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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Boracay Getaway : Isla Kite Surfing Guesthouse, Island Hopping (Crocodile Island, Ilig-Iligan, Puka Shell Beach) and D'Mall (Dancing Chef)

[BEFORE] Boracay Getaway : White Beach and Diniwid Beach

"I want turtles! Not five types of fish!" - Biqque

“Which one is Isla Kite Surfing? I don’t see any building that you can call a guesthouse.” I was still looking for a clue. Most of the houses, gates, seating, were made of bamboos.
“Please pray that no one will kidnap us.” I whispered to hubby, for there was no one around the area.
We walked about 200 meters from the spot where the tricycle dropped us just now, before we saw an image of kite-boarder, with Isla Kite Surfing name on the signage. Thank God!
“Helloooooooo…Hellooooooooooooooo…anybody here?” We stood in front of the guesthouse. *Cricket sound*

We swung the bamboo gate and entered the guesthouse area. We saw hammock tied on two coconut trees on the left, and…

“WOW! TOPLESS LADY IN THE HOUSEEEE!” Hubby sounded kinky.

“Where? WHERE?” I looked around. Not being jealous, BUT I wanted to enjoy it too! Hahaha!

“Here.” There was hubby with his mouth opened, looking shocked at a painting of topless chick. PFFT!

We walked into one small office and saw row of kite-surfboards being displayed at the corner of the room. Still, no one attended to us. Suddenly, we heard someone came and a Pinoy lady in singlet and denim short greeted us. She apologized for not attending earlier since she was in the ladies.

She quickly referred to the white board where they wrote all guest names with date of arrival. We saw hubby’s name there. She then ushered us to the top floor, to the one and only non-AC double room with sea view. We chose this room for it reasonable price, PHP2260=RM166 for two nights (RM83 per night). And we decided to go for a non-AC room just to feel the natural breeze of the windy Bulabog Beach of Sibuyan Sea.
Isla Kite Surfing Guesthouse ( owns by a German who married a Japanese lady. It has only 9 rooms and fully occupied during kite surfing season. Room are varies from small to large that come with double bed, good for 2 to 4 people. It has kite center that offers kite surfing lesson, complete with kite surfing equipment, compressors to pump kite, storage, and beach boys assistance.

The room walls were made from a combination of brick and bamboo, which enlightened the modern contemporary and traditional beach approach. The room was equipped with private bathroom with hot shower, fan, internet, cable TV, bamboo set of dining table for two, bamboo racking (no cabinet or wardrobe), and a piece of broom! STRIKE! Clearly we need a broom to get rid of the beach sands later! Hehe! Owh ya, they also provided lines of rope for you to hang your wet clothes! DOUBLE STRIKE! And I saw no more tenants next to our room, means, we got the whole stretch of the corridor to hang our clothes! That was a TURKEY!
I then opened the window and let the air came in. I swear, I really had a mix feeling! I felt like sitting next to the window for the whole day, enjoying the serenity and forgone all other activities, but, but, but I didn’t want to miss all the fun that the island can offer! ARGH!

How can you say no to these beautiful views from your room? *flapping eyelashes* Perhaps, you can only say no when it’s tsunami, rite? (Owh God, please don’t!)
“Lunch jom?” Hubby never forgot his routine.

Still, in swimming attire, hubby and I went down and asked the receptionist on where we can have our lunch. She suggested next door, Hangin Kite Center. Otherwise, we have to walk to the other side of the island, where White Beach is located. Gulp! We just came from there! (For 15 minutes walking was not that far actually, but malas la.) Ok, we settled with next door je la.
“What will you do after lunch? Maybe island hopping?” The lady continued.

I looked at hubby and he said “Why not. Do you have the package?”

“Owh, we don’t but I can call my friend who is a tour guide and she does island hopping. I can call her and you can negotiate on the price later, when she comes.” Quite fluent, I must say.

“You go for lunch first, I call her in the mean time.” She smiled and took out her phone. She smelled PESOS. Haha!

We headed to Hangin Center next door and there were five Pinoy ladies at this small café, and one of them greeted us with smile. I asked her whether she can cook what was not in the menu. She had no obligation to do so, and I was pretty sure she was sensitive enough to see that we are Muslim (obviously I was wearing a head scarf).

“Okay. I would like to have a plate of rice, scrambled eggs, and mix veges. And two can drinks please.” I pointed to Coke and Sprite. Sedapnyer air Cokeeeee!

“Ok. So stir fried veges? No meat, no chicken, or whatsoever?” She repeated and I confirmed with No.

We then looked for a place to seat and chose a bamboo seating under coconut trees. I looked up and checked to ensure that there were no coconuts up there (jatuh kena kepala mau mati), and guess what, the café owner had taken it seriously and cut down all coconuts away. 
While waiting, hubby and I chilled out and acted cool and crazy. Haha! The food came after 15 minutes of waiting, and we ate like we had never eaten rice before! Simple, but delicious! We shared the meal, and we paid PHP200=RM14 for everything. You get me? The price was actually no different than Msia.
After lunch, we walked back to the guesthouse and stood beside the receptionist was another Pinoy lady (a middle-age tomboy). She introduced herself and handed in her name card and started to explain on the package. Looking at the time (it was early evening), instead of waiting for a group trip tomorrow morning, she suggested taking a private boat, just for the two of us, and do the island hopping later that evening.
Since we had island hopping as one of our itinerary in our Tour Cookbook, we sealed the deal, with the price of PHP1200=RM88 for a private boat. At 3pm, the boat owner came and brought his beach boy. While the beach boy was preparing the boat, we had a quick chat with the so-called tour guide, JV (wah nama tak bleh blah), whether she will be coming with us or not. She said she will follow us, and then the boat driver will drop her at Ilig-Iligan.

Since the whole Bangka boat was for us, before we hopped on, we took our own sweet time to enjoy the boat and pose like maniac. JV informed us that she will be taking us to Crocodile Island, Ilig-Iligan, and last but not least, Puka Beach for sunset. Yay! (Pray for nice sunset, please please please!)

On the way to the first pit stop, I sat at the most front part of the boat. The feeling was incredible. Everything went well. The smooth blowing wind, salty sprinkling ocean water, scorching hot sun, bustling boat engines, were totally awesome.
The Crocodile Island was quite far and remote. We did ask JV why the island was named after a crocodile, confusing whether the island look like crocodile or the island really has crocodile. Hahaha! Found that the shape was really looked like a crocodile, a very huge and long crocodile!
“Ok, we stop here. You can swim. Many fish. You can find 5 types of fish here.” JV said.

“Turtles?” That was my main concern.

“Yes…you can see them…when they see you.” She smiled. Tak bleh blah.

Hubby and I quickly wore safety jacket and snorkeling set, and jumped into the sea. Meanwhile, JV threw small pieces of bread that she bought earlier. OF COURSE, it attracted more fish to come near the boat! So we grabbed this chance to swim around the area, while enjoying those small and colorful fishes.

At the same time, I prayed hard “Please, no snake for today.”

We expecting lion fish, puffer fish, trigger, at least dory or angel fish, but none turned out. Anyhow, we encountered few parrotfish in different colors and sizes. Many of them were doctor fish, sergeant major fish, and other normal fish.

I looked up to JV and asked “Where’s turtle??” And she laughed! Cis!

We swam and swam, and once, I took off my safety jacket and did free-diving. I must say, the current was super strong where we suddenly noticed that we already far-off the boat! Plus, the Speedo snorkeling gears that we bought at Pavilion didn’t serve we well! They were not as good as we expected! The water kept on coming in and we frequently need to take it off!

*Situasi semakin cemas*

“Ayang, we have to swim back to the boat. I cannot tahan dy!” Hubby shouted at me while trying to catch his breath.

The boat was 15 meters away! JV and the boat driver were out of our sight! Hoi! Tido ke hape!! We can clearly see the boat but the more we paddled up, the farther we went away from the boat!

“I DON’T UNDERSTAND! *bloop bloop* WHY CAN’T WE REACH THE BOAT?” *bloop bloop*

And I swam closer to hubby. Trying to hang on his safety jacket. He is actually a better swimmer than me, but I am a better free-diver than him. Coz he can’t sink. Hahaha! Hubby looked extremely fatigue and that made me over freaked out!

“Ayang, are you okay?” I checked on him and he nodded even he didn’t look like one.

We used our full strength and will, and swam back to the boat. We FINALLY reached the boat and hold on one of the Bangka’s outriggers. JV then popped out and said “See many fish?”

Hatuk ko! Separuh mati dah ni berenang!

We climbed the ladder and the boat driver started the engine. JV said that we will be stopping at Ilig-Iligan, and I remembered that she said she wanted to pull of the boat. We headed the opposite direction and passed by the Bulabog Beach and Lapuz-Lapuz. I knew by heart that Ilig-Iligan is just right after Lapuz-Lapuz.


I looked at hubby and hubby lifted his shoulder, signing that he wasn’t sure what was happening. Suddenly, we passed by one familiar arch rock, at one private beach!

“Eh bukan tu ke tempat yg Supermeng pegi?!” I asked hubby.

“Yup! That’s the Arch Rock that we should be visiting. Owh, kat Fairways keeeee!”
Darn! The boat didn’t stop. But I told JV to get close to the rock, so that we had a clearer view to snap a photo of it. Earlier I thought she'll be off to this area, but she didn't. She still followed us. Tak paham aku. The boat then stopped at Puka Beach. JV said that we can continue snorkeling at the beach but we told her we’ve been to this beach yesterday. I quickly asked her to bring us to the other side of Puka Beach, the place where visitors pose next to Puka shells man-made signage. (Jauh gak nak jalan ke situ tau!)
The boat then departed and stopped at the right place, where the sign of "P.U.K.A" is located. Without wasting any time, Hubby and I ran to the PUKA sign and started acted wild. (Ada newly-wed couple shotting kat nyer!)
“Jump, Jump! The Mac Dad will make ya Jump, Jump! The Daddy Mac will make ya Jump, Jump! Kris Kross will make ya Jump, Jump!” Begitu ku menyanyi hahahaha…(I love Kriss Kross!)
Then JV took our picture and waited next to the shack, while we enjoyed the sunset. Again, for the second day, sunset macam harem!!  I had no choice but to play sand-angel, while the rest of the people around me, watching and laughing, like they never seen one before. Hahaha!
JV then asked us whether we wanted to wait or just go back, and we decided to let it (sunset) go. FRUST LAGI! 
It was nearly 5pm. The boat took us back to Bulabog Beach, where I managed to dip in the water, right in front of Isla Kite Surfing Guesthouse. Then I felt something slimey under my feet...

I didn’t stay long and dragged my butt off the water. It was almost dark and lots of mosquitoes flying over our heads. We then “lepak-lepak” with a tough-looking lady who worked as the guesthouse’s security guard, alongwith her boyfriend, who worked at one of the hotel nearby, and exchanged stories and cultures of Malaysia and Philippines.

After refreshed, hubby and I walked to the D’Mall (again), via a very dark and dimmed alley, between and behind local houses. I pulled up my dress, afraid that it will kena taik anjing. Haha! We went to McD and bought fish burger, and continued walking along the street market. We then stopped to watch “Dancing Chef”, a line of cooks in their chef attire, performing their dance while cooking. It was fun BUT…
“I won’t eat that meat, for sure.” Hubby laughed out loud when two chefs tossing the meat over and over. Furthermore, they allowed spectators to toss the meat too! Hahaha!

We left the show and stopped at the Tourism Counter, to check what’s on the tourism list.

“Ma’am…Sir…anything that you like to try? We have paraw sailing, scuba diving, island hopping, helmet diving…” and I interrupted, “Helmet diving???”

Wink! Wink!
Video : Swimming at White Beach and Diniwid Beach
Disclaimer : Sorry for the low quality video. Conversion sucks! Wait for the full video of Boracay Island soon!
Note : Tengok nanti ada orang seronok dalam air. Haha!

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Supermeng Malaya said...

org org kat kedai tu hari hari agaknya menari. masa time aku tu dia org nyanyi lagu YMCA..

ramai jugak ler yang menengok. kalau fire show bapok2 kat tepi pantai tu.. hahaha

Anash said...

gery's cousin in the sea???


ternyata siput leh hidup dalam laut...

bluenyerrr langittt....


Hang Dhamin said...

biq..cantiknye...heavennye takde org menyemak dlm gambo......mcm pulau tu anta yg punyaaa....

Biqque said...

meng, aku rasa gak la tiap2 hari diorang menari. mcm2 lagu ha...

kak anash, aah sedara gery! BANYAKKKKKKKKKKK OKAYYYYYYYYYY!

hang dhamin, tu la, takde org menyemak sgt boleh la kitorang bergambo berdua jer. senang nak print letak dlm frame! hahaha!

just.HY said...

eeeeiii bestnya rasa! tp kat puka beach lg lawa kot aku rasa. yg 2nd beach ko stay ni mcm biasa je pantai dia. takke. time island hopping tu, air dia mak aihh biru abes! cantekkk!

Hulubalang said...

ohh nasib x hangin dok makan kat hangin cafe sana..

kalau libatkan sharul aku rasa mmg lawak la..hahahahaha

Biqque said...

john, sumpah mmg puka yg plg cantik! tapi sana takde hotel ye, so tiap2 ari kena la pi naik tricycle. yg aku stay ni (bulabog beach) mmg the other side of pulau, sbb tu murah. hanya mahal bila kite surfing season. aah, air dia biru ada ijau ada, eiii tak terucap lah! :D

hb, aah nasib baik makanan dia tak hangin dibuatnya...hahaha! dia tu dpn org je malu, tapi kalo aku paksa dia buat, dia buat gak la hahaha...sbb tu aku suka suh dia buat macam2 sbb mmg nampak kelakar hahaha!

shah_rule said...

gelinya siput siput tuh.. haha tak nampak plak time snorkeling kat sane..

cantik la bilik korang, murah pun murah.. nyesal pilih hostel kat sane, banyak nyamuk..! haha

Biqque said...

ha geli gile sharule oiiii...tak sangka! mcm siput pulang petang...pagi dgn tghari takde tau...

ha kitorang mmg cari bilik yg murah2. tapi ok la, cun gak la kan hehehe. seb baik takde nyamuk..lgpun kitorang tenyeh insect repellant tu hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am going to Boracay this May and I am looking to stay at Isla Kiteflying Guesthouse. Is the non-ac room comfortable and windy enough? Is the seaview clear? :)

Biqque said...

hi anon, the room that i stayed is non-ac and for me, the heat is bearable coz i took the most front room (see above picture). so the air was flowing in and out. since the room has bigger windows facing the sea, i must say, yes, it was clear :) but note that if u take other room, u might not enjoy the view ya...

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