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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore : How We End The Trip

Almost all of us woke up quite early but few of us still resting on the bed, mindless. Looking around, some were still underneath the blanket, some were staring at the wall/ceiling, some were looking at each other without saying any word, whilst the German guy, hoping still, to be one of the alien of the Alien Travelholic group. Hahaha!

While getting ready, Byya, our chosen group leader, passed the breakfast coupon to each of us. She told us to remove the bedsheet, pillow cover, and blanket, and dumped them into the laundry basket, outside the door. I find this quite funny, for I never do that before. Hahaha!

“I wonder who were you yesterday…so now, you are Stacy, is it?” Lily smiled, looking at my outfit for the day.

“Hahaha…semalam mekap tah ke mana, apa ke mana…” Everyone was in total mess, except for Amy, who unbelievably, managed to upkeep her eyeliner!

Before walked out from the dorm, all of us, (yup), ALL of us didn’t drop a single chance to snap pictures of that “bilik air macam almari”. Hahaha!

At the lobby area, we ordered our breakfast, according to the given menu. We can only choose 5 types of eggs and breads, so I opted for omelet, baked beans, toast, and mango juice. SUMPAH LAMBAT!

Despite the fact that we were in starvation, these crazy Aliens, didn’t stop taking pictures. MasMZ DIDN’T miss any single corner of BetelBox! Trust me! She even captured my breakfast! Hahaha!
We finished our breakfast and discussed on the next act. Lily, Byya, John, Janggel, MasZuber opted for Chinatown, while Chawana, Anash, hubby and I opted for Mustaffa Center. Only Amy had her own plan, to meet her friend at the end of the Joo Chiat Road.
While we decided to take two cabs to the Paya Lebar MRT station, the Chinatown clan walked! (Uih, tak larat kot nak jalan.) We changed station and stopped at Ferrer Park, and walked to Mustaffa Center.

On the road, we saw Hindu believers passing by, shoeless. “Owh…today Thaipusam kan…nasib baik takde wel-wel…” Luckily, there weren’t so many people around the area doing that “scary” thing.
Chawana, Icam and Anash quickly walked towards the souvenir section and grabbed whatever they need. Hubby and I went to the electronic section, for a pack of rechargeable battery. We then headed to the perfume section, and went crazy! I spent almost an hour, smelling EVERY bottles that I longing for. And they were SUPER CHEAP!
I picked two bottles of Paris Hilton and Guess while hubby gotten himself an Azzaro, his favorite perfume during college time.
Chawana then came and only God knows how she bumped into Salvatore Ferragamo! “There’s only one left!” she said. Oh my…I overlooked it!

We later met Lin and her cousin outside Mustaffa Center and her cousin led us to the bus station. Beforehand, we did a quick shopping at the souvenir shops, right in front of Mustaffa Center. They sell 5 FMs for $10 and 7 FMs for $10, according to the material. I only bought one USS FM since I forgot to get one, during my visit there. (Main sampai tak hengat nak beli…)

Anash then sms-ed the Chinatown clan to inform that we will be taking a direct bus to Larkin, from Queenspark. They replied and informed that they will be taking the same route (MRT and bus) like how we came yesterday.
“How far is the bus station?” We asked Lin and her cousin.

“Just behind the building.”
“Which building?” I prayed for the nearest building, which was 50 meters away.

15 minutes later.
Hell no!

“I think, we passed by this building before…right?” I was about to kill Lin.
“No lah…the shape looks the same…tapi lain…” Yet, she was right!
We finally reached the bus station and hopped on the bus.
And snoozed…

The only thing I remembered, we had to hop down for immigration check point, went back on the bus, continued catnap, and reached Larkin Sentral.

“Aaaaaaaa nak nasikkkkkkkkk!” We cried out loud for a plate of “rasa kampung”.

We chose one small resto and had our quick lunch, coz Chawana had to drive back to KL, since Chawan will be on the night shift. Meanwhile, Anash will be waiting the Chinatown clan at musholah, while hubby, Lin and I drove to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO).

“And where the hell is JPO???”

From Larkin to Kempas to Skudai, we took almost an hour to reach JPO! Thanks to Jasmine and Zan, who led us the way.

How? From Larkin, find the highway back to KL and take Senai exit. BEWARE! THERE ISN’T ANY JPO SIGNBOARD AT ALL! You will reach the Senai toll house. Pay and follow the Senai stretch. You will find yourself on a highway, still. THEN ONLY YOU’LL SEE THE JPO ON YOUR LEFT, with its small little signboard.
Nice…WHO DESIGNED THIS??? (And so I heard, PLUS highway actually disagrees with the deal. That is why we see no signboard earlier on.)
Since we will be working tomorrow, I didn’t waste my time to look for what I desired for. A wetsuit and a pair of Levis. I straight away walked into Roxy/Quicksilver and asked for a wetsuit…but I saw a question mark on her face. Pfft! Tak paham ke…”Baju surfing dik, ada?” “Owh…takde…”
Hubby told me that this is not Malaysian culture, so they might not supply it. True enough, as I can’t find it in KLCC or MidValley.

I tried my luck and went into Ripcurl.
“YES! THEY HAVE IT! This pattern, size 10.” Still, I thought I might fit it.

FOOK! KETAT! “Size 12 please?”

“Ini saje yang ada…” PFFTTT!!! Whyyyyyy?! Whyyyyyy?!

I walked out in disappointment and dissatisfaction. Dah la gemuk, takde pattern plak tu! Sob..sob…
I told myself, let’s get a pair of Levis.
Browsing through the rack, size 23, 24, 25…AND WHERE THE HELL IS SIZE 28??? No…mmm…29??? Okay! 30???

I heard the same statement “Ni je yang ada…”

I walked in pain…heartbreak…cursing the premium outlet…ignoring that I have actually saved few hundreds from it.
We decided to walk back to the car and I sms-ed Janggel, so that they will have a clearer picture on how to find this place. Tell you what…THEY JUST REACHED LARKIN SENTRAL! Crazy photo scammers! Hahaha! (I thought of Anash masa tu…apa la dia buat…)
Hubby drove all the way. We dropped Lin at Seri Kembangan, and went back home.

Overall, I found this trip as “awfully tiring but fabulously exciting”. At least, hubby and I have gone through another level, by given ourselves a chance, from being a “Couple Traveler”, to be one of the “Alien Traveler TM”. (Wahhhhh terus trademark tu!)


masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...


amy® said...

cantiknye cat kat umah flat tu ?!!!!! giler arh singapore.....

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

mak aiii susahnya ko nyer word verification!!! dua kali anto baru lepas!!!

kena baca dulu baru sambung komen dan post!

Wallaaaa group yang pakai baju i leb sg!!! kalau larrr time tu kita yang selisih dengan diorang dengan pakai baju segala bagai leb macam2 country cam best jer

amy® said...

aaah laaa mmg kna 2kali word apapun....gmbr2 korg ni mmg membunuh ar...sbb xsempat nak round tpt lain....almaklumlah...i bz nk jmp sahabat i tu....huhuhu

just.HY said...

bencilaaa lambat mcm ni. kuar entry before lunch! aku dh kuar lunch awal laaa weyyy...hanmpeh sgt2...kbai

merajuk~ lol

just.HY said...

kiasu punye olang smpai terus letak trademark tu takleh blah. kekeke. anyway, kat JPO tu kedai fossil je yg aku bekenan sbb byk choices ok compared yg ade kat KL punye. plus superr cheappppp!!!!

Ely Hasrul said...

hahaha seb beik ade kezen lin to tu la blkg bangunan tak bermakna blkg opis ko terus jumpa pasar hahaha gile ah kalu tnya sporean mmg sume kata dekat jek dekat jekk aku jln dr traders g klcc pon nyumpah tau hahahha

JPO tuh katanye masih mahal and kalu murah sume dh xdek.. aku dh le size 14 hahahhaa

Biqque said...

masmz, huh word verification dah jadi dua ke? cilakak! camne nak buat benda tu weh? aku tatau pun mintak sampai dua...

ha john, timing baek nyer hahaha!

amy, kalo flat kat mesia kaler2, flat polis ngan bandaraya je la hahaha...

skin, dekat diorang, jauh kita...huh!

MasZuber said...

aku tak beli langsung mase kat jpo itu..

teringang2 ayat keramat janggel,

"ok ok, yang keje government boleh jalan kat belakang yea"

which is soooo damn true. :p

bile la aku nak abiskan entry pasal singapore.

Ren said...

Macam tu ke rupa Little India?

SYMP..... hahahhaa

Fatt said...

aku tak ngerti nape korang menggelarkan diri korang as Alien Traveller?? @__@


shah_rule said...

lah macam tuh ke ending trip nie, sume balek berpecah yer~ btw nape x g je time memalam mustafa centre ni sbb die bukak 24 jam, aku kt umah kalo ttbe malam mengidam perfume terus pergi (hahaha statement gile!)

btw ade jual USS nyer FM kat mustafa centre?

Unknown said...

Hahahahhaha *ITU JE YANG ADA!!* ahahhahah memang nk tergelak baca part tu ..bertabah lah...

Lin tipuuuuuuuuuuu..kate dekat..berpeluh ketiak aku jalan tau!!!! Tapi nasib baik pagi tu kite naik cab, kalau tak confirm comot muka hehehehe..

Ferragamo tu dah tertulis nama i disitu..rejekiiiii :p ..lain kali cube lagi ok!

Biqque said...

maszuber, sungguh celaka arahan janggel itew kan hahaha!

janggel, itu rupa mustaffa center sahaje ye, sekian...

fatt, alien tu sbb sume tak penah travel sekali secara everyone has his/her own style of traveling tapi sume bertujuan sama, nak invade USS hahaha! dah la tak semua penah berjumpa pun before this...sebab tu panggil alien :D

shahrule, malam kalo mmg patah terus kaki kitorang hahaha! kalo tetiba ko teringat nak pegi malam, aku order ye :D

na, sakit hati tau masa tu :( takde size ok! benci! tu la, lin pentipuuuuuuuuuuuu! i hate u sebab dpt ferragamo tu, sob sob!

Khai said...

little india! tempat i tinggal masa gi singapore time korang pegi tu jugak. hehehe.

mustapha's centre perfume cheap ah? how cheap meh?

eh, nice ah JPO? many people or not? cheap ah? how cheap?


Anash said...

first gambo..ingatkan kat ho chi min...hehe..sejibik orang vietnam seh..

pastu..thinking of me during you at JPO?? sweet ....thank you ....(sambil memainkan lagu "i just call to say i love you" di piano...bayangkan...hahah)...

thaipusam? ade...deme dok wel-wel kat luar...sempat snap gambo derang....

Biqque said...

khai, u were there? only IF we know each other kan hahaha...perfume dia cheap tu cam kalo kat KL 280, dapat la 220 camtu...JPO tu tak cheap lah! kasut nike hicut kitorang tu lagi mahal kat JPO! kat KL murah lagi...

kak anash, i ada baju ao dai tauuuuuu tapi dah ketat!!! dah la guna button tip tu, prapppppp terbukak sume! ooo ada eh wel2 tu? i tak nampak!

Khai said...

I was there biqque.. hehe. i tau korg ada kat situ sbb i ada bbm john before korg pegi tu. i pegi 3-6 februari. uols pegi 5-7 februari kan? hehe

sbb i igt dpt la jmpa korg sekejap hari ahad malam/pagi isnin tu ke. tp i bbm john xdelivered. i dah sampai malaysia hari isnin petang tu, baru dapat bbm john, dia kate korg kat betelbox. hehe

oh, that is cheap lah. but if jpo is not cheap, then better shop in KL! haha

babyarisha said...

motif aku pentipu? kira boleh jalan le tuh kan.. travel jauh2 leh jalan takkan dlm Spore tak leh jalan. (tu le penangan main ride kt USS). aku pun lg teruk kena tipu tau. dr MRT Bugis ke Mustaffa demi nk jumpe korang, ikotkan hati jmpe kat Larkin jer. hahaha..

Skin: pic aku pkai cap tu semata tuk ko tau.. ade gaya2 ko tak dari jauh? hahaha...

ops.. makin susah word verification ko ek biq. kena beliak bijik mata baru nampak word nyer.. hahaha..

Biqque said...

laaaaa ye ke khai? kalo tak, lagi meriah USS tu...(ke korang tak gi USS?)

lin, hahahaha! pentipuuuuu! seb beik aku sayang ko :D tah la, bukan blog aku jer, sume blog dah ada dua soklan skang, susah plak tu!

Khai said...

i pegi USS, tapi hari sabtu...
i pegi USS, tapi I pergi after hours, bukan full ticket...
i pegi USS, tapi I tak main game pun sbb after hours kan...
i pegi USS, dan I tgk fireworks show yg the bestest lah setakat ni. haha

tapi kalau dapat jumpe kome-kome semua, mesti besssstttt!!! hehehe

Biqque said...

cis! dpt tgk fireworks ek? kitorang nyer plan asal nak tunggu sampai malam (mmg kuar malam pun) tapi weekday takde bungapi letop2!!! hmph!!!

Khai said...

dapatttt!!! ngeee~

i byr SGD 5 utk afterhours n dpt jalan2 dlm tu n tgk fireworks, dh ckup best dh rasa. dpt spot terbaik plak tu. hehehe. betul2 depan mata je bungapi tu meletop2. siap pedih2 mata masa awal2 bungapi tu meletop pasal belerang ditiup angin sepoi2 bahasa. haha

nanti i update video die dlm blog.

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