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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ATV At Adventure Park, Kemensah, Kuala Lumpur

It's good to live in KL when I get the chance to play host for my family, whenever there were here. My brother and one of his son came last two days, for my brother wanted to try mountain-biking at KL with his friends. OMG, he owns detachable bike and expensive mountain bike, and this can be considered him as super biking-freak! (Well, my dad to, now...) 

My brother frequently rides around Perak and Penang, but most of the times, he rides with his friends, not in competition or what not. At times, he would camouflage to "ghost rider", the one they called someone who patiently waited at some check point, and suddenly join the ride. Hahaha! If and only if the marshal didn't caught them, I must say.

Well yesterday, while I was looking after his son, he went to Kg. Kemensah/Kemensah Heights to ride with his other 11 friends. Two of them were guides. So I thought, it would be fun if we can meet him, after going to Zoo Negara. Guess what? Zoo Negara was packed with people! No parking, and the queue was super long! And so, I had to cancel it off.

Since my brother told me that he rode somewhere behind Zoo Negara, we quickly thought that he might be at ATV Adventure Park. Located near the MRR2, this place actually quite easy to find. We just need to look for signage of ATV, Ikan Keli Salai, Cendawan Tiram, and Lembu Korban. Hahaha! It was quite deep further up but we were entertained by visitors who were picnicking and barbequing along the small river. This is what KL people can do. Hehe!
Hubby and I always wanted to try ATV but I always told him, two riders won't give the excitement like a group ride (yes, they have 36 units!). Since we plan to have this activity with my fellows #TravelholicAwesome, why don't we have a quick check-out, I told hubby. Hubby was looking pretty excited and quickly jumped off the car and posed in front of the entrance.
There was one small man-made steps for visitors to climb up, before we finally reached the main shack. Before us, we saw rows of little cute monsters, ATVs, in red and blue colors. There was one that differs, might be used by guide or some sort of demo, in camo design. Cute!
We were lucky enough to hear the whole session, since there were 7 visitors (I believe Singaporeans) came to try this activity. Good tips, guides, instructions, and whatever rules were told and explained to them. They were given a few rounds of test/demo, before they were released into the wild. Owh, don't worry, helmet and guide(s) will be provided for each group! But you MUST come in sport shoes, okay!
One guide then came to us. We took this chance to ask everything that we wanted to know, for our own good preparation. He then handed us the pamphlet of the Adventure Park, complete with packages details, prices and tracks. Each package varies according to the type, length, and time of each track. It's your call!
Package B - RM100.00
1 to 1 1/2 hours offroad track up to Waterfall. You get a chance to swim there!

Package C - RM150.00
1 1/2 to 2 hours offroad track up to Sofea Jane. Yes, the famous waterfall where Sofia Jane used to swim. And you can swim there too! Fefeeling Sofea Jane gitew...

Package D - RM200.00
2 to 2 1/2 hours offroad track uphill and downhill to Bukit Tabur/Dam Ride. You will be seeing the whole KL and Kelang Gate Dam, here.

Package E - RM300.00
3 to 4 hours offroad track with rough terrains, river trail, steep hills, and bumpy muddy to Bukit Tabur/Dam/Sungai Liza/Dataran Mas/Bukit Lalang. Well, I guess this is the best of all!
Besides these tempting packages, facilities such as surau, toilets with showers, swimming pool, and ample parking space, clearly offers a good venue for adventurous Family Day. Pak Ein's family day maybe? Hahaha! Pity my nieces and nephews coz clearly, they are all under 16 years of age.
We then walked off and headed back, leaving us with their attractive statement "A Guaranteed Unforgettable Experience". And I believe, I need to try it one day :)
So, any takers? #TravelholicAwesome?

Note : More info here at ATV Adventure Park website. They operates on Monday to Sunday : 9am to 6pm (Close from 11am to 3pm on Friday).


Supermeng Malaya said...

nak la jugak fefeling sopiah jane

good info.

Biqque said...

meng, jgn lupa bawak kain batik serta baju cikanos petak2 hokey! hahaha!

Unknown said...

Jadinya aktiviti ke zoo negara telah dibatalkan la ye?? emmm nampak nye semua zoo di seluruh malaysia penuh time2 cuti ni huhuhu..

ohmai, i ada byk story nk share ngn u pasal ride solo kitorg ke Melaka dan convoi ride ke Karak-Bentong.. gigil2 nk citer..

Biqque said...

na, kensel la zoo, org lagi ramai dari binatang hehehe!

hamboih sakan ride, dah la sorang je pompuan! kahkahkah! ce citer! ce citer!

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