET!
Hubby and I quickly headed to the famous Puka Shell Beach landmark (an arch of dead logs and dead shells) and started to strike pose and recorded few videos. 
It was tremendously hot till we barely seen the camera’s LCD! So we had no choice but to snap more than one pictures for the same pose. Haha! The beach seemed to be more coarse than other beaches, I must say. Looking at the size of the beach (stretches as long as 800meters) and we decided to explore half of it, and come back the day after, to complete the other side of this beach.

"Ayang, take my picture with the boat." Hubby asked me. Tah apatah dia buat, aku pun tak paham.
“Ok, more pose please.” Hubby then forced me to wet my long dress. I stood next to the boat and this was what he got.
Enough with me standing, he forced me to sit down as well as walk along the seashore. Pfft!
“Dah…dah…” I stood up and suddenly “PRAKKKKKKK!”

“AYANG, DRESS YOU KOYAK!” Hubby pointed at the back of my dress.

EXACTLY at my butt! 5 inches long! LUCKY ME, I wore black tight underneath! I quickly took off my hijab brooch (blue ribbon summore) and pinned the torn area. Voila! Gi mampus la bukan orang perasan pun kan. Hahaha! Yang penting, amik gambo! Amik gambo! Tertungging-tungging pun, blasah jer...biasaaaa, biasaaaa...
We continued to capture more and more pictures of the beach as we can’t get enough of it. The water was sooooooo blue and the white sand and clouds complimenting each other. We then walked towards the end of the beach, known as Lapuz-Lapuz cliffs, the most primitive and rugged part of Boracay Island. Ya Allah sumpah cantik! The colors were PERFECT, from the sky, the cloud, the water, the sand...everything was fall at its place. SubhanAllah! MasyaAllah! Allahuakbar!
“Lapar ni…” Hubby started to complain.

“So how?” I looked around, there was one seafood restaurant right at the corner, Puka Grande. 

“Can la…”

We walked in, sat on the bamboo bench, and ordered two steamed rice with fried prawns. While waiting for the food to be cooked, I saw a statement that really made me wonder. It said “Puka Grande still exist after 18 years of hard work and faith in God, despite of unhealthy competition.”

I told hubby “…and we thought that only Malays are dengki khianat (jealous and treacherous) kan?”
The prawns were delicious, anyway.

20 minutes later, a Paraw sail boat came and parked at the shoreline. This boat is one of the Pinoy trademark boat, also known as Bangka, that consist of three parts; bangka (boat), katig (outriggers), and layag (sail). And yes, they charged a very reasonable price, roughly around PHP600=RM45 per person.
We left the area and walked towards the boat-making area, where smaller boats with two outriggers were stranded on the beach. The view was truly panoramic that we could not help ourselves to start video shooting, at one of the boat with Puka Beach stated on it! Somewhere around the scene spot, I saw carpenters carving one big boat, left us with another good scene of grated woods.
Enough with the shots, we walked to few shops nearby, to get some souvenirs. The souvenirs, particularly fridge magnet, were ranging from PHP50=RM3 to PHP150=RM10, depends on their material and quality. The more you buy, the cheaper you get. I bought more than 10 pieces for #TravelholicAwsome and I bought myself a colorful ukulele! Though I don’t know how to play it, hell yeah, I had no doubt to get one for myself, coz it was SUPER CUTE and rare! (Next entry ok?)
Knowing the beach was named after a Puka shell, hubby raised the question to the lady, “Which one is Puka shell?”

The lady then pointed at one of the bracelets/anklets, a chain of white round smooth little shell. CUTE GILE! They collected these shells along the beach and guess what, these shells can ONLY be found in Puka Shell Beach! Not in White Beach, not in Bulabog Beach, not in other beaches around the island.

Still, I didn’t buy any. Hehe!

“Eh, jom. We catch sunset at White Beach lah.” Hubby changed the sunset-watching spot.

“HUH? WHY? I thought this is the best place to watch sunset??” *clueless*

Video : Bluish Puka Shell Beach
 Disclaimer : Sorry for the low quality video. Conversion sucks! Wait for the full video of Boracay Island soon!
Note : Nak video tengah menari, lompat, guling-guling, tunggu full video nanti :D

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Hulubalang said...

Lawo giler mengenangkan nak pergi sini kena jadi PATI.. mau fikir 2x masuk gak la lam list

just.HY said...

canteknyaa!!! canteknyaa!!! cantekknyaaa!!! nak datang sini gak wehhh! posing mcm2 ler nnt. ahaks pakai semua putih ibarat suci giteww...

dress koyakkk??? mana buktinya??? hahahahha

Biqque said...

HB, tak perlu jadi PATI kalo poket berisi hehehe! ala cabin ada, ko amik la yg jenis tu...

John, ko pegi la ngan bakal ko nanti, kitorang plak shoot gambar korang nak??! hahaha!

ada la koyak, dlm video original ada buktinya :D

Supermeng Malaya said...

mak aiii berguling2 ambik gambo.....

memang patut la kain koyak.. hak hak hak...

saerah80 said...

Cantik giler pantai dia...mahal tak hotel dia?

Orga said...

serius weh...cantik giler kot, biru jer semua, tengok gambar pun syok jer. setuju tu biqque, baju koyak ke apa, kalau dah syok ambik gambar tu, pedulikan je yang lain, hehe...

Dan Arif said...

nak p jgakkk... tapi nk naik flight... katakan tidakk kepada boat pelariannn... haha

Hulubalang said...

selamat berpuasa bibik dan suami serta keluarga....

Hang Dhamin said...

cantiknye nak pergi jugak.....oh my jeles........

Biqque said...

meng, hahaha siut! dress tu yg nipisssssss *salahkan baju*

saerah80, tgk hotel, tgk station...yg kitorang duk tu kalo belah white beach mahal skit, if belah bulabog murah skit (kalo bukan kitesurfing season)..dalam 80 ke 100+ tu bleh dpt.

orga, tak tipu, biru dia mmg biru TAK PERLU pakai polarizer ke edit ke apa. mmg cun vogidevas! sila pegi! patu jaga2 kot2 koyak seluar ko hahaha!

dan, yes, naik je flight :) pi tau!

HB, sama la...selamat berpuasa utk ko gak k?

HD, pegi laaaaaaa...katakan boleh pada diri sendri :D

Ren said...

Canteknya pantai tu biqque!
laut membiru, awan bertali...
Pasir memutih, pendek kata semuanya la cantik!

Biqque said...

janggel, sangattttttttt...jenuh doa tolak hujan haaaaa :D tapi serius, mmg cantek weh...cantek sungguh!

Twilight Man said...

Your photos are beautiful and you added the dark tone borders which made it look so warm & nice! The blue skies and white beach makes me wanna go there RIGHT NOW!!!

The boat is unique and your red dress was the right colour to liven up the mood. Cantek!

Diana Diane Teo said...

All your photos with a beautiful blue sky as background and for your information, I love blue so much and so with that, I love all your photos so much. Boracay Island, maybe till I get a very cheap airfare from ZestAir first =P

Biqque said...

twilight, tx for the praises but the weather extremely beautiful and nice that i need not to edit my pics. haha! this is worth to visit place, trust me, u SHOULD go!

diana, indeed, the sky and the water are soooo blue! grab a cheap ticket and go with your boyfie, dear :)

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