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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore : How We Play The Ride

We started the excitement by entering the Hollywood section, where we met Charlie Chaplin. Suddenly, I became the central of attention when Charlie Chaplin hold my hand and started kissing his hand! Hahaha! Malu okeh! All eyes on me, so I played Marylin Monroe and started to "gedik". Click here for the video of Chaplin and me.
Next was “Lights! Camera! Action!”, a show that hosted by Steven Spielberg, on how they created a thunder scene. This was the place where bursting fire met waving water with strong wind and loud noise. Everything was expected, but not the pounding stage where we stood on. Everyone SHOUTED for that segment. 
Looking at the number of visitors and the queing time, we decided to ride ONLY the recommended rides. At this point of time, we suffered big time. Our legs started to feel the body weight. With strong will, we straighten our mind to carry on with the exploration.

“That’s Marylin Monroe.” I pointed to none other than any famous faces in Hollywood while walking towards the Sci Fi City.

At Sci Fi City, we chose to ride “Transformers The Ride : The Ultimate 3D Battle.” The queue time for a group ride was 30 minutes, so Lily suggested everyone to opt for single rider. Though we were separated, it was a brilliant idea, for it was faster, and no doubt, we had the same fun from the ride. (Yes, it is a must-try ride!)
“Best gile! Icam duduk depan!” He told us and requested for a repeat, to show that he’s cool…hahaha!

At the same section, there is an extreme ride, “Battlestar Galactica : Cyclon”, the most tallest pair of dueling coasters. We skipped this ride since it seemed too unbearable, at first. Well, apalah sangat nak compare to Movieworld and Dreamworld kat GC tu kan…(chewah!)
So we proceed to the next section that was Ancient Egypt. The minute we heard that “Revenge Of The Mummy” is a must-try ride, without any hesitation, we decided to try. Beforehand, we took a group picture with two guys in Egyptian costume, who’d constantly frightened the visitors.
“Let’s frightened them back!”
We waited for our turn and acted wild with them. And we turned out to be the last group of the morning photo session. Hahaha!

All of us except Amy and Byya, go for the ride. Good for them, for they didn’t have to queue for 45 minutes! Bad for them, for the ride was superb! It was dark in there and we had no clue where the coaster will go. It was pretty similar to Scooby Doo ride in GC, but Scooby Doo was scarier. The goal was to look for the gold manuscript, but the ride was too fast and crazy, so I overlooked it. Hahaha!
It was hot sunny day. We were awfully worn-out, due to the bus ride and the queuing time. We sat next to the entrance and had tidbits, but later been shoved away by the caretaker. Demyuh!

We then moved to The Lost World, to try the “Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.” Clearly it is a must-try ride, for the queing time was 110 minutes! That’s f**king 2 hours!

Icam suddenly said that “Waterworld” show will start at 2pm. Only God knows why he saw it as 2pm, when the show is scheduled to start at 3pm! Hahaha!

So we walked to the Far Far Away and had a session with Shrek and Fiona. In this section, we tried one non-famous ride called “Enchanted Airways”, for the queing time was only 10 minutes. The pleasure was there coz all of us, except Lily, Amy and Byya, went for the ride. It was actually a kid ride, similar to Flying Dragon at Genting, but who cares! We had fun!
We thought of entering “Shrek 4-D Adventure” but again, the queue was superrrrrrrrrrrrr long! Half of us started to queue but they called it off when I told them I had experienced it at GC, so it should be the same. It wasn’t my fault, blame the queue ya :D
We lingered in front of the castle and suddenly we heard one familiar song. “It’s Shrek’s song!” A song by Smash Mouth.

“Hey now you're an All Star, get your game on - go play
Hey now you're a Rock Star, get the show on - get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold”

We sang along the song and started to do stupid things. A flashmob of headbanging, rockstar acting, and hands up in the air. To add the fun, we got it recorded! (Can’t wait for the video to be out!) Click here for the video part 1 and part 2.
Before we proceed for “Waterworld” show, we entered the Madagascar section but none of the rides we tried.
We then proceed to “Goldilocks” where we had crispy chicken for SGD10 for two.

“Any drinks?” Asked the cashier.

“No thanks.” I answered.

“But it comes with drink.” She replied.

“Owh ok…sprite please.” MALU CIK RO! Hey, the picture only showed two pieces of chicken je tau! Where I know…hahaha!
“Wehhhh Shahrule!” He finally found us. He brought other two friends along, as young as him.

We told him that we are going for “Waterworld” show and he asked us to sit at the blue row. BEST katanya. So we walked and entered the half-covered auditorium, and saw blue, green and brown seats. At first, I wanted to sit at the blue row, as per advised by Shahrule. Hell nooooooooo when I saw it stated “soak” area. Hahaha! Demyuh!
Half of us sat at the brown row, while the other half sat at the green row. Not far from us, I saw Janggel, Lily, MasMZ and Byya already put on their ponchos. Owh my…this could be fun! We’ll see!
Without doubt, the show was totally electrifying. They sub-divided the spectators into three sections and did the battle, by shouting along with the actors. In the interim, those who sat on the blue and green rows were sprayed with waterguns and splashed with pails. Hahaha! Thank god, we sat at the brown row.

The show was packed with extreme actions, full with blasting drums, fireworks, jet ski splattering the audiences, free fall, flying foxes, and what not. It was a great show though.
Once finished, we quickly returned back to the The Lost World, to check on the queing time for “Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.” Shiat! Still 100 and 20 minutes! We discussed and agreed to join the crowd, since we had nothing to lose. This is a must-try ride, so we better queue hingga ke titisan darah yang terakhir.
Again, Lily, Byya and Amy didn’t proceed. They would rather do the shopping than join these crazy riders. The queue was SUPER DUPER RIDICULOUS ULTIMATUM LONG! As extensive as the longest Anaconda in Amazon! It was in zig-zag formation and we could bump into each other’s dead beat face! Oh my…I couldn’t say anything good about this feeling. Rasa nak mencarut tahap T-Rex!

I kept on asking Janggel on how far the queue would go, to reach the ride. He told us that we need to be in the other side of the hall, “See, that yellow thingy, over there.” Again, I felt like killing him, but the with same excuse, he’s too cute to be killed.

Na and Chawan later dropped the call and went out. They left Icam with us. 20 minutes later, hubby did the same call. LOSER! Hahaha! (Marah ni…) But they were replaced with Shahrule and the gang, who later came in and cut the queue. (This was the best part!)

We undenied Shahrule and the gang and let them queue in between us, BUT NOT AN UNCLE and his family who queued behind us. He started to complain, not only to his family, moreover, he poisoned someone behind his family to kutuk us as well! Hahaha! Sorry la uncle, they are with us.

John and I later queued by laid down on this hard surface, and that was ONLY half way of the queue! Shahrule, once in a while, forced us to keep on moving, whenever he saw that uncle’s face turned red. That uncle didn’t want to drop it! So we talked among us and made fun of the family, and decided to let them ride before us.

Hell no! Hahaha!

One and half hour later, we reached the other hall, where we saw two vending machines that sell ponchos. To divert our frustration towards the queue, we eagerly took out ours and put it on. Now we really looked like alien, coz unlike others, ours were so colorful!

And that uncle got so jelous and asked his daughter to buy for the family! Hahaha!

“Almost there! Almost there! Oh my goddddd!” We touched the railing and almost kissed the signboard!

“Weh, we have to separate into two groups coz one boat can only furnish 9 people.”

“But DON’T EVER take a ride with that uncle!” We laughed out loud! Coz Shahrule and the gang were right before the family. There were 6 of them. Cukup-cukup 9 orang.

Lucky them, Anash joined the gang. So that made 4 of them. They quickly told the caretaker and separated themselves out. Fiuhhh! Janggel, John, Icam, MasMZ, MasZuber, Lin and I were on the boat with another young couple. We had issue at first, coz all of us (except me), unable to buckle up, due to our backpacks. And the boat was on the slow-move! Agak panic disitu but we managed to fasten the seatbelt.

Since Janggel has tried the ride, he gave us few clues on what we going to undergo. The couple was quite sporting and enjoyed the ride with us. (The girl kept on asking what’s next, what’s next, and the guy asked her to just wait and see. Hahaha!)

The ride was similar to what I have tried in GC, again. The dizziness was there, I tell youuuuu! The fun started when we tried to escape from the splashes and sprays. Anyway, Janggel didn’t survive the splash and he wetted his hair, pants and bag! But he was the ONLY person who got CLEARLY captured (camwhoring lagi) in the T-Rex camera, during the water lifting! The rest were facing down! Hahaha!

It was a 10-minutes ride. AND THE QUEUE WAS 2 HOURS LONG! But we ended the ride with gelak tawa kat Shahrule and the gang, SEBAB BASAH GILE! Hahaha! (Finally, Shahrule’s friend got to experience this ride, on his 3rd visit to USS! Ko mampu?)

On the way back to the main entrance, Sharule and the gang PERSUADED us, to ride the “Battlestar Galactica : Cyclon”, THOUGH they have tried it 2 times, both blue and red lines! I told them that no one will look after the backpacks and pity Icam to sit there alone (lame excuses!) But seeing Anash and Janggel accepted the invite, with their “whitish” faces (toreh muka pun tak keluar darah), I felt offended. (Chewah!)
“I rode the fastest, the tallest, and the longest, in GC. Apa la sangat…” I tried to be cool like Icam. (But Icam didn’t dare to ride pun.)

Since the blue line in dangling mode, we chose the red line since it’s in sitting mode. While queing, Janggel, Anash and I, started to chicken out. I swear, we were SOOOO scared! And the queing time was like 10 MINUTES!!! WHYYYY??? WHYYYYYYY???

It was our turn to ride. Shahrul and the gang queued at the first row. Crazy youngsters! Lin, MasMZ and MasZuber on the third row, while Janggel, Anash and I, were at the forth row. ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY THE SECOND ROW WAS VACANT! So we, the chicken out team, were FORCED to be at the second row! I wanted to slap Shahrule’s face right there and then, but he too, to cute to be slapped on!

We prayed hard and harder, especially Janggel, who got to seat at the most end. Right after the car pecut macam haram, KITORANG JERIT TAK BENTI! Sumpah laju! But…I started to go with the flow and played heroic! It wasn’t that fast, compared to Superman ride in GC!
“We survived! Hell yeahhhh!” (And yet, Shahrule asked for another blue ride, bleh??? Ko gile ke hape nok?)

It was nearly 7pm and the rest of the Alien Travelers were already in Vivo City. While walking back to the exit, John requested for another repeat of “Revenge Of The Mummy”. I then, offered Icam another repeat of “Transformers The Ride : The Ultimate 3D Battle.” They settled the rides, while Anash and I waited outside, and mengumpat our lady bosses! Hahaha!

I finally got to meet hubby at the exit area, picked up our bazooka bags ($10 per day for a f**king small locker) and all of us went out and took final pictures of The Globe. After a train ride back to Vivo City, We handed Icam back to Chawana and asked him whether he would repeat the visit or not, and he just smiled in his weary face. Hahaha! Amik kooooo!
We had dinner at the same food court and by this time, we were all WORN OUT, and figured out how the hell we should locate the BetelBox Hostel!


shah_rule said...

1st!!! ke tidak???

shah_rule said...

jahat nyer uncle tuh, poison orang somemore ekh.. gila tak puas ati dgn kite..
i remember ur expression mase nak naek tube tuh, mulut kumat kamit lagi.."mesti pasal uncle tuh" haha

“I rode the fastest, the tallest, and the longest, in GC. Apa la sangat…” mase tuh tak leh blah, terus sume tersenyap skejap.. haha

Biqque said...

aku saje je post entry on weekend, nak tgk john kat mana...aku tau dia keje arini hahaha!

kak anash la cite, pakcik tu siap ajak geng ngumpat! hahaha!

hahaha tak bleh blah masa kat tangga tu...ckp berapi...sampai nak patah balik rasanya! NAIK JUGAK AKHIRNYA! hahahaha!

Ako Retna said...

Perhghhh rasa semput baca experience u all ni :p

Biqque said...

semput gile pengalaman kat sana so entry pun kena semput gak hahaha!

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

Wahhhh Shah_rule dah habes exam dah boleh celen John! Hahhahahahaa.... i loike!!!!!

Lama nyerrr beratur seb baik geng gelak2 best!!!! Hahahaahahaha *sambil jeling-jeling belakang

Biqque said...

tunggu post ko ni mas :D manaaaaaaaa?

Ely Hasrul said...

hahahahha xbleh blah la uncle tuh.. kalu aku sure ngumpat blk kuat2.. yg shahrule nk try byk2 kali gile ke hapeh.. aku dh tbyg kekecutan perut ko hahahha.. kalu aku mau nangis2 patu gelak2 patu jerit2 patu pejam2 mata tanpa henti hahahahhaa

Unknown said...

Oooo Loser yeeeeeeeeeeee!!! huh berani la ckp Chawanna loserrrrrrrrrrr.. INGAT SEMUA GAMBAR USS BERADA DI DALAM GENGAMAN KAMI!! HAHAHAHAH..

haih mengenangkan betelbox tu, memang nk potong kaki dah malam tu!!

Ren said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW panjangnya entry ni!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA aku suka sebab aku berjaya heret korang semua memilih jalan susah... ingat anak jutawan memilih jalan susah??? hahahaha,,,

Aku pon nak sambung taip...heheh.pakcik u mmg sengal, nak kene tu.

MasZuber said...


teringat flash mob kite!!!! ufff, next time kite pulun okeh!!

Azian Elias said...

salam kenal.

teringin akak nak bawak anak2 ke sini.. tapi still tak semat2..INSYALLAH..

all the pixs cantik2...

Lily Riani said...

i loook so notty leh jadi bouncer... siut muka fenat. takpe, redang i vogue sbb tak penah gi, spore slalu sgt, jd cam al-selekeh...ehhehe (dasar coverline)

Ako Retna said...

Haha dgr u all buat flash mob..x nk share ke? Nk jgk layannnn ;)

Biqque said...

Ala na, I lap uuuuuuuu :D

Lily, redang kena tukar mode lain hahaha!

Ako, I dah letak link part 1 n 2 kat atas.

just.HY said...

eh x komen lagi kat sini? hehehe...adoyaii teringat pulak kat pakcik tu. punyelah kekwat nk mampus. setakat 3org je potong does not make any different la pakcik. come on...awak tu dah tua. bawak2 laaa bertaubat dari naik angin. kekeke....papepun, it was fun!

Anash said...

betul biqq,,, dengar pot pet pot pet pakcik tuh tak puas hati sebab potong que...
sabar je la...

Biqque said...

hahaha john, ada post yg ko missed ni...tahnyer pakcik tu, nak lawan ngan kita ye dak...hahaha!

kak anash, duk blkg mmg dengar, mesti panasssssssss je telinga kan? hahaha!

singapore hotel deals said...

Very exclusive photo and article thanks for sharing.

Biqque said...

tx shd :D

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