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Monday, February 11, 2013

Get Colder With Family At Genting Highland

Well, more or less, we have something in mind for this year's family trip. But before hand, let me refresh how fun usually my family trip was! Here is one of it.

Last year, we chose sun and splash for family holiday. We spent 2 nights at Pangkor Island, had satay and barbecue, banana boat riding, sight-seeing around the island, fishing, shopping and eating.

This year the whole family chose chill, freeze, and rip-off.
We parked our car at Genting Cable Car and queued for almost an hour. Bad decision. Going up via gondola during school holidays? (We had no choice as both of my sisters and in laws are teachers.) We used up 3 gondolas for the whole family. It was a windy day and the gondolas did stop for about 3 minutes, and I tell you, hanging and swinging on top of the hill wasn't fun at all!
We spent a night at Kayangan Apartment (4 rooms) with the price of RM700 instead of RM950. How did I do that? I slapped the reception's face! When I booked 2 apartments with 2 rooms each, she said the check-in time was 2pm. When I called a day before, she changed it to 3pm. And when we came to check-in, the apartments weren't ready yet and she told us the check-in time was 3-6pm! CRAZY! I have 10 adults and 12 kids with me who just walked 150meters in the rain with bags in hand, waiting outside the lift, and you expect us to wait there till 6pm?! So, I fought and fought, making fuss of everything, and voila, we got upgrade to a better apartment. (Not "that" better many issue as well...poor management, I must say.)
We started our excitement with First World Indoor Theme Park where we rode two pay-per-ride Family Rides (RM8 each), that were Euro Express and Rio Float. It was hell of fun when adults rode with kids, screamed out loud, when it wasn't scared at all. Hahaha!
Even with packs of instant noodles, we still had lunch and dinner up there. AND WE GOT RIPPED-OFF! For a set of rice, 2 main dishes, and 1 vege, we had to pay RM17! For a set of chicken rice, we had to pay RM14! And for a small bottle of drinking water, we had to pay for RM5! Crazy huh? Total lost for lunch was nearly RM300!
Since all of my nephews and nieces eagerly wanted to play with snow, we finally burnt our money and went into the Snow World. Lucky I went in together with all of them, coz adults might have pushed them away to the corner, especially when they were asked to take coats and gloves. No one helped the kids, you know! And camera wasn't allowed (though I saw some did), so all the kids' parents including my hubby, took pictures and videos from outside the glass. We ended the night with snow throwing and shuffle dancing. Hahaha!
The next day, everyone was complaining that it was too cold till they can't breath and sleep. Where else, hubby and I slept in sweaters and we both got over-warmed in the morning and kicked down the quilt. Hahaha! We packed our things and some of us went out to have a sip of teh tarik, but couldn't find any spot to lepak. My dad went to ask one of the police officer and he told us the was one underground spot for staff that we can try. Haaaa...I cannot tell la where hehehe! It was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than anything up there! We was overjoyed and became hip hopers! Hahaha!Since my step-sister drove to the apartment, we dumped all bags in her car. We walked to the Outdoor Theme Park and spent half day there. Since too many visitors queuing at ALL rides, we chose the nearest to the entrance, non other than Spinner. Fun for a starter. Then 6 of us rode the Signature Ride : Flying Coaster, and it was incomparable to the Superman Ride in Australia Movieworld! Hahaha! Fun but not too extreme. Superman is extremer! We then rode few Children Rides and Family Rides, like Matahari, Antique Car, Flying Dragon, Dinasourland, and Double Deck Carousel. We had to skip Pirate Ship, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Cyclone, and Monorail due to rain and over-packed. But, we did try Corkscrew and only my step-sis's husband tried Space Shot. Hehe!

To go again?
Definitely a yes! It's colder than KL ya'll!


Zara AB said...

I guess, the last time i was in Genting is way back in 2007 or 2008! Lama gile. Itu pun, i'm having some conference with colleagues around. :D. I should do this as well! Definitely.

Biqque said...

if it wasn't for family trip, i dunno bila la i akan pegi lagi :) but seriously, sejuk tau masa ni!

Hulubalang said...

curlass la pak ein...hati mudeee gitew.. hehehe

Biqque said...

HB, biasa la pak ein, takat ride yg slow2 bleh la, laju kalu dia surrender hahaha!

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