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Friday, February 1, 2013

Hotel JSL, Johor Bahru

We spent the final night at Johor Bahru, before we called off the trip. Since it was only for Kak Ngah and us, we booked (via two rooms at the cheapest but comfy hotel, that was Hotel JSL.

Hotel JSL
Address No. 93, Jalan Rosmerah 2/16, 
Taman Johor Jaya,
Johor Bahru, 81100
Phone +6073535511

We opted for one executive double and one twin room with the same cost, RM90 per night (breakfast included). This room equipped with flat-screen TV (SDCard slot available), en-suite bathroom, free wifi and free public parking.
Why did I say it is public parking? This is due to the location of the hotel that is located at row of triple-story shops, and had undergone a major renovation, resulting to a nice classic hotel. Hotel cina maaaa. Hahaha! See, you’ll have a loooooooooong row of parking space. Hehehe!
Finding the hotel with the help of GPS wasn’t that difficult though we’ve missed one turn, that forced us to have a super far u-turn due to no near exit in the highway. We had to do “magic” where we used the opposite road, waiting the way to be cleared off, and quickly turn into the junction. And yes, we made it!
Earlier, we had “kacang phol” at Bomba Food Court, so we needed not to have dinner, yet. So we decided to check-in first. Having attached bedrooms with Kak Ngah, was a great experience coz my niece and nephews can freely walked through those two rooms. Meanwhile, Pak Ein and his wife stopped by at our hotel to get refreshed, before they spent a night at my stepsister’s house in Kota Masai. Beforehand, went to Senibong to catch a good seafood dinner.
Breakfast is served on the roof top cafe, where we were given two choices of heavy meal, either fried noodle or fried rice, with sunny side up egg each. The rest were the same, juices, breads, and jams. Okay, the food isn’t that delicious lah, but ok-ok jer. Personal experience? Cheap, cozy, classic. And easy to reach the PLUS highway.

Note : Do visit to get best price and compare with other sites. 
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Anonymous said...


my house kt kota masai. ur stepsister jln ape ? me jln Pulasan. hehehe

Biqque said...

anon, dunno her full add but tersangat lah jauh hehe :D

NEKCIK said...

salam Biqque..thank you for sharing halong bay info..mmg berguna sbb nekcik ni Low cost traveller yang naik low cost carrier..hi..hii..anak anak pun enjoy gi sana!!

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

breakfast rooftop termasuk kat tempat open ke??? love morning sunrise... cewah

Biqque said...

nekcik, glad that u had fun with ur kids :)

masmz, sunrise la sangat...mcm la nampak apa pun hahaha!

pikaso said...

wah...bajet tap seronok...

Biqque said...

pikaso, sonok sbb dgn family kan :)

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