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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mi Familia - The 'Mentekedaghah' Day

“Abah ni…tadi abang nak tanya tapi malu, dia suh abah call…dia teringin nak mai, tapi kalau dapat sponsor tol, best jugak…”

“Ha mai mai, takpa, Ina kasi duit.”

That’s my dad, relayed message from my bro on sponsoring his toll fee so that he could join my sis and my dad to KL. Selamba katak je abah aku tu! Haha! I normally don’t really mind to subsidize any of my family if they wish to come to my house, because I rarely go back to my hometown…plus, I do miss them so much and I like it when they are around! It means jalan-jalan and shopping time!

And so my sis and her family (her hubby and their pair of kids), my dad and her wife (ok, my stepmom), and last but not least, my bro and his family (his wife and their 2 heroes) came to break fast at my house. It was originally planned by my sis as she needed to attend her final-degree-class at UPM. Killing two birds with one stone, or drink while diving (sukati aku jek), she actually wanted to shop till drop, and this time, she REALLY did it! Later dude!

They were here on Friday afternoon and we met up at my house, after I bought few dishes for break fast (mahal gile kay blakang opis ni!). And so did my sis. And I just got to know that my step sister and her family (her hubby and their little princess) will join us too!

And guess what? We ended up broke fast on the hall floor, ala-ala kampung gitu (thank god I have ‘seprah’, my late mom punya…btw, each of us have it, tak sangka plak). And believe me, we have like over 20 dishes which at last, ended up in my waste basket! Haha!

But hubby wasn’t there to join us for break fast, only after we cleaned up everything, hubby then arrived from Penang with his full stomach. Hehe!

We just lepak and watch tv sebab perut dah full sangat. As we are fond of political issues, we watched Buletin Utama and started to gossip bout pro and anti-governments (Note: my dad, sis and hubby, stepsis’s hubby, semua gomen k! Haha!) I told my sis that they were so damn lucky as they always get bonus and this time, they will get it for one month! Whereas, private sectors are all biting fingers.

“Orang bagi, kita amik…kalo tak, nanti kat padang masyar kena soal, ha kenapa tak amikkkk duit tu? Haa…tapi kita pangkah la orang lain…”

We laughed it out loud. Then my step-sis’s hubby, who is a patrol police officer, started to unwrap bit by bit on UTK (Unit Tindakan Khas) and C4 (that bomb lah)! Best nih! He even told us that police also jahat! Bukan semua baik punnnn! Haha!

Yes, C4 can only be taken out by ‘orang atasan’s authorization. Yes, Altantuya did die on ‘orang atasan’s hand. And yes, Along Spoon (still remember him?) died because of C4! Perghhh! Oh ya, and yes, police is BUTA IT and taip macam ayam patuk padi! Kahkahkah! No firecrackers to play around. So we lepak in front of my house (yang sunyi sepi disekelilingnya) and laughed at my nephew, who is standard 2, having a girlfriend named Milah (tah la, abah yg kacau dia). And he kept on screaming,

“Mana ada! Mana ada!” sampai satu taman dengar.

It was too humid in my house that made us stay longer outside. Kat luar tu breezy skit. Then we went in and snoozed. Penuh rumah aku!

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