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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hey Birdie Birdie Birdie! Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

I was called to visit KL Bird Park the moment I saw "World Largest Free-Flight Walk-in Aviary". It happened that my sister and her family came to visit us, so niece and nephews really enjoyed bird watching.
Unlike them, hubby and I purchased the ticket way back in March, when we visited Orchid and Bonzai Exhibition @ Taman Tasik Perdana, where it was discounted to RM15 instead of RM25. With the size of the location, it was superbly worth the price. 
My niece took this opportunity to learn on how to use her DSLR, with the help of hubby, while I just watched and enjoyed those beautiful birds that freely flew and walked around us. Nonetheless, almost all small-sized birds were caged, with CCTV on, for the sake of their safety. Wow...
Each section was divided with wires according to the bird's nature. Frankly speaking, I didn't know the names of the birds, not until I read the info boards. And of all the names, I was tickled by the name of "Burung Hantu Carik Kafan". Hahaha! Like seriously, scary huh? *pfftt!* (Owl on the right side, wearing Magneto's helmet, it is. KAHKAHKAH!) I felt like having one! There are soooooooooooo cute!!!
There were bird shows but we didn't grab the chance, for it was already late. As per usual, parrots were the main actors in every bird show. One of the bird can really imitated what the visitor's said. We challenged the bird by saying few words (funny words) and guess what, it CANNOT repeat the word coz it didn't understand. Hahaha! Stupid human.
Half way, we saw beautiful waterfalls and more colorful birds. We stopped for quick lunch under the gazebo, where I "tapau" from home. But beware, birds are all over the places, mind their poops and do not feed them with your foods ya!
We were entertained by one arrogant peacock that spread its beautiful tail and make a circle turn and went away. Hahaha! Lawak gile, macam "Hoi, aku cantik kan? Kan?" Patu blah...
The fun continued when we reached the ostrich area, where one of the ostrich was stand-sleeping, putting its chin on the rail. Hahaha! Can sleep like that ke? MasyaAllah, why la these birds so funny?! Did you guys experienced all these?
We finally ended the visit and stopped at flamingo area, where I almost drop my jaw, when I saw a pair of HUGE pelicans! I was super amazed till I felt like crossing the gate and hug them. Hahaha! We once, shouted at the flamingos when they were all sleeping with one-legged stand. What a good balance they have.

For more info, you may visit their website at They have packages, promotions, and discounts at all the time.

Special Admission Rate for MyKad Holder
ADULT : RM 25 only (Normal admission rate: RM 48)
CHILD (3 - 12 years old) : RM 12 only (Normal admission rate: RM 38)

For me, it is a must place to visit. You can bring your kids for birthday party, bring your family for family day, bring your staff for seminar, bring your students for field-trip, OR, bring your spouse-to-be for pre-wed session!

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