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Monday, September 29, 2008

Yeay Yeay Balik Raya – Day 1

Everyone is asking…“Tahun ni raya mana?”

And I will answer with mix feeling…“Umah mentua…because all of my siblings will sambut raya pertama kat umah mentua masing-masing…”

Yup, this year, I have made a pact with my sisters and brother. Everyone should celebrate first raya at their own in laws, so that we can meet up on second raya. But poor Abah, he has no one back in Taiping to celebrate with (except my step-mom and her two married daughters la)…but no worries, I’m sure we gonna have a very breathtaking arrangement for our big gila-gila family second raya together at Kak Saba’s house in Baling!

Well well well…raya at in law’s…for the very first time since I bergelar isteri. Maybe some of you have experienced this but this was what mine turned out to be. (Sorry Ayang…nak cerita gak!).

I was quite overwhelming when I knew that I will celebrate raya at my in law’s. Mix feeling. Ada rasa happy, ada rasa sedih, ada rasa takde pape. Driving back to Ipoh sangatlah lancar sebab tak jam langsung. Sampai je terus hubby buat lawak! You see, we unloaded all the bags from the trunk, and we saw his brother having these set of high quality wheeler bags. Wah…kira advance la, ada 4 roda, adjustable holder, siap boleh sorong, tarik, pusing-pusing semua la. Then we took out my bag, which having only 2 wheels, with non-adjustable holder, but still can sorong and tarik la kan. Kira ok ar tu! But once hubby took out his bag, we started to laugh out loud because THE BAG HAS NO WHEELS NEITHER HOLDER AT ALL, AND I SAID,

“Ini lagi special! Tak payah roda! Main seretttttttttttttt je! Kahkahkahkahkahkah!”

Then his lil brother came out and joined us and laughed on the bags story. He later went off to work and we had a chit chat with Mama, while Abah, also prepared to off for work. Sembang punya sembang, my craziness on local food came to Abah’s knowledge, and as usual, Abah will granted my indirect-request and this time, he came back with tauhu, taugeh, timun, and kuah kacang, for making pecal. (Such a very nice man…).

All of us slept and woke up around 4pm to start preparing for berbuka. Mama made gulai ikan jenahak, tempe sambal goreng and last but not least, sambal belacan and petai rebus (this is a must!). Sedap gileeeee! Sampai terkentut-kentut dibuatnye! Haha! Added to these foods, we went to param (pasar ramadhan) at Taman Jati, Jelapang, where hubby and his brothers love to buy nasi tomato (tapi takde) and yong tau foo. For drinks? Abah prepared a very nice and colorful sirap campur oren with buah laici and nata de coco. Yummy!

At nite, we had nothing but chatted bout our family. Then hubby went for terawih with Abah, while me and Mama, having grandma’s oven stories (biasa laaaaa…gossip!)

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