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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blue Is The New Red

“Wall eeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Wall eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Wall eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”


Even robots know what love is…and it did make me shed tears last nite when Eva saw the flashback on what Wall-E did to make her wide awake…and the climax, when Wall-E didn’t recognize Eva…it was so darn sad…super sad…sob sob…

I always love animations, 3Ds, cartoons…especially those that produced by PIXAR. They are always funny and cute. And they also touch my heart, regardless happy or sad.

I always imagine that I’m one of the characters. I can feel what they feel. I feel like I know them very well. Every name, every character, every type of behavior, all in my pockets.

Ok, back to my point of having this post, both hubby and I are September babies. By being GSC members, we printed the birthday treat and browsed for any movies with asterisks. Hubby read all the options in Berjaya Times Square and once I heard of Wall-E, I straight away shouted to hubby to watch it! Hubby wasn’t really into cartoon but he anyhow agreed with my request (thanks ayang!).

U know…just by looking at the poster, everyday, at KL Monorail, I really wanted to watch this movie since the first day it being released in cinema. This Wall-E, I know it will make me fall in love with it (awww…). And I did! I think Wall-E such a very tender, passionate, sentimental, loving, devoted, towards anything that it interested to (u can see all his collections…and most important, how it really into Eva).

Thank you PIXAR for making this movie…and now I wish my some‘one’ be like Wall-E…(hint hint)…

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