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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeay Yeay Balik Raya – Day 2

Woke up for sahur, we had what we had for last nite’s berbuka. Then we all off to sleep again till 10am. Nothing much that we did for today till hubby and I decided to find a blue kain pelikat for hubby to match with his new blue baju johor. At first we went to Greentown Mall, a melayu shopping complex, but none of the outlets sold gajah duduk (popular brand for kain pelikat). What we found were only gajah ceduk, anak gajah, and dua gajah! What the **** was that?! Haha! Makin menjadi-jadi plak jenama gajah ni.

So we went to the next place where Mama told me Abah bought few kain pelikat for him and hubby’s siblings at Riomoda, a.k.a Jakel. Unfortunately, it was already closed. Dah la jauh nun kat Simpang Pulai. Frustrated with the situation, I smsed my cousin and asked her where can we get more kain pelikat, and she told me to go to Megoplex, which is another melayu punyer shopping complex. And thank god, they sold gajah duduk there! And some popular brands like Mangga, Atlas, and Beer Ali too.

We went to pick up hubby’s pants that he sent for altered earlier and we went back home. Mama started to cook for berbuka. We added few ikan kedera into yesterday’s gulai and Mama tried a new recipe that she learnt from tv on how to make sotong goreng tepung (she mixed up tepung jagung and tepung beras with serbuk kari and serbuk kunyit, and it worked!). Crispy and spicy!

Abah and hubby’s second brother came back with 2 batang lemang that they bought at Gugusan Manjoi (formerly known as Kampung Manjoi, kira kalau kat KL, macam Kampung Baru la…tempat melayu). Sedap! At the same time, Mama started to cook rendang daging. I did learn (coz hubby asked to) but I don’t know when I will try it. Haha! (Guess what? During the making of rendang, Mama started to gossip about hubby’s second brother and his girlfriend. Hmmm…berat nih!)

After berbuka, we lepak-lepak and hubby’s lil bro played mercun bola. Ya Allah, terkejut aku! We watched Takbir Suci 1 and 2, but when they showed 3, I already dozed off. Haha!

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