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Monday, September 15, 2008

Mi Familia - Shopping Spree

We woke up for sahur and ate whatever leftovers from yesterday’s break fast’s foods. We slept back and only my sis woke up to attend her classes.

At home, everyone was doing…nothing! Then I saw my nephew watered the plants! Wah rajin! So we lepak kat depan and started to clean the plant pots, drainage and deco pebbles. Haha! My niece sangatttttt la rajin tolong I! I told her,

“Jangan sampai bukak posa tau, nanti mak marah kat Acu”.

“Dak…Thirah tengah rajin ni Acu…tgk, Thirah tak kisah cuci longkang tak pakai kasut, Thirah budak kampung. Bukan macam Adik (her little bro who watered the plants), dia orang bandar.”

Wah terkejut aku! I will definitely have to give ‘upah’ to her! Abah came out with one amazing solution for my 2 big ugly vases. They were too ugly sebab ditumbuhi unspecified white specimens, who I thought can be moved by cleaning it (dah basuh banyak kali, camtu gak!) or maybe, painted it (last resort ni, kaler itam!). My dad then brought out a bowl of cooking oil, and wiped it on these two vases. Voila! They were damn clean now! I luv my dad!

Then I and hubby, along with my dad and niece, went to Pasar Borong to get fresh fishes for berbuka. My sis wanted me to prepare a black pepper meat with grilled fish but ikan temenung lemak takde. So we had ikan cencaru belah belakang, black pepper meat, and my newly tried recipe, sayur campur padprik. My dad? Sambal tak lupa!

This time, no leftovers! The reason? Masak cukup-cukup sebab malam nanti nak round Jalan Tar!

While hubby on terawih as usual (ok, aku skip), me and the rest went to Jalan TAR. Tak berapa pack like last year, but still, berlaga bahu la nak jalan dalam tu. I tried to look for hubby’s baju melayu, but I seemed to forget which blue my baju raya is. So I passed. My sis bought brooch and table mats, and my dad, tetiba je tak nak baju melayu, nak baju jalan! (Btw, my step mom wasn’t around, she left with her daughter to Seremban and stays there till Raya. This couple (dad and step-mom) always on split-term-basis when it comes to their children, senang nak jalan kot.

With 5-6 drinks, lots of meatballs/sausages and keropok lekor, we went back at
11pm. The kids were already tired and so was my dad (now I can see that he IS old, poor abah).

On the way, I saw the clock hit
12am. Then my phone rang, I got one sms saying,

“Ayang, happy 30th birthday. Luv ya.” It was hubby! Hehe!

My whole family wish me and my sis added one great wish, cepat buat baby! Haha! We arrived at home and my sis started to bring out the cake, for me and her daughter, Athirah. We both blew the candles and ate the cake. I stared at hubby, but he was like usual, nothing special for me I guessed.

Then we off to sleep…and I, only God knows how I feel…

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