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Monday, February 13, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore : How We Sleep The Night

Earlier, MasZuber has called the hostel for direction and we were directed to take MRT to Outram (purple line), changed to yellow line and stopped at Paya Lebar station. With the thought of changing between lines made the feeling even worst.

I did none other than sat down on the train floor and took a nap. And I dragged MasZuber too. I finally stood up when the train quite full with locals. It was almost 10pm when we reached Paya Lebar station.

We had no idea where to head to. I tried to ask one of the convenient store workers but she seemed not to sure where the hostel is located. She advised us to check with the MRT officer. Lily then asked the officer and led us the way.

There was no sign or Geylang Serai at all. We crossed the road few times, headed to the left and right of the shophouses, which we finally found ourselves walking on an open field. It was super ultimatum till we forced ourselves to sing along the way.

“Oh goddddddd! We rejected Rucksack Inn for this mess?! Are we there yet? Where the hell is BetelBoxxxxxxxx!”

Dah jalan kengkang abis dah ni.

And you should not walk and talk when you are super exhausted. Even worst, when you walk and curse and sing and laugh. COMBO! Penat sial…

“Huh! Geylang Serai!” We turned left and walked towards one shophouses. Along the corridors, there were glimpse of “hayam” all over the places. Cool…this is what they called, a red light district! More ciken pleaseeeeeee :D


Like they said, we walked more than a kilometer before we FINALLY stood right in front of BetelBox steel door.

“WE’VE MADE IT! F**KING MADE IT!” With sweaty armpits, loosen knees, heavy-eyed, discolored make-up (except Amy, I seriously don’t know how her make-up can sustain *tabik*), we climbed up the stairs. STAIRS??? Pfft!

A Chinese uncle came into the picture and led us into the dorm. We saw lockers before the beds. Only 4 beds were occupied and the rest were vacant. There was no energy left to pick whose which, the light has led each of us to walk to the bed that are destined for.
“No eating. No late bathing. No lights after midnight. No bising-bising ha…” The uncle briefed us. Ala…boring nyer…dah la my first hostel experience while travel. Nak la hu-ha gelak-gelak kan…

“Aku mandi dulu” I told the rest of Alien Travelers.

“What the…”

“Oh my god…”


That was the reactions, the minute we saw the showers.

“MACAM MANDI DALAM ALMARI” Icam made a statement.
Hahahaha! SUMPAH KECIK! But Lily told us that shower in Greece even smaller than this. Ok then, not bad la this one, so I took a bath and changed to my sleeping suit.
I chose the upper bed coz the lower bed already taken by an Asian lady, who made the bed like her own private mini room. With two big luggages, batik curtain, stack of clothes, I bet she wanna stay there forever. And she didn’t smile at us AT ALL, bleh?

The rest took bath after another. Some were already on bed. Unexpectedly, a Caucasian guy checked in, and started a conversation with all of us. But only Lily and MasZuber replied. Hahaha! He’s from Germany, stopped by at Singapore for Visa, before he flew to Taiwan.

“So you are not going to Malaysia?” Asked Lily.

“No…” Looking around, with a can of Coke in hand.


“Why?! We are nice people. Don’t you want to visit our country?” Asked Lily, with exclamation mark.

“Err…ok, maybe next time.” Looking down. HE WAS PRESSURED BY LILY I TELL YOUUU! HAHAHA!
The uncle came back and out of the blue, he appointed Byya as the team leader (he actually pointed to Byya you know) to collect everyone’s passport. It was a policy to register each and everyone into the log book, like India. But India was harder coz we had to write down on our own!
We told lily to tell the uncle to increase the aircond speed.

“Duìbùqǐ, nǐ néng bùnéng jiākuài zēngjiā de aircond de ma? Xièxiè.”

SHE FLUENTLY INSTRUCTED THE UNCLE IN MANDARIN! I was so amazed…15 years of learning man…fiuh!

It didn’t stop there! There was another Caucasian guy from Portugal, sat next to that German. Lily interviewed her and found that he can speak a bit of Mandarin. AND THEY BOTH SPOKE IN MANDARIN! *Lap peluh*

We then chatted and laughed quietly when Na put on her telekung, sat on the bed, waiting for Anash to settle her prayer. “Dah rasa macam rombongan haji kat Mekah…” kata John. Hahaha!
Hubby and Icam dozed off earlier than the rest, followed by some of us. Another Asian lady came back and straight away slept on the bed, huk pun tidak, hek pun tidak. Sombong tul! Muka cina tongsam tak mandi plak tu!

I have no idea what happened next. The day after, I just got to know that some of us had photo preview outside the dorm. Dang…


Anash said...

nak first

just.HY said...

arghhh!!! 2nd!

just.HY said...

omg!!! aade gmbr aku tgh terbaring kat atas katil tu. tidakkkkk!!! rosak image!

amy® said...

jiran kak masmona sexy yuuuuuuu huhu

Ely Hasrul said...

hahahahhahaha gile pressure ngan Lily hahahahhahahahhahahahhaa hahahhahaha hahahhahahhaha paling xtahan aku dok tgk sapa pakai telekong tuh hahahhaa cam rombongan haji hahahahhahaha beshnyeeeee

word verify:tessial .. sial? hahaha

Lily Riani said...

awat tetiba byk gambo john berbaring... ehehheh...*mode ingin tahu*.

ler, awat terkezut, i tot i told u i studied cina skul? btw, mamat tuh nye intonation & pronounciation sedap cam taiwanese, pure giler ok. aku stop tak nak ckp sbb segan nnt ilang pride aku (cam cite lion king kong tuh)

yg lawak nye, mamat german ajak kite gi dinner/supper tau but semua buat derk. kesian dia.

Ren said...

Rombongan HAJI??? hahahaha aku pon terpikir macam tu masa kat sana hahahahahaaa..

John lagi?????? huh

Yg penting bukan john first hahahah

Ren said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA OMG@!!!!!! aku gelak guling2 baca part last entry ni ok!!!! tetamah part gambo pakai telekung tu! wakakaka

khai said...

macam rombongan pegi haji?? haha. that was funny. anyways, I noticed that some hostels in SG, the people who stay there were those who stay for a long term, those who got work in Sg, but still couldn't find rental house. tu yg ramai Asian but yeah, kkdg diorg sombong! haha

u shud stay at hostels in little india next time, if there is next time la. haha. close to mrt, clean, and on jalan besar, got three hostels in a row! hehe

Biqque said...

john, ko kan versatileeeee :D sume aksi ada!

lily, tu ar...nak turun sume muka tak larat dah...

janggel/khai, mmg rasa cam musim haji hahahaha! next time? takde next time dah la hostel2 ni hahaha...

Unknown said...

Lily: I pun pasan pasal mamat german tu tanya kite semua dah makan ke tak, tapi semua buat dek jek..hahaha ko tgk aku, aku tgk ko kekdahnya kakakakaka..

John tu memang, ada je modal dia, rombongan haji la, tawaf la..citt

Bilik air tu akan dikenang sampai bila2..serammm bila teringat balik, nasib bersih heheh

just.HY said...

actually, part mandi dlm almari tu sumpah i mmg xtau sbb cawan ckp mcm tu. i was like...tipulah!!! hahaha bila tgk sendiri bru percaya!!! hahaha

MasZuber said...

mamat german tue sebenarnye sangat peramah..bile kite borak2 cakap bahasa melayu, terkebil2 dia. dia macam nak join jugak sebenarnye, tapi tak reti..shiannnn!

john, aksi ko atas katil tue memang kelassss okeh!!

famil said...

berapa satu malam di hostel itu?

Biqque said...

na, i pun dok pandang je lantai ngan dinding, takut tersentuh sbb rasa cam byk jer kuman hahahaha!

john, aku tak sedar sungguh ko mandi, sungguh senyap. mengikut cakap uncle tu ye...bagus sungguh! hahaha!

maszuber, slalunyer i suka layan foreigner, tapi malan tu jauh sgt nak sembang, malas nak turun katil pun hahaha! i nampak, everytime kita sembang, dia tengok. pagi pun kita siap2 dia dok tengok tau...

famil, satu malam $20 jerrrr...kitorang amik plg murah, kalo rucksack inn dalam $29 camtu...

Bee said...

OMG...korg kan kalau dh jumpe geng yang weng toilet xde dinding pon korang rembat jek... jeles hokey... mak pon nak jejalan jugek...tapi keje timbun wehhhh

just.HY said...

hahaha...aku mandi time dah light-off daaaa...keke tp mmg senyap je aku mandi. kata respect org lain punye privacy! kekeke...

pagi esoknya aku pun perasan mamat germany tu duk tgk2 kita je duk borak bagai nak rak! nk join, tp tak reti! tulaaa...lain kali mengucap dlu! hahaha

famil said...

okay memang murah.. the one kat clarke quay memula $20.. last 2 years aku pegi dah $48. baik duduk dengan pakcik aku.

Anash said...

baru nak komen...
tang rombongan gi haji..
tak bleh blah ok?
sungguh suci nampak na dalam gambar itu...
senak aaa baca sume2 blog...

shah_rule said...

saya pun baru nak komen, tak sempat nak baca, busy~ tp ttp nak baca jugak.. haha

sumpah kelakar gila entry ni weh.. hahaha
Tabik la lily can speak mandarin, nk blaja jugak someday *hajat dari 5 tahun lepas.. x pegi2 jugak!

yang part last sekali tuh kesian cina tongsam tuh, ape salah die.? haha x pasal2 je..

Biqque said...

bulat, gi je jenjalan...keje sampai mati takkan abis :D ewah senang je ckp ye dok...

john, kihkihkih! tu la, dia masih nak join :D

famil, gile mahal, if pakcik ko sudi, kitorang pun nak terjah hahaha!

anash, suci kan??? i pun suci tauuuuu :D

shahrule, tak leh lawan kak anash nyer entry, cam haram lawak!

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